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HCFSE (91 Supreme) – Multiple Strains

(20 customer reviews)


1 gram for $79

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Sold By: 91 Supreme
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Product Description


High-cannabinoid full spectrum extract (HCFSE) is a hash oil product that features exceptional flavors and aromas, creating a complex combination that titillates all the senses. This extract is in the sugared form where THC/a percentages can get into the mid 90%’s.

Extraction artists who create high-cannabinoid full spectrum extracts work to achieve a product that retains all of the taste and strength of the plant. The completed product will contain high cannabinoid levels, and exceptional terpenes, flavonoids, phenolic amides, and sterols.

Elevate Extracts HCFSE is a cannabis extraction that is performed with a mixed hydrocarbon solvent. This mixed hydrocarbon solvent is Propane/Iso-Butane/N-Butane. Elevated Extracts HCFSE maintains the full spectrum cannabis extract using the solvent as a carrier, allowing the biomolecules to remain unmolested.

Contains: 1 gram

Q and A: The High Octane Experience of 91 Supreme

While some argue that Red Congolese is an African sativa landrace, the variety popularized in California weaves in Mexican and Afghani roots, giving it a more indica-like appearance. This colorful palette of landrace strains, which had adapted to their environment over many years, creates a complex profile of effects and flavors. The sativa genetics dominate the physical effects of Red Congolese, resulting in a weightless euphoria that promotes focus and mental clarity. Its energizing properties make Red Congolese perfect for morning treatment of nausea, cachexia, tension, or Alzheimer’s.

Parents: African, Mexican, Afghani

Flavours: Earthy, citrus, spicy/herbal
Effects: Focused, creative, energetic, happy, euphoric
Medical: Depression, stress, fatigue, lack of appetite, pain

David Letterman is a hybrid cross of ​Pink​ ​Starburst​ ​and ​CBD​ ​Mango.

Pink Starburst
Pink Starburst by Manali West is an ultra potent hybrid that smells like it sounds. This deep cross of (DJ Short’s Blueberry x Headband) x AJ Sour Diesel BX3 is a genetic layer cake of potency crossed for potency. The flavor is distinctly floral on the inhale, but reveals its candy-like sweetness on the exhale. Pink Starburst’s buzz combines tranquil, positivity-driven euphoria while remaining cognitively clear.

Flavours: Flowery, earthy, berry
Effects: Relaxed, uplifted, focused, euphoric, happy
Medical: Stress, nausea, fatigue, depression, headaches

CBD Mango
CBD Mango Haze is a high-CBD strain released by CBD Crew in 2013. This pleasant and aromatic blend combines the tropical flavors of Mango Haze with the added benefits from high levels of cannabidiol. The buds of CBD Mango Haze express themselves with spicy and sweet notes reminiscent of mango, pineapple, and black pepper. Its CBD:THC ratio can range anywhere from 1:1 – 2:1 and the uplifting sativa-dominant effects draw many medical cannabis consumers to CBD Mango Haze.

Flavours: Mango, spicy/herbal, pepper
Effects: Happy, uplifted, focused, energetic, relaxed
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, inflammation, fatigue

Duke Nukem may be named after a video game character who spends his days obliterating “alien bastards,” but this strain is a lot more laidback than its action hero namesake. The mostly sativa hybrid produces an active mental high that is uplifting and may have you feeling more creative than commando. It’s a cross between Chemmando and Chernobyl and flowers in 9 to 11 weeks. The strain is a fairly easy plant to grow and should give medium to high yields. Its buds are known to be especially colorful with shades of frosty pinks and oranges. Careful not to confuse this strain with Nuken, which is a different indica dominant hybrid.

Flavours: Earthy, woody, sweet
Effects: Focused, uplifted, creative, happy, energetic
Medical: Fatigue, pain, inflammation, stress, lack of appetite

El Chapo OG is a potent indica strain out of California that smells of rich earth and pine. With dense jade popcorn buds that exhibit a shimmering coat of trichomes, this strain is visually striking and worth keeping on display. Its effects are initially stunning and settle on the body as carefree relaxation. El Chapo OG is preferred near the end of the day as its effects can become rather sedating with continued use.

