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Hash (HD) – Pressed Bubble

(206 customer reviews)


1 gram for $15
3.5 grams for $45

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

Bubble hash is a term given to pressed hash made from pure trichomes. When you fire up traditional hashish, impurities in the resin will burn. Pure, unadulterated cannabis-trichome resin will bubble and melt like butter when flame is applied.

The basic principle is this: plant material (either dry or fresh-frozen generally) is mixed with cold water and ice, then agitated manually or mechanically in order to break off the now-brittle trichome heads. This solution is then filtered through specifically-sized screens to remove anything undesirable, leaving behind a relatively pure finished product that typically tests between 50 percent and 80 percent THC.

The health benefits are tremendous — your lungs will thank you. Take away all that vegetable matter, and all you inhale is THC and the pure essence of the plant. Since you remove the trichome heads intact, oils containing the essences that carry the taste to your palate are also captured.

206 reviews for Hash (HD) – Pressed Bubble

  1. gtowns

    Very good will definitely get again. Nice by itself, very nice high. Great rolled into a joint as well.

  2. tylers

    Made my legs numb and tingly real great for muscle aches and pains save this for a night time endavor or a weekend wake n bake another hit from hebal dispatch bomb hash at a bomb price

  3. baker_

    Really good hash. This stuff tastes and smokes good, little harsh but can’t complain with the price of it. Crumbles really easy, it’s nice and soft.

  4. jean_n

    Love it ! Hit hard, taste good, bit harsh on the throat but for the price you can’t go wrong. I am ordering again !

  5. bucket

    Very good hash for the price.

  6. eddiez

    Its perfect sticky and taste good ! I recomand

  7. richar

    Very happy about this product,I love bublle hash but there is no more on the site so I just
    Discivored this one, it worth the price,good quality.

  8. jdoexr

    Vaped a small pinch in an Arizer Solo. Hits pretty hard, but gives a bit of a headache.

  9. bullho

    Worth it and will order again.

  10. r3ckd1

    I liked it. It came in a small container and as soon as I opened it the smell was sweet and strong crumbled nicley into a bowl. Good value.

  11. adam.k

    I was happy with the price/quality ratio. Very nice!

  12. rockch

    Taste isn’t the best but bang for your buck, this is solid! Consistency is great, rock hard. Hit it with a flame and it crumbles nicely into a paper or a bowl.

  13. adamak

    This is my least favorite hash in’s lineup. The taste is OK at best. It just cannot compare to the Afghani or Moroccan hash. You’re best bet is to try one of those even though Pressed Bubble is cheaper. It’s just not worth it in my opinion. They really need to get some blonde Lebanese hash, because as we all know: It is king!

  14. adrian

    Literally had to use a mortar and pestle to break this hard rock down, tho it was good for a quick & strong THC dose once I managed to make it into combustible pieces. It is worth the price but be warned of the effort needed to process it.

  15. -dmbwrs

    Very nice hash, but definitely not bubble hash(doesn’t melt).
    Still good tho.

  16. Anonymous

    Good hash but not bubble hash doesn’t melt. But better than what on the street for the price. Peace n love

  17. Chadbe

    Great for the price, not as good as some of the higher priced hash available but it is still a quality product

  18. nellam

    Not a bad hash, potency is probably a 6.5 or 7 and smells pretty good too, quite harsh to smoke.

  19. nickda

    good for the price. lights up like a candle.
    tastes alright and adds a nice kick to your bowl.
    keep the cheap hash coming HD

  20. Ellasc

    The best of all the hashes. Nice and malleable. Very rarely do they come hard as stone.

    My go to hash every time.

  21. -Olivier

    I have been ordering this hash for about 3 months, The first batch was amazing light fluffy, yet still very sticky and a nice light brown color in the middle. The 2nd batch I had was rock hard even harder then the Moroccan hash, it was still potent though. 3rd batch I tried was almost pure black but it was more gummy then the last batch, yet a little less potent. I don’t know if they changed the process or are experimenting with the recipe, but if you could go back to the recipe of about 3 months ago, more people will be satisfied with the product and I will give it a 5 star, I’m giving a 3 star for the lack of consistency.

