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Full Spectrum Terp Sap (Elevated Extracts) – Multiple Strains

(37 customer reviews)


1 gram of Elevated Full Spectrum Terp Sap for $65
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Sold By: Elevated Extracts
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Product Description

Full Spectrum Terp Sap

Full Spectrum Terp Sap is a highly refined concentrate that captures the pure terpene essence of the cannabis flower. Typically, Full Spectrum Terp Sap will contain about 50% Cannabinoids, 20-30% Terpenes, and 20-30% other trichrome cannabis biomolecules.

Studies show that terpenes interact with the human endo-cannabinoid system to create medicinal effects that are distinctly different from THC and CBD alone. Our Full Spectrum Terp Sap captures the unique terpene profile of specific strains to help patients target their needs while dazzling the senses with complex aromas and flavours that coat the palate.

Extraction artists who create high-cannabinoid full spectrum extracts work to achieve a product that retains all of the taste and strength of the plant. The completed product will contain high cannabinoid levels, and exceptional terpenes, flavonoids, phenolic amides, and sterols.

Elevate Extracts Full Spectrum Terp Sap is a cannabis extraction that is performed with a mixed hydrocarbon solvent. This mixed hydrocarbon solvent is Propane/Iso-Butane/N-Butane. Elevated Extracts Full Spectrum Terp Sap maintains the full spectrum cannabis extract using the solvent as a carrier, allowing the biomolecules to remain unmolested.

Contains: 1 gram

37 reviews for Full Spectrum Terp Sap (Elevated Extracts) – Multiple Strains

  1. Products are amazing but there shipping SUCKS! If you want something now you’re better to find a local dispensary. Shipping takes a week on the regular. Amazing product though

  2. NeBULA OG – phenomenal flavour, really super smooth on the exhale. I get a mouthful of nice citrus n pine

    Walter White – tastes like butterscotch. It’s pretty awesome

    Rockstar – was solid. Had a strong effect. Made the floor very floaty. Was nice 🙂

  3. The Death Bubba was a burst of flavour and got me medicated af. The Russian Cake doesn’t smell as strong, but taste’s pungent when you hit it. I love this Terp Sap

  4. Nebula tastes amazing!!! Quality product

  5. Can’t go wrong with Elevated Extracts, just tried out the Purple White Hindu and the taste is amazing! Can’t wait to try out some more strains in the future.

  6. Really enjoyed this concentrate. Ordered the romulan. It has it all, taste, smell and potency! Will definitely order again.

  7. All the strains are great so far. Afgooy, Citrus Skunk, Space Queen and Romulan have all been extremely potent and flavourful. The packaging could be improved but for the price this stuff is a great value, especially if you buy 3 or more. Lots of strain options is a bonus as well.

  8. Elevated extracts is one of my favorite brands so when ever they put anything on the market it’s always good keep the great product going HD good stuff

  9. This is pure fire I ordered 3 gram for 63$ it was pure fireeee

  10. Great products always on point will be geting again , afgooey is so nice

  11. I got orange julius . it smells and tastes and smokes amazing but came all messy and splattered all over the jar and lid. And turned into full sugar crystal after 1 day.

  12. I have tried most of the strains that Elevated has offered most were all very good but paying such a premium for HCFSE/HTFSE LIVE RESIGN TERP SAUSE ALL OF THE TOP END STUFF to much I have found a provider in Ontario where I am Buying verygood live resign for $40 gram very clean very tasty and best of all very effective It seems that is a very cost effective alternative to ordering from Herbal although I think they do a good job I will be shopping closer to home with this excellent new supplier of Very good Live resign

  13. Elevated makes the best concentrates I’ve ever had, period. This stuff is somebody’s labour of love. The flavour is fantastic, the high is excellent, there’s none of the aftertaste you sometimes find with lower quality concentrates. I’m vaping some of their OG Wreck Terp sap and I never want to come down from this. This shit will spoil you for lesser concentrates.

  14. amazing tasting ! worth the buy

  15. Worth the extra couple of dollars. Flavours on point!

  16. This product is pure ??????I got the island pink …space cake …and gorilla glue #4 all are killer product well done elevated extracts real knockout

  17. Oh my I’ve found my new favourite concentrates:)
    Amazing flavour absolutely love it
    I tired the one now I gotta order the rest asap
    Mine is close to shatter but not quite
    Very good job on this stuff
    Very very happy

  18. Beautiful product for the price. I got the skywalker og and it is fantastic! I love the taste and the effects are pretty remarcable

  19. this stuff is absolutely amazing the flavour profile is top notch and this is now my new go to extract little pricey but worth every penny!!!

  20. This is hands down my new favourite extract on the market flavour profile on all 7-8 different strains I have tried is just WOW!!!!

  21. gotmuch hit the nail on the head with their review, not much else to add to that, other than if you don’t like the look of the thca crystals avoid the more citrus strains. Those terps seem to make the thca want to align and form crystals a lot more. Also winter is probably the best time to order to keep things cold but who knows how warm things get in the post office. Super excited to see that there’s a new brand of full spec/live resin to try, hope it makes it here by Friday

  22. i liked the texture and taste of this product and for the price it was pretty good. i think i still prefer nice live resin

  23. This stuff is by far some of the best Full Spectrum Extract available. I have had the good fortune of dabbing on some of the best stuff out there and this holds its own. First, for those who are disappointed with the “buddered” up grams…I can certainly understand your disappointment, if in fact, what you are discribing, was actually budder. In fact what you are seeing is THCA sugar. I’m not going to get in the science behind it, buuuuut this is a good thing! When activated, that THCA converts to THC, thus improving potency and preserving the good terps you like. So when you get a g that’s sugared up, you are really getting something more like HCFSE. Which normally costs a lot more than this does. And what does that mean? Win all around I’d say!!

