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Grape God

(261 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

1 gram for $9
3.5 grams for $30
7 grams for $60
14 grams for $115
28 grams for $220

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Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

Grape God is an indica-dominant hybrid that combines God Bud and Grapefruit genetics. As its name suggests, this strain has a sweet grape aroma with earthy notes that activate on the exhale. Powerful, long-lasting euphoria knocks out stress, leaving your mood elevated and your body relaxed.

With THC % in the 18% marker, you can expect this strain to be a heavy hitter. People who suffer from any chronic pain will find this strain to be a delight with a decently quick onset.

Parents: God Bud, Grapefruit
Similar to: Purple Arrow, Permafrost, Grapefruit, Lemon OG Kush, Papaya

Flavors: Grape, sweet, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, creative
Medical: Stress, pain, depression, insomnia, nausea

261 reviews for Grape God

  1. Really nice taste . Little harsh thou. High is not knock you back but still good.

  2. Three words on how I would describe Grape God: Crushes! Lively! CONSISTENT

  3. Real nice indica buzz

  4. Really nice buds and the smell of this strain is amazing. Solid high.

  5. I love Grape God. One of my favorite strains. AAA grade for this is dead on. Price is right. Love the taste of this stuff.

  6. Very good

  7. Solid indica, not harsh on the ole lungs. Won’t knock you into another world but will make everything a pleasant calm.

  8. Long-time member of HD☺ I have tried all the grape God strains that have been on this site in the last 2 years. I’d like to say that this batch is not bad but it is also not great. It’s more mellow compared to previous Grape God strain on this site. However it is still a beautiful strain even though grown different than previous batches. I got a half a quarter and it came in One Bud which was beautiful. I definitely got my Grape God fix! Thanks guys just giving an honest opinion from an everyday smoker

  9. 5 stars!! Smells and tastes great. Beautiful buds. Great buzz. Will buy again.

  10. Super pungent and fruity, relaxing but not a complete knockout

  11. Nice fruity smell and tast good Indica high cab knock you out if you’re an occasional smoker

  12. I bought this last summer and it was the best purple taste ever. This stuff has a fantastic purples taste but its not the best stuff from last summer. Still very good.

  13. Not the heavy hitter i was looking for. Kind of a middle of the pack high.

  14. dense rock-like buds beautiful unique smell. Similar to Gods Bud and nice high.

  15. Fantastic bud, nice and tight. Almost don’t want to break it up. Great buzz, awesome flavor, slight grape after taste.

  16. Anonymous

    Great bud, great smell, taste and high! 5x….hd is always on point, fairly priced compared to some sites that charge you way more and don’t even give you what is advertised every single thing I’ve got from HD has been exactly how it looks and exactly what it supposed to be, amazing customer service HD is the best site I’ve seen so far and for the shatter northern lights and purple candy Kush by phant is by far one of the best…. Don’t be shy to try green and gold products either the purple Kush rockstar pink Kirsch tangerine dream are all good even the blueberry has an amazing taste when it’s done correctly I had one batch that wasn’t purged properly and they sent me 4 g for free of the new batch how do you get better customer service Than that!? Thank U HD again

  17. Great smell and a awesome strain. Not everyone’s first choice but definitely something you need to try and experience yourself. Taste can be a little offsetting but its a fantastic indica.

  18. it’s ok but nothing to fancy . price should go down.

  19. Very good taste, amazing relaxing effects

  20. this strain is a classic. I love the taste and burn. I only ever had one bad batch a while a go when grabbing this strain. never had a problem since. the smell alone is to die for. 5 of 5 forsure.

  21. Correct but nothing to write jade about . nice look , smell and taste good but not excellent . the price should be lower !

  22. I used this for my wake and bake strain I’m not a morning person I found I was more tolerable to people’s nonsense to. I didn’t find the couch lock strong on this one though others might. Great smell especially when left in jar, massive buds a solid strain one of my favs.

  23. Great bag appeal, killer smell, and sweet taste. This batch is better than a previous one I tried from HD. Recommended!

  24. I got to try this strain via the Sampler Pack. This was my favorite in the pack, I vape and I found this one to have the most flavor. It was sweet and a slightly berry kick on the back of your throat, it had a really great high to go with it as well.

  25. Definitely enjoyed this one.
    I’ve gotten Grape God once before from Herbal Dispatch (about a year ago) and this was almost as good as the first time.
    Smells great, looks great, smokes great… although I think I prefer vaporizing this one.

