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Jellies (Mota) – Sativa

(254 customer reviews)


1 Jelly (Sativa) for $12

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Approximately 120 mg of THC per jelly

Made from scratch, these jellies are infused with 120mg of THC. Each package contains one jelly and is available in a range of delicious flavours. Intended for high tolerance patients, however also great for low tolerance users when split into smaller doses. Great way for patients to find a dosage that works best for them. Each order includes one jelly.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, cannabis, gelatin, citric acid, natural and artificial flavours, pectin, artificial colours, coconut oil, carnauba leaf wax.

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

* The Jellies may lose form or melt a little during the summer heat.

254 reviews for Jellies (Mota) – Sativa

  1. I bought some strawberry and watermelon flavour, I enjoyed both flavours and I eat one to two points. If your a heavy pot smoker these might be on the weaker side. I’d buy again.

  2. Very good product !!!!

  3. MOTA Jellies are delicious! Come get you some and see what I am talking about. Juicy and soft – causing NO sickness 🙂 JUST BLISS!

  4. LOVE these!

  5. Taste good and very effective with half.

  6. Love the grape flavour, and as others have mentioned these pack a nice kick. I usually take about a third at a time and they’re a fun treat

  7. Good taste and nice buzz, always take small dosage as these fruity edibles comes with great side effects.

  8. Really happy with this product! Very strong high from these. 2 segments is enough for me to chill out max, so getting four doses at this price is great. Mango tastes great! Watermelon didn’t mask the taste as much but I don’t mind that so much ??

  9. Best edibles on HD. My wife and I are both very experienced and half a jelly has us flying.

  10. LOVE! So easy to bring to a party and so low key – a more energetic high and only need 1/16 to go happily about my day, 1/8 if chilling and chatting. Boyfriend had 1/8 and had a nice high – starts in the head and drifts into a nice body buzz, lasted a solid hrs for me! Try the peach, it is delicious!

  11. These gunmies are delicious and all I need is a point or two and I’m good for a few hours.

  12. Always adding one of these to my order! But I need to eat the whole thing for the perfect high . Long lasting and very relaxing….definitely try this product! Great price for a great product!

  13. I will be ordering these gummies again for sure! I think that I will be trying a different flavor this next time though.

  14. Got the cherry sativa jelly, delicious and good buzz. I did not consume the entire jelly, just a small portion, and was surprised at the nice buzz

  15. Awesome, be careful to start small

  16. Mango was delicious and masked the weedy taste. Strong and effective.

  17. Gonna pair this with sum bho bots

  18. I get these every order. Never disappointed.

  19. Great product for the price! Just be warned, they are powerful. I would cut into at least 1/8.

  20. This stuff is amazing. I cut the gummy with scissors into very thin slices and it goes far. One piece can be cut 10+ times.

  21. Great candies I love the flavour and they always seem to be properly dosed. This is a great product if you want something you can bring with you and stay low key!

  22. delicious but not potent enough

  23. Always tasty. Always intense. Love these!

  24. LOVE these gummies!!! Best bang for your buck and they taste GREAT!!! I’ve only tried the watermelon and blue raspberry so far, but they both are delicious and hit very nicely!!! I eat an entire bar in one sitting, but I am also a heavy smoker with a very high tolerance. If you are inexperienced or have a low tolerance for edibles, please only eat this in pieces. No big difference between the Satvia or Indica ones in my opinion. 5/5

  25. Best product by far for the price, taste and high. These are a staple of my order. I love them.

  26. Gummies that hit hard and last long… If you are a heavy smoker than one of these gumies WHOLE will do… if you re NOT a heavy smoker at all…try 1/10 of the gummie…. yeah.

    I would buy again and will buy again! This si a dope product and MOTA is on to some great things!

  27. My favourite edible to buy! the high is great and you can easy cut it into different doses. I had a fourth my first time, so did my friend, and we both were set for a beautiful ride. The flavours are also quite tasty, don’t notice the thc taste as much as other edibles

  28. Best edible for the price. Mango was great taste. 1/4 was a great buzz!

  29. Everyone I’ve shared these with loves them too! I’ve had the blue raspberry, peach and cherry. Consistent high and long lasting too.

  30. Best edibles I’ve ever found. I buy these all the time, great taste and kicks like a mule. Awesome way to spend $12, but take my word for it, buy several because you’ll want more. Worth it all day long.

  31. Love these, they are a routinely stocked item in my self-medication pantry. I would recommend starting with 1/12 or 1/6 of a jelly, as they are quite potent. The flavour profiles are all right, and you can taste the extraction process with a slight bitter aftertaste. The key benefit of these are their rectangular shape, to help manage mg dosage of THC. Best MOTA product I have tried so far.

  32. Rly like these. No coughing or harsh taste. Does the job

  33. Loved the productive high. Ate too much once and the paranoia was real

  34. Tried the blue rasberry and the taste is very good. I have a high tolerance and 1/3 of these is enough to give me a nice clean good high. The giggles definetly kick in after a little bit. Can’t wait to try more flavors!

  35. Peach is my fav! Really enjoy the high of the sativa very up and giggly kind of high. These are my go to edible

  36. Amazing flavor! Split it into 8 pieces and eating two at a time was awesome. 10/10 would recommend and would definitely buy again

  37. Read a lot of negative stuff online about these so i wasnt expecting much. however im impressed. first try I did 3/8th and it knocked me on my ass.

