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Lollipops (Mota)

(119 customer reviews)


1 Lollipop for $13

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Contains approximately 150 mg of THC per lollipop.

Perfect for the sweet tooth on the go. Each order includes one lollipop. Now made with THC Distillate for a cleaner taste!

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Isomalt, Cannabis Extract, Natural Flavour and Colour

Keep out of reach of children.

119 reviews for Lollipops (Mota)

  1. Again, MOTA winning in the taste, potency, and packaging department. Ive heard not all dosing is the greatest with MOTA… but I think you just need to be honest with yourself, if you like strong product – MOTA FTW

  2. guy did you guys even put weed in this or like did you run out er what? weak guy really weak, one star

  3. i was kinda disappointed with this one..! i felt Nothing at all even if it says that it contains 150 mg… .maybe this wasnt a great batch…. i took watermelon flavor, and taste good!

  4. Taste was awesome but didnt got me high at all and i still felt a need of smoking weed.

  5. Ordered 3 and loved them taste is a little gritty almost as if you are drinking tincture but overal high was great and I’m a daily smoker for the past 11 years eat the whole thing in one sitting and I promise that’s all you will be doing is sitting

  6. nowhere near 150 in there, unless the chocolate is WAY more than advertised which seems unlikely

  7. These definitely DO NOT feel like there is 150 mg of THC in each lollipop. I have greater effects from the Mota gummies and Mota chocolate bars on this site. The taste is not horrible, but you can taste the weed and there is some grittiness to them. I eat and entire lollipop in one sitting and can BARELY feel the effects at all!!! I will be saving my money and buying the gummies and chocolate bars from now on. 1/5

  8. Ok yes, the taste is not altogether pleasant but it’s not bad at all. I really like these. You get a lot of mileage from just one. Can’t complain. It really works well for ocular migraine pain. I’ll be ordering other flavours. So far I tried raspberry and strawberry.

  9. Difficult to dose but the high was great when I had about 80% of it lol

  10. When I ordered these several months ago, they tasted okay and the high was worth the price. When I ordered one last week, the high was still worth it, but the taste was so bad that I couldn’t even finish it . It tasted like it was covered in cleaning solution or something.
    If it wasnt for the taste of the this last one, I would give it a 4. In my opinion, the $32 sphere and the $22 Mile High Mint Cannabar are the best bang for your buck.

  11. I love these lollipops especially the blueberry. It gives a great body high very relaxing

  12. Pricey not the best buzz prefer the jelly’s

  13. Works ok but prefer to get a jelly or chocolate edible

  14. Got a few for a girls night out and they were a big hit! Very discreet but still got everyone buzzed up for the night!! Will get these again for party night!

  15. I wasn’t a fan of these lollipops, they tasted alright, but I really didnt get a buzz off of them…

  16. amazing product, long lasting high

  17. Watermelon is by far the best flavor. Blueberry was not bad, but still had a bit of a weedy taste. Lime is definitely the worst for flavor (and for some reason the lime ones seem to be stickier).
    The high is mild to moderate (varying on your tolerance). This is a wonderful way to medicate, would definitely order more watermelon ones.

  18. Flavour was good, though you can taste the weed and is a bit grainy.
    The high was really good, you definitely can get pretty high from just the one.
    If you are someone like myself who suffers from depression, anxiety and PTSD this is a great way to let your mind and body relax and have a great sleep waking up fresh as fuck!
    Will be repurchasing for sure.

  19. Very delicious !!!

  20. Great flavour and long lasting high. Would recommend

  21. I absolutely love these lollipops! They really pack a punch.

  22. Tried watermelon and raspberry I think. Maybe strawberry. I enjoyed the taste. Sweet and slightly weedy. Nice.
    Licked it for a little then put it away. Didn’t feel medicated. Licked it for a bit the second time. Still didn’t feel medicated. Ate the whole thing and it took a little while but I felt the effects. Overwhelming. Like with the MOTA Black, I realized a dose of 150 mg of THC without CBD is over-medicating for me.
    Had a 2nd lolly a few days later. Didn’t find it as potent. Guessing over-medicating raised my tolerance…temporarily 😉

  23. blueberry is the best flavor….felt a good body high. last a few hours in a fun convenient way to get high.