  26. I am in Love with this beautiful sweet fruity bud that is loaded with crystals!! Absolutely heaven! A Fav

  27. Another favorite of mine this strain is, really nice looking buds, and actually gave me the munchies more then normal, burns nice and smells and taste amazing, decently long high

  28. Anonymous

    I’m giving it 4/5 for the awesome taste and smell but the effects are not that strong…. But still good

  29. I love this bud, amazing smell and all around great Indica.

  30. Smells Amazing , looks good , just there is small seeds , and it ruins the taste , and its harsh on throat , but the high is there , i just smoked it and im really high and feel great just when you smoke it its a bit disaponting.

  31. The smell is hands down one of the best aromas. Lots of orange bits. I found a popcorn taste followed by an awesome sweet taste. Instant hunger! Made me feel sleepy than awake. Dry mouth and a Sativa feel!!

  32. That smell!!! Definitely a new favorite smoke.

  33. This was the best grape god i have had in a while thanks hd! wish i had order more. Oh well there is always next time

  34. was smooth and tasty a good pick

  35. Some of the best smelling dank I’ve ever had. Fruity, sweet smell comes through in flavour as well. Wish I got more of this stuff it’s unique and an all around great strain. White ash and an uplifting high that doesn’t leave you tired.

  36. Solid indica, nice high, not as hard as pink or gg4 but still nice, has a cheese smell also.

  37. Great indica high, love the fruity taste/smell!

  38. Interesting strain. Very fruity/grape scent. The nugs I got were actually really frosty, haven’t seen much of that lately. Burns clean and fairly smooth. Has a bit of couchlock/heaviness to it, nothing too extreme. But I’m surprised how stoned I still am after having a bowl an hour ago. Usually not a fan of fruity/sweet smelling buds, as they tend to remind me of sativas, but once the effects kick in I know this strain is an indica.

  39. It was okay …….. the buds looked just like the picture. It had alot of crystals on it but I didn’t get this fruity taste that was in the description. It smoked well and the high lasted a good amount of time.

  40. It started with as an easy indica, I was able to just chill on the couch and veg, but shortly after, i became clear-headed. The body buzz remained, and I could see conversations 3 moves ahead.

  41. Anonymous

    This stuff really does smell and taste like grapes 🙂 definitely a very enjoyable smoke, burns well and very crystally A+ and 2 thumbs up 🙂

  42. Love this strain!! Don’t understand how it can be anything less then a 5 star !!

  43. Smell lire réal grape

  44. Anonymous

    New and improved to the looks of it , more purp, less leaves and not dry . My buddy grabbed some of this stuff

  45. Very impressed with the first peak , blown away by the smoke …will be ordering again very soon

  46. Beautiful, berry smelling, dense buds, lots of crystal. Similar to the old Blueberry haze, but stronger.

  47. 5 stars. This stuff is unbelievable. Frosty huge buds with a healthy amount of purple and a beautiful smell. Quite potent usually a good bowl or couple bong rips and you’re good to go. I don’t usually order things twice as I like to constantly try new things but this is a repeat order FOR SURE!

  48. As mentioned on here – definitely a great 50/50 strain. I didn’t find it to be too strong when smoked – but in the volcano it really hit the spot (awesome taste). This strain has a pretty intoxicating aroma (similar to the blue god & U.K cheese), and super frosted buds

  49. Anonymous

    Absolutely beautiful. Great look/smell/taste and high

  50. Taste and smell are amazing. My favorite strain by far. Smooth smoke with a nice fruity after taste. Great to smoke before bed helps greatly with my insomnia. Thanks Hd for the great bud.

  51. Didn’t mind the grape god, it helped with my insomnia, but defiantly nothing like the blue god!!

  52. Super sexy sugary buds. Great taste and high. ?

  53. Anonymous

    Tastes greats , smokes clean , is a 50 50 I’d say , great bud hd

  54. The taste of this strain is just like it’s name. Effective indica for moderate pain relief. If you are a person who is very into terpenes and experiencing the flavours of cannabis, this strain should definitely be your next try (esp. for those who enjoy the sweetness of a ganj such as a girl scout cookie and/or berry flavours).

  55. my favourite as far as taste/smell/high go. heavy hitter, super euphoric relax mode

  56. Great taste and lasting high.

  57. Beautiful crystal buds, love the flavour. This strain never disappoints. Top shelf smoke.

  58. Hits hard but leaves you with a nice mellow body high that lasts quite a while, great for laying on the couch watching something mindless.

