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Fudge Brownie (Baked Edibles)

(34 customer reviews)


1 200 mg THC Fudge Brownie for $21
1 400 mg THC Fudge Brownie for $38

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Sold By: Baked Edibles
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Product Description

2017 Canadian Cannabis Awards 3rd Place Winner for Best Edibles Canada West

What’s better than chocolate? How about two different types of fair-trade chocolate? Blended with love into these classic favourites, these high-strength brownies are chewy, moist and a huge favourite among customers. Made with THC extract combined with MCT oil and soy lecithin for maximum bio-absorption.

This product is available in 2 strengths (milligrams of THC):
-200 mg of THC per brownie. Each package contains 1 brownie.
-400 mg of THC per brownie. Each package contains 1 brownie.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, dark chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavour), eggs, citric acid, unsalted butter, semisweet chocolate (unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract), flour, cocoa powder, cannabis THC extract, vanilla extract, black cocoa powder, liquid soy lecithin, salt.


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34 reviews for Fudge Brownie (Baked Edibles)

  1. Taste and effects were perfect. Would buy again!

  2. Extremely potent. I got the 200mg one and I ate an eighth of it and it knocked me on my ass. I’m a daily toker and I have a pretty high tolerance to marijuana but this stuff should definately be consumed carefully. The next morning I woke up and I was still high. I can’t even imagine what the 400mg one would do.

  3. potent and effective; I have had bad luck with edibles being rather ineffective but this knocked me on my ass. Would recommend

  4. I ate a whole 400mLg brownie, got high for hours. i missed that, like the younger days…besides that, my gf ate half of 400mLg and got fucked up, her first time taking pot in any way, ever! i freaked out, made me stay up all night making sure she isn’t gonna get too bad…that tripped me out as hell ! by the way i ate the remainder of her brownie which was like 600mLg for me all together i was in my state tho diff ordering again

  5. first time that we tried this brownie, bought the 400mg one and split it in half roughly. within 30 minutes I was feeling it, had a very big trip with it, next round will cut into quarters. but amazing, would highly recommend to people!!

  6. This brownie is powerful all you need is one bite and good night!

  7. ate half of the 200mg brownie.. got real high..

    taste is good.. little dryer and ” sandy ” in consistency than average brownie.
    will buy again

  8. Not ththe gretmatest tasting but they do the trick i ate a whole 200mg one and km feeling it but not as much as i thought i would

  9. VERY effective… Start with a very small dose. I took 1/12th of a piece and was very stoned. Takes about 20-30 minutes to hit.

  10. Accidentally ate 3/4 when I intended to try 1/2. 30 minutes later and I was jazzed.
    90 minutes later and I was TRIPPING BALLS, YO!!!
    Daily smoker, haven’t been that high in decades! Lasted hourssssss. Nice, smooth comedown but holy CRAP did I get high! Like, couldn’t walk in a straight line high, for a good 3+ hours!!! Here to buy again!

  11. YUP!

  12. Delicious definitely trying the 400 mg next time

  13. Wow, had a 400mg bar in the fridge, noticed expiry date(past due) so ended up eating some. Cut it into 8 pieces and 3 of us each had a piece(50mg supposedly). Well after 1 hr my buddy was turning green decided to head for home and about another hour later my gf got a little sick. I was alright tho. We have eaten 50mg many many times before. This thing was WAY more potent than 400mg(I’m thinking more like 800mg). Be careful. Glad we didn’t eat another chunk after the first 45min

  14. So I bought this brownie last week and I cut into 4 even pieces because from all the reviews ppl were saying to go slow and that they got really high but unfortunately that was not the case for me. I know I have a high tolerance but I thought it would do more. I started with 100mg on 2 different days and it did absolutely nothing for me. So I will be trying the remainder of it (200mg) over the weekend and I’ll see how that goes and if not I’ll kick it up to 300/400mg on my next order if I still don’t get results. Besides that the brownie tastes pretty good even for it being dark chocolate. I recommend for the novice user and for ppl who like brownies lol

  15. So I cut the 400mg into 4 pieces, I tried 1 piece the other day and I felt nothing, so tonight my wife and I finished off the brownie she having 1/4 and I ate the other half, 30 mins later and she is laying on the couch saying how she can’t move and that 1/4 was way to much for her and I’m feeling no pain but not very high just a little giggly, with that said I’ve been using pot since I was 12 and I’m 46 now and I use oils and shatter throughout the day so I’ve built up a pretty high tolerance, but according to the state my wife is in right now,lol I would recommend this product, but proceed with caution!!!

  16. Great taste and potency. The 400 mg brownie is amazing, perhaps too much for some, not me!!

  17. Great brownie tastes gross HD needs to fix the taste !!!!! Good high I’m chronic and I cut into 8 pieces

  18. AMAZING!!!! I get the 400 mg brownie. I’ve eaten half and I’ve eaten and entire one. These are very potent and you WILL feel the effects. If you have a low tolerance, I suggest the 200 mg bar and eating it in pieces. I have a friend with an extremely high tolerance, who would barely catch a buzz from any edible she tried. She ate an entire 400 mg brownie and was the HIGHEST she’s ever been in her life. So much that she said she would never eat a full brownie again (it was that strong). Taste is good (you can definitely taste the THC). I love these brownies, but suggest them only to experienced users and users with an extremely high tolerance level, as you WILL FEEL IT!!!