  38. These are my go to edible, great high and great taste, i eat 1/4 of a jelly for a nice high half will put me on the couch lol

  39. Taste Fantastic! Had the blue raspberry and the grape of these Sativa ones. Nice broad candy makes it easily divisiable (with a sharp blade) for a customized dose depending on desired effect.

  40. Delicious! Enjoy many flavours and the buzz is very good.

  41. Tastes great and 1/4 of one has me melting into the couch on nights I just don’t want to do anything anymore. Great for winding down after a long day of work.

  42. Small convenient packaging make these great to take on adventures. I couldn’t tell the difference between an indica and sative jelly but they both got me high.

  43. I have tried every flavour and have to say that I do not have a favourite…but these jellies are probably the best tasting and provide you with the best buzz! I will continue to order theses…

  44. These are my go-to edibles. Super easy to get the right dosage every time. And the high is consistent throughout. Can’t recommend this enough.

  45. These are worth every penny but tread lightly because the taste is so good you’ll be tempted to nibble more. Had 2 small squares and i was buzzing for hours. Mango is very yummy!! Maybe a lil too yummy. Lol
    Fun to share!

  46. Fantastic product since I dislike smoking. Well balanced and a variety of flavorus. What”s not to love about these?

  47. Definitely worth the price! Took an entire gummy to myself and felt the full effects within the hour. For those of you who worry about never feeling the effects of edibles, look no further then these gummies!

  48. Got the blue raspberry and it was amazing half in the morning and the other half after lunch and was feeling it for a good 7 hours

  49. The taste is great and the effect too i like it.

  50. Great snack that gets ya buzzed

  51. Very good product at a good price, have tried many different flavours and have been satisfied with them all.

  52. Good taste and good size for the money. Has really nice buzz and like how easy it is to control the dosage. I have ordered more and some of the indicas.

  53. These are great. A good 1/4 or 1/3 of a gummy is perfect for me. Good bang for your buck!

  54. Excellent! I just finished my first order of 6 different items, and ALL items were wonderful. Will be ordering again, asap. As for this product, I thought it was a really good bang for your buck! I am a lightweight, so it only took 1 square to get me there! Within a half hour, I felt the effects, and the giggles lasted for hours. My partner has a higher tolerance, and needed 4 squares, but felt really great. Uplifting, energetic, aphrodisiac effects 🙂

  55. These things are the amazing. Except for how groggy I get the next morning if eaten at night. Wicked pricing for what they are. A little inconsistent sometimes but then you just eat more.

  56. A nice body buzz. I was able to function yety had that internal grin I was looking for

  57. Sort of creeps up on you. Good tasting .

  58. Ordered grape this time. So tasty. Split in half and worked great.

  59. I can split these into 3 of 4 and it will still last hours! Strawberry and blue raspberry are both delicious. Great add-on product to any order.

  60. By far the best edibles I’ve had to date. I love these jellies. These are definitely worth buying again and again.

  61. Eaten at the right time these make the best way to end an evening

  62. I’ve tried multiple flavours and haven’t been disappointed!! My boyfriend and I split one and have a nice relaxing evening watching movies/playing video games!! I think I may try a whole one time haha ???

  63. These gummies are amazing. A fourth of a brick will get you an amazing buzz. I’ve been reccomending these to everyone!

  64. Didn’t hit as hard as I was hoping but tasty and still a nice buzz

  65. I usually split them in 3 and thats enough to last me 4-5 hrs. I’ve had several of these in different flavours and these are one of my favourites on this site. Definitely give these a try!

  66. These are great. I love the taste and the high.

  67. the most effective for me good taste also

  68. I break it into 8 pieces and take one. One piece is more than enough for me. I have tried multiple flavors, they all taste great. Definetly knocks me on my butt.

  69. Tried them all they all are sooooo tasty thanks Mota

  70. Strawberry was yummy. Really fun.

  71. I have had multiple MOTA products and I tend to go back to this one. I prefer Sativa for day-time or social events, be careful to not take too much otherwise it may cause unpleasant effects — be conscious of your tolerance — though I find Sativa gummies to be more forgiving than Indica. Remember to consume food high in fat prior to medicating with edibles as it will extend the high and make it more potent. My favorite flavor is Grape. Further, you will taste some cannabis but it is not over powering. Highly recommended to have on hand.

  72. These are amazing, I am liking the body High that I get and that I can control by taking more or less!,

  73. Great with every order. All flavours taste good and the buzz is very nice
    Love these!

  74. Love these! Get them every order. Tasty and effective.

  75. Have bought most flavours and haven’t been disappointed in the least.

  76. Super effective! As suggested by others, I would recommend cutting into portions. First time trying these jellies so i opted for 1/8th and still received a solid buzz

  77. -One jelly not multiple -Delicious -Nuclear effectiveness

  78. One of the best tasting edibles. Take one full one definitely feel it.

  79. Prefer the moto orb better. These taste good. The orb is slightly cheaper. Would order this again

  80. Love this one especially the pineapple flavor

  81. Blue raspberry is out of this world, if you haven’t been told there is something in it you wouldn’t know . Surprisingly large candy, very easy for dividing. Effects are mild or medium.