  24. Ordered grape. Tasted very bad and had little to no effect.

  25. We ordered the watermelon and raspberry ones… the watermelon was a better flavour however still not great. Half a sucker was way more than enough for me at one time. The high took its time before I noticed it but then it was really strong! Not sure I will get these again. Not worth it if they don’t taste that great.

  26. Dont buy lime… no swetnest and taste like sirup.. blueberry is better … good for the buzz and that all guys

  27. Light high, terrible taste, waaaay too overpriced

  28. Nice little buzz… have to get over the weed taste though :-/

  29. Taste was okay since I could taste the cannabis flavour through the candy, a lot (I ordered Blueberry). It lasted about 12 hours for me, which was longer than what I’m used to. Would recommend to eat half at first to test it. This creeped up on me and every half hour I was feeling it kick in again. It’ll go away for a bit but then come right back if I moved a lot.

  30. Anonymous

    Blueberry tastes great. Will be trying others real soon. Good buy

  31. I am considering passing these out for Halloween treats. Kidding. But seriously….these are amazing. Great for staying discrete. They taste great. The effects are long lasting but not overwhelming. I will buy these again, you should to!

  32. First time edible user, ordered raspberry and blueberry, the blueberry was delicious but the raspberry didn’t hide the flavour very well didn’t really taste like raspberry. I chose to eat the whole thing. Within two hours the effects were very intense, stayed awake for about 2 hours before falling asleep. Woke up the next morning still heavily medicated. Effects lasted about 17 hours so next time I’ll just consume half. Highly recommend for newbies.

  33. Nice relaxing high. Recommend

  34. Anonymous

    I thought there was more than one? Lol, expensive for it, Not as strong as i thought and i have low tolereance, but tasted good

  35. Not effective enough, wouldn’t reorder again

  36. I was forced to give it 1 star, I truly give this 0, bought 3 of these when they were 10$ did not feel a damn thing waisted 30$. Did not give me that feeling I love.

  37. Got the grape flavoured one which tasted awful, you can definitely tell there is cannabis in them. The candy was already broken off the stick when I got it as well. But it did give a decent buzz for me for a few hours through a movie, don’t know if they are as strong as advertised though.

  38. Great sleep. Few hours for the effects

  39. Took couple hours before i felt the effects. i hate 1 whole lollipop and for me it was too much. had some uncomfortable effects and difficulty sleeping. ill stick to jellies for edible

  40. Tried a grape and watermelon lollipop, the grape was much tastier. Decent buzz followed by a great sleep.

  41. Bit grainy in texture and very weedy. But for me I was able to have it over a couple sessions. The resealable bag is a nice touch if you don’t want the whole thing.

  42. 2 stars for 2 hour delay! Haha maybe quite 2 hours but boom this thing can randomly hit you. So before you suck on your lollipop before visiting grandma keep in mind it can take awhile. Dry mouth and sore throat may be the side effect for you but the wonderful sleepy high followed afterwards make it worth it. Bit of a negative review because i’m no fan of ones that creep up on you. But just enjoy it once it hits!

  43. Tasted fine, had some effects for sure but can’t put my finger on them… nothing like my experience with home made edibles..
    Also purchased the gummies from the same brand and they were better, so maybe an isolated incident?

  44. Got lemon. Tasted ok. Was broke off the stick when I got to it. ….didn’t seem to do much, if anything. Not worth my $10.

  45. Tasty and very sleepy

  46. Great product. Only problem was 1 out of the 2 I ordered came comepletely shattered off the stick but we’ll blame that on the good folks at Canada Post. Works good for what it is!

  47. Anonymous

    These pops are a bit granual in texture, and while the flavour is good, the infused extract definitely overpowers most of the flavouring additive. I have issue with the strength of them, as one lolly did not reduce severe pain as expected or as much as desired with the listed milligrams. Disappointed, but I like candy and cannabis so it still gets some stars.

  48. Anonymous

    I am really disappointed with these. One full lollipop barely does anything, even on an empty stomach. I ate two lollipops tonight and I’ve only got a mild buzz. I don’t know if I got a bad batch, because if I take half of the square gummies I get completely blitzed. Going to stick to those instead from now on.