  22. msmich

    I have had this many times over the last year or so and this batch is not very good, very hard and black not easy to work with and it does not melt down like it has before, in the pipe once your finished there are like rock like partials left so it’s just not melting down the way it should and has in the past. Previous orders it has been dark even black on the outside but inside almost a chocolate brown and easy to break off, this batch is like a black rock.

  23. auntje

    ok high, not a great hash. last time i ordered this was a lot better. Really hard non workable hash. good high thats it. the pink kush was the best so far on HD

  24. Anonymous

    Bought some 3 weeks ago.

    Hits hard but I found it makes me cough alot and again I would like to see the hash sold it bigger quantity

  25. bhsabb

    Good stuff good price

  26. jimbo5

    I think im gonna receive a think like in the picture a minimum beautiful but no i receive a black things like a shoes wax and taste verry bad and i give 2 stats because i can get a high but im very sad about that HD i think you can change the picrute for the real think is that black bad hash

  27. Anonymous

    I’ve been buying this pressed bubble every month for a year or so. Last months batch was the worst I’ve had. It was hard as a rock. Not even heat would make it workable. I had to literally bust it up in my coffee grinder, which then produced a very light brown dust. Perhaps that is why it’s $5 cheaper now? Didn’t like the colour or consistency of this stuff. Going with the OG Bubble next time.

  28. Anonymous

    The Hippie Chick Patient C.LQ
    {- I was Never to fond of Hash, as I found I often received Head-Aches }
    ”’ ”’ How-Ever”” ””
    This Hash is A Wonderful Extra To Have On Hand,
    – Helps Keep Focused
    -Anxieties Wash Away. Pains,and Aches Fade to.
    -Creates Quiet Times,Movie Times,As Well As Active Times,
    just depends on your Day.~.~.~
    – Taste is Nice,general hash like ” The Feel has been generally hard to a slight sponge.
    -Mixes well with Your Choice of Flowered Herb,,Twisted in joints is A Delight.
    – just place your choice of bud down inside the
    the paper,and add little pieces of the Hash onto
    your herb roll and Puff.
    – Would recommend For New Timers,As Well As Those Old Timers.!.

  29. a_inuk

    Very hard and dense hash,strong and potent .must heat up or be in a hot place other wise not maluable.definatly recommend this Solid 4 stars

  30. grizly

    Grizzly smoker

    Get out the bong , crumble it small and fill the bowl high …wow ….helped me relax through some aggravating back pain, and for that I give it a 5 star review..

  31. daneco

    bang for buck this is one of the best products on the site. smooth, potent hash at that price point is amazing.

  32. lauram

    Very nice. Taste good and I felt very relaxed and chill. Will buy again!

  33. family

    Nice hash, good potency

  34. Tom.ha

    some of the best hash I’ve ever had. recommend it certainly.

  35. jfdr

    Oh its just great. Keeps me smiling for a couple hours from a quick one hit pipe. Strongly recommend!

  36. Anonymous

    wonderful hash with a heavy buzz and a fair price, tastes alright and great for relaxing. The only negative thing I can think of really is that it goes out of stock quite often

  37. sagatd

    Smells and tastes excellent. nice bubble softness to it.

  38. blake.

    Really nice bubble hash, perfect in bubbler. Would like purchase bigger quantities.

  39. Rogerb

    i like this one the best in town thanks

  40. -Olivier

    I really enjoy this hash, very light and fluffy yet still sticks together. Easy to pull apart and make small piece or snake like forms. Thus very good if you like for most methods of smoking hash. However I ordered 4g’s and I was disappointed that four containers weren’t equally distributed and the total weight was 3,8 not a big deal but consistency is always appreciated.

  41. morozo

    Love this stuff. I really like the texture of this stuff and the effects from it. I’ve tried the Moroccan as well. I would choose this one first.

  42. matthe

    This is my favorite out of the three that are usually available. Very easy to work with, and tastes nice.

  43. Rogerb

    Good service good shipping very good product

  44. Conner

    Perfect stuff , not 2 hard , not 2 soft . Easily take apart and sticks like glue ,5 star

  45. Sponge

    This has to be the best concentrate I have sampled yet. …. well worth the price.!

  46. anthon

    Really great Bubble Hash, great medicinal high, great sweet taste & worth every cents ! Will definitely buy again !!!!

