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Gorilla Glue #4 (Organic)

(64 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

Gorilla Glue #4, developed by GG Strains, is a potent hybrid strain that delivers heavy-handed euphoria and relaxation, leaving you feeling “glued” to the couch. Its chunky, resin-covered buds fill the room with pungent earthy and sour aromas inherited from its parent strains, Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel. Taking first place in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups as well as the High Times Jamaican World Cup, this multiple award-winning hybrid’s supremacy is no longer a secret, and consumers will search far and wide to get their hands sticky with Gorilla Glue #4.

Flavours: Earthy, pungent, pine
Effects: Happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, creative
Medical: Stress, pain, depression, insomnia, lack of appetite

Q and A: The True Quality of Craft Cannabis

64 reviews for Gorilla Glue #4 (Organic)

  1. Excellent strain, its potent and tasy. I will buy again!

  2. Not sure whether its the switch to organic method or my probable increased tolerance, but I didn’t think that this batch was as potent as previous ones. Don’t get me wrong, its still a high grade AAAA indica. and still will be a repeat buy whenever it becomes available. Gorilla Glue! Of Course!!!

  3. Wow. Annother inpressive GSC product ! I love the G I order as a tester ! Will buy again
    Delicious taste and nice body and cerebral high

  4. Great hifh , great bud really stiky . Gonna buy again for sure

  5. Looks good but I am more interested in a high….this, just average.

  6. its awesome but i really want to say it sucks so there will be more left for me

  7. I tried this strain from this website in 2016 when yous had it from a friend. It is no different from before. Not much taste but the high is a relaxing one and no harsh burn out. 5 stars was super lucky to get an oz.

  8. Wow. This puts me in outer space with a smile on my face while also melting my body into whatever it is I lay or sit on. Totally an evening/nighttime strain for me and one of the, if not best, I’ve ever had in that… genre(?….growing is certainly an art form IMO). Its tasty and sticky as F. 5 stars without hesitation.

  9. Potent, wonderful stuff that is some of the best weed that I’ve ever smoked.

  10. Fantastic. Definitely Top 5 for me.

  11. Definately a good budd. A bit sharp on the bong at first, even for experienced smokers. But im looking forward to rolling this up.

  12. Wow, another hit from golden spruce! Earthy, pine, super dank with a hint of sweetness on the lips! Top notch cure as always, super sticky and covered in a crystally frost! Yah Mahn!

  13. Very nice strain. One of my favorites.

  14. Another amazing strain. Haven’t been disappointed with Golden Spruce yet.

  15. This is some very nice bud. Golden Spruce growers do a lot of things right but I must say their buds always have an amazing cure. It’s very much appreciated when it’s dried and cured properly. ✌️

  16. Very nice ! Very sticky and stinky . could be a little dried out better but still 5/5 . thanks !!!

  17. One of my top 3 strains. Glad to see its back. Ordering now!

  18. Simply one of the best strain I’ve ever Smoke! Taste so good and really smooth to ingale! Great buzz with a good knock out at the end! 10/10 for me!

  19. Finally got my hands on some of this… Get it while you can!

  20. I got the last of it before you lol

  21. 9.5/10 hands down the best buds I’ve seen or smoked in a long time !!!

  22. Anonymous

    Tried some of this stuff with a friend, wow, 2 bad there already out if stock, hopefully it will be back soon

  23. Anonymous

    First time trying Gorilla Glue.
    I would get this strain again.
    Burns smooth to white ash.
    Reasonably potent.
    Good indica.

  24. Clean burn absolutely amazing, highly recommended, keep up the good work HD!

  25. Shout out ..!! To the Growers/Herbal Dispatch on some beautiful buds. These gorilla glue#4 nugs were purple rain with a mix of lime green ????.