  82. I give 3 stars because of the taste, it’s really noticeable compared to some edibles I’ve had, but dollar for value still good for the punch these have.

  83. I’ve had other edibles but I always come back to these. They’ve been consistently effective and delicious. I take 1/3 to 1/2 each time and other than a bit of an upset stomach and gas the next day, they work great. Maybe eat em on a full stomach, would be my advice ?

  84. I get at least one of these with every order, and I’d encourage anyone considering it to do the same. I’m a regular vaper but perhaps my tolerance for edibles isn’t too high, because 1/8 of these at a time get me PLENTY high. Discrete, can toss in my purse or have a bite before heading out, and the high will just be creeping in when I arrive. High starts in my head, energetic, though over time will give me a body high and I’m ready to sit back and chill. Overdoing it gives me anxiety but that’s easy with edibles… know your limit! And try these gummies!

  85. Very powerful product, feel good awakening effect of sativa 10mg / 120mg thc Cherry.

  86. Great taste and very strong. Mota is the best, 1/4 or 1/2 is good for me.

  87. I tried the grape and I loved it! The flavour was great and gave me a nice little buzz.

  88. Great product and great taste

  89. Love these (cherry is my favorite) cut my little lego block looking jelly into squares and take one or two at a time. Just enough of a happy buzz to keep me uplifted and not couch bound for hours. When asked what they are like I tell people its “comfortable” it makes me relaxed yet happy and I don’t smell like weed if I go out an about my day. Very happy with this product and the customer service and speed of delivery is fantastic. Great job HD 🙂

  90. Not bad. not as strong as i thought. but its a nice buzz

  91. Being a long time smoker of both cigarettes & weed it gets increasingly more difficult to smoke anything. Having options other than smoking is great for me and other long time or non smokers. It’s easy and discreet & is a great way of getting into your system without stinking up any place or when your at places where you can’t smoke (which is pretty much everywhere these days). I got cherry. And while any kind of jelly beans, gummy bears and the likes texture has always creeped me out, I find that this is still a good option. You can really taste the weed but also cam taste the flavor you choose. I like the taste, I get good effects without coughing and hacking from smoking. It’s also great because it is easy to cut up into smaller pieces. I fine 3 or 4 pieces a jelly is good but best you start out small and see how it effects you. Because you can cut into pieces makesnit a really good value for the cost. I have tried both Sativa and Indica and love them both. Would definitely recommend to try.

  92. Taste kind of bad… Long after taste of cannabis. Except for this, they do what they are suppose to do pretty well. We split it in 10th and the buzz was fun and not too agressive. I recommend these or the round ones!

  93. I loved these. I purchased the cherry and they are really good. A nice high with just 1/4 of the jelly for me.

  94. Not a fan. I checked over reviews and went with Blue Raspberry as suggested – VERY weedy taste… tried a qtr of the piece as suggested and it did nothing but kill a bit of my body pain that day. The next time I tried half – still same effect. I’ll stick with the orangeade and honey thanks 😉

  95. Anonymous

    My wife and I split one gummy and got a decent buzz. I will try a whole one next time and see how it goes.

  96. All the flavors are great and these do the job every time. |f you have a high tolerance it takes more of the gummy to work obviously which can make it pricey but it’s great for going to party’s or going out where you can’t smoke, I find they last anywhere from 3 to 6 hours depending on how much you take and your tolerance, definitely recommend this product, same with the indica gummies.

  97. Anonymous

    Love the product i cut them into small pieces and it really works for my headaches i will continue buying

  98. These little guys are a must. You have to try them. Couch required haha.

  99. was really impressed with this product ate the full thing and was relaxed for hours for sure will buy again

  100. Had the peach one at a party where smoking was taboo and it was the greatest buzz. Felt very energetic but with euphoric glow and no smell or having to sneak off and burn. Will buy these again.

  101. Anonymous

    I bought one of these recently in the blue raspberry after reading the reviews – still tasted the herb distinctly but not horrible…. tried a quarter piece as recommended in reviews, but nothing… mind you I didn’t have much pain that day either. Next tried half, but again, didn’t get noticeably high, but didn’t have pain…
    I’m a daily user, but shit, I expected more than this…

  102. I get one of these almost every time i place an order. It’s perfect to throw in your purse or bag to have on hand for a quick buzz when you need to be discreet. I cut mine in four pieces. I think it would be too much to take all at once. You’d be lit like a xmas tree!

  103. Delicious tasting and leave you with a great buzz, but doesn’t leave you stuck on your couch. Gummies are nice and soft. Highly recommend!!

  104. I only gave this a low rating because I GOT SO HIGH! I WAS LIT! Like a freaking lighter! And I was at work!! Haha! I just kept quiet, but I was so high, that I had several small panic attacks whilst working. Just not on the outside, I was having these panic attacks on the inside. It was pretty fun, and shitty at once. Should have saved this one for being at home, and doing housework, or yardwork. Holy macaroni!

  105. An excellent product for daytime – however, newbies need to go slow in their consumption. This product helps with appetite, pain reduction and combats nausea. It also combats depression.

