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Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

This potent sativa was developed by crossing Cinderella 99 with a fast-flowering sativa selected for its rich grapefruit flavor. The tropical, citrus smell of Grapefruit mixes with energetic effects to give you a happy stress-reliever that also works well for battling migraine headaches.

Parents: Cinderella 99, ???
Similar to: Holy Grail Kush, Kandy Kush, Platinum OG, Jack Frost, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

Flavors: Grapefruit, citrus, sweet
Effects: Happy, uplifted, energetic, euphoric, focused
Medical: Stress, depression, fatigue, pain, headaches

16 reviews for Grapefruit

  1. This is the best Sativa I have ever tried out of over 20 different strains on this site. Please get more! I will buy this anytime

  2. Very tasty, I enjoyed the last batch of SLH a bit more flavour wise, but I enjoy the high from this a bit more. Loving the citrus strains lately, can’t wait for my Sour Tangie to get here.

  3. Great taste which makes the buzz all more enjoyable. Very glad I tried this. This new grower deserves a medal for this and the death bubba. Great work!

  4. Great nugs tastes great too

  5. Best Sativa Ever, keep it in stock

  6. Super dense nugs, smells of strong citrus, tastes about as close to grapefruit as possible. A morning persons dream!

  7. Straight fire !!!?????

  8. Anonymous

    This new grower is the shit,all their herbs I had the chance to sample were top shelf;cured perfectly,totally flushed , sticky with resin and trichomes,and that smell! dank pungent grapefruit overwhelms the nose as you open the bag.wake n bake baby!

  9. Exactly how it looks in the pictures. Very tasty, full of citrus and a price that I’d pay all day long. Cheers

  10. Anonymous

    5 star all the way. I find that more often and not that taste/smell descriptions are not really accurate and I use a vape which is the best way to taste a flavour…thats not the case with this flower. Its grapefruit through and through and the buzz is fantastic. Cant see this one lasting around here very long.

  11. please keep this in stock HD, this is everyones FAVOURITE, ill buy till i die

  12. Anonymous

    Smelt like grapefruit out the bag! Smooth

  13. Excellent product with very good taste and it smells very good. Very potent

  14. Anonymous

    Opened package in car and instantly had huge aroma of grapefruit. 5 stars

  15. Anonymous

    There’s certain strain a seasoned veteran longs to smoke. Perhaps it all stemmed from a brief taste from years ago. You search and you wait, but it never shows up until one day you just happen to come across HD 🙂 The wait was well worth it. This is the in the top of its category. End of story.

  16. Anonymous

    Citriusy AF

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