  47. scottm

    Really great hash looks even better than in the picture, thanks HD, super happy customer

  48. Spider

    Great hash, didn’t really bubble much for me. It was still awesome nonetheless. Would like to be able to buy half ounces and ounces. Or variety packs of all 3 kinds

  49. jijini

    good hash but i alwaydy see some better in the street but tast very clean. make alot of bubble πŸ™‚

  50. zekema

    I agree with Michael, the bubble’s a solid 2nd behind the Moroccan. Not as tasty or as powerful as Moroccan but easier to handle.

  51. Michae

    Softer than the Moroccan with a different flavor altogether. Would recommend second only to the Moroccan!

  52. Anonymous

    This bubble hash smells and tastes great! Will buy again!

  53. willia

    This is by far my favorite hash, Can’t wait for 3.5g to be available!!

  54. jimmcg

    Got this one in a sampler once but forgot how nice it is. Nice mild smell and taste. The smoke is _harsh_ from a hash pipe but puttin’ the smoke through a bong will take care o’ that. Potency is right up there and provides a balanced hybrid-like high. The description of “Bubble Hash” on the Description page doesn’t apply to this hash, however. There are impurities in this hash. I wouldn’t dab it. This should not be surprising from a $17 hash but I think the Description should be changed to better reflect the product. So, it’s not super-pure dabbable bubble hash but it’s an excellent, heavy-hitting extract that’s worth every cent of the $17. Pay $50 for the eighth and the deal becomes even better!

  55. Anonymous

    If it doesn’t bubble, why is it called bubble hash?

    Nice smell, taste, and price, but I have a hard time believing this hash is an icewater extraction, and not just a screen-rubbed hash. There is no bubble at any temperature.

  56. ontari

    I have been a hash smoker since the 70’s and i have tried alot of different kinds , I am fairly new to this bubble hash but i have tried a few types, So that being said this hash is OK ,,good for the price but it is far from great, the buzz is ok does not get you wrecked ,But i still don;t mind it for being an outdoor strain,, I will more than likely get more but i perfer something stronger but not paying $50 plus a gram for better stuff,

  57. jayjer

    Strong ly recommend this i will definitely be getting 3.5 next order 1 this time. Improved quality overall

  58. willia

    Best hash I’ve ever smoked! Great taste, strong medicinal effect and all this at a great price.

  59. Anonymous

    very nice hash .gets you nice and stoned.tastes nice ,good hash

  60. the_gu

    This is my go to hash every order. Never disappointed. Highly recommended. Sweet taste and nice buzz.

  61. reuben

    It was the first hash I ever tried and it made me want more. The body high was excellent and if you mix it with other herb, then it just amplifies the effect.

  62. Kylege

    Great taste. Easily pliable hash. Definitely didn’t bubble when vaped though. Didn’t notice to much difference when I mixed in with joints either to be honest

  63. matthe

    Its been a long time since i have had hash, but this is probably one of the best i have smoked.

  64. gkelem

    Very yummy. My favourite of the 3 in the sampler hands down. Wonderful smell and lightly pressed, my chunk spilled into wonderful crumbles after warming up in my trucks console.

    Potent on its own, it’s even yummier when used to enhance a bud session. My goal is to have some on hand at all times!

  65. chrisp

    This was only mildly better than the afgani hash – at least it got rid of the taste with only a small taste of isopropyl at the start and a minty overtone – this compares to $6 repress locally.

  66. mr.cho

    Hands down my personal favourite hash on the site and here’s why. Pressed bubble hash is like Play-Doh. It easily molds into any shape and easy to break off without turning to mush. LOOK AT THE PRICE! It smokes in a water-pipe and vapes extremely smooth! Honestly for the price, throw it in a vape during the day and do whatever else at night as it produces the most pleasant high. Everyone I shared this with hands down loved it and a little goes a veryyyyyyyyyyy long way if you vape this. Nice smooth flavour along with a nice smooth high. This is a must try product off HD.

  67. uraeeu

    Easily malleable into what ever shape you desire whether it be for small pieces in a joint or bigger pieces in a spoon. When smokig, it will definitely get you hacking and the potency is sedative and strong.

