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Disposable (Happy Face) – Multiple Strains

(41 customer reviews)


1 Happy Face Vape Pen for $50 to $60

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Sold By: Happy Face
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Product Description

Disposable (and recyclable!) Happy Face Vape Pen

The happiest vaping experience on Earth. Enjoy about 100 smooth puffs of high quality cannabis extract. Our pen is pre-filled, fully charged, and easy to use. Just inhale and let your happy face take effect.

The Happy Face cannabis vaporizer is easy to use, affordable and comes in many great flavours. Whether it’s an indica, sativa, or something in between – we’re excited for you to try it.

• Fully Charged – No cables and no waiting. This single use battery is ready to go.
• Fine Cannabis – Filled with premium, all-natural cannabis CO2 extract. 100+ puffs, no mess.
• High Quality – Great vapour quality. Smoothness and taste showcasing each strain.

41 reviews for Disposable (Happy Face) – Multiple Strains

  1. I bought 5 of these pens and 3 had to be returned because the pen was faulty. Really like the vape and the chemical/plastic/orange taste is there, but that bothersome at all. I really like the pen and want it to work. May have been a bad batch. That being said HD is awesome to deal with concerns and returns.

  2. Had to suck so hard felt like a hooker, this device isnt worth it, recommend the zen pens

  3. Needed to drag way too long for a small amount of vapor. After about a day it wouldn’t light up at all even though it’s almost full, haven’t had this problem with any other brand of disposable pens. Also the taste was very metallic and unappealing for the brief time that the pen worked.

  4. Honestly, didn’t know what to expect when ordering this. Not much of a vaper, but when I received this I just had to drag on it to understand.. Got me into a good euphoric feeling and last a long time.. Would buy again.

  5. It didn’t taste very good, and the oil seemed to have evaporated in my pocket. After one day in my pocket it was empty! would not recommend, also they seem extremely wasteful

  6. Recently ordered 2 of the Grand Daddy Purple & both didnt work. The first one had maybe 8-10 draws then never lit up again. The second wouldn’t light up straight from the package.

  7. The 1:1 Sativa was very good and it was a nice even buzz. Highly recommend it

  8. Bought 3 (Pineapple Express, green crack & gorilla glue). They have a weird chemical taste but do the trick. They don’t look like the picture (the chamber isn’t clear as shown). My PE pen died probably half way through even though there is at least half left. I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend.

  9. Enjoyed this very much

  10. one dud out of several ordered. Wife not impressed it was her CBD that didn’t work.

  11. I didn’t really like this pen, I understand that plastic taste everyone is talking about. It didn’t bother me that much but there wasn’t much of feeling high and for that I wouldn’t buy this again.

  12. Not impressed at all. I’ll definitely stick with the phant pens. One of the three I ordered was a dud, after maybe five puffs.

  13. Get happy with this little slim vape. worked great with no problem right till it showed empty, about a month

  14. Picked up a pineapple express pen and was extremely satisfied!! Super easy and discreet to use; as easy as a gas station e-cig!

  15. my first time trying this product and its fabulous i found for quick pick me ups when i cant smoke a joint, but i only tried the purple urkle and green crack. the best part is it doesnt leave a smell at all

  16. Just received my order, so far have tried the Pineapple Express… quite pleased with the ease of use and no plastic taste as others have reported. Did find that the Purple Urkle is only half full at best. Hopefully this isn’t the norm for this product as I would order it again.

  17. I’m very torn by this product. I’ve ordered it twice and the first time I just ordered one pen, Pineapple Express and it was absolutely stellar! Second time I ordered it I ordered Pineapple Express again and Gorrilla Glue…except this time the Gorrilla Glue tasted horrible and plastic like, and it makes me worry about the long term effect of using it…I don’t see plastic and an uncomfortable burning sensation as healthy. The second Pineapple Express was beautiful first about 30-40 pulls and then it started to taste like plastic. Im torn.

  18. This was my first vape experience. So “easy” compared to the old-fashioned method. I bought 2 pens, and I did not notice the plastic taste others have mentioned. The Durban Poison pen had noticeably less in it than the Pineapple Express, so I will stick with Pineapple on my next order.

  19. Haven’t wrote a review on here in a while but this deserves to be talked about. This is the worst product I’ve ever wasted my money on. It angers me that HD even carries this. I bought the CBD vape pen by Happy Face. It tastes like burnt plastic. Something is wrong with the design because the wick burns and hurts my throat. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!!! Instead by a Toko pen as they do not taste like they could kill you. I would give it 0 stars if it was an option!!!!!

  20. just took a hit of the CBD fir the first time…..very very mild buzz, and i do taste plastic as previously stated… does seem to work for my chronic back pain… definitely enjoy the TOKO more….better flavor and better results.

