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Hash Oil – Honey Oil

(238 customer reviews)


1 Honey Oil for $35
Special! Buy 4 or more for $31 each

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

This Honey Oil was made in Nelson, BC by very, very long-time growers (two grandparents and their grandson). It has been lab tested to contain over 72% total cannabinoids.

Smoking oils are non decarboxylated cannabis extracts. Smoking oils are most effective where immediate absorption is needed. Honey Oil is filtered and winterized to remove both chlorophyll and waxes in addition to other plant material. Smoking oils can be smoked in a pipe, vaporized, rolled in a joint, or hot knifed. Use of cannabinoid medicines should always be used under the advice of a physician.

Note: There may be air bubbles in the syringe. Each syringe is based on weight (approximately 0.9 grams) rather then volume (ml) of Honey Oil.

238 reviews for Hash Oil – Honey Oil

  1. a.buff

    Easy to dispense and ingest! Haven’t liked other concentrates due to their ability to fly around in crinkly packaging… I feel like I get better use out of this for my money, plus it tastes super mild!! Also excited about the use of a milder solvent than butane or iso!

  2. monkey

    good stuff and potent

  3. Gwailo

    Great oil for the price, good taste =))

  4. keithb

    I’ve ordered honey lots, no complaints here I’ll keep ordering love it

  5. eddiez

    This oil is perfect, in joints, bowl, banger, edible love it!

  6. baker_

    Excellent quality everytime, great tasting, great smoking oil.

  7. wpgste

    Good bang for the buck. Always great packaging and fast shipping.

  8. uraeeu

    Strong and smooth

  9. -harveyzz

    Very good investment . Just a little bit hard to applicate but its nothing compair to the fun you have

  10. bullho

    I have been ordering this oil for at least a year, its been pretty consistent in the high and the high is good real good.

  11. sean.0

    Very effective but can be tough to handle. Will probably order more in the future!

  12. rgagne

    Oh Honey!! Where have you been all these years. 5 stars. Great taste. Great buzz.

  13. monkey

    This oil is great for the price and quality. Oro is much more potent and tasty.

  14. chill1

    Good oil for the price.

  15. gregaj

    Good old fashioned honey oil and no sticky mess out of the syringe

  16. adamdi

    just recieved my order and tried it right away and it very comparable to the oro honey oil. great taste and affect. totally happy and will definitly reorder this one

  17. eddiez

    A bit darker than last batch I think but same good taste and results ??

  18. keithb

    Always a good choice. Love the honey.

  19. eddiez

    This oil is perfect for dab, vspe pen, joint, bong even oral try it !!

  20. chill1

    Great oil. 2 points lasted all day in the puma. Not quite as good as the quarry but good for the $

  21. stotha

    Very impresed with this product:)
    The picture is inacurate tho, mines looks almost just like the oro honey oil
    Highly recommended espcially being 5$ less than the oro
    But ive ordered both many times and ate both excellent buy never are they full to 1g

  22. tyfood

    Man I love this stuff! I remember honey oil was coveted by me and my friends back in the day as hard to find cannabis GOLD. The taste and high are great. I love topping a bowl with one drip for an extra bang. Will definitely purchase again, no question

  23. eddiez

    I dont know if I got the good product but it was gold like shatter ! Taste is insane I love it will buy for sure again ! Hope to get the same awesome quality oil sringe ! Thanks HD

  24. goldop

    Very good

  25. ramsay

    A good honey oil. Does the job.

  26. jeff02

    Love low temp dabs with this oil. Very tasty. A must have.

  27. adam_p

    Nice golden tasties the way oil should be

  28. brian_

    Clean and smooth. Great stuff.

  29. jake.l

    Can’t argue that this stuff is a good deal. Awesome product, goes a long way.

  30. jaceyb

    It is always a treat to order this oil. It tastes and smokes nice, and for the price, you can’t go wrong.

  31. meliss

    Nice clean taste, good price.. Product is very thick which made it hard to refill my vape pen but not a big deal. Took a star off cause the oil leaves me with a bit of a weed hangover once it’s worn off.

  32. marina

    I am EXTREMELY pleased with this stuff.
    I’m so happy with the color, how it smokes, how it tastes. It is beautiful just to look at.
    I have smoked way less bud too thanks to this stuff. Instead of smoking three bowls I’m only smoking 1 or 2.

    Thank you!!

  33. camgoe

    grabbed a couple more of these its been almost a year still just like before thick nice oil thank you for the quality oil on here for cheap filled up my puma vape just fine and another sitting in the waiting for the next fill. thanks HD

  34. mogill

    My favorite oil that is not co2. Great effects. Great price. My go to oil for sure. A little thick so can be tricky to fill up a vape pen, but I hit the syringe with a little hot hairdryer air before I refill and it makes it nice and runny and fairly easy to refill. Great product!