  59. Beautiful big buds. Great smoke and the taste gets better as you smoke. 4.5/5

  60. My absolute favorite everyday strain. Perfect hybrid for me, just a touch of sativa. Another great batch as well. It’s grrrrrape

  61. I really enjoyed the taste and effects of this strain. Great product, I would recommend trying it at least once.

  62. Ordered this back in the day, and completely fell in love. Had the pleasure of being in Nelson for a few days, and I can promise you they don’t mess around with their bud!

  63. This came in one of my first orders way back when , personally I liked the bud , but I do know what D was talking about when he said funky smell. I had a few people tell me it smelled like play do

  64. Awesome bud. Amazing smell, taste and high. I got 5 strains in my order and this was my favorite. Will definitely be ordering again thanks HD!

  65. Hi everyone.

    My friend had bought some 12-14$ per gram bud at some local dispensary that popped up.
    It’s a bit new for our city. He was a bit disappointed by buying herb that loooked like the herb he had himself. He was willing to try what was on here, he looked at the menu and said : grab me two of the grape god. Myself, had I been buying two x 1 gram, I would have tried two different strains.

    I told him that this is grape god as in grapefruit x godbud. He said the reason he chose it is because there are not many berry/fruity strains and that some of them you only buy for the taste.
    It’s something I noticed a lot on the forums, people saying this doesn’t taste like grapes.
    Okay so let’s get to the review.

    Two gram bags arrived. One is one nice little pine tree bud, the other is more of some various with a little twig. Lol. Trying to be scientific and tell you what I saw. Grams on point I believe, I didn’t touch them as they we’re for a friend and didn’t want to lose any smell.
    Compact buds, lime green with some orange.
    Upon opening the bag, you get a foul smell, like a sort of cheese but not exactly like the uk-cheese. It had some sour-sweetness to it. My friend waited for me to try it ( what a nice guy ).
    Potent stuff for sure. Tasty, smooth. Like I said in my review for GSC, much smoother on the throat.

    The effect, I mentionned to another friend that this is more of a relaxing strain. It sure was and he agreed. He went straight to bed. I enjoyed it, calmed me down.

    So, this strain has great looks, a funky smell, a good taste, a nice comfy/relaxing high, smooth on the throat. Not sure i’d buy an O because I would only save 40$ and i’d prefer to exploremore strains to discover what I prefer. I’d see myself getting a gram or two or even an eight
    Recently I saw that the strain was at 60 a q and 125 a half (instead of 65 a q). I don’t know if it was a mistake but, that was a deal I would have taken.


  66. Heavy hitter, very good for the night.
    Dank nug, wished was trimmed better!

  67. Delicious! Time and care was put into this batch, definitely! Perfectly dried flowers with pronounced grape and berry bouquet. The smoke has grape tasting flavour and is smooth going down. It produces fairly strong classic indica effects. I can’t get over the smell and taste!

  68. One of the best indicas. Not much grape taste. But great stuff.

  69. Love this stuff man taste smell everything

  70. Awesome strain! Defiantly one of my favorite HD products 😀 Tastes like grape and gets the job done very well.

  71. Tried this stuff after trying the blue God.
    Both very good stuff but I think I like the grape bud more..had a nice 11.27g bud in my once Thx again hd;-)

  72. I always find this strain super effective for any joint pain I’m experiencing. It’s also really tasty and leaves me feeling happy and relaxed.

  73. Anonymous

    Have had other batches of Grape God in the past where the grape taste was much more noticeable and was very smooth when vaped. This batch, however, isn’t anywhere near what I’ve had and am a bit disappointed. Not horrible by any stretch, but when you become accustomed to a level of quality HD delivered you come to expect the same time and time again.

  74. Anonymous

    Vaped at 325, taste was manure and citrus. Vaped at 375 and taste was berries. High was in head and body. Clear and uplifting. I had another bag at 400 and taste was the same but now muscle relief and body relaxation. Very, very pleasant head high. One of the best strains I’ve had. Quite strong but not overly.

  75. I Wish I Could Add Another Star To This One. Best product I have seen so far with my time dealing with Herbal Dispatch. Give this one a try you will not be disappointed!

  76. Smells and tastes like the grape God I remember, but I found it wasn’t very potent.

  77. Intensity was there, smoked very smoothly, great bud size,

  78. i got a 3.5g bud of complete disgrace, maybe this is acceptable on the street where i pay 20$ an eighth but i’m paying $35 here, i expect buds that do not have stage 1 bud rot. A lot of the stuff i’ve received from you hasn’t been the best quality, like it doesn’t get me high and i’ve spent over $900 here buying everything from edibles, concentrates and MANY varieties of strains of which i have to say Badass OG & Pink OG are the best 5/5 for badass OG 4/5 for pink, 1/5 for this so called quads (AAAA).