  68. Circa_

    Good tasting bubble hash with a good high for a good price.

  69. toxxic

    Good chunk of hash for the price love having this stuff around helps make my buds last longer.

  70. bigton

    nice smell and all but i don’t like it very much taste and for me its not potent enough!!

  71. Corey.

    Very good for the price, but you can tell it’s a lower quality than the other 2 in the sampler.

  72. -smokedoutcamper

    never ordered but my brother got some, going to have to order now because it was great!
    nothing like brewing some hoots, just like the good ol days

  73. ray_sh

    Love bring back my hot knives. The taste wasn’t amazing but loved the high.

  74. riden-

    Love the bubble hash in my opinion it’s the best hash on here at the moment definitely goin to order it again

  75. shawnb

    Great buzz, doesn’t taste the best, kinda harsh.

  76. grant5

    First timer forsure with bubble hash…really liked it! So easy to crumble into a joint, at a really nice price!

  77. Shaun_

    This stuff is easy to work with, tastes kinda like a cashed bowl but gets me feeling good, makes my legs tired in the burn out though

  78. earthr

    Great value it will last awhile. This is my second one with this product. Will definitely buy again

  79. metall

    You will be impressed by this pressed bubble hash! πŸ™‚
    Such a steal for the price.

  80. colbym

    I feel like this is one of the best deals on this site, the hash is a nice consistency, allowing itself to be broken up easily or pressed and shaped easily as well, it burns nicely and the high is very uplifting and based more in the head, its sort of like a nice in between from the weed and the other concentrates. at 3.5 for 50 whats left to question

  81. Anonymous

    Really enjoyed this. Will order again

  82. zach_p

    First time ordering bubble hash and its definitely worth the money. Great flavor and relaxing .Wonderfull for at night, helps me sleep.

  83. khurra

    Just like old school bubble hash. Flavor and smell are out of this world. Definitely a stroll down the memory lane if you are an old school hash smoker. Tried both Afghan as well as bubble. Definitely love the bubble in comparison to Afghan. Great bang for your buck especially given that this one is cheaper. Crumbles up nicely. Thank you HD

  84. aaronr

    First time for bubble hash it was relaxing and a great body buzz relaxed me quick and feels like im floating lol awesome price for sure

  85. andrew

    Really worth the money. It’s a solid price for old school hash. This is not for the types who like to rosin press but old fashioned hash pipes and mixing in joints with a good companion strain like hindu.

  86. discus

    Easy to handle but the buzz just wasn’t as good as expected, especially from the commotion below. Once was enough for me of this product.

  87. c-onei

    Good Hash Falls Apart in your fingers

  88. Scott_

    Very good almost as good as the afghan. So seeing as it is cheaper I recommend it .

  89. thegam

    the bubbble hash and the afgan hash here is top notch, well worth the price of admission, 5/5

  90. justin

    Great buy, highly recommend

  91. aroy21

    Great buzz, good deal, great packaging, my finger were so sticky after I roll a nice little one. Simply amazing πŸ™‚ Must buy!

  92. Mckush

    Awesome product huge bang for your buck! Definitely recommend

  93. yomayn

    so worth the money

  94. Anonymous

    As always perfectly good 5 on 5 for consistency , best bang for your buck

  95. xuerou

    tastes great~ will definitely buy again!!

  96. geoff_

    Had some of tis last night and was not disappointed. Tasted great, got a very nice buzz from it. Easy to work with. Will def buy again. Highly recommended.

  97. cheeko

    wow! it just dont quit. always a safe gamble if there there ever were so

  98. Anonymous

    My 1 sample was very generous. Absolutely love HD.

  99. robbie

    Very nice potency for a bubble hash ! This one didn’t last long and came in a close 2nd to the ghani hash in the sampler ! Thanks HD 5/5!

  100. 2badit

    I’m really digging this stuff. I can’t believe the quality for price, best in town!

  101. srrock

    First hit took me back to days gone by of this tasty product. Sitting around with my buds with the hash pip….2 thumbs up.

  102. mikema

    Had a small amount last night, I found it to have a great smell and high. I Would Definitely recommend and purchase again.

  103. glenbe

    Delicious tasting hash with a great high, really good product for the price!