  35. kcough

    Henesy of oil amazing flavour hits hard just don’t heat it up to much comes out quick

  36. cubana

    5 stars all the way

  37. -Jeremy

    Great deal! 5/5

  38. baker_

    Excellent oil, very potent. Smokes great, good taste and very clean burning.

  39. huard2

    high quality very clear oil, once again wish there were deals for bigger quantities (ie bigger syringes)

  40. gusher

    Great stuff would order again

  41. -J.K.

    Cant decide which i like better. This or the cherry. Both 5 star oils imo.

  42. bighan

    Oh I like this …. works very well…. not a super fan of the syringe dispenser but the contents work well…

  43. motley

    Nice and clean taste good will order again

  44. seanon

    This stuff is amazing. The syringe idea is fantastic. Makes using oil much cleaner. Tried smoking it in a joint, but it literally caught fire like it was dipped in gas. Never happend with oil I used in the past, I ended up using it in a pen vape (erbatip). Was a pain in the butt getting it in, this stuff is thick, but worked fantastically. Going to invest in a better hand held vape for this stuff. Cleanest oil I have ever had. Will buy again

  45. s.paul

    This stuff is super tasty and works amazing. I use this in the oil atomizer sold on HD. You cant go wrong with this product.! Been ordering this for the past few months and quality is always consistant. Amazing!!

  46. nickgl

    I have to say this is my go to oil, Its damn good for the price

  47. somena

    Very high quality hash oil. Great for vaping.

  48. wojtek

    Best bang for buck. I just wish there was less bubbles inside

  49. dougwe

    Good quality oil with great taste and good high, great price.

  50. sagatd

    this oil is always a good addition to any order. good quality and great consistency!

  51. Lydia-

    Amazing high very potent smell nice

  52. Anonymous

    Probably the best concentrates price and quality wise, consistently good, nice high, I just don’t like the taste, it’s not a bad one, just not to my liking

  53. metalm

    Great oil. Very potent and versatile medicine. Good value

  54. sandra

    Order this all the time! It’s my favorite! Taste so good

  55. jfoste

    Great product, tastes great, excellent effects. It takes me back to my teenage years.

  56. evdogb

    Next level value, many shatter fiends I know have switched to smoking mainly this. Well done herbal!

  57. jamess

    This hony oil taste a lot better then the cherry oil .. it’s a great grab for the price An like I said taste pretty nice .. obviously doesn’t states just like wax but you can smoke it the same… good buy

  58. dmandi

    Great oil in the puma kit and awsome bang for your buck. I will be getting again for sure

  59. gusher

    Tried this product for the first time and I really love it. I add it to my joints and man it boost the effects like 80% give it a try.

  60. Anonymous

    This is a great product and has been getting better with each order. My go to buy at $40 and with the $70 oil in a vape pen is next. This product is highly recommended and thanks for the excellent explanation Jade on the bubbles and QC. I’m hooked on HD

  61. jeremi

    this oil it’s a great high smooth taste and there’s multiple ways of smoking this 5 stars for this product

  62. jeremi

    I love this oil it’s a great high smooth taste and there’s multiple ways of smoking this 5 stars for this product

  63. Anonymous

    This was nice and smooth I dabbed mine it was a nice change from shatter and was a bit smoother

  64. vinc11

    Good pain killer if you have dépression harde Time to to to sleep …..

  65. Anonymous

    Powerful blast a bit harsh but it does the job,i would buy again the price is good too.

  66. 21dmcu

    Really good, but didn’t last very long.. easy come easy go…lol

  67. Brayle

    Definitely top notch honey. Always consistent product. Very potent. I’ve ordered numerous times never disappointed. I highly recommend this product to anyone who hasn’t tried. Just a thin line on a paper does the job when rolling a joint. ??

  68. msobko

    This is top-notch honey oil, and on par with any I’ve ever had for purity. But it lacks punch to some I’ve had in Ontario many years ago. I also find the Cherry Oil here is more potent to my tastes. Plus I *like* the fact that the Cherry Oil has more flavour to it.

    Most people are going to prefer this to the Cherry Oil. I’m a freak. What can I say? 😀

  69. Bam_48

    Good price best honey oil I’ve smoked for sure nice taste really good strength

  70. -Whitie_bear

    so it says its 0.9 g in the description, and it is, that aside i find it does what the quarry oils will do in my vape pen, just alot cheaper…it is alot thicker then the quarry oils though so loading is a bit more difficult and you have to hold up between hoots to ensure your not burning wick (as the air bubbles take forever to come out of the atomizer after a puff) – taste is no where near the quarry and the high is a bit under, but its a decent heady hybrid like high

  71. fearth

    Great as always!

