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Gummies (Cryonic) – Tropicanna

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1 bag of Cryonic Candies for $18

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Sold By: Cryonic
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Product Description

A delicious tropical flavoured gummy made with natural plant dyes and organic ingredients. We use turmeric, beet, purple carrot and annatto seed for colour and organic syrup for the sweet side. Our THC candies are packed with 20mg’s of small batch ethanol extracted Pink Kush oil while our CBD line (not from CBD Hemp isolate) uses Pennywise x Rene CBD extract, a 22:1 ratio of CBD to THC.

Available in 4 fabulous flavours: Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple and Orange. A friendly reminder that 1 gummy = 2x high-potency doses, aka 2 parties in 1.

Feel Good!

Contains: 4 gummies per bag. Each THC gummy contains 20 mg of THC. Each CBD-infused gummy contains 20 mg of CBD.

Ingredients: Sugar, glucose, gelatine, natural flavors from organic extracts (mango, pineapple, orange, strawberry) Natural colours from annatto seed, turmeric, paprika, beet powder, charcoal, purple carrot extract, malic acid, pectin and potassium sorbate.

16 reviews for Gummies (Cryonic) – Tropicanna

  1. Very good product !!!

  2. Really enjoyed the Mango. I find these to be great for when I really want to just relax and have a great sleep. Light tokers could get away with a quarter of one, as where a daily person may want to take a full one.

  3. I like to eat a full gummie, it’s a nice mellow evening. Nothing overpowering for a daily smoker just a great relaxing vibe

  4. These are great. I just need a quarter and Im good to go

  5. Good stuff, nice taste and buzz.

  6. BEST gummies i had !!!!!! really great buzz, not too much, just fine…. !! i ll order more for sure! one of my fav product

  7. Really like the kushy taste and pack a nice buzz

  8. Not the best edible out there but it does the trick. Pleasant evening on one jellie @ 20mg. Will be using 1.5 jellies the next time, Not sure if I would re buy, mota has a much better line of edibles.

  9. Packs a powerful punch! Good value and actually works!

  10. Don’t taste as nice as Mota Jellies but pack decent punch for 20 mg

  11. Taste was nothing to write home about but it worked

  12. These do have a strong weed smell/taste that said they are very good and will be purchasing them again!

  13. This is my first time trying any thing like this, I enjoyed the feeling very much, can wait to try the other goodies I purchased.

  14. Best gummies that I’ve tried. A++++

  15. Not the best tasting gummy i’ve ever had, actually one of the worst. The batch that I received however was way stronger than 20mg per candy. 4 starts because it was effective and did the job it was set out to do.

  16. Very strong taste of weed with these although everything else is on point. I’d say a more 4.5 star product but lacking that I’ll put 5.

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