  104. wpbatt

    Great Bubble Hash. Reminds of the old school stuff from the 80’s. Price is excellent for what you get. This is a little on the harsh side but the taste and effect are worth much more than the price. It fluffed well and smoked great in a joint or my pipe. If your into knives this would also be what your looking for.. You won’t go wrong picking up this great quality bubble hash.

  105. harjot

    For the price, this hash was pretty good. perfect for days when you don’t want green, just the black πŸ™‚ If you are rolling with tobacco, heat it up and then roll. Enjoyed it a lot.

  106. Anonymous

    Was well worth buying, hard on the throat but well worth the buzz

  107. the_gu

    Always impressed with the quality of this bubble for the price. Well rounded high. Really like the new packaging great job HD.

  108. jakobe

    Harder than I would have liked it to be. Had the best buzz.

  109. jaycar

    A little more harsh than the other hashes and not as tasty but still packs a good punch

  110. pierma

    Awsome!! For the price, it’s a winner! You canΓ¨t go wrong with the bubble hash! Thanks!!

  111. jjmori

    Just slightly to the crumbly side in hand. Sliced off a small piece to add to one of my regular sized joints of mids, and was pleasantly stoned before I was halfway through. Nice and sweet, but I found it particularly harsh on the throat. Nice stoney buzz.

  112. Anonymous

    Never tried Bubble Hash until today. I was pleasantly surprised at the potency and exquisite taste. For now at least it’s on top shelf for my choice of getting buzzed

  113. wpbatt

    This was a treat I picked up last order. Its been years since I last smoked anything that resembled hash. This was good quality stuff and for the price its tough to beat. Good smell, colour and effect. I’m not a hash expert but I would buy this again. Actually, I just placed another order and added the Sample Hash Pack to try out the others. Good effect with good smell, taste and great price!! What else could you ask for?

  114. shehat

    best hash because of the price, its nicer than Moroccan but doesn’t taste/smell/smoke as well as the Afghani. but for the price difference this product is awsome

  115. Tjt081

    For the price, very good! Worth it, less expensive then the other ones

  116. fittor

    Great product for a super price. Good to work with and a nice buzz. Burns clean.

  117. gunitf

    best out of the saimple pack ordered again . best quality for prices of the afghani and mocarran

  118. Anonymous

    It’s a really gummy product, sweet smell and a little hard on the throat but that’s to be expected i guess

  119. rock_s

    Great, fresh texture and nice, clean burn. Very good bubble. Had a bit of an off smell to it, a tad harsh on the lungs, but overall a very decent product.

  120. Alec.w

    This is the best hash in its catagory or sample pack I find, I love the smell, tastes just as good as it smells! Great nice high, not to low not to strong.

  121. Anonymous

    compared to the other hash its not as good, but compared to other bubble hash its quality. good taste

  122. cheeko

    great product pure taste and no popping or spitting. always a good purchase

  123. ptpie

    I’ve reviewed this hash before but I’m back because I love it soooo much. Great flavour with a warm buzz, it’s the Goldilocks of the three hashishes offered… Not too dry, not too moist. I wish I still smoked cigs just so I could twist some tobacco with this.

  124. squide

    Fantastic. Gummy and rich – full of flavor and extremely strong medicine. Brings me back to the late 80s when this stuff was everywhere. Thanks HD, another winner.

  125. Anonymous

    Love this hash. Better than the last time . Great work HD.

  126. tehpud

    So far I’ve tried this Pressed Bubble hash and also the Afghani Pressed hash. I prefer the consistency of this hash over Afghani because it’s malleable texture that’s easy to flatten into a pancake over a bowl of herb! Nice herby and a bit sweet smell. Very nice stoney high, really helped with back pain and sleeping! Personally wouldn’t recommend to medicate with this hash if you have a busy day ahead, but for medicating at home it’s perfect! Love this hash, would buy again!

  127. jimmcg

    Okay hash. 4/5

  128. k.gris

    Good stuff A++

  129. Anonymous

    Love this stuff. Better quality and potency than the imported Moroccan, in my opinion. Nice and gooey, easy to work with.

  130. bhsabb

    had it twice dandy and flakey the first time, gummy and perdy the second time, great to treat your self with.