  72. haulaa

    Great oil. hits me hard and gives me that nice feeling i love.

  73. fabian

    Good stuff! Found it better tasting and stronger than the cherry oil. There was a little air bubble in there so I’d say you are really buying .9

  74. -dmbwrs

    I love this stuff and the feeling it gives me during the day. doesn’t affect my performance at work in the slightest .GET IT WHEN YOU CAN!!!!!!! . . . . . . . . . ;-D

  75. dmacle

    this honey oil is probably THE BEST concentrate I’ve smoked in years. It’s not just the smell, or the taste, or the high (which are all great, by the way) which make this my favorite daily smoke-able. It’s the incredible feeling of calming, almost euphoric-like relaxation it gives me during the day. doesn’t affect my performance at work in the slightest .GET IT WHEN YOU CAN!!!!!!!

  76. fearth

    This is a repeat purchase, the price is best on site for quality. Great for enhancing shatter hits.
    Good consistency for handling, pinheads!

  77. -dmbwrs

    Overall, this honey oil is probably THE BEST concentrate I’ve smoked. It’s not just the smell, or the taste, or the high (which are all great, by the way) which make this my favorite daily smoke-able. It’s the incredible feeling of calming, almost euphoric-like relaxation, deep-seated-to-the-core-of-your-soul relaxation, that this oil gives you after including it for 2 or 3 days in your daily smoking routine. The first day smoking it felt good. The second day felt great. But the third day . . . I sincerely had no idea I had the capability to feel so relaxed and at-ease with, well, everything.
    This honey oil is truly worthy of five/five stars. Keep up the amazing work HD.

  78. a_inuk

    very potent do not underestimate this oil i took 1 hit and i was out and ive been smoking 7 years stright definatly recommend this to whoever likjes a nice buzz

  79. bmwguy


  80. Anonymous

    Great batch, wish it was a full gram. thanks HD

  81. ray_sh

    Great to add on top of your bowl bring it to the next level

  82. Anonymous

    This is great oil. Each new batch seems to taste a little different, sometimes varies in colour, but its always consistant in terms of effect, always has a great taste. Been using this in a vape pen designed for thick oils, and it works wonderfully. This oil and the afghani hash are my favorite products on here!

  83. -dmbwrs

    Very good stuff. Always top notch. Oh, and by the way Steve:

    ” Note: There may be air bubbles in the syringe, which is normal. Each syringe is based on weight (approximately 0.9 grams) rather then volume (ml) of Honey Oil. “

  84. avigil

    Good intense high too expensive for every day use but great for a nice treat I enjoyed the taste

  85. Anonymous

    Disappointed? I purchase this bho often and the quality is always there ….but the .3 bubble is just wrong.I can’t medicate with bubbles nor do I pay for that air.Having ranted that , HD always a pleasure to deal with! But you should look into the bubbles. Thanks

  86. ramsay

    The emo oil reminded me of this stuff. Bland & lacking in terpenes. I found the cheaper cherry oil had better flavour & potency compared to this.

  87. paulcm

    Surprised at how long it lasts in the Toko pen. Its a great product, and the high is certainly there. If I was to get really picky, I would say that I found the taste of some other oils to be better but I have to admit that it still tastes great! What I especially love is when HD releases a lab result on the product. Side note: It would be great to see more lab tests on the flower that is available on this site too.

  88. Brayle

    Awesome honey oil. It’s very potent and consistent every time I order one. Great for just putting some on a paper definitely​ a strong hitter. I would Highly recommend this oil for anyone that enjoys honey oil.

  89. dreave

    Great oil for vapes or dip your dab in. I call that a honey nut cheery oh

  90. Anonymous

    I eat this oil and it is some of the most potent oil i have ever ingested.My tolerance is very high as I have been medicating for about 30 yrs.And to one reviewers point …yes a .05 ingested is very pain relieving.Do not hesitate to purchase if true pain relief is what you search.

  91. Anonymous

    was really good but didnt last very long….

  92. jarret

    Great product i use it with the 20$ vape kit and it works pretty good just have to heat it up first

  93. Anonymous

    not as tasty as the more expensive stuff on this site, but the potency is there, a bargain at the price. Been adding at least one of these to each and every order. I smoke it out of the 20 dollar vape kit they sell on this site and it works great.

  94. jno

    Quite clean. Neutral-ish taste. Potent , and economical enough to run in the vape pen (TOKO Gold, etc.) . Definitely not in the realm of the CO2 stuff, but still, ….pretty good!

  95. import

    It’s not bad price could be better if it was ten bucks cheaper I would buy more of it it’s a knock out effect for me great to help put you to sleep gives you the munchies big time.

