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Hash Oil (Oro) – Golden Honey Oil

(125 customer reviews)


1 Oro Honey Oil for $40
Special! Buy 4 or more for $36 each

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Sold By: ORO Honey Oil
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Product Description

Lab-tested to contain 84% THC

Oro Pure is a full spectrum Cannabis oil derived from our pesticide free single strain, outdoor grown in the beautiful mountains of British Columbia. Because it’s made from a single source strain in large batches, the results are perfect consistency in every dose.

Our sun grown plants enjoy a life that a cannabis plant should, consuming glacial waters, fresh air, natural negative ions and real sunlight. We also use all the buds from the very top to the bottom, that means AAAA top nugs down to the smalls. This produces an exceptional product and unique terpene profile that is reflected in the
very clean, potent burn.

We’re proud of what we do and excited to offer this exceptional product to patients and cannabis lovers in our proprietary vape pens and tanks.

• Single source, one plant strain
• full terpene profile left intact
• sun grown

The truth about distillate and why a full spectrum oil is superior.

Unlike distillate, Oro Honey Oil has a fully intact terpene profile which dramatically influences flavour and effect.

Distillate is a popular concentrate because it’s made with trim and low grade products from grows. It’s convenient for producers because various strains and grades can be mixed into single batches of distillate. It’s the “wieners” of pot.

The result of mixed batch distillates is a product stripped down to a base, no longer having a terpene profile. It then requires added terpenes for flavour, smell and character. This is often done with ‘food grade’ terpenes that aren’t even derived from cannabis, attempting to mimic popular strains.

Oro Honey Oil is not stripped of those naturally occurring characteristics. It’s deep terpene profile is displayed in the flavour. It’s pure, golden oil, from a single strain. Huge natural outdoor plants turned into a rich, potent oil. You’ll see why its superior the first time you try it.

Contains: 1 gram of Honey Oil

Q and A: Cannabis Luxurious – A Road Paved in Gold & Silk

125 reviews for Hash Oil (Oro) – Golden Honey Oil

  1. Have ordered this before and will again. Good as a bowl topper for extra pain management.

  2. So tasty! Works great

  3. Very smooth. Good for vaping or as a bowl topper.!

  4. Awesome product. Very potent, clean. I order every chance I get and always on point.

  5. this oil rocks….very nice buzzzzz.!

  6. Amazing product! Long lasting buzz and nice citrus taste, would recommend trying it on a banger or in a pen!

  7. Excellent flavour vaped well and the syringe is very convenient will buy again

  8. This stuff is really great, potency is on point, the high has a little punch to it also a little creep as well, flavour is on point, nice spicy notes with a little hashy taste. Syringe is easy to use and store. Best part is the price, definitely comparable to higher priced options.

  9. Great product and taste

  10. This is a go to product, it is a good price and good quality, vapes nice.

  11. Wow this stuff really is great, i wouldve given it a 4 star because its not as powerfull as others, but remembered the price so gave it a 4 (however distillate IMO is just as good if not better, saves my tanks and costs only $5 more right now) – it has excellent flow so my tank never went dry, using a itsuwa amigo liberty v9 tank and its amazing, huge clouds, decent taste find it gets me heady “stoned” high, i get a bit of concentration out of it (ie good for ADHD) but i would fine i would get tired as it kicked in for some strange reason, and a bit of a fall off when it wears off — definitely a great smoke, maybe a $5 less and it would be a steal

  12. Best oil yet
    Great taste easy to spread and nice packaging
    Price is good for what you get

  13. Nice honey oil. Still not as clean a taste as the Quarry CO2 Honey. Worked great in my Puma vape. No problems filling the tank, as long as you warm up the syringe in a glass of warm water first.

  14. Amazing oil and the price is just as amazing!

  15. Great to dab with! Goes down smooth with a nice flavor

  16. This is a nice oil and hits hard. I have made multiple orders of this honey oil and never disappointed.

  17. Great product. This oil is thicker than toko gold oil. In my opinion only add this to your toko gold cart if there is still live resin terps in there, otherwise it doesn’t vape as well.

  18. This is fantastic!!!! Used it
    As a bowl topper and in my Toko Pen!! Very effective for pain relief!!! This will be a staple in every order!!! Thanks HD!!