  106. Love these things. Half a gummy and a camp fire = great evening. Have had a great summer. Highly recommend.

  107. Excellent effects but watch your consumption. I broke one into 8’s and each square did me good for hours on end.

  108. First off, let me compliment the flavouring of these jellies. I had the apple one, and it was delicious! You get a very full apple taste and very little to no cannabinoid aftertaste.
    My biggest critic about the product is the same as its Indica counterpart – it’s too damn weak! I’ve read from a few HD users that they found the Sativas to be much, much stronger than the Indica jellies. I don’t share that opinion at all.
    Personally, I would strongly recommend against purchasing jellies if you consider yourself a regular smoker or “season veteran,” if you will. I found ZERO kick from them. ZERO. The only reason this product gets 2 stars is because of its taste and because I’ve heard for the weaker smokers this really hit the spot. Maybe I have the immunity of Tommy Chong within me, maybe not, but nevertheless, I won’t be buying these again because, in my view, they’re a waste of $12. You’re far better off buying yourself a nice gram of weed or a brick of hashish. At least then you’re guaranteed the “BOOM” you’re looking for in lieu of venturing into – and potentially disappointed by – the unknown (AKA jellies).

  109. I find MOTA very hit and miss with accuracy of potency, but these have not been a let down for me yet. These are my go to for edibles that i feel work from MOTA

  110. Anonymous

    3 stars because it did what it was supposed to do however got us way higher than we wanted to go. We both had only a quarter of it, Ended up in a state just lying in bed for 8 hours where we both contemplated calling an ambulance. Call me paranoid however it was that serious. Also was high for 13 hours, much longer than expected. Left me feeling terrified and has scared me so much to never do pot again ?

  111. Watermelon is nice!

  112. My friend and I both ate 1/4 and were blown away. I’m a pretty heavy smoker, but edibles don’t usually work for me. We had blue raspberry, and while we had to choke them down, definitely worth it. Great high, that lasted 4-6hrs, no couch lock. Will order again.

  113. These jellies are awesome !

  114. Anonymous

    I had just 1/4 of the blue raspberry and I was out of my head. I don’t know why because usually their jellies do not affect me much but this one had me out of my mind for about 4 hours. It’s good but be careful it took me way past where I wanted to go.

  115. I had the Blue Rasberry. Very tasty. It was a total head high. If your not a daily smoker I would suggest trying half first.
    For me, I eat the whole thing. The high was nice and strong. But not overly. Nice treat for once in awhile. Will buy again.

  116. Delicious and effective. Only thing that I don’t like about these is that I feel like they take a while to kick in.

  117. Very good jellies! Have a great taste and get the job done will be getting more of these. Cant wait to try all the flavours

  118. These are a go-to. Blue raspberry is the best flavour. Usually cut into 1/6 or 1/8 and it’s plenty!

  119. Great.

  120. This stuff is great. I ate half the first time and it had me feeling great. Much better then the indica.

  121. nice experience , will retry somedays .

  122. Strong… Haha I’ve cut one up and gotten myself and 3 friends Stoned.

  123. I ate approximately half of a blue raspberry one night after going out with some friends. I knew that edibles hit me quite hard (which is why I only took a bite) but holy smokes I was not expecting it to pack this punch. I lay on my bed watching Martha and Snoop’s cooking show, feeling none of my usual fibromyalgia pain and having the most pleasant thoughts. Amazing!

    The only downfall was that I was still high the next day when I went grocery shopping…there’s a lot of ice cream in the house now.

  124. Anonymous

    Got a new place and haven’t been able to smoke in it. Decided to try these out after a month of no toking (atleast a gram of shatter every 3 days before that) let me just say these rocked my world. At times it became a little too intense but I rode the wave and it was an amazing time. The more I did them (3-4 times/week) the more I needed to take so understand the reviews that say it did nothing for them.

  125. Amazing better with this one over the indica .

  126. They seemed to work really well while playing in the dart league. Definitely not performance enhancing but not too shabby at keeping focus

  127. taste really good but, didn’t feel anything..

  128. Ate half this morning and it lasted at least 6 hrs in waves, def Ordering this again.

  129. these are tasty little fellas but I find them a little weak for the price.

  130. The best way to go for jelly edibles IMO

  131. These are great. I’ve got some sports injurys and these take the pain away everytime.

  132. Strength can be hit or miss. But 9 times out of ten a half gets me where I want to be. Ive tried all the flavours I think. Peach and blue raspberry are my favs

  133. I normally need two jellies before I feel any effects. BUT once they are in me I am good to go! great for on the go (if you get the mg right) I have reordered this product 3 times and will continue to do so. I’ve tried Watermelon and Blue Ras. Blue Ras for me is by far the better of the two. Picture shows circle gummies but for me they come in rectangular Lego like pieces (doesn’t change anything, just in case you open the packet and wonder why they look different)

  134. My buddy gave me 2 doses and after an hour I couldn’t grab my cup of water off of the table. My tolerance is pretty low, so I likely went a bit too deep. 10/10

  135. Very great product, took effect around 30 minutes after eating and lasted for like 3+ hours. i ate 1/4 and found the dosage was fine. nice buzz and not too overwhelming I would recommend the same dosage for first timers. I suppose experienced daily users can easily handle 1/2 and have a great experience.

