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Hash Oil – Cherry Oil

(21 customer reviews)


1 Cherry Oil for $30
Special! Buy 4 or more for $27 each

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Product Description

Cherry oil is a cannabis based smoking oil that is filtered through charcoal to remove the majority of chlorophyll from the plant material. The result is a clear, red-hued oil containing between 65-70% THC. Dab it or add it to your joint for a flavourful punch.

* There may be variances in colour and consistency from batch to batch.

Note: Each syringe contains 1 gram and is measured by weight (grams) not volume (ml).

21 reviews for Hash Oil – Cherry Oil

  1. philid

    Not the strongest But with my tolerance It does the job which is Gives me the punch i like. A treat no matter how you consume it..Vapes well. Ilike to ingest it, and always Keep a vape handy for those days when you can’t deal with your health issues or just wanna play .. why pay more , It’s My Favorite .

  2. pimpmo

    bought some to try as a treat was nice and smooth to smoke …. a will buy again for sure

  3. mct31

    First time trying Hash Cherry oil and I liked the high from it. Very different then I’m use to with bud and shatter. A little harsh here and there but a nice taste overall. Would buy again for sure. I vaped it..tried it in my rig and spread it on a raw paper. All had nice effects.

  4. dkettl

    30 bucks what a deal..this stuff is absolutely great to spread on papers or top bowls with..and if u really want to be conservative u can just shoot a bit on the tip of joints just enough to let the oil run a bit when lighting and voila! Lol smoke two of those

  5. joelka

    One hot knife and your destroyed!

  6. celtic

    Love the taste! Worth the price! I`ll buy again!

  7. jocely

    Fantastic! Nice and smooth.

  8. simply

    good price good smoke.

  9. goldop

    Very good

  10. jarvis

    Mad head rush and a great way to extend you bowl.

  11. rmncha

    I have medical issues and working on getting away from moriphine etc and this is great and will be part of daily regiment hopefully with this and other products I can reduce dependency on the prescriptions.

  12. kriski

    Very nice oil. Thick and dabs /speads nice ! Ive tried stuff a little better but happy overall!

  13. matt.l

    Very good oil for the price, but the most expensive on HD are definitely better.

  14. ramsay

    For the price, this cherry oil is great. It beats the other cherry oil in terms of flavour & potency. The vapour packs a punch & is easy on the lungs. Highly recommended.

  15. calvin

    Very nice, smooth, awsome flavor and a great price, will be buying again.

  16. motley

    My go to oil

  17. carla-

    cant go wrong its an every order item

  18. carla-

    great for the price

  19. motley

    It’s nice change smooth

  20. motley

    Enjoying nice and clean

  21. gentle

    Potent punch, smokes pretty smooth. I’m enjoying it a lot.

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