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Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

Hawaiian is a mostly sativa hybrid that will give you a happy, vacation feeling. Creative but not so focused, this bud is great for a relaxing day. These light green buds have a sweet smell and taste that is not super potent but will bring to mind fresh tropical fruit.

Flavours: Tropical, citrus, berry
Effects: Uplifted, euphoric, happy, energetic, creative
Medical: Stress, headaches, pain, fatigue, depression

10 reviews for Hawaiian

  1. This strain is amazing it’s nice easy high that lets you carry on with your day. I love it to clean, really motivating

  2. Perfect bud for depression, light, happy and no anxiety whatsoever. This can lift me from the most rotten of moods. Very nice cure, trichomes have that perfect dry but tacky feel and smokes nice and smooth. Great for getting outside and riding the bike too.

  3. Nice and smooth, burns well. Left me a little loopy, but in a creative mood.

  4. Very fluffy, very leafy. It has some fruity terps.

  5. Perfect spring/summer bud

  6. Nice to have during the day but it’s nothing that’s going to knock you out.

  7. Smells amazing that’s pretty much the only thing this strain has going for it LOL.

  8. Very good

  9. Works perfect for starting the day. Also very smooth

  10. Smells fantastic, great taste, smooth, and has decent potency

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