  96. patey2

    Half decent oil.. Way better then the 35 buck cherry oil ut no where near the c02 honey oil.. Worth the price but i dont understand why there is always one big bubble in the syringe.. The cherry oil & c02 oils come with no big bubbles.. U might get .8 of a g if ur lucky.
    I ordered 2 of this honey oil and both had a big bubble

  97. massd1

    Let me start by saying that my batch was a lot lighter in color than the pictures. Almost same color as the more expensive c02 oils. Taste was very leafy at first and the exhale tasted like hash. The oil itself comes our of the syringe very fast so push gently. Smoke was very smooth for me. I used some in a vape pen 510 coil with a ceramic chamber and wick.

  98. Anonymous

    This is some great oil. Very nice texture, burns clean, noticeable effects after just a couple of blasts! Would definitely get this again!

  99. mfperr

    Loved it good match for the vape pen.

  100. zen.da

    Love this under the tongue. Anywhere from .03 -.05 and I’m content for a long while.

  101. kriste

    strong taste, very thick. not super harsh, great for the price! would deffinitely recommend

  102. -Olivier

    Very good, I also use it with the 20$ vape kit. Very portable and slick.

  103. grapes

    works great in the vape pen

  104. Anonymous

    this is hands down some potent shit. 100% worth the money. I would rather have two of these then 1 of the other types of honey any day. Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this. I use it with the 20 dollar vape kit they sell on here. Works great.

  105. wizop2

    More of a novelty for changing it up. Tasty in pipe over some weed or ashes also nice spread on a paper for a secondary flavor. Buzz was very mild for me anyways.

  106. matoak

    This is a great product and at this price I have no complaints.
    I’ve been using it in my Toko Gold vape pen that I bought here on HD. Gives off big strong hits, especially when you use the preheat feature.
    Nice high when I’m on the go and don’t want to be too loud with my usage.

  107. jimmy.

    Very very nice stuff. Everything i thought it would be. Great clean high just like the stuff I first started smoking years maybe even abit better.

  108. MLDimi

    I used this with the $20 vape pen kit to start off. Very happy with it. Taste isn’t great but you get used to it. I also didn’t feel like it was that potent but I think I may just be building up a tolerance. So much more convenient than smoking bud.

  109. -Ted

    Tried it, liked it, and I was pleased with the consistency, but the flavour and potency are not as advertised. For an extra 10 bucks you can get something better on HD.

  110. sanata

    I really enjoy the flavor and the clean taste. great product to add to every order 🙂

  111. Anonymous

    have only smoked a little so far in a buttonless vape pen but am not all that impressed with this oil. i mean its ok and i know its on the cheaper side compared to other oils here. now it might be because I have been smoking the quarry oils for a while now but I cant see buying this for 40 when quarry oil is 70 and soooo much better in flavour and potency. just my 2 cents.

  112. srrock

    Nice topper for the bowl or vape even.


    I always add one of these, or the Cherry Oil, to my orders. Very smooth and well worth the price.

  114. r.noir

    Awesome oil! Use it in the vape pen I got here and it works great. Real mellow high and discrete smoke when used with the pen. I also spliff it on a paper with my bud sometimes for maximum bed time relief ?. Can’t go wrong with this stuff!

  115. nodett

    Nice on top of a bowl.

  116. mosesf

    Hands down this is the BEST oil! I was skeptical because of the price how strong it would be and I always smoke shatter but this is every bit as good if not better than 90% of the shatters I’ve tried. I dont even waste my money buy shatter anymore this oil is my new fav! It has a beautiful flavor and I highly recommend it

  117. martin

    Great oil, used in a vape pen, great taste and strong effects. Great for daytime use. Can’t wait to get more!

  118. feldug

    Really great taste ???

  119. keneme

    I was disappointed in my gram. i know it’s marked .9 per gram. mine wasnt even a .7 because of an air pocket. ill stick with the cherry oil. 5.5-6/10….

  120. gordmc

    I really enjoy this concentrate.

  121. jeff02

    Love it. Potent and smooth. High lasts forever.


    excellent stuff!! I always add this and or the cherry oil to each order. great value on both. Nice and smooth, if you don’t have a high tolerance it is one toke oil that we heard about in the past, if you have a high tolerance it takes 2 tokes lol

  123. -dmbwrs

    Very good hash oil. Well worth th price

  124. nickda

    nice consistency, looks more clear than in the picture, alright taste
    good buy

  125. matt.w

    Great again. Got some for father in law as an early xmas gift. Consistantly good oil for a great price.

  126. Anonymous

    Definately worth the buck for this stuff !!! I must say I’ve had 2 decent size dabs and this stuff has got me sky high , it’s a nice body buzz , a sweet taste , and a good day time smoke ! Two normal size dabs and I was feeling great , will have on every order thanks hd !