  131. uraeeu

    Packaged in a bright orange silicon container. Very nice packaging. Burns long and is potent. Chillum time!

  132. kevinn

    For the price it can’t be beat.

  133. evil.b

    Can’t beat this stuff for the money. Excellent Value. It’s more of a body buzz & the taste is good as well. I would def buy this again. Much better than the last batch.

  134. sandyo

    Price is right on. Tastes good and burns nice. Great value.

  135. Anonymous

    This one gets a 5 star to reflect the price, you can’t beat it. Nice mild taste that is not overpowering, also no aftertaste. I order at least 3.5g’s of this on every order, it’s worth every penny. Thanks HD

  136. patey2

    First time trying this pressed bubble hash and I have to say its amazing and potent. I was a little hesitant to order this product after some of the negative reviews but since I like bubble hash I thought I would give it a try so I ordered 2 g’s. I should have ordered more.. Its sticky and has a nice bite to it when u smoke it in a pipe, when u exhale u can feel the thc . 5/5 .. HD is the best. Would highly recommend this product.

  137. Anonymous

    Awesome stuff. Would definetly try it again!

  138. Anonymous

    This stuff is awesome.

  139. davidm

    don’t waste your money buy the afghani or the morrocan.

  140. bhsabb

    Good hash has a bit of a sting to it, does the job for sure and a pretty good taste, Would buy again.

  141. jared.

    Excellent bubble hash. Nice stickiness to it, easy to compress but it also crumbles well if you want it to. Spicy, exotic smell. Burns nicely and tastes great. Nice and relaxing body buzz. For the price, this hash is awesome.

  142. earthr

    Top notch product right here. Wonderful aroma and nice and pliable. This hash can’t be best for the price. I will definitely be adding this to my orders from now on. Thanks HD!!

  143. Adamwh

    Very nice hash. Smooth, very tasty, and the price cant be beat.

  144. guptsh

    Great for the price! Smokes nice and breaks easy… Herbal Dispatch keeping it real!

  145. Timbar

    This hash smelt and felt fresh and had a nice STRONG smell. Delivery in a few days which was awesome and once smoked it left an amazing pine aftertaste. Forsure grabbing this after I run out, thanks HD!

  146. zieman

    5 stars for the price. this hash melts perfectly into butter for edibles. easy and potent edibles for a great price.
    i can smell the brownies already.

  147. thegam

    Good as usual, this is my favorite product from HD. And I’ve tried all the other websites in Canada out there this is some of the best bubble hash around that u will find. Great for joints and hot knives or dabs and vap. Now I do wonder though what strain do u guys use to make this bubble hash? Do u use bubba kSh for it? Or what is that nice taste eh?:) bravo!encore!

  148. Anonymous

    Can’t be beaten for the price. Good consistency and potency. Mine came in a nice big chunk. Really amps up your bud if you break it into little pieces

  149. djmcph

    Its really nice hash, priced right.. great buzz

  150. toxxic

    I haven’t smoked hash for about a year then took one blade of this bubble and…..I was gone lol my review won’t help the hash vets but for me it’s a 5/5 could be my low hash tolerance or perhaps amazing hash? Happy with this one!

  151. italia

    Good hash cant complain for the price

  152. homele

    Very sticky, good high but it just wasn’t as good overall as the other two.

  153. thegam

    Thanks again for youre great quality and service

  154. soca88

    Just received my order and put some of this lovely looking bubble in my joint and it was awesome.It broke apart nicely ,not too dry,and not too moist just right and the taste was great too. Will buy again.

  155. uraeeu

    This is almighty fine and you only need bits of it for a good buzz. Every time I look at my eighth, I’m like “Bloody hell, that’s a big pressed chunk of kief!”. Next up, pebble size sessions!!?

  156. the_gu

    Amazing to bake with! Edibles turned out premium. This is the 2nd quarter I’ve received and I’m extremely happy. Smokes nice in the bong too. Great price.

  157. foster

    Great bang for your buck

  158. Anonymous

    Got the sample pack, and this one breaks out nicely and packs a punch. Prefer it to the Moroccan. Great Bubble!