  79. Nice dense buds covered in crystals, great in a joint.

  80. Really nice bud, great taste. will order again for sure!

  81. Wasn’t much of a smell and not trimmed very good still nice ganja tho

  82. Nice light green crystal covered buds. Clean burning. Nice taste. Nice smell. Cant go wrong with this strain.

  83. Will always remember that ohhh so gdgd grape smell always a favorite!!

  84. I remember a previous batch having more of a grape flavor and was really hoping for that. Flavor aside, this is a nice clean smoke. Very chill relaxing buzz

  85. Anonymous

    Love the smell and the taste amazing

  86. Wasnt bad i disliked the taste and smell but the buzz was all there

  87. Very nice huge nugs and quite impressed to find a boveda with my half ounce. Nugs are big and fluffy and quite tasty. Not as hard hitting as I thought but good nonetheless

  88. Love!! So relaxed and had a appetite and an amazing sleep!

  89. Big fan. Very potent. This is my #2 pick in indicas right now.

  90. Love the grape flavor! Intense indica made me hungry and sleepy???

  91. My favourite strain by far. Has it all. Smell looks taste high.

  92. Love this bud, great smell & even better high. Great for night time use, puts you to sleep!

  93. This tastes amazing! Big ‘God bud’ fan here, mixed with Grapefruit, excellent.

    Indica heavy, but won’t couch lock a regular smoker, wouldn’t think twice about ordering this again.

  94. Strong, nice and mellow, good for anxiety and pain.

  95. One of the best indicas out there… in my opinion, worth every penny to cure whatever ails ya…. night time meds for sure

  96. Anonymous

    Really nice smoke, nice high, beautiful bag appeal, not the strongest batch of grape God I’ve tried though, the taste and smell Wasn’t anything special either but no complaints. The part I liked best about my OZ was the 11.82 gram bud, nice hand full size nugget. If the bag appeal wasn’t so nice I would probably give it a 4 but that 11.82 gram bud got me.

  97. Tasty and strong! great nighttime strain!

  98. Loved this stuff very strong

  99. strong n tasty great strain overall

  100. I bought an Oz of Grape God and received a few grams more than that so, as always, I’m super happy with Herbal Dispatch. For me Grape God gives a nice mellow high. The flavour is, as others have said, more of a winey grape flavour. Less grape juice tasting. The smell is not my favourite but when vaped is like enjoying a fine wine. Really enjoying this strain.

  101. One of my favourite strains. Burns nice with no cough at all. The flavour and aroma of grapes is a definite plus. Not too strong for myself though I do use plenty for pain control. That being said, helps pretty good with overall control. Definitely a quad A strain! Keep it coming HD and vendors!!

  102. Anonymous

    Luv the smell and the taste is not bad and I didn’t cough. Potency wise, strong and long lasting for me and able to be social and productive. I find this strain gets me ready for bed easily and am able to sleep no problems. You’ll also be eating half your fridge so be prepared. Overall, it’s like a hybrid 70%(Indica)/30%(Sativa) strain for me. Luv it and will grab again for sure!

  103. loved the grape god , nice mellow high good pain , great for my anxiety relief . great strain will grab again forsure ….thanks herbal dispatch

  104. Love this strain! great taste and smell, heavy hitter. one of my new favourites

  105. It was just OK. The smell and appearance is not bad but taste is average and the high is nowhere near enough for me. It’s a nice flower but not for me.

  106. smooth as hell nice buzz id say more sativa feeling good for morning , not good for bed to weak this is just a good taste thats it , grape kush would be better , im getting sick of everything mixed with god bud …….

  107. Anonymous

    not bad . wish it had more flavor.. good buzz . overall 4 for sure

  108. This one set me into the giggles! It was potent, and pretty smooth too. Just ordered more! 🙂

  109. I am very glad I got some of this beautiful stuff. Big 4-7g buds. Loaded with crystal and delivers a strong bang for about 1 1/2 hrs. Today is the first day I had to have a mid day nap. I only had a few puffs. I awoke refreshed and relaxed. 1 number lasted for 5 hours( 3 x lighting). Another solid hitting herb and all the best. Smooth burning- I never coughed. this is now definitely a top 5 or even top 3. This will be a routinely refurbished commodity. 5 outa 5. Keep up the good work HD. Thanks, John

  110. Very nice and clean strain

  111. Not bad but not one of my faves. I didn’t like the taste and didn’t get much buzz. Maybe I just had a bad batch but for now, in my opinion I find it over rated.