  127. Brayle

    Great product for the price hands down. Couldn’t say one bad thing about it. Beautiful golden color and super potent!! Great on a pape 😉

  128. -JH

    For the price this is the best oil you can buy in my opinion. Much better than the cherry oil and well worth the extra 5$.. this honey oil has a rich flavor and is a very pleasant smoke in a water bong. Thanks HD!

  129. tashan

    Great stuff! Nice flavour and great help for anxiety and pain. Will definitely buy again!

  130. csmash

    Nice clear amber colored oil. Clean, tasty and strong. Helped a lot with reducing stress, pain, anxiety and improved my quality of sleep. Thanks HD!

  131. ray_sh

    first time using hash oil. put it on top of my bowl and i could tell it was there the taste was actually pleasant and ill be trying other oils very soon. loved it

  132. Anonymous

    Best product for pain and sleep

  133. -S L

    Best bang for your buck! Such a pure, clean taste. Easy to get out of the syringe as well, doesn’t need to be placed in the fridge. A very heady type high, with earthy and nutty flavours

  134. dredlo

    Very very excellent honey…….soooooo disappointed it’s out of stock now

  135. matthe

    Amazing. Top quality.

  136. bsiebe

    Can’t go wrong with this oil, honestly. 🙂

  137. -budderluver

    Good old reliable… never wrong with this!

  138. eastco

    very nice oil…tasty and potent

  139. carla-

    great high, very stick as expected so careful with handling!

  140. matt.w

    Great bang for your buck. This is killer oil. No murkiness at all. Clean and strong. Love it.

  141. ajklak

    I would like to change my review. Earlier i said thst the co2 honey oil was money better spent. Although I still like the co2 oil. This is value buy. If your going to try one oil I would buy this one. Hands down.

  142. Temple

    This was my first experience with honey oil. I had a bit of a hard time working with this oil as it was pretty thick but the work was worth it. Nice mellow buzz…you can get stuff done.

  143. lindad

    this my favourite i will order the price is good .a good high

  144. Anonymous

    Hits a little harder than the cherry oil, is slightly thicker and lighter in colour as well. Effects are a very clean and clear daytime high not unlike some good sativa but not overly intense for my tolerance level. At $40 per gram I’d say each gram is the same value as a quarter oz. of good bud. Awesome value. High quality oil.

  145. sibbz_

    Excellent product, great bang for your buck

  146. jordan

    I will be getting this with every order, kicks the 35$ cherry oil’s butt. Excellent quality and taste, with a high that wakes you up somewhat. I put a little on a toke when i want to get super baked.

  147. ajklak

    Really nice stuff. Thick and sticky . Still I perfer spending the extra on the co2 stuff. Great product still.

  148. sagatd

    amazing product, i get some almost if not every order.

  149. Anonymous

    Great oil hits very well and its a very good consistency best if kept in fridge makes it easy to despense, however the syringes the use are not very good you cant get all the oil out of the tip and every one ive got so far has a big air bubble in it that takes up 1 ml which i think is because the tip is long but you cant get it all out so you loose 1 ml everytime so every 10 i loose a whole syringe but its still good oil and the price is right

  150. ontari

    Got another order today and i had to get some more of this, I;d say this oil is my fav out of everything i’ve tried so far,

  151. Anonymous

    Got me instantly really high. Great price but can be messy to dab with

  152. t.wats

    Never disappointed with the quality of oil from Herbal Dispatch. Very clean product, love the syringe Idea for easy application. Great Product! Epic High

  153. s2kton

    Great product for a fair price. Taste and pain relief qualities are fantastic … love this stuff.

  154. toxxic

    Wow crazy stuff very potent! nice looking translucent gold colour to it really awesome stuff!

  155. m.woli

    I order a couple of these every time… top shelf quality, whoever produces this product really knows what they are doing… after many orders it seems to get better and better? Nice work HD

  156. delore

    For the price I can’t say anything bad about this oil. Very smooth taste and great high!

  157. lindsa

    Beautiful for getting rid of my joint pain. And it also gives me a nice happy uplifted creative feeling which is amazing for my clinical depression. Love it!!

  158. -budderluver

    I’m a severe chronic pain patient and I order this product every single time. I use this on average 6 times more than any flower or other concentrate because of the relief it delivers. Enough said??

  159. kristy

    I used this in my pipe with some herb, and also rolled it into some joints. It smokes really nice and has the sweetest smell. You almost wouldn’t even know it’s a marijuana product by the smell. And it tastes just as good. Definitely worth getting.

  160. fearth

    I will definetly buy this again. Good, creeping heady high with a lasting effect. Pain relief for sure!
    Really great, clean flavour. Easy to use syringe is excellent for any tool or method.
    Product loses a star for syringe only being 0.75 after air bubbles removed.