  159. therea

    Cant go wrong with this ,great stuff 5star

  160. thegam

    loves it! the taste i’ve been looking for! i’ll deflinlity be buying more!:)))) love putting this in my flower joints all day:)

  161. jlocki

    Tried this stuff on the blades and in the pipe, I found the effect very good but was not crazy about the taste. I haven’t tried a lot of bubble so I’m not sure what I should expect. Has anyone tried to make this into rosin, and if so how did it work? Cause if it does the price is right.

  162. joshua

    Wow, talk about bang for your buck!

    This is, hands down, the best deal for your money. This hash may not have the “notoriety” of the afghani or Moroccan, but what it lacks in fame it makes up for it in value. The high is clear and quick to onset. It starts in the head and makes it way down your body. It’s taste is a classic taste any hash veteran with identify. It’s a solid consistency and purity. I would be hard pressed to decide which high was stronger, the bubble hash got me just as high as any other hash. Maybe it comes down to preference, but for me, the cheap cost and obvious value out way any complaint I’d have for it.

  163. jayjer

    High quality hash. I want 2 try country types soon. Cat

  164. the_gu

    Quality bubble hash for the price. Amazing to bake with got 20 edible doses per gram. Tasty and sweet. Was disappointed didn’t come all together in brick form but still worth 5 out of 5; especially for the price.

  165. sammy1

    pretty good….i was expecting it to melt a little more than it did but either way a really good high and even better taste

  166. thegam

    Great stuff! Loved it! A definite herbaldispatch super-fan !/lover/patriot πŸ™‚ Yaa get me πŸ™‚ 5/5 but keep on trying to stride for perfection! Haha!:);)

  167. meddy.

    rolled a spliff as soon as it came in the mail and because im so used to hash id say that its not THE strongest but it definitely does the job

  168. danpar

    Great stuff…All three are good.. Depends what u like i guess…

  169. ptpie

    Just got my eighth-ounce in the mail today. Surprised that it’s consistency and colour are much different from the first time I ordered it. It’s much lighter coloured and nowhere near as soft and moist. Maybe a different bud was used to make it? Either way, it’s still a nice-smoking product.

  170. thepok

    Great hash 5 star! Thanks HD!

  171. nermac

    Ordered a Sample pack and tried this one in my Arizer air on the highest setting in a bit of rolling paper to keep it nice and clean. Great product. Can’t wait to try the other types offered.

  172. tielor

    Probablly the best of the 3 kinds offered. Didn’t care much for the other 2 (afghan moroccan) this one tasted the nicest and hit the hardest

  173. Anonymous

    Very nice! Good texture, flavor is mild and effects nice also, relaxed and happy. The value is outta this world, super comparable with Moroccan and afghani for the dollar. Liked it so much ordered an eighth. Thanks HD πŸ™‚

  174. kurzat

    Due to my inexperience with the product, and my impatient attitude, I ended up dropping an entire gram into my water pipe and go nuts. 20 minutes later when it mercifully burned out, I was in space for hours. Burned clean, not a lot of flavour, and seemingly very potent. Will order again!

  175. rockpu

    This is vey well made , potent hash. Its very soft and you need to take outta bag and put into silicone container. Way stronger than moroccan hash.

  176. hadesn

    great as a muscle relaxer,,, i found this to be tasey but not as potent as the other two options. its well worth the money for a good smoke, but maybe get the hash pack so you can get all the hash and try it each out. dont get me wrong this is the best value for money, but if your looking for more potentcy go with the morroccon or afgahni πŸ™‚

  177. shawnj

    Love the look an consistency πŸ™‚ taste was great def be getting more of this 5/5 for me thanks hd

  178. blackf

    It’s good, gets a nice high, but I much prefer the other 2 options, which are worth the extra money.

  179. pittaj

    Nice soft hash and very good high . ? Thanks again HD

  180. ted067

    love it

  181. ptpie

    Very impressed with this hashish. My gram came in a nice round ball, with a nice soft consistency and a mild scent. When smoked, it had great exhale flavour and produced a nice warm buzz. I will get an eighth of this next time for sure

  182. zao75

    Very nice bubble, most people think it doesn’t have much flavour but i love the clean taste and its nice and strong. great consistency too.

  183. Sponge

    Best hash ive had yet!