  112. Anonymous

    Good bud, hint of grape. I wish for more smell and flavour but it’s worth trying for sure

  113. this one is my favorite so far. I found it very smooth.

  114. Love this strain…. always a great high. big buds.

  115. Smooth clean smoke. Very heady for an indica with a nice potency behind it. This is what I call feel good weed. Significant mood elevation with creativity and motivation attached to it. This is how you start your day off on the right foot.

  116. very tasty and smooth love the texture and overall smell of this bud burns very nice and smooth

  117. This is my favorite strain on HD. Everytime I see it, I immediately buy it and have never been disappointed. The nugs and smell are out of this world and the high is one of a kind. Very smooth smoke. 5/5!!

  118. Very good smoke, nice clean high burns nice and taste fruity. smells a bit funny butt very nice dope. if you like fruity weed try this strain.

  119. Loved the smell of this and a very good high.

  120. One of my top 5. Strong medication to wipe away negative emotion, leaving me feeling almost giddy. Wonderful smell, taste and burn.

  121. Very happy with this strain! One of the best I have had to date!

  122. Chunky grape goodness thank you 5/5

  123. Best strain!

  124. Anonymous

    Happy! Happy! Happy1 Every strain on this site is GOOD, This ONE is OUTSTANDING:BIG BUDS:GREAT FLAVOR:SLOW EVEN BURN: and best of all a PERFECT LANDING.

  125. This is probably my favorite strain…. Tastes like blueberry in my opinion. I ordered this 6 months ago (give or take), and I’ve been waiting for it to come back to the menu ever since.. I also think it’s a bit more potent this time around. Pick this one up if you’re a fan of tasty indicas.

  126. Pretty good smoke and can definitely taste the grape.

  127. Really enjoyed this strain. Love the god bud. Great indica, very relaxed, decent high.

  128. Anonymous

    Smelled and tasted amazing….. Could feel the effects almost instantly. Very smooth smoke, worked great as a pain reliever. I would highly recommend this strain. Kept me focused at work as well!! 5 stars

  129. Anonymous

    A grate fruity aroma and a really smooth smoke my buds were beautifuly trimmed and the bag was over weight as usual

  130. did order 3.5g ….
    man the best weed i smoke
    never buy in the street again

  131. disappointed in the taste. Doesn’t taste like grape at all.. gets ya stone with the pasties .. would recommend

  132. Wow! Even to a heavy indicia smoker like me, the grape god was strong. Really large well cured buds, my biggest was nearly 5 grams! the smell and taste are about the same and that’s to say its fruity, sweet and pleasant tasting. Very smooth and clean burn, I cannot say enough good things about this strain.

    Highly recommended,

    5 out of 5.

  133. Awesome herb, very strong, well deserved 5 stars!

  134. The first thing I noticed about this bud was the taste. Almost a sweet taste too it, very smooth. A good chill high with it.

  135. Anonymous

    Absolute amazing taste smell and flavour high was good too thanks again

  136. Sweet smell and flavor 5 on 5 as always, first time smelling a real grapie flavor !, hard hitting indica not for day time

  137. So in love!

  138. One of my favorites on HD. Great nose and buzz. Would buy again.

  139. Great taste excellent buzz quality strain:)

  140. Wow, this stuff is dank! Very pungent odor, although, I admit that I had a hard time detecting any grape fragrance or taste. This gave me a nice indica buzz that came on after a few minutes and stuck around for a while. Didn’t totally space me out and I was still able to do chores and follow a movie plot. Definitely worth picking this one up!

  141. Super strong bud well worth the money! A little gets you a long ways. Head buzz.

  142. Anonymous

    Great smell, great taste, great look ( i think it looks better than the photos, more crystals) would buy again for sure!

  143. A pleasure to smoke. Great taste and nice functional stone. Would buy again and again.

  144. Get batch , best i had yet!

  145. This stuff taste and smells great! Think I prefer the nuken high over this one, but like the taste of this stuff more. Would order again.

  146. incredible smell and taste!! very nice indica strain, will buy again for sure 🙂

  147. delicious and full of crystals. was a delight to smoke.

  148. Unlike most of the strains with fruit-berry names this stuff actually has a noticeable grapey smell and taste to it. Subtle but very nice and tasty. Really nice relaxing effects you’d expect from a good, heavy indica but not as sedating or couch-locky as some like the Pink or Hindu.
    All in all great tasting indica with good med quality. Very enjoyable smoke. Enjoying it right now 🙂

  149. Really enjoyed this one. Great taste and great high. Will order this one again.

  150. I was imagining in my mind more of a sweet grape juice flavor but it reminds me more of wine grapes and out of the bag smells like that fermented pukey wine smell too. The buzz is nice.