    Now, I got 3x cherry limeade – what a taste. Good for day time use as it can invoke creativeness. I also got 1 x Death Star, 1 x Pink Kush and 1 x Toxic Romulan. All of these were so good, but my fav would have to be the Death Star. OMG the terps that came off this jar, even sealed! And it hits like the Death Star too. Obliterating you in its path. This would be ranked slightly lower than the Tom Ford Pink Kush sap. If you managed to get that, you know what I mean when I say, well done elevated. Buy this stuff! It won’t disappoint.

  24. Cannot believe the flavour of the cherry lime crush. Didnt think it be that alive with flavour. Definitely something to atleast try! I know this will be my go to for when i wanna treat myself.

  25. This is to try . Tryed papaya used to grow this shit and smell taste on point pricie a lil but fck it its worth its one work WOW

  26. I love the taste but What I got looks more like brown sugar than sap!

  27. Ordered the Lime skunk terp sap this time. Instead of receiving terp sap, I received .something called not-terp-sap.

    Budder. Again. Couple orders in the past were sap but if this is the way it’s gonna be I’d rather order my sap from another brand.
    The budder itself is great, as always. Potent, smooth and oh so terpy! But I didn’t order budder. 3/5 stars.

  28. First time I have ever got this stuff and I’m not impressed at all. ‘Shishkaberry’ looked and smells awesome but tasted like soap or laundry detergent. ‘Lime skunk’ smells like piss and I don’t even want it now. I’m extremely turned off. Both of these came in some ridiculous glass jar that takes alot of work to get all of the product out. On the other hand ‘Pink Kush’ came in a neat little plastic box folded nicely in the wax paper which was more manageable. The Pink Kush is pretty good though.

  29. I absolutely love this brand. Amazing product quality, full, terp-rich flavor and a wide plethora of strains. 5/5 stars for everything they produce. That being said . . .

    The consistency of the last few orders I’ve placed has been of the budder variety. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love budder and the product consistency with regards to this brand has absolutely no effect on the product quality by itself.

    But if I wanted budder, I’d purchase budder. Sorry.

  30. Its great. I tried the Twisted Citrus and the Sweet skunk. The sweet skunk had a lot of good reviews about the taste and it was very sweet and good. But Ill be honest, I tried some shatter a lot less expensive that was as clean and as tasty but still , it was amazing taste and high. Now for the twisted citrus, Wow, that one is pronounce in it’s taste. Great sativa high and you just want to dab and dab it so good.

  31. So I went on a long break from concentrates made with hydrocarbon extraction after a few bad experiences, and pressed my own rosin but since I saw HD got full spec stuff I figured I would give a bunch of new brands from the past year on HD a try. I got the GG#4 and I am beyond impressed. Very terpy and very smooth. For the people who find the terp sap doesn’t hit hard enough I suggest getting some of Horatio’s thc-a to dip your dabs in. That stuff goes a long way. I like that you have the option to make this a face melter or not. Only complaint was the plastic parchment in the top of the glass jar was all squished into the jar and covered with the sap, so it ended up being a big job with the freezer and such. Since it ended up on the lid anyways, I would have rather just dealt with that and not the parchment. I do love the glass jar though. Can’t wait for my sample pack to get here.

  32. Elevated has the best concentrates for the money that I’ve tried. The Orange Diesel and Jungle Melon were unreal

  33. Nice and easy to work with, very strong

  34. I’m not normally a guy who complains or gives many reviews for that matter unless i believe its worth my time, but this shits garbage… Ya the actual concentrate itself is of great quality, can’t complain about that at all, but i was only given like .7 of a gram on the generous side for the $60 i paid??? Not at all worth it, i feel ripped off. HD has always been good to me and always has quality products but this is one i will definitely not be purchasing or recommending in the future…Thumbs Down…

  35. Unreal stuff, the Gorilla Glue #4 is certainly a winner. Having never had anything like this before I have to say I was very surprised. looking forward to trying the others.

  36. Holy sheep-sh!t batman!
    This is literally some next-level stuff here, folks. Got the gorilla glue in a little jar. It looks great. It smells beyond amazing (you can feel it in your eyes right away). The dabs are so clear and smooth with an ever-slight golden halo residing on the nail, with a good strong buzz and a rich, full terp profile. Nice and relaxing strain, too. Great for couch lock without completely knocking you out right away.
    Also got the island pink which came in a nicely folded parchment paper sealed inside another little plastic envelope. I, personally, do not like this specific strain(first time trying it) but everything i said about the gorilla glue (regarding product quality) is the same here. Outstanding smell, taste, and strong buzz. Just not my particular cup of tea is all 🙂
    I’m beyond impressed with this product and I think this might be my #1 brand (sorry Beard Bros).
    5/5 stars!!!!!

  37. Wow this stuff is SOO killer! I had a couple day almost one week tolerance break before getting my order as it was starting to get fairly high & I had 2 little dabs of the Sweet Skunk & truly got that first high feeling all over again. The Terps are CRAZY on this stuff! I have had blue river terpenes before, this stuff is like taking a dab of superior quality shatter just dunked right in the terpenes. I will definitely be ordering this again aswell as trying the HCFSE out. Soon as I drop a dab in my banger it’s almost clear aswell & when Q tipped it cleans sooo well, I havnt seen an extract come off so clean. Love the sweet Skunk aswell as the Island pink! Can’t wait to try the C99 aswell! THANKS HD @ Elevated Extracts!

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