  161. sagatd

    Really love this product, high quality honey oil in a easy to dose syringe. this might end up being a regular in the cart.

  162. Chochk

    One of my fav products on the site, definitely throw in a few whenever I order.

  163. alfred

    Smell: NA
    Comments: The oil came nicely packaged! The seringe is fantastic, much better than vials! Color was more cherry than anticipated, but nice and clear! Taste was nice, and you really get a earthy plant taste I def enjoyed! Effects we less than expected! But still nothing to sneeze at! This batch def seemed more sativa based! Re buy?

  164. amcalo

    Very nice effect and taste , definitely for oil it’s some of the best tasting I ever had. . . Dabs seem to be the method for best effects. Taste is somewhat shatter like .. great bag for ur buck ..

  165. Abuchk

    Ordered about a month ago. It was good, but not great. The cap is real messy and love’s to come loose. I would buy again cuz it’s pretty cheap.

  166. dstrut

    Always add one or two of these to my order. Consistency and clarity vary slightly from batch to batch but the flavor is always pleasantly smooth and delivers satisfying results. The value is tremendous every time.

  167. Conner

    Only problem I had with this product was getting 2 medicated 5 Star . Works great

  168. -budderluver

    Seems like a different batch than a couple weeks ago. This is a bit thicker but smokes nice. Once again, not much residue left behind. Happy as always!!

  169. bradha

    Mixed this with the Larry OG and it dat me down … Absolutely delicious!

  170. Spider

    Personally I was disappointed with this product. Honey oil shouldn’t be so dark. It wasn’t much better than the cherry oil. In fact I thought it was cherry when I looked at it.

  171. timtim

    I really enjoy this honey oil back when I first started ordering from the site I ordered a syringe of honey oil and I loved it then a couple weeks later I ordered another one and it was horrible some of the worst oil I ever had so it scared me from ordering any more until I noticed that it had been changed up that it was a new product so I figured I’d give it another try and wow I’ll definitely be ordering this regularly

  172. justin

    Very nice very well priced. Did the trick for me.

  173. Anonymous

    Great product, each time I order I’m not disappointed! Just like the last time. 🙂

  174. Anonymous

    I bought my first good vape pen and tried it with this honey oil. It vapes beautifully and tasted very nice. I underestimated the potency of oil (rookie mistake, I make them all) and it laid me flat out for an hour and a half after my first try.

    I’m sold on vaping. It’s not as enjoyable as the whole flower experience, but if you just want the job done, vape pens are your friend. It works very well for “as required” pain relief if you want something discreet.

  175. -budderluver

    I really like this oil. There’s not much residue left on the glass and for me it’s very smooth. Can take massive massive hits and not cough one bit. It works very well for pain, I’d even say it’s close to the “bigger boys” but is much cheaper. Works great as a topper, just got some Pink OG from HD and what a nice combo. Repeat buyer and will continue, I’m always happy where it’s “greener” Thanks for taking care of my medical needs HD and Vendors.

  176. gentle

    Outstanding! Tastes great and it is easy to work with.

  177. ontari

    Good oil but still does not match up to the old school honey from the 70’s at $50 a 5er. there is not much of a flavor to it , Buzz is good, but it;s not the bomb , not sure if i’d buy it again ,I like the Cherry it;s cheaper but i think get about same buzz and has better taste , but that is just me, i am a fussy smoker , from hash, oil , weed, etc, ,Been a smoker since 72 and I like the cream of the crop but these days that cream has become very expensive, ya no the old saying Willie use to say , when a dime was a dime bad 2 fingers and cost $10 , well those were the good ol days now a gram costs as much a gram of gold . Never thought 44 yrs ago that this would be the way things were gonna turn out , anyhow, cheers and maybe i got more stoned than i thought off that last hit lol just went on a ramble here .

  178. blake.

    Regular buy for me. Great on top of bowls and drizzled over joints.

  179. marty_

    Good for spicing up joints. Kinda harsh on its own in a pen but medicates well

  180. jlocki

    Great as a bowl topper or to bulk up dabs with. I really like this on top of a bowl of pink kush before bed (out cold)! Great quality and great price. I’m not crazy about this honey oil on its own, but great for making some of the less potent strains on par or making potent strains out of this world.

  181. Anonymous

    very good product !

  182. willia

    Best bang for buck on the site. Will include one or two in every order

  183. jamesm

    Loved this product just placed my 2nd order of it well b ordering this many more times to come

  184. noahku

    I like it

  185. grant5

    Agree with all below, this is really nice oil. Top up a bowl with this, add to joint or pretty good on its own. Syringe/dropper makes it really easy to deal with, definitely will order again!