  49. Taste so good and work great!

  50. Way better than the Bots in my opinion, more sweet, less bitter. I took a lemon one. Obviously great buzz from 150mg. Would certainly buy again

  51. bought a blueberry and lemon, i dont overly love love lemon but it had good comments, it was very very bitter, i think i got one of the ones that taste too much like peel, blueberry wasnt too bad. they ended up making my tongue hurt so i chewed them eventually, didnt notice anything except for the blueberry made my mouth/head tingle a tad in the beginning.

  52. Yummmmm

  53. Ate one after a 2 day break and wasn’t blown away. Wouldn’t recommend this to a regular smoker. Probably great if you aren’t one.

  54. Great way to get a different kind of buzz for the day. I ate half of one and it lasted around 4 hours. My gf who doesn’t smoke accidentally ate a full one and was feeling it for the whole day and after she woke up the next morning!

  55. I’ve had the lemon, strawberry, and cherry. all were amazing

  56. These are great for the girls but a grown man eating a lollipop, no one wants to see that.

  57. First off the package design is really cute lol this was my first time technically trying an edible. Ive tried tinctures and some THC oil pills from other sources but the effects with those was either not continuous or too sleepy. I underestimated this lollipop though. I didn’t taste much blueberry but I liked the lollipop still and didn’t mind the weed taste. Tried before going to work and thought I’d feel something little but idk if it’s just cause I’m around 95-100lbs but it hit me hard. I was energetic at times others happy and relaxed. Bit anxious plbut peoples looks at work don’t help. I’d try it again but save for a day I can do what I wanna do.

  58. great tasting candy and a nice buzz. A little expensive but I will probably buy again sometime.

  59. Half way through it tastes like weed very intensely so that makes the eating a little uncomfortable. But gives a long lasting buzz

  60. Great price, lemon was the best flavour. Effects are great and long lasting.

  61. These are my favorite edibles on HD. Not bad flavor, nice effects. Last quite long also. Best bang for buck

  62. The lemon flavored ones are my favorite, although once in a while you get one that is a little bitter.

  63. I find these lollies require some herb assistance. I ate one before a public event once and felt nothing, but smoked and ate one before a video game sesh and had the time of my life.

    Would recommend to take smoking to the next level. Would not recommend as a stand alone product.

  64. I recommend not breaking it into little pieces to share around. But they sure are fun to relax and suck on throughout the day. The taste didn’t completely mask the weed but it still gets you at a nice base high for me.

  65. Anonymous

    I love these lollies. Grape ones are my fav. Good for any kind of ailment. My uncle who was terminally ill with cancer loved these. They were his favorite till, he was hooked up to the machines.

  66. Very good high. Could keep you high with a few licks every hour.

  67. A bit bitter but very good nice high to will but again

  68. Anonymous

    These are pretty decent. Like all Mota products the quality and potency is very good. I found the taste is a little harsh and half way thru it starts to burn your throat like eating something that is very acidic. User be aware that these are no joke and about 30-60 min you’ll feel it creeping in. Nice mellow relaxing feeling but about 2-3 hours later it’s bedtime. Keep away from kids!!!!

  69. Not very potent. Was disappointed

  70. I can’t get enough of these grape flavoured ones! These are an amazing make. Mota knows their stuff!

  71. I got the lemon flavor. the taste was ok, mainly lemon but there were times it tasted like weed. the sucker turned a bit gritty after a while. I was still enjoyable tho.

    all edibles I have tried haven’t had a great affect on me and this one was no different so I can’t speak on the effects. edibles just aren’t for me but if you enjoy edibles then these are definitely worth checking out

  72. good tasting edible not really for me.

  73. There is a noticible kushy taste for sure. However, if that doesn’t bother you, these lollipops are very effective. I would’ve been okay consuming half of one.

  74. Anonymous

    Awesome! When i first saw all the reviews about the kushy/spicy taste i was not sure if i was gonna like them. But actually, the organic cane sugar make the bitterness go away. The kushy/spicy taste is mixed with a fruity/sweety taste. The only problem i found was the shipping time. Usually delivered in 2days it took a week to get home. The wait was worth, i’ll buy again

  75. I didn’t find them very strong at all. I am a pretty heavy user though so I’m sure for the average joe they’d be great. Taste is pretty decent too, I had the grape.

  76. very good for the price. Tastes like a premium edible.

  77. Anonymous

    Tastes like marijuana with medicinal effects. Thank you.

