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Jellies (Mota) – Indica

(232 customer reviews)


1 Jelly (Indica) for $12

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Approximately 120 mg of THC per jelly

Made from scratch, these jellies are infused with 120mg of THC. Each package contains one jelly and is available in a range of delicious flavours. Intended for high tolerance patients, however also great for low tolerance users when split into smaller doses. Great way for patients to find a dosage that works best for them. Each order includes one jelly.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, cannabis, gelatin, citric acid, natural and artificial flavours, pectin, artificial colours, coconut oil, carnauba leaf wax.

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

* The Jellies may lose form or melt a little during the summer heat.

232 reviews for Jellies (Mota) – Indica

  1. I LOVE these! Beauty body high

  2. I ate half each time and still very powerful, my most regular buzz on edible so far.

  3. these gummies r a staple for me……..great every time…..cherry tastes best I m o.

  4. Je l’ai coupé en 4 manger 1/4 et ne fait rien pour moi (gros fumeur) peut-être que j’ai besoin de plus. De plus, j’ai acheté celui aux cerises et ce n’est pas si mal mais pas si bon non plus.

  5. Love these. Worth every penny. They’re tasty and they work. Order one if you’re sceptical. You’ll wish you ordered every flavour .

  6. One of my favorite choices when it comes to edibles, Jellies are so strong I only would take half a piece.

  7. Best edibles on HD. Bar none.

  8. Great taste and awesome high ! Wish they updated the flavors with all kind of fruit !

  9. Amazing jellies! They are potent so if you’re a light user, start slow. I’m good with 1/16 of the jellie! a full dose (1/8) was a little too much for me and left me dizzy. The boyfriend is good with 1-2 doses (1/8 – 2/8) and says it takes his muscle/joint pain away + helps him sleep well. Blue-raspberry was ok, grape is better and peach is the best (so far) that we’ve tried! Love these! Thanks HD!

  10. I absolutely love these GUMMIES!!! I ordered these because of the fact that I have terrible migraines. I cut the gummy into 8 separate squares and when a massive migraine came about I took two squares and in less than 45 minutes my migraine was gone and I was feeling myself again! I will definitely be ordering this again!

  11. Awesome, be careful to start small

  12. I tried the grape, taste very good and I was very impressed that it hit me really hard compared to other mota products

  13. these aren’t too bad- i got pretty high for about 45 minutes and was tired for the rest of the day, i had one dose.

  14. Meh,pretty disappointing considering it says experienced/heavy users use this for pain management etc… The gummy itself was alright,the texture made it a little hard for me to eat, could taste the weed so I figured it would be more potent than it was. Felt a little bit of something from them,maybe a little relaxed? That’s about it… didn’t really do that much for $12, feel like smoking bowls would have done more hah. Felt sleepy but still took me awhile to fall asleep sadly. :/ Just didn’t have that “punch” that I personally need from things.

  15. I didnt like the taste and the texture of this candy but the vybe was pretty cool.

  16. Ordered the blue raspberry. Has a very small hint of weed flavour which accents the raspberry. Hard to judge the dose so if you’re new start out with half of the gummy.

  17. Very tasty ! Effetcs were pretty good too ! Worth a try

  18. These are great for headaches or if your stomach is bothering you and will give you a nice calming buzz.. highly recommend these jellies they are my favourite edibles by far!

  19. Great taste and really great high!!

  20. Best edibles ever. They taste weedy but still good and there’s a great clean buzz follo rd by a nice sleep.

  21. I have tried a lot of edibles, these are my absolute favourite!

  22. My go-to edibles

  23. good kick, would only eat half at a time

  24. Always delicious, quality and a reliable dosage! 🙂

  25. Just love these. Help me sleep.

  26. Love these , have purchased many times and will continue to do so. I’m a daily smoker and 1 candy gets me feeling pretty good

  27. These are intense and I loved the buzz

  28. These things are fantastic!

  29. Great taste, great effect, definitely not disappointing. Good head and body effect, All taste pretty good, Bring back pineapple !!!