  26. I’m in love but also confused! So this week in Tuesday I recieved a half ounce of gorilla glue #4 and it was the same as the first time I ordered it a month back, super dense, sticky, skunky bombness. So I instantly ordered a full ounce as soon as I smoked it, now on that note, whatever came in today looks kind of similar except it’s super fluffy, no density whatsoever and the taste and buzz is nothing alike, kinda seems more a sativa/indica hybrid when the first 2 batchs were out of this world, couch lock material. I’d def love to send back whenever I recieved for what I ordered cause I would order that at least a couple ounces a month. Just wondering 🙂

  27. Absolutely beautiful. I had ordered like 5 ounces of this from Budmail and I thought it was awesome but herbal dispatches blows theirs right out of the water. Has that skunky kush smell that I love and my buds were honestly bright purple and white!!! Best example of Gorilla Glue I’ve ever seen. Hopefully this is around for awhile.

  28. Awesome buds. Green and mostly purple dense nugs. Straight fire. Very intense smell.

  29. Anonymous

    Well oh well oh well, the Japanese say that you eat with your eyes first and this applies as well to vaping/smoking if you ask me. These flowers are just out of this world, I could write an essay just on the bag appeal of this extraterrestrial/ E.T kind of flower, yeah that’s it this would be the weed that E.T’s stoner extraterrestrial friends would grow in their planet. Remember when you only had crappy weed and you searched on google for dreamy pictures of incredible nugs well this is it, but it’s reality now. I’ve got a nug that is so purple and cristaly that it looks like a purple Christmas tree on steroids, I kind of want to preserve it put it in a vacuum container and keep it forever, and oh yeah the high is as amazing as are the looks, it’s like for the first time I felt the angström, the one ten-billionth of a metre distance between the atoms that actually makes that nothing touches anything else, so yeah really an intense high or as I prefer to say, an intense elevation that actually and eventually sent me to bed to have cool dreams!

    Oh sorry was this too long? Anyways HD I must tell you that is your mission to keep this strain as available as possible as some other strains are.. please or i’ll have to call e.t home phone!!! So yeah I give this strain five galaxies 5/5!!

  30. This stuff is bomb. Best buds ive recieved from hd yet

  31. amazing stuff!!

  32. Anonymous

    This stuff looks like art. Dont even want to smoke it, its beautiful. Smokes amazing tastes clean. #GorillaLivesMatter

  33. Very pleasant taste. Clean burn with minimum smoke. All in all, highly recommended.

  34. This is pure magic. The buds are insane crystalized with purple. Very strong smell and taste like heaven!!!!this is more 5A , please keep this strain often in store, i should have buy more!! TY HD!!!!!

  35. holy crap this stuff is beautiful they need to make this strain a regular like the UK cheese this is the second time i order this stuff and its just beautiful its perfect please keep this strain up here HD this is the stuff im talking about i love you guys!!!! please make this strain a regular i beg of you

  36. I am very impressed with this stuff. Clean burning white ash and little to no coughing. Buzz lasts about 1 1/2 hrs. I am getting more before this is all sold out. 5 outta 5. Thanks H.D. John

  37. Wow ….wow….wow. Man very intense smell love it, The hit is very nice Im a heavy smoker for daily pain and this hit me on the the third puff. Package even came with humidor pack…again wow on product and company.

  38. Very good stuff. Colours on the bud look awsome. Pleasently Crystally. smoke is smooth. I like this very much. Would definitely order again.

  39. Really premium grade strain. When I grinded a small it looked more purp than green. Has a really classic strong indica taste. This is a really heavy hitter strain and it’s recommended for indica lovers.

  40. Anonymous

    Amazing. I’ve never seen bud like this. Looks amazing taste amazing and the high is amazing. All around best bud I’ve had. A MUST have. Great job H.D.

  41. Anonymous

    Definitely a smooth high, strawberry is my favourite so far!!

  42. wow for real that was the best i have from you HD im verry happy that was the first time i have great quality weed like that on that site but the uk cheese too thank you for that big beautiful nug thats appreciate

  43. By far the best ever indica out there hands right down I mean this stuff right here is amazing! It’s totally a game changer ..THC out the roof ..the buds are huge n coveRed in n out with crystals.. perfect for pain, appetite, stress, anxiety, I mean it’s perfect ! 🙂
    Herbal dispatch your the best ever 😉 2thumbs up

  44. Wow! This is by far the best indica I have had from HD. Was totally unprepared as to how heavy hitting it was , definitely not recommended for going out and trying to function lol. Was glad to see it up on the site again so fast and hope its available often. The name has generated lots of laughs and the laughing continues after partaking. Only question I have is what happened to #1, #2 &#3?