  78. They tasted a lot better then I thought they were gonna. I would buy again. Was very happy with these :)!

  79. Anonymous

    I love these lollipops for cost effective treatment, but the mouth-feel is a bit gritty, and after trying all the flavours I am a bit disappointed in this medicine’s quite medicinal candy quality, but overall I am satisfied with purchasing them.

  80. was nice enjoy lollipop. bought strawberry and it wasn’t overly sweet as a regular which I enjoyed

  81. Had the watermelon pop……. I’ll be the first to admit I am not a seasoned smoker. I generally medicate myself 1-2 days a week when my joint pain gets so bad that i can’t sleep. That said I had my first lollipop last night. Wow wow wow. 30 mins in and started feeling the oncoming euphoria. Thankfully i was smart enough not to finish the entire pop but i was 3/4 done before i realized what was about to come. Complete and total couch lock. Sober me was smart enough to leave a glass of water and a bag of chips on the coffee table so I was very content in not moving far. I would recommend these to anyone but be fore warned, don’t expect to do anything for the next several hours. Preparation is key! I’ll be buying more and trying all the flavours.

  82. watermelon tastes amazing and there is a after taste of kush however it is yummy.
    Effects for half of the pop arent not very good, have to eat the entire lollipop to get a buzzed awake feeling. wanted to be active.

  83. Progress report, approximately like 2 hours after consuming this. Was working an 11 hour shift so I thought I’d bring it to work and eat it near the end. VERY strong kushy taste. Almost puky but nothing terrible, the taste of blueberries eases it. None the less I’m extremely medicated right now. The body buzz is incredible, I’m so relaxed and happy it’s unbelievable, and I’m a seasoned smoker as well. Enjoying these edibles, will deffinetly be ordering more! PS I’m wondering if the sticks for these are made of hemp? If not, it’d be cool if they were aha. Idk just a stoned thought, none the less great product! Thanks Mota and HD!

  84. Very good Candy, Taste more like candy but has a nice buzz. 5/5

  85. Nice smooth high with its own ups and downs. I enjoyed the long high it gave me.But the only thing i didn’t like was the overwhelming taste of weed, you get by the time its half way done. When the taste will improve it will definitely be 5/5

  86. While these don’t taste that great, unless you’re into eating straight marijuana, they do pack quite a punch. I ended up chewing it off the stick, and eating like a normal hard candy. I’d recommend the jellies if you’re looking for something that tastes just as great as the effects it causes.

  87. I don’t really consume edibles but decided to give these a shot. Was pretty impressed with the results. I actually found the strength to be a little too strong for myself but overall really liked the product.

  88. 50 PLZ! Im never stopping buying these guys! I die for them!

  89. Definitely prefer the Jellies over these for taste! These do get the job done though. I personally eat half at a time (also easier with the jellies) and enjoy the subtle high they provide.

  90. they are awesome.. i sometimes eat up to 5 a day… it can get… how do you say.. intense. Highly recommend trying to see if you like yourself!! great flavors aswell, they grow on you but you have to appreciate the taste in the first place.. mmmhmm soo spicy. :>

  91. Did not like the taste at all but the effects were nice thank u hd

  92. Anonymous

    Was kind of bummed out when i received these…and i ordered 10. They get you buzzed / medicated, but the capsules in the 80-100 mg range gave me far stronger effects, and are $2.50 a piece. I won’t be reordering these, I’ll just get buzzed and raid my candy stash lol. I ate three of these in one day, and was smoking all day too 🙁

  93. Very potent, my new favorite edible! Got me way more stoned than the bho boys, it could have just been the day though. You know the taste is a good sign it has a hashy taste that I find enjoyable. I have had great experiences with both half a pop and a whole pop. Keep these goin all year long!!!

  94. Not a strong high but you do get medicated. I have a hard time believing there is a full 150mg of THC in one sucker considering the size but they work.

  95. Wanted to try these as my first edibles, and I’m pretty happy. Flavor is good, but I only tried watermelon. I imagine others are just as good. I let a piece of it and some saliva sit under my tongue for a while, but it starts to taste like you’re eating cannabis if you don’t swallow it after a while.

    Overall I’d recommend them, especially if you’re wanting to be stealthy. I’ll try a higher dose next time I lick one, but I prefer vaping if time/stealth isn’t an issue.