  30. Awesome candy only 1/4 will get ya there

  31. Good price, excellent buzz a lot of times half is enough. Have tried most flavours and I like peach the most but they are all pretty good.

  32. I ordered the blue raspberry and I was very impressed with the taste and the buzz. I’ll will be buying more of these for sure. Thanks HD!

  33. Had the cherry so far, tastes great. Great broad candy for easy division for dosing. Can’t wait to try the other flavours

  34. These are a great discrete way to medicate. Tasty. Potent.
    Heavy smokers will want two or three at a time. But that will get you right choched. Love em!

  35. Love these! Blue raspberry & grape are the best for flavour. Highs were great and as a newbie, one candy gave me 4-5 pieces.

  36. Bought the blue raspberry one, the initial taste was good but it kinda left a weird aftertaste. Overall great product, got me super high. Would definitely buy again!

  37. This thing was great. I ate half without realizing the amount and that was too much. Will buy again for sure but eat smaller dose

  38. Small convenient packaging make these great to take on adventures. I couldn’t tell the difference between an indica and sative jelly but they both got me high.

  39. I have tried every flavour and have to say that I do not have a favourite…but these jellies are probably the best tasting and provide you with the best buzz! I will continue to order theses…

  40. Amazing!! I had a great high with just half. The after taste was …. alright… but for sure gonna order again,

  41. My favourite edible.

  42. A go-to product. Real easy to use and measure out for consistent results. Flavour is not bad but you do get an aftertaste as expected.

  43. First time ordering the indica edibles(cherry). I’m a heavy daily smoker and half a brick has me feeling great. Very effective, will definitely order again!

  44. My partner and I ordered these and split one of the cherry flavoured Jellies. Flavour was on point and the cherry complimented the slight cannabis note. Mouthfeel was good, and it did not stick into my molars (which most gummy candies do). This being said, 1/2 of a brick was very strong and lasted over 36 hours, would recommend 1/6 – 1/4 to start.

  45. These are always part of every order. I was cutting them into 8 pieces but I’ve switched to cutting this into 12 cuz it knocks me on my ass. These are very effective. 5-stars all the way.

  46. The taste is great and the effect too i like it.

  47. not too bad tasting. very good keep it up

  48. Great edible. I love having a full one before heading out to an oilers game. I suggest not eating it too late, can leave you feeling very groggy.

  49. I really enjoy the Mota products. Ate half a watermelon indica & eased into a nice solid sleep

  50. Excellent! I just finished my first order of 6 different items, and ALL items were wonderful. Will be ordering again, asap. As for this product, I felt that it was a really good bang for my buck! It only took one square to get me there! I am a lightweight, so to have 8 different sessions with one jelly, I would say, that’s a great deal! Very relaxing and mellow. Perfect for taking away any anxiety, and calming the nerves. Had no trouble sleeping within a few hours of eating one square. Also ate one another time, and did a puzzle and hung out while grooving to music, without inducing sleep, and that was great too! I love this product, and I will DEFINITELY buy them again. Tried the cherry, and it was yummy 🙂

  51. Love the packaging. Definitely a strong one if you’re an intermediate user. Always a good time with this product.

  52. Good product. Grape flavour is pretty solid! Guaranteed sleepy time for me after just a few nibbles! Will be ordering again.

  53. These things are the amazing. Except for how groggy I get the next morning if eaten at night. Wicked pricing for what they are. A little inconsistent sometimes but then you just eat more.

  54. Good flavour and excellent effects. Insomnia was no longer an issue after having half of one, despite me not planning on napping.