  151. Got my batch yesterday. Smoked a pinner and oh my! Was some of the best tasting stuff I smoked off HD. High was great too! Didn’t take much at all. Will definitely be ordering again. Probably my favorite indica so far off this site 🙂

  152. This is a very enjoyable bud, amazing taste just like grapes! It’s nice and smooth not to rough, and does the job. Very recommendable 5 on 5 from me

  153. Got the sativa sample pack and picked up a gram of the grape God. Wish I would have just bought more of this. the taste is among the best I’ve had. Perfect all around

  154. One of my favourite so far. Looks fantastic too!

  155. A very VERY nice strain. The smell and effect reminds me of blueberry. Will definitely order this one again.

  156. Was really great tasting with a nice aroma. Would be a repeat purchase . .

  157. I’m really happy this came back. one of my favourites

  158. Easy to give this 5/5, buds are manicured perfectly and the high is incredible. I smoked a bowl of this coming down from a phoenix tears session and it picked me right back up. Will definitely buy again!

  159. I absolutely love the taste and smell of this weed. Looked great and as soon as I ground it I could smell it and it smelt delicious and it was. Good, relaxing high. Highly recommend! !

  160. Super potent but not too sleepy

  161. A nice light green bud hidden behind a heavy blanket of white trichomes. Berry / grape profiles are noticeable. A strong but none sleepy mid day indica. 4.20/5

  162. Nice bright green, sticky frosted nuggets has a fruity cheese smell in the bag and a skunky aroma when burned has a nice clean burn and a pretty heavy body high with a clean creative head high very nice smoke

  163. Probably the most tastiest on the site. Even the look of it is incredible. A must buy.

  164. Great looking almost white bud, super tastey burns for ever, “highly recommended” 😉

  165. Taste and smell is amazing. Never had anything taste this much like grape. Would consider smoking this one later in the day. I hit one bowl at 7:00pm it is now 7:53 pm and I’m ready for bed haha. I find it hard to sleep so this is perfect.

  166. I really enjoyed this batch of Grape God, and would rate it a 4.25/5 🙂 Caked buds, great smell and a really nice taste with hints of grape. The buzz is nice with a good mix of a head and body stone but not too overpowering, can still function unless you blaze a lot at once. Found this to be heavier than the last batch I tried.

  167. 5/5. Great flavour, better high

  168. The taste really is grapey, nice burn , and fresh!

  169. Extremely fluffy and light, yet still busts up nicely and leaves the grinder with a wonderful aroma. For an indica, the high is not too overwhelming yet still a very nice body experience. Helpful for a great night’s sleep and to clear your head.

  170. Great smell so refreshing. Covered
    In trichs and perfectly cured

  171. Absolutely love this strain. Helps me alot with my depression.
    The taste the smell everything is perfect I found.

  172. holy crap this bud looks and smells amazing!
    soo many crystals its off the charts, as for the smell i find it somewhat reminds me of blueberry or other similar berry flavours.
    definitely my favourite bud out of all of the ones i ordered.

  173. Quick hitting,wonderful aroma and a very nice high. I would recommend and buy again.

  174. just crazy looking bud. beautiful in every way.
    6 stars. This was my favorite of the sample pack.
    it stood out from the crowd.

  175. My order didn’t happen to look much like what is in the photo, however it was very rich in crystals with fabulous smell and taste. Burns great with a nice smoke. The aroma punches you in the face the moment you tear the seal.

  176. I love this strain. Very tastey smells great and best of all vèry good high

  177. Definitely not disappointed with this at all…..:nice buzz and it’s also good if u have trouble sleeping at night

  178. Absolutely beautiful buds comepletely covered in trichomes. Really does taste like grape!

  179. Didn’t really Luke the taste alright Buzz thou still swing n a miss I give it 3 stars

  180. The smell and the taste are off the charts! This is such a great, sweet, grapey tasty surprise. It has a great high that doesn’t make your brain fizzle out afterward. Simply a smiley, jolly, achey-free time. I didn’t want to order another Indica sampler so I ordered a gram of this and a couple of strains but now I wish I had ordered more of this. The bag was definitely generously overweight- so thank you for that! Great in joints, super tasty in bong rips, and lovely in my vape. Order it up!

  181. This is my first time ordering from HD I have got to say this and the silver haze was very impressive. The grape God has a very sweet smell & incredible taste. Will definitely order next time. Also great customer service!