  184. k.gris

    good value for the price. would order again

  185. temern

    Smooth but thought afghani n morrocan were better

  186. Sponge

    Best hash for the price. Great deal. Cant go wrong with this!

  187. j_cfar

    Nice to work with, clean burning with a nice aroma for the senses! You can’t beat the price and quality.

  188. drewlo

    Great quality for price.

  189. ryan.d

    Good effect for the price. Would like to try it again in the hash sample pack with the others.

  190. -budderluver

    Gave it a 4 only because its not quite as nice as the Afghani but overall not bad at all. I’ll purchase again for sure. I’d be giving it a 5 if I hadn’t tried the Afghani prior. Everyone should give this a chance, its well worth the price. It’s beautiful on top of a nice strong indica bud. Thumbs up HD, keep er coming!

  191. Anonymous

    Would definetly recommend this hash, super soft and easy to work with, and very potent. Haven’t tried the other kinds from the site but it is far better than any hash available on the street in my town. Doesn’t quite melt, but burns very clean down to a white ash, and tastes much cleaner than other black rubbery hashes we are used to in NL. Well worth the price, thanks HD!!

  192. mbertr

    Nice buzz and burns down good, added on top of bowls and melted down awesome too. Would recommend for sure.

  193. dontfo

    I have stated before that if it don’t bubble it aint worth the trouble, but that does not apply here. This bubble hash does not bubble BUT it IS worth the trouble and certainly the price. This hash is very strong and despite its dissimilarity to other bubble hash I have seen it is excellent. However it is of course not to be compared to the likes of the Afghani, which seems much more potent.

  194. szylst

    Was a great purchase…picked up 3.5 of this and pressed a point seven of it into rosin, which was killer, but as for the hash itself one of the best I’ve had in a long time, but haven’t tried the others on this site yet so that might change πŸ™‚ but great buy

  195. billya

    this isnt toobadd atall,i tryed all 3diff types/kinds of hash that are on the site now and my opinion this is my least fav,when i bought my 3.5gs a couple weeks was super hard,it still smoked and tasted real took abit of time to cutupp into lil peices so i could smoke in a pipe.but all in all,it was/is a real nice smoke and is something id get again.KeepUpp the GreatWork HD.Cust 4Life Here πŸ™‚

  196. patric

    This is my favourite. Nice to try the imports to see the difference. This is pretty soft. I smoked hash for years because the smell isn’t as bad and you don’t have to smoke as much so might be harder on lungs hit by hit but for a session it’s easier then flower.

  197. doobie

    Softer and darker than other water extraction i’ve had in the past, i put it in the freezer for a few hours and ground it up fine to use in vape. Super potent and smooth, will get again!

  198. Anonymous

    First time with bubblehash. I’m used to regular pressed hash, but you can tell the difference with the bubble process. Worth the bit of extra $$. Very sticky and gooey and potent. One thing I don’t like is that most places, when selling bubblehash, don’t include the strain name that the hash was made from. I find this strange since it’s only seems to happen with bubble hash. I’m a nerd and like to know the strain, I guess. Good stuff, none the less.

  199. donhaz

    Was very wet this time, not impressed at all. This could easily grow mould. The hash is supposed to be dried before it is pressed. Taste is more sweet than the last batch. Seems to be a hybrid buzz on this one as the last was more sativa.

  200. christ

    For 2 $ more il go with the imoport … Dont love it but was clean … Nice 1 a grade hash def not a AAA

  201. chevyn

    Very nice all around.Great to chill out and wind down after long day.

  202. mcneil

    Great flavour and great evening medicine to help with sleep

  203. evil.b

    Great Muscle relaxer. Taste is good too.

  204. fadi_l

    perfect buzz day or night

  205. chilly

    Absolutely love this for evening use, if you ever had trouble sleeping, this is perfect. Or if you need a strong Ant- inflammatory I could literally feels the muscles in my shoulders just disappear. Tastes great and pumps out cloud after cloud. Did I say I love it?

  206. Anonymous

    Hash that melt like butter! Half melt for sure! Nice and dry, strong smell! Delivery to east cost took 2 days! Customer for life. Best hash I have had in my 20 years of smoking! Bester then afgan gold seal!,thank u

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