  55. I love this product works really good, but i wish there was more pineapple ones but i cant get enough of this product

  56. These bricks aren’t unreal! A fourth got my a fantastic buzz. I highly recommend these over any other edible!

  57. I love this product and the mango flavour is great!

  58. Excellent product, great flavour.

  59. Great taste, great product. I’ve tried many flavours and haven’t found one yet that doesn’t taste great.

  60. the most effective for me good taste also

  61. Bought these for my wife she loves them I gave them a try I like as well taste on point packaging on point would buy again

  62. new to the world of edibles but i think im in love. once you find the ideal dose this indica edible is the best body high. sleep like a baby and all the flavours are delicious.

  63. Best sleep aid ever, I cut them into 4 pieces and 90 minutes b4 bed I eat my piece and night night…. peach and grape are my favorites…

  64. I wish there was more then just one brick, but I had an amazing experience with these candies. I would buy again!

  65. I find it hard to decide whether I like these or the Mota Clear Sphere 300 mg THC edibles more, because they’re both amazing. The strength has always been consistent with every one I have ever ordered. I only take 1/4 of the full brick at a time (30 mg), but that is all I need to get me to sleep at night, and to take away hip pain. The taste is exactly what it says it is when you order it. The cherry flavour tastes just like any cherry candy you would buy anywhere, and I would even argue that the flavour is better than a lot of cherry candy that can be bought. I find they start working within half hour, with full effects being felt at 1.5 hours. Effects are a nice balance between body and mind, without being overwhelming like some edibles (at least for me at 30 mg, I have a low tolerance as I only smoke or use edibles at night, and usually only on nights when I’m having a particularly bad sleep.)

    Tl;Dr These are delicious tasting, fast acting, and potent hitting indica edibles that are great for an evening in while relaxing!

  66. Amazing! Pick your high with a knife! THese are delicious. Watermelon, blue raspberry, and cherry are the best flavours in my opinion!

  67. Had half and it felt pretty good. Should have taken it all at once! The blue raspberry was super tasty!!

  68. Love the taste of the watermelon yum yum yum great for sleep aid thanks again

  69. Taste is on point effects are there as well makes me fall asleep fast thanks Again

  70. First time having edibles, I would only have 1/4 of the jelly every time I used it. Each time I had a high that lasted for several hours, I am relatively new to consuming marijuana or THC. I ordered just one jelly, Grape flavour. I found there to be a mild weed taste the grape helped. I have already placed a second order, and how to have some more fun times.

  71. These are amazing. Really potent even for an experienced user. I would suggest starting off with a third of the gummie or maybe even a quarter and work ur way up. Personally I eat half at a time and it will do me in for the day. So definitely eat less than half at a time if u got things u need to do. Great product!

  72. This was my first time ever trying edibles and ive been a daily smoker for over 11 years now. The packaging was great and appealing. I tried the strawberry but for some reason it tasted just like watermellon. I started with 30mg, It took about an hour maybe if that, for it to start taking effect. It wasnt as powerful as i expected thats for sure, but it did give me a really mellow body high. It Felt like I was slighlty dizzy but not disoriented in any way. Effects Lasted maybe an hour. Overall the taste and texture was good. Effects were ok, might have to eat anwhole dose but thats my person opinion. Effects may vary between people i guess. (Will try 90mg when i see The Last Jedi friday)

  73. Really great flavour and strength. Really mellow relaxing high and these jellies don’t make me burn out afterwards which is nice.

  74. Great product when it works. Actual THC content may vary between packages.

  75. Puts me to sleep right away, regardless of the dosage. Don’t really feel any other high with these. Favourite ones are pineapple

  76. I love this product-a little bite off the corner had me in a lovely pain free sleep.I think I had about six does off of one jelly so I think that’s a sweet deal

  77. These jellies are fantastic! I have smoked daily for over 20 years, but with edibles I am a lightweight…. I split these into 7.5mg doses to help with daily back pain, or I’ll take 15-30mg if I just want to spend six hours on the couch watching movies:) These are versatile and affordable. I have a friend who has a super high tolerance for edibles, and she barely smokes weed. I think tolerance is more of an individual thing with edibles, since among my friends there seems to be little correlation between smoking and edibles. Every person is completely different, so start slow on these!!! 1/16 – 1/8 of the jelly MAX for a first timer, go up from there until you figure out your dose. Extremely enjoyable and tasty product, and works amazing for back pain.