  182. Smells and taste amazing !
    Little popcorn buds good stuff!!

  183. This is one of my favorite indica strains on HD. Anything with God bud and you’re safe. But this is a fantastic hybrid. Very sweet tasting, very hard hitting, but yet, not completely couch-locking. The classic indica effects were not in full force here, it had a nice balance. Very very pleased.

  184. didnt mean to review twice but after smoking this for a few days i have to say this is my favorite strain now. anytime but late evening, because it won’t put you out on your ass but it’s so well balanced for an indica, at least to my liking. would love to find a seed in there, just one haha

  185. My fav so far wow smell unbelievable Taste sweet berry love it !

  186. Can taste the grape in the one, its a nice smoke for sure.

  187. Got a half of this today and I’m def not disappointed! It looks, smells, burns and tastes delicious. By far one of my faves!!

  188. Excellent strain! Grape God love the taste of this strain! Top quality flowers!

  189. Spectacular Strain! The growers have done a incredible job with this one. Well done! Two thumbs up!

  190. Love this strain so much, nice taste and you can smell the grape. As everyone has said it has a nice coating of frost all over and inside the buds. The all round high is great for relaxing but not so strong you can still fuckin. I give this strain 5 out of 5

  191. Another Really good stain. Love it!

  192. Not a huge fan of the taste but I am a fan of the affects.

  193. Not as good as gods green crack by a long shot, smells better then it tastes. Kind of a light high.

  194. Buds are just beautiful, as others mentioned, its like they were rolled around in kief they’re so sugar coated! Taste is sweet, burns slow, bag appeal is on point nice big 3.5g nugs. Heavy but clear buzz, definitely a new favorite. Great smell to it too

  195. Great tasting. Sweet candy like, makes me lick my lips. Effective top quality Indica. Definitely a multi repeat order deserving product.

  196. Grape God: I honestly have never heard of this strain before, its parents I have, But one smell from the freshly opened bag and i knew would be a good smoke, & I was right, Grape God is a very very good strain, has one of the best tastes ever! Enjoy this strain 100%

  197. This stuff is incredible….. One the best ive ever smoke !!

  198. This is top shelf AAAA cron… the tast sweet grape aroma looks like someone threw flower on the buds covered in crystles 10/10

  199. Damn, this bud looks amazing even in the bag.. its almost white from all the crystals! Its one of those top shelf buds you got a few times in your lifetime. The smell is like grapefruit mixed with some dank.. its really good.. and its a heavy hitter.. one of my favorites now!

  200. I’ve been waiting all weekend for this bud and it does not disappoint at all !! Taste 10 high 10 .. one of those strains you feel in your eyes before your done smoking

  201. Definetly bomb really grapey I find and full of nice crystally powder good stuff

  202. So fruity and looks like it’s been rolled around in thc it’s so crystallized

  203. Awesome ! The taste and the smell of this one is amazing. One of my favorite strain.

  204. Anonymous

    Favourite strain so far, beautiful buds coated in crystal. More on the way!!

  205. This bud would be amazing if there wasent tons of small seeds in it. Its supposed to be lab tested to be clean burning but seeds are never clean theyll ruin any joint not happy that i paid 250$ for an oz of seeds.not cool at all

  206. 10 stars out of 5 . Probably the best from hd I have tried so far

  207. Best ive had so far, hands down, 10 tem for me, defdinatly a five star strain forsure!! Thanks again HD! Keep up the good work and coustmer service! Cant be beat!

  208. Amazing very smooth and tasty

  209. Im going to sound like im exagerating but this was probably made by some greenthumb angels sent from the foreman greenthum….anyhow 10/10. thank you

  210. A big thumbs up.Royal taste and aroma.

  211. Good tasting weed. Euphoric and relaxed effects and great smoke.

  212. one of my favorite buds from the batch. Really nice high

  213. always smells amazing in the bag and busted… and tastes delicious.

  214. i ordered once yet and i still got some…really really nice buds and at the end of the day relaxing buzz is satisfying thanx HD

  215. Really loved this one had a nice smell giant bright green bud!

  216. Love this strain. Such nice taste in mouth after smoke.

  217. great taste good looking bud excellent price

  218. The smell is amazing!!! never smelt anything like it. Nice high with a great taste really smooth.

  219. Anonymous

    great smoke nice buzz

  220. My all time favorite along with the blueberry the only thing that’s disappointing is that they’re not available all the time

  221. Ordered this a couple times and will order again. Pleasant high, very relaxing.

  222. I tasted this one in the sample pack and had to order some more. I vape with it and the taste is fantastic. Very smooth. Its one of those ones you pull out when you want to show off your best buds.