Flavours: Earthy, flowery, sweet
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, hungry, happy, sleepy
Medical: Stress, muscle spasms, insomnia, pain, lack of appetite

Named after former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, this strain is sure to knock you out. With a pungent diesel aroma, Tyson delivers a punch of indica effects known to fully relax the body while dulling pain, stress, insomnia, and appetite loss. This strain is not intended for first time users, and should only be consumed by indica connoisseurs.

Flavours: Sweet, earthy, pungent
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, hungry, happy, uplifted
Medical: Depression, stress, pain, lack of appetite, muscle spasms

20 reviews for HCFSE (91 Supreme) – Multiple Strains

  1. Purchased the Congo caviar wasnt overly impressed with it, ive had much nicer congo extracts. Smell is 7.5/10, taste id put around a 6. AS for the Pink Cookies, Cherrybomb and Couchlock “Live Resin”… im pretty skeptical that any were infact live resin.
    not overly terpy, or flavourful. infact ive had 40/g shatter which was just as comparable.

    poor packaging as well, zero indication of the stain on the actual jar, so i have to store everything in their annoying boxes.
    save your money.

  2. Tried where’s my bicycle. Truly superb, expensive and I don’t like the fact there’s no discount for buying more than 1…

  3. No wonder they call it Mike Tyson. That hit me in the chest like one of his punches. The flavour is amazing too.

  4. Absolutely amazing .got the sour Skittles.. looking forward to trying other strains

  5. The Mother’s Milk was unreal. Best concentrate I’ve had hands down. It’s a little pricey, but worth it if you have the extra cash.

  6. I’ve tried both the El’ Chapo and and the Pineapple Skunk and I have to say the turnips and the THC re dead on! THIS product will Definatly a treat your Illnesses t. I will order again. 91 Supreme is a top of the line product and defiantly worth the price! I can’t wait to try they’re other strains as hey will be on my next order.! I’m thurely impressed!

  7. Received my order of Mike Tyson HCFSE yesterday and am very pleased! The flavour and smoothness of this product is unreal. It may be a bit more expensive than other extracts but a little goes a long way so I gram will last you for a while. Well definitely be ordering more!

  8. Awsome product and very hard hitting will order again for sure

  9. I have tried el jefe and its the bomb. very impressed by 91 supreme

  10. amazing stuff even gave my friend a dab and it blew his socks off * this is the stuff i was looking for he said ha *

  11. Had Sour Skittles and definitely grabbing more.

  12. Death Bubba was harsh and not very good tasting at all, 2 star for effort, although i am usually nicer than i should be.

  13. I purchased the sour skittles and it was amazing!

  14. I decided to give 91 another chance. Got Sour Skittles this time. Packaging is awesome, signicantly more product than last time with Chemdawg and the product is great, tons of thca crystals and the smell is crazy. 5 stars for the Sour Skittles.

  15. I have similar issues that Ive seen with the packaging, had to try a lot of scraping to get it off the lid etc. but im really not sure what could be done about that. I got the sour skittles and it was actually a nice consistency (caviar, crystals w some saucy goodness).. In the end I would say I preferred the elevated exctracts HCFSE that I tried, but this is also cheaper.

  16. just received the el jefe and it amazing great flavour profile will most defiantly try some other starins

  17. Got Purple Chemdawg. Product itself is awesome, but the packaging was completely ridiculous. It was like it was filled and then put in a paint shaker, inside was completely coated and not even 1 dab worth in 1 peice, I have to scrape it off the lid and sides. Cant weigh yet as I dont know what the container weighs but looked like FAR less than the amounts Iv gotten from Elevated with the HCFSE & HCFSE/HTFSE and Terp Sap. Great product but awful awful packaging, definately wont be buying again unless when its done and I weigh the empty container it was atleast .8… Im not hopeful. Package was glass with a crap top and a cardboard lid cover, no parchment, no label, and product on the threads of the jar and lid. Bullshit. 3/5 because of packaging.

  18. Says “Purple Chemdawg Caviar” but what i received was more along the lines of “tane soup” really runny, barely any THCA Crystals, and has that awful butane throat burn. Really displeased.

  19. Gorgeous product, great packaging not enough great things can be said. Super big Thca crystals, I got the El Jefe and it is the dankest gasiest thing I have smelled in a long time. I love Rare Dankness strains so this was a nice treat.

  20. really love it i think its worth the price bc its put you in the sky in less then 5 sec and its got a awsome taste 5/5

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