  78. I’m a light smoker but I eat half a jelly for a couch lock night. I enjoy the high, the taste isn’t too bad (new to edibles)

  79. Ate half and felt the effects

  80. Daily smoker- decent high, made me sleepy, tastes great bit of a weed taste but nothing bad

  81. nothing happen with the whole water melon

  82. Nothing potent here but a nice treat when you can’t smoke or feel like something new. One of the better tasting edible products I’ve tried.

  83. 1/4 of one of these was my introduction to edibles, and while I’ve since grown to prefer Sativa, what an experience it was! Giggly, happy, slightly disoriented but perfectly calm. Save this for your evenings in on the couch and you’ll have a great chill time.

  84. Great taste and very strong. Mota is the best, 1/4 or 1/2 is good for me.

  85. Mellow effect without a doubt but pleasant. Tasty and affordable, one of my favorites!

  86. Taste was good, could taste the theroa in it. Have’nt felt a thing. Next time I will try 2 or maybe more but still a little expensive.
    If you are an occasional smoker you might be high but if your regulat since a while try 2

  87. I’ve only seen and heard rave reviews on these things so I had to try.
    Would not try again unless the dosage is upped to at least 500mg.
    I bought two of these in hopes of some night time relief which I did not receive. Flavours grape and watermelon. Very tasty, barely any cannabis taste which was a plus but also gave me the impression that there would be little to no effects as well and I wasn’t wrong there. I ate both at the same time and four hours later I was still waiting and hoping for the effects to kick in. I wanted to use them for an early night but that didn’t happen. Hopefully Mota will increase the THC in the edibles and manage to keep the taste the same.

  88. I have been buying these on a constant basis for over a year and my tolerance has barely grown. Very potent great for vegetating or if you need a sleep aid. I usually have about a quarter of one at a time so it also lasts. Amazing price and great quality. New batch in seems that the candies are a little bigger which is even better! 10 stars.

  89. Love having this option rather than just smoking. Tried both Indica & Sativa and they are both great. You can taste the weed but you can also taste the flavor you pick. Tasted really pretty good. It’s good value considering you can cut Into smaller pieces. I’ll definitely be purchasing again

  90. Love this stuff! My husband and I ordered the grape flavour a week ago…..delicious! And we loved the high. Very impressed with the delivery time too. We just ordered more; can’t wait to try the blue raspberry.

  91. Amazing for my leg pain, cut it into 4 and its great

  92. These are pretty potent, definitely ease your way in to test your tolerance. If you eat just enugh you’ll have a great high that lasts a few hours. I found they could give me a bad headache sometimes though, and if you eat too much you’ll be trippin out. I split mine into 1/3 and seems to do the trick

  93. Great buzz, these are my favourite edible candy. I am going to try the sphere this week, but other than that this is my go to #1 edible so far. Blue Raspberry is my favourite, other favourites are watermelon and strawberry. Warning these live up to the 120mg buzz so I caution people who are new to edibles or not regular smokers to be aware of the potential buzz you might get.

  94. Tried this edible and it was the worst experience i have ever had. I ate the entire gummie and I literally felt like i was going to die. I am advanced weed smoker/ user and I would only take half or 1/4 if I ever try this again. Which i most likely won’t.

  95. One of the best and tastiest products on the site especially pineapple, yum!! .I will be ordering more of these very soon.

  96. Clean taste clean high and clean product you just can’t go wrong with these. I found the indica one to give me a better high than the sativa. Try both and you’ll see yourself 😉

  97. A good calming buzz. Great for an 8 hour shift. Eaten on first break, the buzz lasts me into the end of my shift. Good, calming, clean buzz. Able to get more done than with vaping oil. Well worth the money, although they could be cheaper.