  19. Love these brownies . Takes about 40 mins to feel the effects but def one of my go to treats when wanting to relax.

  20. Will buy this again, texture could be better. But overall high amazing .. don’t eat to much at a time

  21. This is a great brownie you get some great feelings within a half hour.

  22. I wanted to add my 2 cents.
    #1. One should read ALL the reviews before purchasing
    #2. If you are new to this “world” as I am, you should ease yourself into these products. Thus far I have been vaping, tried the gummy edibles and I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Here is my story with taking this product:

    I had a few draws off my vape pen, but it was getting close to the end and started to get “that taste”. I then remembered I had this product but hadn’t used it yet. So I cracked the packaging and ate about half of it. I did notice an expiry date on the package and I was about 1 month over the date. But that hasn’t stopped me before using other products (yogurt, ketchup etc.). After about 45 mins (and eating half the brownie) I thought to myself “This didn’t do anything” but then promptly forgot. Then, I noticed I couldn’t stand up, my breathing had changed and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have NEVER been this high before. And in honesty, I was scared. I was hyper ventilating and shaking and then the worst thing happened…. a thought popped into my head. What if this has fentanyl in it? I panicked. I started to think about my 14 year old son upstairs and him finding me dead. But could I tell him I was high? I dialed 911 on my phone and had many conversations with myself “Am I really going to be the guy who got too high and called 911? “Am I going to be the guy that ignored that impulse and died because he ingested some street drug? I went back and forth for what felt like forever (but I was high so it was really only about 3 minutes) and in the end I did call for an ambulance.

    I met them at the sidewalk before they could get to the house and told them straight up what happened. They knew instantly that I hadn’t ingested fentanyl as my signs were the opposite. Once they knew the situation and knew I was ok, I think they started to play with me a bit. They took me into the ambulance, hooked me up to some things (I’m sure all was precautionary) and we had a discussion about does my wife know etc. And lo and behold doesn’t she call me and I have to explain that I was sitting in an ambulance.

    The next day I think I woke up feeling “high” like I normally do when I vape. So it lasted a long long looonnnggggg time and certainly kicked my ass. Again, the moral of the story is to read the reviews to see what others situations were like, read the directions and if you are unsure…. ease your way into it. Give it time to develop. If you haven’t felt anything in 10 mins, don’t assume and eat the rest. I’m 170lbs and half this brownie kicked me in the gonads. It certainly did what it was supposed to do, I was an idiot and took it too far.

  23. i had to try these so i bought both thc amounts. the 200 Mg is perfect in my opinion. when i had the 400 Mg brownie and i was gone. great product overall!

  24. Taste was okay. Crystallized sugary. Ate the 400mg. Was pretty high for 2-3hrs. I’m about 230lbs. I probably wouldn’t try again just for the poor consistency and taste.

  25. I got the 400mg gram and I cut into 6 pieces… one piece is perfect for me, takes my pain away and helps me sleep. Not a fan or the texture, it’s more like crystallized sugar then a brownie, definitely tastes like weed but for the small about it take to get you ripped, it’s not to bad… I will probably buy this again

  26. Bought the 200mg one and ate it all in one shot, wasn’t to bad tasting and packed a pretty good punch but the the price is a bit high. Found a 209mg brownie on another site for $13 and it’s just as good and that’s probably the only reason I wouldn’t buy again.

  27. Holy crap….. I don’t recommend eating all 400 mg at once if you have things to do in the morning oml.
    Gunna stay away from edibles for a bit but definitely five stars

  28. Absolutley wonderful1!
    400mg cut into 4 pieces does the trick!

  29. Not bad. I have a pretty high tolerance as I ingest THC oil every day on a daily basis to control my arthritis. So I ordered the 400mg. I did not find this affected me much in regards to being incredibly stoned but I will say it did make me feel more calm and it also made me a little giggly for a few hours. Other than that tho, I did not fuss the taste. But I am not a huge fan of dark chocolate so I am pretty sure that is why. If you like dark chocolate I can see you liking the taste.

  30. This is really a brownie with a Punch!! Totally worth the price and works beautifully. For me an all day pain relief was had!! Also, I didn’t have to eat the entire brownie to get the relief I seek. 5 stars for sure 🙂

  31. Taste was good although I’ve had better brownies but the potency certainly makes up for anything it lacks.

  32. Wow! This brownie is so good and the high is fabulous!!

  33. The best and only brownie I ever had. What an amazing buzz. I have a high tolerance so it didn’t take me long to eat the entire thing. I was high the whole day and it was great.

  34. This will do the trick…

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