  19. Can’t say enough good about this product, a spicy delight to the senses

  20. Best honey oil ever! Taste good

  21. Awesome stuff, makes great edibles and dabs well too.

  22. Great product works Good!

  23. Awesome product everyone should try it.

  24. Best oil I’ve tried it taste and smells so amazing. It’s also so clean and jus looks so good 🙂

  25. Best Honey Oil around. Have tried multiple other ones, but there is nothing quite like this brand. I always end up getting this one. The lid and the packaging is neat too

  26. Good stuff, I like it better than the Quarry and it is cheaper. Just refill a flyte vape tip and vape it, taste is great.

  27. A set of knives, a twist tie and a torch, BAM! I’m back in 1987, but for a fraction of the price. What a kick and oh so smooth, lasts forever and worth every penny.

  28. First time trying oil I dab it the taste is awesome!! Really good for the price I will buy again

  29. This stuff is super potent, definitely not for beginners, hit one dab of it and haven’t been that high in 25 years.!

  30. Can’t get enough of the honey oil, so tasty!

  31. A1 fills up 2 toko gold cartridges and much more cost efficent. Super thick must preheat when filling multiple times and once before toking.

  32. This oil is definitely my favorite. The syringe works very well with this oil

  33. Very nice stuff!! Defenently would recommend trying if you like oil!! It has a spicey taste good high fantastic color but I find it a bit harsh!! But all in all good stuff!!!????

  34. Really nice oil all around. Great taste, price and medicates well, very well. Using it in my Puma Mini, A little gentle warming and it pours easily with no spilling. Will continue to buy.

  35. Costs 15% more than competitor honey oil. Is 33% stronger. Also it’s delicious and has a measurable CBD profile which adds a nice relaxation to your buzz. My favorite product on the site, great bang for the buck, super efficient if vaporized. This product is positioned optimally on the scale of diminishing returns. The next level of purity costs almost three times as much and only gives you 17% more THC.

  36. Great quality.

  37. This delicious oil is a staple in every order, my favorite spicy high!!

  38. This is real pure oil. If your looking for good THC smoke at a bargain price this is the stuff to get.

  39. Love this! Nice tasting,slow burning!

  40. The Stuff dreams are made of. Very Strong I use a torch and knives for a classic hot knife and I could barley function after

  41. Puts a smile on my face every time.

  42. This stuff is great, I love sun grown resin. It just has that extra “umph” to it. I’m guessing by the terps and effects on this it’s a cultivar similar to Jack. Definitely has become my daily driver. Glad they made it cheaper when you grab 4. Well done Oro this honey oil is in a league of its own.

  43. Top Notch. Very tasty.

  44. I don’t want anyone to know about this product cause I want it for myself, out of all the oil I’ve tried this one is very tasty, the only thing that would make this better is to use old school Hash plant to make it. Top shelf

  45. Absolutely top notch. 5/5

  46. Great taste and effects, really enjoyed this hash oil! Can’t beat the price!

  47. Very good

  48. The smallest amount provides a super long lasting high. Good price. Good flavor. Awesome results 🙂

  49. This is great stuff and instant results.

  50. Very easy to work with .Good taste me personally don’t need a lot to get to the state I want to be

  51. nice smoke clean taste

  52. Great bang for the buck. Takes me back. Very enjoyable. Will be buying again.

  53. great value for your buck with proper potiency

  54. good stuff and does the trick but anlittle let down to find seeds in my buds! bout 2 dozen in an oz. i dont grow so no use for them. and i hate the taste of grinded seeds in my green.

  55. aome of the best honey oil ive ever had !!!
    great taste and great end result.

  56. Great product, nice and potent and burns like a charm

  57. Smooth oil and hits hard. Be careful, strong gear. it ranks with the top dogs..Great job!

  58. Great stuff

  59. Best oil ever. Smooth and clean tasting. Definitely will order again!!

  60. First order and many more to come awesome stuff I love it

  61. Delicious!! Can’t get enough of this tasty oil. Delivers everything it says it will and more. Included on every order.