  98. These are great split them in half perfect high eat the whole thing you’ll be pretty stoned

  99. Love these things. Half a gummy and a camp fire = great evening. Have had a great summer. Highly recommend.

  100. I found the indica jelly – I chose the watermelon flavour, which was quite tasty – surprisingly weak and much less potent than I was expecting. For regular/daily smokers, my suggestion would be to smoke an indica strand in lieu for a more decent high.
    I enjoyed the taste and texture of the jelly; however, after eating 1/2 of it and waiting an hour, I felt very little other than an extremely minor cerebral effect. I ate the other 1/2 hoping to compensate for this lacklustre result and found no change, unfortunately. I can’t speak to lightweights or newbies as to its effect, but for regulars I can safely say that this is probably not your solution for a decent kick if that’s what you were hoping for.

  101. I have ordered these multiple times and will continue to order. I find if you eat them a couple days in a row the effects are minimal but I’m a heavy smoker and if I have one every few weeks or so they are GREAT !!! Nice smooth long lasting buzz. Stay active or they will put you to sleep ( which is sometimes my desired effect) great taste and great packaging. I’d recommend these to any one I know.

  102. I’m a daily smoker, have been for over a decade (concentrates a year now, about 1 or 2 grams a day), so the THC in these doesn’t do a lot for me. Now, that being said . . . I HAVE to say that the terps in this were absolutely amazing, definitely a kush of some sort. Very relaxed, mellow and chilled-out but not sleepy and it lasted the better part of 5 or 6 hours before it was bedtime (I ate it in the late afternoon). As for the eating part of the gummy, it was OK(watermelon). Tasted a little weedy but that’s to be expected I think. To put it simply . . . yea, I’d buy this again.

  103. I have to admit, this is the best medible I have ever tried. I’ve had hard candies, chilli at twice the dose I just took, and a innumerable cookies, but the onset of this jelly was the fastest and hardest hitting of them all. I’m sure glad I only ate half. I was going to eat the whole thing, but I told myself “No, start out with half and eat the other half later if you need it.” I didn’t.

    100% Indica relaxation. My legs feel like rubber and my back feels like a wet noodle. I have a bit of dry-eyes, but no real mental “buzz” from it. I’d consider this to be an ideal med for musculoskeletal cramps and pains.

  104. Disappointing taste and high. Blue raspberry tasted like chewing on a nug, while the Mango was actually quite tasty. Not sure if its because of my tolerance but I found the edible to be a mild high at best and for the price it was not worth it. Never been a fan of edibles and this hasn’t changed that for me.

  105. Delicious and effective. Only thing that I don’t like about these is that I feel like they take a while to kick in.

  106. 10/10, really strong indica. don’t take any if you have anything to do, it’ll make you incapable of functioning and make you sleepy.

  107. 4.5/ 5
    Was skeptical ordering these. Have a high tolerance. Throughly enjoyed these. The few flavours I ordered where nice. Took a good 45 mins or so to kick in, but almost felt numb. Took a lot of pain away. Will defiantly be purchasing again

  108. These are great for treating pain, or for when you can’t smoke, around kids etc. but do plan ahead, about 1-2 hours till full effects are felt.. Only bad thing is the cost.

  109. I like these. Not amazing but definitely good. Light smokers will definitely get more out of this kind of product. Great before a long movie.

  110. Anonymous

    I will give it 2 stars for flavour but other then that it did not affect me. I felt absolutely nothing. I think I will stick to smoking.

  111. Anonymous

    Hmm very strange. The first 30 mins had me with heavy eyelids and sleepy like an indica. Boom after an hour was the body/mind high where I thought I saw my cat zoom past me but looked again and it was still sitting beside me. Sativa like strange time movement. I’m used to ediables so that feeling is very common for me (not really a fan). The 3 of us girls had took a nibble (teaspoon size) and all felt this way. Seasoned smokers my two friends but they still felt very high haha! I think for me i’ll stay away from ediables as the high is just too much for me. I think this one would be good before a quick nap and plan to do housework later. Be careful with dosing on this though, they don’t mess around!