  136. These Jellies are edible incredible!! They are super easy to separate into doses and there is great consistency in potency in the entire jellie. Each can provide from 4-8 really nice relaxing highs (Depends on tolerance of course). Really nothing bad can be said about these – all flavors are great if you are a fan of the flavor.

  137. This is the king of the edibles on in my opinion. The taste is amazing! Particularly Apple, Blue raspberry, Cherry, and Grape in order of my preference. It packs a punch too so I only recommend eating half. I prefer it over the Indica counterpart as it is too weak. I sincerely wish would incorporate brownies to their lineup of edibles.

  138. absolutely loved it!! i tried mango, water melon – very tasty but did not enjoy blue raspberry – tart for me. comes in a small jelly bar. i am low tolerance so i took 1/4 at a time to have a good buzz and a relaxed sleep. half a bar took me to my happy place. will keep buying!!

  139. Shit is Fire! Ate one of these and an hour later I couldn’t finish sentences, potent, focussed, almost too much, very racy, gets your mind and body going, very little burnout, lasted the whole afternoon, would order again if they were cheaper. Nice consistency to the gummy, and it was tasty.

  140. Didn’t hit as hard as I hoped. Fantastic flavor and did last for about 6 hours. would recommend the lolli instead

  141. great stuff. best value for the money you spend. you can cut into 8 small pieces and get high for a couple hours no problem.

  142. These are fantastic, id say eat about half and not really have much planned for the rest of the day lol

  143. Good high, doesn’t hit you hard, but you’ll definitely feel it, helped me stay up after a nightshift. If you smoke a couple of times a day, I’d suggest buying two of these for better effect

  144. Great taste, very little psychoactive effect for me besides a noticeable energy. Few hours of a buzz from one whole Jelly, I’ll try two next time for a full effect.

  145. The watermelon flavour was yummeh as can bee! Cut into quarters was the perfect quantity for me! Tis a must buy every time!

  146. These were ok, woke me up and kept me going through out the day!

  147. I do love the high off of these as its uplifting but I would recommend buying a couple of them if you would like a strong buzz as isn’t very potent tastes so good though! I prefer blue raspberry

  148. taste great, eat on a light stomach

  149. Well maybe I just don’t react to edibles properly?
    So I bought this on a whim, I’m a joint a day smoker and thought this would be pretty powerful to me. I was warned by many to not eat the whole Lego piece, (which mine was shaped like), and to start slow. I’m a big guy, but took the advice to heart.

    Tasted pretty good with only a hint of weed taste. (I had blue raspberry one).
    For the price of effectively one g of almost any strain, it did not do the trick very well.

    So imagine a piece of Lego. They have pips or little dots on them. This brick had 8 pips on it. I started really small. One pip. Waited…nothing. Two pips…still nothing…then three,four…until I was up to all 8 pips. It had a mild effect on me.

    Basically it was interesting, but not worth it to me to try again.
    I will stick with the herbs.

    But other people have had great success with edibles. So…try it once and judge for yourself.

  150. had the pink grapefruit. it had a great floor with no weed taste so was just like eating candy.

    I can’t speak the the effects as I didn’t do much for me. it’s not just these gummies, just edibles in general just don’t give me a good buzz but I still try them out once and a while. these are well made and taste great so worth checking out if you enjoy edibles.

  151. These are my favourite edibles available on this site. The sativa are great for during the day when you gotta still get stuff done. Great buzz!

  152. Good high. Wasn’t paralyzed. Great for day use

  153. Good tasting edible it is the newer Mota packing and the lego shaped gummie not what is pictured but that may just be the flavour I chose, very large size easy to split in two for dosing and tastes just like a gummy thanks Mota and HD for the awesome product

  154. Great taste and pretty strong. Start with half if you are a mild user or less even. For heavy users eat it all no problem.

  155. If you get anxiety go with indica, this stuff is strong

  156. Dosage alert!!! Group of six mid-aged lifelong tokers each ate one half, which proved to be way too much. Four-plus hours of intense, psychedelic high. Two guys hated the experience. First-timers should eat no more than a quarter.

  157. i ate the whole thing and got a strong high off it. Took an hour and a half to kick in for me, lasted about 4 hours. I had the pineapple flavor which i enjoyed. next time i’ll probably order two and eat them at the same time, cause i want a stronger high from edibles then what i experienced.

  158. Great product! My go to edibles. Love the pineapple, mango and blue raspberry flavours. Also love the new format. Very fun.

  159. First time doing jellies not dissapointed great high for when you don’t wanna smoke. Great for watching shows while high.

  160. First time trying edibles, and was not disappointed! I am an every day smoker but found I didn’t need to smoke anything additional when eating a quarter of the gummie. . Gummie tasted great with very little weed taste, energetic, giggly buzz on the sativa gummie’s. Do yourself a favor and order a few!

  161. Bought the pineapple – super tasty. Super potent! Smoke often and I found for my self, just a nibble will do ya!

  162. Amazing taste and mind blowing potency. I disagree with Matthew below, start with a quarter, I wish I did. Half was more then I needed but still an amazing experience.