  45. Whoever said this stuff should have a caution sign on it is completely right lol. This bud is some next level stuff. Everything about it is just insane. Tight big buds with a strong kush smell. Caked with crystal with different shades of green. I smoked this in the morning and put the peanut butter in the fridge lol. Definitely recommend for the end of the day. Type of weed your excited to go home from work all day and smoke and you hit one bowl and are sleeping 25 mins later. Thanks HD glad to see this made another appearance.

  46. Anonymous

    Pleasant smell and taste. Potency wise, time slows and still social and/or creative in the first half and then second half is all slow-mo ?

  47. GG#4 was amazing. Had some of the shatter from diamond extracts a few months ago. But the bud was even more tastier.
    5 out of 5 stars in my opinion!

  48. Anonymous

    Found this to be excellent but not quite as good as the badass they had but just as good maybe

  49. Good enough.

  50. Yes! This ran out of stock before I could review last time.
    This stuff should come with a warning. It’s the heaviest hitter out of the dozens of strains I’ve had from HD by far.
    The taste is earthy and kinda piney. The high is a bit of a creeper and then you’re head gets titled and you really are glued to the couch.
    Very heavy crash when the effects wear off, I had to rewatch so many Netflix episodes

  51. Really sticky, tastes alright….fairly smooth. It’s weed

  52. Anonymous

    An initial rush to the senses lights the way for this ride. One of those hybrid highs that morph from strong to mellow, then pick up again… for the experience patient; too much of this one will spin some to sleep. Well worth having in the top draw. Thanks HD.

  53. Overall 5*. Amazing quality bud structure and burns smooth. Always pumped when GG4 is in stock. Cheers!

  54. Anonymous

    Good stuff. Worth the price. Some purple hues on the tip/top buds. Love how you guys are releasing new strains every week. market is flooded with mediocre. I want the smelly skunk funk haven’t had that in 10 years since I moved to Alberta. Ontario I lived before. My nostrils still work the same…

  55. Not bad. I smoked this for first smoke of the day and I was like… meh. 20 minutes later I smoked a bowl of Black Diamond and Boom! So not sure if it’s both with the GG4 having a creeping effect. Anyhow… taste was so so.

  56. If ur looking for that forehead sweat this is the strain for you….heavy hitter for sure. Smell taste and perfect white ash. Highly recommend.

  57. I’ve been waiting awhile to try out GG#4 and had high expectations. I even took a tolerance break to try this. This strain has definitely lived up to the hype. All I can say is wow. I can’t really explain the high, it’s beyond anything I’ve experienced. I had little access to east coast strains but everything I try I love. (The Sour D on here a few months ago I loved but this is even better.) Finding good diesel strains has given me so much more control over my PTSD anxiety. So thank you HD for everything you do, it means a lot! Oh and did I mention this strain is bomb, 6 stars, not for newbies but highly recommended!

  58. This is the next best one I order from
    Here next to death bubba!! Great choice hd

  59. Excellent strain, taste, quality, effects…… All top notch, a definite reorder

  60. Nice sized buds, dense but not rock hard, and covered in trichs. Rich earthy and sweet smell in the jar, something else comes through when busted up, maybe chocolate? Taste is pretty much how it smells. Hit me right away, nice head high mixed with body. Doesn’t take much to get medicated. I like this one

  61. Love it. Has that old school hash plant taste. Hard nugs. Nice effects. Everything I like. It’s a good one.

  62. can’t go wrong with any of HD’s strains!

  63. Oh yeah baby. This strain..

  64. Really nice light green nug with a gorilla punch ! i end up getting it in my sample pack and wish i ordered more of this. Feeling great

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