  223. 4/5 for me. great taste. smell. looks but the potency is not that high.

  224. I like this one , nice grapefruit nostalgic smell and taste. This grower knows how to flush as this one always has a nice light grey ash . Not crazy strong but nicely potent.
    Would love some grape God concentrate ( wish list)

  225. Amazed by the taste,smell and look of the bud, great buy!

  226. Big fan of the after taste. Clean bowls but defintely enjoy more when vaped as it doesn’t knock me out even late night but creeps up on you. Definitely a new favorite indica

  227. Forsure one of the best batches of grape God HD hD yet. I find it a nice mild smoke great for the evening. One of my favs when grown like this!

  228. I really liked it, very impressed, , so glad you found you guys.

  229. One of my favs, unreal smell

  230. Huge buds! 3 gram beauty in my quarter. Very nice grapefruity smell and mellow high. 4.5 stars

  231. Great smelling bud. On whiff and youre immediately aroused. The high is clean, great when feeling nausea and for those needing to stimulate a stagnant appetite.

  232. Anonymous


  233. Good tasting bud

  234. Anonymous

    wow…just had my first puff and I feel awake for the first time in along time.
    I’m coming off of dr prescribed stimulants (its the hardest thing ive ever had to do)
    thanks herbal dispatch……my pills are a day late but that’s ok its Canada post
    big d

  235. Good taste good smell the high wasn’t the greatest but really opens up your appetite

  236. Great taste,clean burning

  237. What an amazing taste, probably the best tasting bud I have ever vaped. A very nice and strong strain as well.

  238. Great bag appeal, great smell, and an amazing taste!! Probably one of the better/sweeter strains I’ve tried.


  239. Alright the smell on the grape god alone is amazing !!!!! the smell and the high seems to get better every time i go for it !!! it taste equally amazing ! looks frosty and well cured !

  240. My favorite strain so far from HD!! Nice proper buds, well cured and very well trimmed! Will definitely be buying this one again!

  241. Another awsome strain/kind of pot here,everything about it was great.This1 is deff one of my fav’s.Never Disappointed with the products.GreatWork HD,Keep it upp guys.Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  242. Awesome grape smell, very fluffy, smooth burn, and enjoyable.

  243. good price love the taste and smell

  244. Anonymous

    Very nice bud. Hits fast & stays long. Def worth grabbing. If u want to try grape god this is the batch to try.

  245. Anonymous

    Amazing, amazing smell & taste! Great pain relieving qualities! Fantastic looking buds. Another A+ product from HD! I hope they always have this one on hand! This is another new personal favourite of mine. 5 stars!

  246. Nice stuff, looks nice n frosty with a nice fruity grapey smell and taste. Delicious and very smooth. Great deal at its current pricing too.

  247. Amazing tight hard dense big buds hd is the best

  248. 5 stars ! Very fruity taste and smell with hints of grape ,so tasty . Very potent high who is energetic at first then cross to the indica side ! Nugs have sativa bud structure and very pale green color almost grey.Well cured nugs . Love this strain !

  249. this is one of my fav’s,the buds looked awsome and when smoked it had a real nice taste to it.Keep upp the GreatWork HD.Cust 4Life Here

  250. Fantastic smell and a very mellow and enjoyable high!

  251. This is an all around solid 4 in my books. Great taste and a reliable euphoric high.

  252. Anonymous

    Wow Completely Took me by surprise! Smoke and came to my basement and I was F’d.! Totally Couch locked. Best taste ever from this strain I’ve ever had. Looks Amazing! Happy I grabbed the amount I did 🙂

  253. A fine smoke indeed!

  254. 10/10 taste and amazing high

  255. Smokes good and taste perfect !

  256. I really enjoy this strain. This batch is a mix of tight fluffy buds with some tiny orange hairs, coated in crystal. It gives a euphoric high, that is wonderful to help deal with stress. The taste and smell is deliciously grapey with citrus scents. Definitely one to try.

  257. Great Quality.. Smooth Tatse.. Epic High A++.. Thanks Guys

  258. A light but fruity flavour. This strain is very nice – tastes and burns great!

  259. Amazing sweet , citrus sour smell , expect to be more ” sticky” but damnnn you just smell it righ in the bag and it smell barelly the grape !!!

  260. Anonymous

    Loved this one, great smoke – very tasty and smooth. Only complaint was that I wish I ordered more!

  261. best tasting weed i have ever had. amazing smoke, great quality; one of my favourite strains for sure.

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