  163. Taste 5 stars. Effect 6 stars. I suggest starting off with half a gummie. The effects are fast. Cherry for the win!

  164. Pineapple is the best flavor by far and blueberry is my least favourite. I find sativas have barely any cannabis taste, compared to the indica gummies. I’m obsessed with how gooey and soft they are. The taste for the sativa’s one are pretty on point but not strong enough thc content for myself. I am a regular consumer so I don’t find them to be as potent, I’d need to consume about 4-5 for an effective high which is to much on the wallet. If you don’t dabble with edibles definitely snag some up they are worth a try. Love to see higher thc/cbd edibles.

  165. I don’t know whether I would be viewed as a heavy-ish user but I am not a novice. I tried some of these and as others have said the flavours are great. Almost no medicinal after taste at all. Pretty impressive.
    I have thus far only used about 1/3 of a jelly per time and it works for me. Nice mellow, relaxed, feeling which lasts for a few hours.
    Well worth trying out at the very least.

  166. Really enjoy these jellies. Super tasty flavours and a solid 4 hour buzz. I tend to take the sativa jelly during the afternoon and get very energized. I found these to be strong enough to make me a bit daydreamy yet still useful enough to be accomplishing my daily activities. The hard part is not eating them all in a savage candy binge.

  167. Tried for the first time and was pleasantly suprprised! My lady and I tried the Bl Rasp Sativa on the weekend. I ate half a jellie ( big guy chronic user) and didn’t need more. She ate a quarter of a jellie ( small gal and not as chronic as hubby lol)and she said it was a little much for her. Cant wait to try the grape indica ones this weekend. Will definitely buy more of the sativa ones again.

  168. These taste amazing! Would recommend every flavor.
    I found them quite potent and am an everyday user. Would for sure recommend just starting with half a Jelly at a time!

  169. i very love those jelly sativa it really worth the 12 $ i try every fllavor and my favorite was strabery banana 🙂 will buy more this weed

  170. Love these gummies because the weed taste is minimal so you can enjoy your flavours and it doesn’t hurt your throat like some candys

  171. Well we got a slightly different looking jelly. Ours was a Lego looking shape and in a colourful mota bag. The jelly was delicious (blue ras) however we definitely didn’t take enough. We started with roughly 20mg each and waited 40 Mins and had another 20mg each. Hour later still barely felt anything. Both had another 20mg and felt a little tingly but that’s about it. Maybe we smoke too much! Going to try them again and take a higher dose.

  172. Potency: A bit lacking on potency but does the job.

    Flavour: Every flavour I have tried has been very good! (but is that because its missing medicine)

    Packaging: Great packaging looks professional.

    Pricing: For 120 MG of THC you are paying 1$ per 10MG of thc which is a bit higher but the packaging and quality are superb.

    Value: A wonderful product from HD can be used for fun or healing. Just wish it was a bit more potent.

  173. Great for daytime, nice body high.

  174. Very good taste. Huge count. Ordered a week ago pink grapefruit. Huge appetite gains.

  175. Delicious and delivers a great high! I like that i can cut the jelly to dose myself appropriately. For me a half a jelly for a great high or even a third for a more of a ‘i have things to do’ high. Please Herbal Dispatch, carry more Mota products!!! Im definitely ordering more jellies again, only indica as i prefer the high.

  176. Nice buzz gets you feeling nice for during the day, pairs well with video games. Pink grapefruit is the best

  177. My favourite edibles so far. Potent and tasty. I love the cherry ones.

  178. Good stuff, great taste and texture. Mine didn’t melt even though it was hot outside. Very strong. If I want a subtle light high that lasts all day I can eat roughly 1/8 of one of these. Yes roughly one eighth of a candy. If I eat about a third to half of a candy and also smoke I get super high. Higher than I am able to get from just smoking, I have been a daily smoker for ten years. I highly recommend these, experienced users will appreciate the potency and users with less tolerance or who want a mild high can cut them up into smaller pieces and they become an insanely good deal.

  179. Anonymous

    The pink grapefruit was very delicious. Energetic, cerebral high. Wish it was stronger though.

  180. I had the strawberry/banana. Better tasting and more enjoyable to eat than the Bots… Quite a big chunk of jelly candy still. I tried half then ate the other half a little later. Next time I will try all at once. The effects were weak for me and caused shakiness as it was wearing off.

  181. Tastes great. First time eating edibles. I ate 1/3, waited, and then ate the rest once I realized how good they feel. Nice. Will buy again for those days when smoking is not an option.

  182. I had the blue raspberry and my girlfriend got watermelon we cut them into fours took them all within 2hrs I noticed the effects quite well and now know what I can handle dosage wise looking forward to ordering more of these! The blue raspberry came in rectangle shape looked bigger than the watermelon one which was round. The taste was surprising little weed flavour which I don’t mind other than that really reminds me of jolly ranchers. Very happy with this product!

  183. I got the pink grapefruit and it tasted purely like candy! Tasted great. Ate half one day but I was already pretty medicated so I don’t know how much I felt. Anyways had the other half on a pool day and went to bed by 7:30 somehow..

  184. Tried the grace and blue raspberry flavour, both tasted great. Cut mine in half to try for the first time. Recommend establishing your tolerance before trying a whole one. Liked the sativa high, and will be purchasing again.

  185. I like the effects of these edibles over the indica, great product

  186. I imagine this product is great for most people but if you’re a larger active person just don’t even bother. I’ve tried these on a full stomach, half full stomach and an empty stomach. As someone who’s eaten 6000cals daily to meet my activity level I just metabolize these instantly.