  186. jakobe

    taste as nice a little like hay it was really hard to dab because i didn’t want to dab right from the syringe and you couldn’t get it all out

  187. mikela

    I enjoy the taste of the cherry oil better, but this is superior potency. worth the 5 bucks

  188. elie.k

    This is by far the most superior honey oil I have ever smoked/used. This is a very cleanly manufactured product, and I would recommend anyone to purchase/use it! If you don’t like it you don’t know good oil, period. Thanks again HD!

  189. lake.m

    Amazing quality, and in my opinion the best bang for you buck. Great job HD, you guys are top class… Try a dab of this and enjoy the ride!

  190. Ahmedm

    This is my second time purchasing this product. Great quality both times, at a great price. Nice earthy taste with a relatively nice high. Definitely would recommend, simply due to the price.

  191. jimmcg

    My second or third order of this oil. Really excellent quality, pristine oil. Nice for dabs or rolled in a J.

  192. mman_2

    Pretty tasty product, but overall not a long enough lasting buzz. Great for a change and I’ll still order again in the future

  193. mattyj

    I’ve ordered honey oil on this site many times. This stuff…. I dunno. It’s tasty for sure but it’s not that hard hitting. I think I prefer the cherry oil over it. This oil is very runny and I’m finding I am going through the product very fast. I think I will stick to the purely medicinals oil

  194. mr.cho

    I was highly disappointed when I got my order and found out the cherry oil I ordered was replaced with honey oil. That feeling quickly changed. Stop reading this, ad it to your cart now and demand HD lower the price on this if more people buy it. It’s really that good. Dab this and it’s super tasty and so damn smooth it’s unbelievable. This is a must have product.

  195. zao75

    First time trying this and its delicious, potent and smooth! decent price too, will be buying again!

  196. Nmosby

    Smooth and tastes great. 40$ well spent. Will order again, thanks HD.

  197. K0rps3

    What a lovely product this was, I just finished my last bit today and it certainly deserves my 5 stars … nice flavors comes off of this … kudos to the manufacturer (and HD of course) 😉 This makes a great addition to top up any order for free shipping especially for the price … well worth it!

  198. unique

    Cheap, tasty and potent! As others have mentioned, makes a nice bowl topper but it also good straight up. Taste is calm and pleasant, effects are right where you would expect them to be. To top it off, the syringe makes dosing easy and fun! Will order this again.

  199. Anonymous

    Fantastic Product! Using this in an e-cig vaporizer my local vape shop recommended. Tastes deliciously hashy, super smooth and works fast. you can taste big hits all day long and enjoy every bit of it.
    For 40$ You can’t go wrong, will definitely order again. Thanks HD

  200. smokey

    Amazing oil, Very potent and it taste clean

  201. egonbe

    A dark golden goo, firm enough but still fluid. Expands into smooth billows of whiteness. Kinda buzzy and warm but unique from an indica bud. Just a puff hear and there in a vape pen is all you need. Well worth the price.
    Hats off.

  202. dstrut

    Extremely nice oil! Potent and smooth. Slightly stronger than the cherry oil but both are great products. Thanks HD!

  203. jhayne

    Excellent oil! May be the best hash oil I’ve had. Mind the bubble! I thought my count was low. There was a decent sized bubble in the syringe with more oil on top, hiding behind the sticker.

  204. Circa_

    Excellent. So tasty, so potent. I love this stuff very easy on the lungs and you don’t need to smoke a ton of it. Like good “old school” honey oil. Will definitly keep this in my line up

  205. toxxic

    This is amazing stuff nice golden colour taste great and I found it to be pretty potent and long lasting.

  206. mitche

    I’ve bought this twice now and I’ve been impressed both times. It’s incredibly potent and it tastes so clean. It hits smooth and finishes even smoother but it would be easy to take too big of a hit without noticing (not that it’s a bad thing). The syringe is such an easy application as well and even though a tiny bit of oil gets stuck in the empty syringe, the opening is wide enough that you can get it all out with a tool.

  207. fadi_l

    A friend informed me of this product prior to purchasing it for myself!!
    Great clean taste, but expensive but when it lasted longer than expected became more than worth it!!

  208. havoco

    Very nice honey oil for the price , strong but not overpowering . Nice golden colour. Burns clean on nail .Would order this again .

  209. devans

    Very tasty and smooth. Also very clean for oil and leaves very little residue. Great for dabbing on the e-nail.

  210. j_jone

    Smooth smoke, great after taste. Worth the extra 5$

  211. josh.l

    I topped a bowl with some and i was buzzed for quite a while. I will for sure order again. I Can’t wait to try and dab this stuff. Great Price as well.

