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CO2 Honey Oil (Miss Envy) – CBD

(13 customer reviews)


* 2017 Cannabis Cup Canada winner for Best CBD Concentrate

1 gram for $60

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Sold By: Miss Envy
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Product Description

2017 Cannabis Cup Canada winner for Best CBD Concentrate

CO2 Honey Oil is a variety of extract that is created using carbon dioxide compressed at high pressures until it becomes what is known as a “supercritical fluid,” which then is able to strip the essential oils of the cannabis plant much like hydrocarbon solvents.

CO2 oil is generally a loose, orange-tinted oil that can be either clear or opaque depending upon the finishing processes used after extraction. The appeal of this method for many is that it is non-flammable and contains no chemical solvents.

Lab-tested to contain 40% CBD

• 40%+ CBD Co2 oil
• Contains 400 milligrams of CBD
• Processed with 100% certified organic Hemp Ingredients
• Non-GMO, Co2 Hemp Oil Extract.

• Can be used as an additive in foods, warm liquids.
• Can be mixed with vaporizer e-juices.
• Keep refrigerated.
• Keep away from children.

Q and A: A Calling to Cannabis, an interview with Miss Envy

13 reviews for CO2 Honey Oil (Miss Envy) – CBD

  1. Very poor packaging misleading as to what the product is . Lab report doesn’t match the product description .

  2. packaging is a mess and very confusing. Their is no MCT oil, despite what the packaging says. I filled a cartridge and vape it now. Very high quality product

  3. I use it for sleeping and have been getting a full 8 or 7 and half hours of sleep. great stuff but dont buy it if you are looking for dab to smoke.

  4. I didn’t mind it at all but I wouldn’t pay 60 bucks for it again. But it does do the trick. I smoked it in the vape pen and I had no issues. As for the taste, I described it as a very “Old School” taste, is the best description I could come up with for the taste.

  5. wasn’t a fan of this stuff at all to viscus just makes a big mess a taste wasn’t that great either

  6. I bought this because the page says you can vape and smoke it. But on the package itself it said you can’t vape it.
    Tried it anyway and it was acrid and horrible.

  7. Way to viscous. Very sloppy. Even west papers to the point of none smokable. Resorted to an oil atomizer. Seems to be better. But for a honey oil that you can’t dab. Not for me.

  8. Purchased product for a family member with constant gut issues. Doctors prescribe antibiotics like its candy to no effect. few drops and the ailments subsided. More time is needed but great first impressions. WARNING! Liquid syringe I lost a quarter of product. BE WARNED.

  9. this is not co2 honey cbd oil, this is mct cbd oil. and is a terrible product. would of never purchased if it was MCT!

  10. Anonymous

    Honestly found this oil to be very ineffective. Although I don’t expect the high to be the same as THC, I felt no actual effects to help during times of stress or soreness.

  11. this stuff is great! love the cost! will be buying again for sure! 5of 5!! I can honestly say I’m never let down and always impressed with hd! hope the selection and products keep on flowing and poping up on the site!

  12. Good product. Works well for pain and anxiety. A little thinner than I expected. Doesn’t taste/smell very good when vaped, the crystalline is much better in my opinion. But this gets the job done!

  13. Great product! I use CBD for anxiety and IBS and this seems to help with both. I just put a bit on my bottom lip and good to go!

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