  187. the watermelon was awesome and it lasted a long time

  188. Grabbed apple, pineapple and pink grapefruit this time around; so far they are all delicious, though pink grapefruit might be my favorite. Link the indica version, these weren’t as strong as I expected but the effects were still quite pleasant. Unlike the indica version, these were a much livelier stone.

  189. These jellies are awesome. Ive had good results by eating half on an emty stomache. 30 mins later I had a significant stress melting body high and it tasted pretty good too.

  190. Anonymous

    I love these. Great taste. Great body buzz. Ate half and an hour later ate the other half, which was perfect. Lasted a few hours. I will definitely order these again. I’m a regular user so go slow if you arent.

  191. Trying 1/2 the sativa with 1/2 the indica to see if I can get more of a balanced hybrid effect. The gummies are awesome good!

  192. I’m a huge fan of these. They taste great (especially cherry) and are very potent As a small person with a moderate tolerance, I get about three uses out of each jelly so I find the price fairly reasonable.

  193. Got the Pink Grapefruit and it was the tastiest edible I have ever had, slight cannabis aftertaste. The high really hit me about an hour in, and I had a hard time forming sentences. Played two games of softball, and at times I was super baked, really introspective, got my heart beating but was highly functional. Zero burn out, and affects lasted about 5 hours. Great edible, and again, very tasty.

  194. Best tasting edible ive ever tried, props on these HD

  195. Great stuff. Love to have them on hand.

  196. Great flavour and effects. Great edible!

  197. Love these and their flavour; effective long-lasting medicine in delicious form. HD you are a godsend

  198. Ate 1/2 a gummy after a meal. I’m a moderate-heavy daily smoker. I’m pretty nice and stoned. Well worth the money. Peach flavour was delicious. Tasted like Fuzzy Peaches. Very slight bitter aftertaste, but nothing to put me off it.

  199. Excellent for discreet dosing at school. Cut it up in wedges like a pie, and eat ’em throughout the day. Potent!

  200. Tried the Strawberry/Banana flavour…ate a half of one at noon, 2pm the rest was gone. Got alot of things done that day!

  201. Just ate a strawberry banana one, taste is amazing! not even a big fan of banana flavour but this was delicious. Love the strong sativa effects. Always buy these when i order!

  202. stoned as hell off one of these today! a little too stoned for work, but my tolerance is high so I was able to deal with it lol will buy again (hate the aftertaste tho haha)

  203. the taste of the peach I found very good. Ate this at work on an empty stomach and enjoyed good sativa effects for an hour or two. I will likely purchase more soon.

  204. Felt zero effects, could be tolerance or digestion not sure but that was my experience and I took two at once.

  205. i love the feeling of sativa and the tast was very good ! will buy this again for sure

  206. Great mood enhancer for anyone with anxiety or depression. Dangerously tasty lol. 5-6 joint a day medical patient and 1 got me very talkative.

  207. Green apple flavour was not my favourite but was not bad by any means. Definitely enjoyed the high, would buy again!

  208. One of these gave me a pleasant high but I was not blown away. I will purchase a ‘Indica’ in the future just to confirm but felt like I was getting a far stronger high from a similar dosed portion of edible oil. I paired my 2nd one last night with a 50mg THC pill and still didn’t peak as high as expected.

    But they taste very good, absolutely no weed aftertaste.

  209. this activated me really well the day i eat it! nice jellies the taste is really good!

  210. I preferred these to their Indica counterparts. I was able to split the candy in quarters and still have a very enjoyable experience. They taste amazing as well. The best edible on the site at this moment in my opinion, as it is so discreet while maintaining great effectiveness.

  211. Ordered Grape, taste and texture were fantastic! Not as strong as anticipated but still very pleasant (like the Indica jelly), felt a definite improvement in mood and energy.

  212. My gf who gets high of my second hand smke gt really buzzed off half of one. I took a whole one and got a little feeling. They tasted great.

  213. awesome high off this! doesn’t taste that bad either~ will be buying again!

  214. Taste really good but I found them to lack in potency.

  215. I tried the green apple this weekend on my Savvy Sativa Sunday event. It tasted great but only gave me a slight body buzz. I liked it better than t indica jelly.

  216. I have been smoking for many decades and found one of these jellies a nice head boost for couple hours and very potent for that time. Two would probably give longer lasting effects, for me anyway. Smoked a joint of Nuken after couple hours and that boosted effects. I f you have smoked for less than 10 years and are new to edibles, try 1/2 first time, you can always pop other half if not enough buzz ensues. Couldnt get Indica jellies and would like to try those for a heavier high when they are available. Loved the flavor, tasted just like candy to me, no weed undertones at all I had cherry. time to try a BOT ,,,,,

  217. Depends on your body weight. I had to
    take 2 but worth it.

  218. Good flavour and great results

  219. does the trick! partition it up folks

  220. Tastes great! Soft, mushy gummies and braught on a great evening!

  221. Mango rates amazing with little weed flavour

  222. gives you major giggles and puts you in a great mood

  223. yum! i will buy again! these i found to not be as strong as the indica but still great. made for a fun afternoon of shopping for furniture lol

  224. Great taste and more bang for your buck than the lozenges. I ate a third and was just great… will definitely get more and split em in half to share

  225. AMAZING! I ate a cherry flavor candy shortly after waking up and was feeling the effects rather rapidly. The flavors are on point with minimal weed taste, I find refrigerating the candies before consumption makes them taste even better. Rather hard come down after that required a nap.