  212. dandan

    Very good for the cost. Looked darker, almost like cherry oil at first. After prepping a dab for myself, I found it to be much lighter than the cherry oil. Exactly honey coloured. The taste was very similar to the old school honey oil that I used to get from the fellas who ride the motorcycles. $800 a baby jar. Same consistency, a little lighter in colour, but the same flavour. The buzz already has some long legs on it. Spent about 3 ours buzzed in this already. And that was only after 3 dabs! This stuff is a keeper, HD! To those who are curious, just get it already! It’s well worth it, my friends!

  213. jakobe

    from the few dabs I’ve taken of this, I can say it has a very unique, tasty flavour and an amazing high that comes with it. definitely worth 40$ for how much you get in the syringe

  214. jaycar

    This is worth the extra $5 however I am not a fan of the peppery exhale. Very smooth going in though

  215. elbozz

    Last time I had oil was 8 years ago, and even if it was ‘good’ stuff back then, this was nothing compared to this one. That being said, it’s more red-ish than ‘honey colored’. Still, this is the best oil I have ever tried. Mellow taste, mellow high, perfect stuff if you want to exagerate on the medication, since it doesn’t last for hours. And the syringe.. so practical. I will most certainly order one or two on my next order. Long live HD !

  216. Shaun_

    The dispenser is pretty good when it doesn’t have bubbles, leaves quite a bit in the tip once “empty” bit weaker than shatter but good to “wrap” around your shatter hoot

  217. Alexjo

    Absolutely worth the money great taste and very nice high with 2 dabs

  218. dsymon

    This stuff is so awesome! 5/5 for me, first time trying oil, got pretty wrecked off it! Love HD!

  219. metall

    Best Bowl Topper out there!

  220. xuerou

    amazing! will keep buying!!

  221. Sth29

    Best product on HD for the price !

  222. jimmcg

    Excellent oil. Immediate and mellow, though not the longest-lasting, high. Has an interesting grapefruity aftertaste when dabbed. Great value for $40.

  223. mayes1

    My new favourite oil! Goodbye cherry, hello honey!

  224. jasona

    This stuff is awesome. Top quality

  225. poursa

    This stuff brews into the fattest dabs. Good buzz good taste and the syringe makes it super easy to portion out a dab. Combine that with a fair price and you get a winner.

  226. mdguth

    this is gonna be on every order now, had the best sleep of my life after medicating with this. thank you

  227. markmc

    definitely the best honey oil i have ever smoked, the colour is insane. its almost the same yellow as the pie chart above, definitely a great deal at 40 bucks. probably will be on every order 5/5

  228. -Jay

    yep, its just like every other honey oil on this site. Tasty and strong

  229. aaronr

    I rolled a joint with this and wow very potent love the taste and the golden color of the oil great stuff

  230. knight

    Great product! Very heavy head high and above average taste for honey oil! Will be ordering again, very comparable to the cherry oil but gold on a paper. A++

  231. c-onei

    Highly recommended for increasing appitie, very potent so use in small doses, cant wait to get more!

  232. manda.

    Best oil I’ve ever used. The tiniest dab of this stuff on a bowl is my key to an amazing night. Leaves my body and mind feeling so relaxed!

  233. discus

    Hands down the best honey oil I have ever smoked. Syringe makes use a charm for the vape pen. Vape responsibly everyone.

  234. Anonymous

    So glad to see honey oil. Syringe makes the downside of oil negligent.

  235. Ahmedm

    Don’t sleep on this honey oil the stuff is a killer potencies excellent flavours is nice too and very good price. And the syringe makes it very easy for me to reload my vapour pen

  236. bsteve

    Ive only had hash oil a handfull of times before I got this so thought I’d give it another try. The color and consistency looked real nice. There wasn’t much taste but it was very clean and smooth. Just a small glob gets you medicated. Definitely gets you couch locked with a wicked body buzz. I would recommend giving this a try, can’t go wrong for the price. I’d definitely pick up more of this. Compared to the other oils I’ve had, which is only a few, this is by far the nicest so I have to give it 5 stars.

  237. geomet

    What can I say? Your syringe oils have always been stupid good. Love this stuff just as much as the cherry oil.

  238. stimp_

    Ah yes I get to be the first to review, phew well just took a pea size dab and my neck pain is already fading away, not too much flavour on first hit, if anything it has a slight good taste to it. For the price this is 5 star stuff, I vape and dab shatter daily and this stuff is not bad, it didnt immediately try and drip off my dabber pretty stable. My couple little syringes look a bit more golden than in the pics, really nice color.
    Damn, ok just had another almost pea size dab, be ready to pull back on the plunger, I think my future dabs will be slightly smaller. Having never tried concentrates in this form as of yet I think it is very convenient and easy to work with when you get the hang of it. Just smelling a dab is nice it has a citrusy mint nose to it. After the second dab I would say the taste is good slightly hashy, Im liking this stuff, thanks HD for all the great options

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