  96. Since the new and improved formula(higher thc content) are much better. I mean they taste pretty “spicy” but they get you where you need to go.

  97. Anonymous

    So the watermelon definitely not super tasty, tasted like weed mostly. Got me to the moon though, if you are not a regular smoker or even if you are I would say take about half or so because I got hit hard about 4 hours after I took it.

  98. Anonymous

    These get you very high. The watermelon did not taste good, though. At all. I found the taste quite unpleasant, in fact. Left a filmy layer at the back of my throat too. I will try a different flavor next time. They are incredibly potent, though!

  99. I now call these super lollipots, very efficient. Joint pains=gone! Happiness = why would anyone be sad! Potency is there. Taste is great. And what about discretion…c’mon it’s a lollipop! I said goodbye to my joint pain fast and could get a nice good night of sleep. Havent tried using during the day yet but my dad who also uses it told me it was his favourite. I need to get more for sure.

  100. I had to change my review from 4 to 5 stars, I officially love these guys. I think I built up too much of a tolerance to the honey, half or one of these hits the spot especially when I take a tiny toke along with it. These are way better than Mota’s jellies IMO and are easier to eat than their BHO bots.

    My only complaint now is that the lollies are a tiny bit too big for my mouth, so it’s hard to eat at first!

  101. Lemon Lime was great, tasted good and was a great buzz. Keep em’ coming MOTA

  102. Came home from work and had the orange flavoured lollipop before a card tournament and wow I thought that I could never get that stoned. It’s probably not the best product if you have social anxiety. In my opinion, it would be better to just lay out on the couch and meditate. I ended up tying for first place in the tournament but was hanging on by a piece of thread due to the major head high. I will definitely buy more of this product. Thank you HD Team!!!

  103. Tried Watermelon and Cottoncandy. Great flavor and very convenient to medicate. Give it atleast 30-45 minutes to kick in.. Will definitely purchase again. Thank you HD

  104. Great for beginners or in public.

  105. Can’t complain about the taste – extract was barely noticeable; I found the buzz a bit stronger than the jellies – I wonder if it’s because it takes longer to ingest them? Either way, a decent buzz for a good price

  106. For the price, not that great. I got strawberry-kiwi and it didn’t really taste like anything fruity whatsoever. The more I licked/ate at it, the more it felt like sandpaper; not the most pleasant experience.
    Not a bad high but there are much better edibles on this site.

  107. Anonymous

    I ordered grape flavor it’s pretty bomb, can barely even taste any thc. It’s perfect!

  108. Not a fan of the texture. Taste ok but leaves you with itchy throat. Not very potent for 10 bucks

  109. Not my favourite edible to come through HD, especially for the price. If this were 5 or 8$ I would be all over it.
    With that said, these are delicious! It’s rare to find a candy edible that has no extract taste, so these are pretty standard flavour-wise. Made my throat itch a tiny bit but other than that the effects were great 🙂

  110. great for beginners, nice body high. slight weed taste, but still pretty enjoyable. Got two different flavours but they both look and taste the same.

  111. Wasn’t the best taste in the world but I had no issues with the high.

  112. Cotton candy is very tasty and the high is decent if you have a few bowls it seems to help alot more

  113. Tasty. Good for medicating in public. If you aren’t a regular user these will get yA going pretty good but an experienced person should carry 2 or 3 in their pocket. Great stuff

  114. I loved the watermelon, surprisingly tasty for how strong a dose it is. Love it.

  115. Four stars because of the price to candy ratio. That said, these pops come loaded with 100mg THC in each so you can easily take the hammer to one and split it up into smaller doses. Good taste and liked it a lot, would prefer smaller doses and more pops for the price – say 35-40mg THC per pop. Will continue to buy 😀

  116. Tasted decent, glad I put it in my order. body high was very present.

  117. Great product will buy again.

  118. These taste a lot like weed. The taste is almost overwhelming at first, I had to put my first lollipop down for a bit and pick it up after I cleared the taste out of my mouth. This was the orange flavour, I am not sure if they all have this issue. After picking it back up and finishing it, I’m left with a nice buzz that I’m quite happy with.

  119. So to start these off i found that they tasted of weed, very heavily. they also made my throat burn as i kept getting through them. the high is very body high orientated and not overwhelming which is a good thing. would give these like a 4.25/5

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