  226. These jellies taste amazing. I could literally eat these all day. My problem is I have a very high tolerance so even 2 of these I didn’t feel to much. But I ordered again because they haste so good.

  227. These jellys are quite tasty. I only smoke once in the evening so my tolerance is not too high… I tried 1/4 of a jelly and was feeling quite good after 30 minutes. 1/4 might even be too much for someone with little to no tolerance. 1/2 would be very good for pain managment.

  228. Compared the the indica jelly I found the sativa affected me far less (also green apple really didnt mask the flavor of BHO like raspberry did).

    With that said, I had a blast on my train ride from Montreal to Halifax 😛 Will probably stick to the indica pucks from now on though.

  229. Had the Apple flavour at work last night. Cut it in half and felt the effects after about 25 minutes. Tasted amazing, very chewy and sweet. Easy to eat. The high was incredible. Before I knew it 5 hours had gone by and my shift was over. Ate the other half this morning at like 10 and I’m still feeling great. Please keep these in stock! Recommend to anyone who likes edibles or wants to try them! ??

  230. Very good taste. Effects last long. Take a whole one if you want to party, or break it into little bits for the working day.

  231. Great taste and lovely heady sativa effects without any couch lock. Keep these in stock please.

  232. Delicious! 100% will buy more, and would recommend. These things made for an extremely pleasant edible trip.

  233. Best edible I have had. Super Potent!!!! Lasted me about 20 hours. Strong sativa high, but still felt a bit couch locked.
    Great for a day off!

  234. Very nice flavor not strong so next time ill order 2:) nice to snack on thanx hd

  235. Delicious ☺ but not as strong as I was hoping. Will buy again tho

  236. Great taste, great affects. Doseage-wise I tested with half a gummy. If you’re a regular user, a whole gummy will do you solid for 6-8 hours! Staple in the stash for sure.

  237. These jellies had me highly medicated from noon until 7 pm great long lasting affects strongly recommend!

  238. Nice sativa high, keeps you busy all day!

  239. Great presentation. High was clear & long lasting.

  240. these things are amazing…love the high..great for discreet medicating

  241. Great taste with a clear long lasting head high that is mild and not overwhelming. Took half of one.

  242. I picked up 2 of the Pineapple flavored Sativa, was a nice flavor and easy to chew and swallow. We cut them in half and we were very surprised at the nice body glow we got. ate the second half about 2 hours later and it gave us both a really nice boost for about 4 hours. The Sativa was a nice euphoric high that was a definite pick up and gave us both energy.

  243. soft gummy great flavours 5 stars

  244. Got the blue raspberry. Cut into 4 quarters to eat over time.
    Felt very uplifted and happy enjoying company.
    It hits quite quickly being a gummy. Will definitely be buying more.

  245. Awesome candy with a great body high effect. Will be ordering more!

  246. This was a pretty good product. Taste was spot on. I had the Apple and it was great. At first I took half and felt it was adequate for me. Pretty good high relaxing. I took the second half later that night before bed but had a little trouble falling asleep for whatever reason. Would definitely buy this again

  247. Tried all the sativa flavors and loved everyone! Was greatly surprised that the high hits you in about 20 mins! Loved them and am already planning on ordering more

  248. Awesome product. Amazing taste and a great dosage. People need to remember they are not going to get the same high as smoking bud or dabs. It’s a body high that makes your body feel like it’s lifting. Be sure that you want sativa and I wish that HD carried more of MOTA’s products!

  249. After splitting a pack of hard candies from here with my wife (and not feeling much of an effect) I figured why not try one of these and split it ? Was 2x as much a dosage as the half pack of hard candy! Loved it ! Tried the grape and it was great flavour and nice and chewy ! Will try another flavour next time and might eat a whole one ! Lol thanks HD !

  250. I loved these. I got the blue rasberry and they are soo good. A nice sativa high with a relaxing body effects.

  251. My jelly was soft, gooey and tasty. Being 120 mg and first time user so I ate 30 mg worth and felt mild effects. Will eat the rest tonight! Hehe

  252. As a person who gets 100mg indica gummies on the regualer(not from HD) I was super excited to try these as i need more of the sativa effects these days. Ate the whole gummy and it was exactly what i was looking for. Not a wheelchair like the indica ones i was used to. This was all the sativa effects in a high dose so i felt uplifted/happy and focused. This is exactly what i was looking for. Tried the pineapple flavour so far and the taste is delicious. 5/5 stars all around. If your not used to eating this high amount of thc it might knock you on your butt!!!!

  253. Anonymous

    Tried one of the apple flavored Sativa candies this afternoon and was blown away by the effects. Being that it was a 120 mg dose of Sativa I found it to be a light, focusing almost refreshing feeling high. About four hours after consuming just the one candy I realized I hadn’t dabbed all day! Excellent product for anyone who isn’t looking to get locked to the couch.

  254. So far I’ve tried the pineapple and it’s delicious. Nice buzz. Just wish it was cheaper or there were more gummies.

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