  62. Amazing stuff here for the price… Great to vape….potent and effective.

  63. been buying this stuff for months now. use it in my puma mini vape. I’m never going to smoke/vape bud again. this stuff is the way forward. Quality is top shelf, price is right and it has always been consistent. never had an issue with this stuff

  64. Nice clean product, good value.

  65. Very potent and effective. (On any pain or stress)
    Very great edible (add coffee or tea)
    Very in love with this thing ever since.

    If you didn’t, just add one to your basket

  66. This stuff is amazing. Very smooth. Has a little bit of a spicy smell to it. Hard hitting stuff. It is definitely worth a try. You won’t be disappointed!

  67. Great product. Any way you smoke it, it tastes great. Nice high.

  68. This is an enthusiastic group jumping on the Oro bandwagon, and for hella good reason. This oil is amazing, perfect for dabbing or as a mate to the tank vape that HD sells. Nice, subtle, spicy flavour, with plenty of THC to be effective medicine. Very discreet and almost odourless on the exhale in the vape pen, a big plus for some of us. At $40 a pop this is one of the best THC/Gram concentrate values there is. Bravo!

  69. This oil is a staple in my vape pens. Clean and tastes great. For the price, you can’t beat this concentrate.

  70. Vape, it, cook with it, eat a tiny drop, you name it. Very versatile and super amazing quality and price. Always on our order cuz it’s too good to pass up.

  71. just tried this oil and it is extremely tasty and smooth, it hits like a truck and the price is down to earth affordable as a constant buy i will buy again for sure

  72. I am a first time user of oil and this oil too. Placed a tiny tab on finger just to taste it, it taste good and a beautiful color. it gave me a little buzz like tingling all over.. 2 hours later I was cooking spaghetti sauce for supper and decided to add another tab lets say a bit more than the first tab.. Proceeded to eat a bowl of spaghetti &sauce…..OMG…..20 minutes later I really had to sit down and laid down too…OMG…euphoric , laughing for awhile, than crying and laughing again…as somme would say I was tripping. 😉 I finally went to bed and woke up 5 hours later , had coffee and a cigarette and started to trip again… LOL….OMG..I think it lasted 24 hours….I am not a seasoned smoker probably why it hit me so hard! LOL….good product, and fast delivery too. Thank you herbal dispatch. Will buy this product again… 🙂

  73. So clean and smooth, nice price. highly recommended if you enjoy oils

  74. Great oil. Tasted Great. Easy to use syringe. I will buy again.

  75. First time buying this. Will most definitely be back for more.

  76. wow this is really tasty and clean, using in my dry herb tank and it works well . dont let the price fool you its as good as the shhhhhh co2 oil and half the price with the promo code from email. will definitly order again even if it isnt on sale

  77. Just tried this honey oil. We used our pen vape. It is very good. Really like everyone else is saying. It was really awesome getting it on sale! I will be buying this again!

  78. Absolutely a repurchase item! Wonderful flavour, versatile product, excellent effect. Have recommended to so many already.

  79. Second only to Co2 oil for dabs. This stuff burns super clean and the thicker consistency makes it really easy to work with.

  80. Honey Oil so smooth, big buzz factor and very easy on the lungs. amazing product, great price!

  81. Best oil I’ve had, taste really smooth and hit really hard! I’m definitely buying more!

  82. I love this stuff! It’s smooth has a nice taste and a little goes a long way. one of my favorites. my only issue is that I found that if the sticker is wrapped over the 20 drop mark, when I took the sticker off then there was only 18 drops in the syringe on more than one occasion. not sure if that was an oversight or if something else is going on. Otherwise one of my favorites to order.

  83. Great stuff. Will order again

  84. Has a great taste hits smooth I enjoy hitting it from my vape pen everyday I’m actually hitting it now hahaha

  85. WHOA MAMA! This product is very potent, and worth every penny! The fact that it’s activated, makes it very versatile. i want to experiment with making some homemade edibles, using this oil as the activated ingredient. I tried putting a little dot on my finger, and then sucking on my fingertip for a minute. My mouth immediately felt buzzed, and then that same feeling went to ALL other locations in my body from there. It also vapes beautifully, and tastes great! Don’t let the price scare you. A little bit goes a long way! I will definitely purchase this product again! WOWZA!

