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Great White Shark

(29 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: KLR GLD
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Product Description

Great White Shark is a potent strain that is known for its ability to provide a strong indica body buzz very quickly. For this reason it’s often recommended medically to treat chronic pain ailments. The sativa qualities of this strain keep this heavy hitter from being a complete knockout, but it isn’t recommended for days when a lot of work needs to get done. It has a strong fruity aroma that also alludes to its Super Skunk lineage. The buds themselves should be examples of the “white” part of its moniker, with a blanket of crystals and burnt orange to brown hairs. Also known as Peacemaker or just White Shark, this strain won the 1997 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Parents: Super Skunk, South American, South Indian
Similar to: Chocolate Kush, Ghost Train Haze, Afghan, Pure Kush, Golden Goat

Flavours: Earthy, sweet, citrus
Effects: Euphoric, happy, creative, uplifted, energetic
Medical: Stress, anxiety, pain, depression, lack of appetite

Q and A: The Gold Standard of Weed

29 reviews for Great White Shark

  1. I just finished 7g and ordered 3.5 more. I Love this strain dat muuuuch,

  2. Great stuff! Very calming but not sedative. Beautiful looking buds to!

  3. Recommended

  4. Good but not my favorite. Makes me pretty tired for a sativa.

  5. I like it , smooth tasty smoke , great high ,looks like the picture , thanks again herbal dispatch

  6. not bad. bud looks awesome,. Its got a great taste. 4/5

  7. KLR GOLD GRADE ++++

    Nothing bad to say about the look or the smoke, amazing heavy bud.

    The description of the smoke is pretty accurate. Personally I’m sensetive to sativa, they tend to get me more anxious over time, but this one is really smooth if I compare it to blue dream

  8. Good product, very smelly/dense buds. Definite cheese smell to it, awesome day time bud.

  9. very nice sativa! would definitely recommend this strain. buds completely coated in crystals. amazing smell and taste with a wonderful sativa high. felt energetic and talkative after smoking

  10. If I could smoke this everyday, I would. 5/5

  11. High was alright, nothing couch lock but good enough to do grocery shopping. For me, I wouldn’t buy again but if you prefer a body high and mellow time give it a try..

  12. This is a new favorite for me. The descriptions for smell and taste were spot on, as well as the high. I really enjoyed the initial sativa buzz, very energetic, creative, and sociable. The bag appeal of this strain was unreal, just some really nice bud!

  13. Nice big buds, really strong sativa smell, buds look very crystally in the sunlight.. Not much stock/limbs in the bag.

  14. Meh. Pretty basic.

  15. Great bud, 5/5

  16. Bought 1g for a treat…nice and calming, mostly body buzz…very sweet taste

  17. Very beautiful buds, the high is very nice, I enjoyed a lot.

  18. Great looking bud. Goid size nugs. Great smoke

  19. Decent size buds okay high, but wasn’t nearly as crystaly as the pics indicate… Buzz didn’t hit as hard as most. Okay for during the day if you have things to do but it sucks for things like fishing and such ?

  20. Very mellow sativa, nice and floral

  21. This is one of my top favs along side Sour Diesel and Blue Dream. I always pick this one up when it’s in stock because it’s the best and you should have some.

  22. Phenomenal from appearance to taste to smoke it’s great I’ll buy again if it’s still around

  23. This is top quality in every way. Perfect appearance, taste, smell..medicinal effects are quick to take action..and great day time choice. Gives you an energy boost and clear focus so you can get stuff done and feel great doing it ?? I recommend this one and will purchase again.

  24. Nice dense bud with a lot of crystal and a great citrus smell. Looks exactly like the pic and has nice daytime effects.

  25. Very good stuff 10/10 ?

  26. Smells good, looks good, burns good… Its like the Knights tail when someone describes how Great there knight is and his achievements and his STRENGTH… But when its time to SHINE and show how HEAVY IT HITS, LONG IT HITS, AND COUCH LOCK… In the end after all the ASHES and you butt out your joint, it wasn’t the high that they said in the discription…

  27. Verry good. Massive compact nuggets with lots of crystals. Good taste and smell. Real AAAA to me. Would buy again and recommand.

  28. Very good taste , a bit harsh when exhaled, lots of crystals, dense buds , very good high ✌

  29. Top notch

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