  21. FYI, I was anal enough to keep track, and you really can get 100 hits out of this – pretty much gone now, take one down and pass it around …

  22. I ordered only one pen. And thank goodness I did. The one I ordered smelled like and tasted like burning plastic or a electrical fire in your mouth. Threw away immediately. And will not order again. Must have just got a bad pen. Wish Alair would come back.

  23. Pinapple Express: A very chill high, smooth, I didn’t get a burnt out feeling with it. Description is very accurate, although the taste of plastic was very intense with every drag. It didn’t last us very long, four puffs a day lasted us a little over a week.

  24. Decided to try one of these pens out and it did not work at all. Trued the suggestions but still nothing. Ive had other brands before and i did enjoy them. I probably wont try another but Herbal Dispatch was great to deal with about it and they made sure I was looked after.

  25. Good for a disposable. More reliable and better construction then the toko pens. I have had toko pens in the past that crap out even before the oil is done. In this pen I like that you can see the oil level and also it works properly till the last drop. Couple concerns with this pen, most importantly, WHAT is that taste of burning plastic, Oh god it tastes awful. The pen is smooth but if you take too long of a hit or take two hits close together you will get an unpleasant taste that makes you wonder what you are putting in your lungs. The quality of the oil does not seem to be there, and I can barley taste any terpens or even cannabis for a matter of fact, although after 3 long puffs you can feel the effects. Although I find they do not last long, and leave you with a really heavy burn out. Secondly, it the oil just did not last long enough, I find the oil went really quick used it for 5 days although only seshing once a day. I gave this pen 4 stars because it is built properly and it does the trick, it would be a 3.5 if I had the option, this is not the vape pen for cannabis connoisseurs like myself as it does not present a pleasant taste profile.

  26. First time trying it,got the gorilla glue,didn’t mind the taste,didn’t last too long though only because it was so convenient.
    Just ordered the three pack,you save about $15

  27. I’m on the fence with these, they did the job yes. But they also tasted like plastic as others have stated, and don’t last very long… I would however, rather smoke one of these then the Phant pens…

  28. Very smooth potent, worth every penny!!!!

  29. Very please with this product! We ordered the Pineapple Express and thought I taste more cirtus than I do pineapple still pleasant overall. Super easy to use, and smooth. However it always makes me cough a lot more than normal!

  30. Amazing: can’t imagine anything simpler and more convenient. Nothing to adjust or configure. Just take a slow puff in: red light glows at bottom, and inhale a huge cloud. Got the Durban Poison: quite potent. A+.

  31. These are great. Super smooth, discreet and work fantastic. I’ll be purchasing again!

  32. I got the green crack, tastes great! Very discreet, smells sweet. Nice smooth puffs, I have a high tolerance so it tools a few hoots to get where I wanted but overall fantastic product.

  33. Got one in gorilla glue. I have a fairly high tolerance but 2 puffs from it and boy was I feeling it. Would buy again

  34. Great pen. I ordered two and worked flawless.

  35. Nice surprise! Ordered the Durban Poison as I’m already a fan of that. This pen is excellent. I have tried others and vowed to never buy another but then I tried this one and it is great! So smooth you almost question if it’s working or not and then a nice big cloud comes out. Fast and powerful buzz that lasts a few hours. Two or three puffs can top that up nicely for you. You can’t knock the convenience factor either! Incredibly, it is almost odourless and tasteless which in some circumstances is a good thing…..really smooth. I got a good amount from it but a little more liquid would make this a 5 star for me.

  36. Pretty nice product, however, the one I received didn’t have much fluid in it, I don’t know if this is standard or not, but it didn’t last that long at all. Was not worth the money for that reason.

  37. Ordered the pineapple express pen. Shipped super fast. Product is exactly as described. Lots of use. Easy to use. And boy oh boy does it work! I could feel the effects almost instantly. And last for a few hours. Worth the money. I will buy one again for sure.

  38. Just my new fave thing ever . Arrived so fast too. Thank God . I needed some anxiety relief nooowww and these do the trick.

  39. Uugghh if I could explain how much I love these pens .. I just can’t I am not good with words. I got the cbd one and a 1:1 Indica and it is love . I’m like.. hardly noticing anything coming out then just giant smoke plumes .no throat irritation like from other pens I have tried. It’s love

  40. I got a singular one, Pineapple Express. It had no effect at all for me sadly.. and tasted very much like plastic also…. don’t believe I’ll be ordering this again.

  41. My first time trying, I usually take the MCT oil: CBD in the morning and THC after work and use topicals but I wanted to try this as it seemed very convenient. I really like it, I found two draws about 5 minutes apart were very effective for me, no other effects except for the relief of my back pain. I have had chronic pain for over 5 years, several cancers, operations and chemo. I consider myself to be more into alternative treatments for pain and pain management. I do not take any pharmaceuticals. This will be one of my regular items in my treatments and care for managing my pain.

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