  86. Very nice golden honey oil. Mild flavour but potent, smooth vapour. Works great in my pen & hits hard off an e-nail.

  87. Good quality, really good price. Very consistent product that i’ve bought many times. You can injest it, dab it, or smear it. Good potency and pretty smooth, although I’ve noticed some batches can be a little bit more bitter then others. 5/5

  88. This stuff is fantastic for the price. 5/5 stars for sure. I tried pacific gas co. Distilate knowin it was flavourlous but potency was lacking. This shit is double the amout for 10 bones more, tastes amazing when dabbed and is super potent. Will be buyin more ???


  90. Good high, taste awsome and perfect for dabs

  91. FAntastic. Great to add to any order!

  92. Amazing, clean oil. Really potent. Really nice spicy sweet flavour.

  93. Exceeded expectations! Really nice taste and packs a punch.

  94. Low temp dabbed this and it tastes great. Nice body high. Decent price. Good job Oro!

  95. This is top-shelf honey oil. Hits hard and has a delicious terpy flavour. For me, the effects lean strongly indica.

  96. Can’t say I’ve had oil this smooth. Great potent stuff.

  97. Ok this is a great product. I would order this again. . . but that being said, the hash honey oil that HD stocks (when place the 2 syringes side by side of oil, they share the same colour. ) is just as good, if not better & it’s $5 cheaper. . . just sayin!

  98. Very smooth and it has a very clean taste! Love this oil, great stone.. will definitely buy again

  99. great oil, love it!

  100. Best hash oil ever smoked, very good high for experienced smokers. Use as dabs.

  101. Works amazing in my cereamic oil pen atomizer. Very potent stuff.

  102. Great price, great oil. It’s extremely thick and sticky. I’m a bit nervous putting it in my vape pen so I use this as an edible. Hits hard and fast but is very effective.

  103. Very nice stuff put some in a joint with some og kush had to put it out half way. Will order again.

  104. Okay had to reorder and will again, spicy hash flavour love it. ORO you got nice stuff better taste better high then the more expensive brands.

  105. Seriously this is the best bang for the buck out there. Love everything about this oil. Will continue to purchase till I smoke you outta stock!!

  106. Tastes like chai tea with a hint of earthy pine, excellent and great for daytime pain relief

  107. I’ve ordered oil from multiple places/vendors and this is by far the best honey oil I’ve purchased for the price. It has a beautiful colour great taste and smoke. Syringe makes it very easy to get a dab just squeeze a bit out scrape it off good to go. next order I will definitely pick some more up if it’s available

  108. This honey oil is a very nice smoke.. But the revelation came after i put a drop on my finger and ate it. I hadn’t been that stoned in a long time. Actually went at the restaurant with my girl for Valentines and thought it was a good idea to taste-test the honey. I felt fucking euphoric! The buzz truly enveloped me, it was physical bliss with zero paranoia. Very heavy, will definitely take a smaller drop next time but holy shit i love this product!

  109. amazing oil worth the bang for your buck

  110. exactly as advertised.. really potent and peppery taste when you dab it.. love it

  111. Great stuff. Roll a joint. Drip it on RDTA. Eat it or bottle tokes.

  112. I found this oil to be very smooth with a strong effect almost immediately. Nice flavour as well.

  113. great oil to vape , tastes nice , smooth hits , no cough , decent price .

  114. AWESOME!!! Great product!
    I will definitely be ordering more!

  115. The batch I received had great terpene amounts and was clean, with a descent hybrid medication (body and mental stimulation).

  116. Oro Honey oil is great I found when I dab it nothing happen no effects for me but then I cooked with it wow knocked me right out thanks again

  117. Excellent! Very different from the other honey oil, this has a spiceyness to the smell, but its smooth when smoked. VERY worth it.

  118. Smooth, clean and potent. Been dabbing it on my rig.

  119. Excellent stuff. Very smooth, good flavour and very strong.

  120. Did a few small drops on a charcoal and very smooth and hard hitting. Also works well in a puma mini vape. Hope HD can keep this in stock.

  121. Love it!! Great taste great stone.

  122. This stuff sure gets the job done, great price but a little thicker than I hoped!!

  123. As good as The Quarrie oils but thicker and easier to work with

  124. Very nice ,clean , tasty and a reasonable price.

  125. Amazing oil. Better than most for the price especially.

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