  112. Anonymous

    Edibles are fairly new to me, so I ordered a sativa and indica candy to experiment with…. I got blue raspberry and peach, the flavours were good and true to the name but regardless of the flavours added the weed taste is over whelming…. I guess you can say I’m a regular daily smoker, nothing too crazy 3-5 bong hits a day is the norm… Sooo I’m not sure if these are too weak for me or what, I felt very little effects from the sativa one, and mostly just sleepy off the indica one… Maybe I need a stranger dose…..

  113. i liked it ! i will retry for sure !

  114. Been smoking for a very long time. Indica flower is my preference, I ate one entire piece on my way to the watch a movie at the theatre, and let me tell you 20-30 mins later OMG!!! Incredible buzz and lasted 4hrs! Would definitely order again and again!! *****5. HD well done 🙂

  115. Ate a full one and got a nice high for a few hours. A fun edible for sure. I was even acting a little silly and laughing a bit. Recommended, but wish they were a bit cheaper.

  116. I find these great on my digestive system, also excellent for lounging on the chesterfield 🙂

  117. Ate a blue raspberry during the car ride over to the symphony. I don’t usually like orchestra music but holy was that a fun 2 hours.
    I usually eat a whole one and I find I can’t drink too much during this time so it may not be cost effective, per se, it’s still a better investment than even a beer

  118. These Jellies are edible incredible!! They are super easy to separate into doses and there is great consistency in potency in the entire jellie. Each can provide from 4-8 really nice relaxing highs (Depends on tolerance of course). Really nothing bad can be said about these – all flavors I’ve had are great if you are a fan of the flavor.

  119. The taste is great but it is weak in comparison to its sativa counterpart. In my opinion, that is the king of edibles on I was especially disappointed because, being an Indica, I expected it to put me to sleep but that was not the case.

  120. honestly it was delicious, loved the high

  121. absolutely loved it!! i tried mango, water melon – very tasty but did not enjoy blue raspberry – tart for me. comes in a small jelly bar. i am low tolerance so i took 1/4 at a time to have a good buzz and a relaxed sleep. half a bar took me to my happy place. will keep buying!!

  122. loved this product. cute little high

  123. Loved grapefruit and mango; pineapple and peach were pretty good but wasn’t a huge fan of blue raspberry. Low tolerance should be ok with 1/4 or half of the jelly whereas a high tolerance may need an entire one. Handy to have before going out especially with the package you can save some for later

  124. I love the mango flavour. They are a little bit less cost effective then some of the other options but the taste is amazing. Effects are long lasting.

  125. I ate one and enjoyed will get more

  126. delicious, not super strong though. relaxing. did last for hours though!

  127. Really enjoyed these, tasted fantastic and get you an amazing euphoric high

  128. I really enjoy the flavours there are. They all have a very good taste profile to their respective flavours. Personally the Pineapple is the one flavour that i will buy forever. They’re a very good high if you are looking to relax and have a good sleep. They take the pain that i have away completely so thats a plus, and the packaging is stellar!

  129. Anonymous

    Super yummy. Really pleasant buzz! I also enjoy the packaging, so you can eat half and save the rest for later.

  130. tastes wicked and can’t beat the price, i cut mine into 4 sections and the high lasts for hours

  131. Awesome. Ate a blue raspberry at a party and it was good for hours.

  132. looked amazing. ate 2 full jellies because my tolerance is high and barley had effects. mota lacks potency

  133. i could not believe how fast my headaches go

    away within 20 min i wish the price would be less

  134. Looked pro. Strength seemed a bit lower than what was shown.

  135. Loved the new packaging and Lego shaped jelly! Cut into quarters is the perfect quantity for me – a medium to heavy user. The blue raspberry flavour was delish and potent!

  136. taste great, eat on a light stomach

  137. Awesome product, tastes great and i only have to eat half to get sky high. Will definitely order again.

  138. Great buzz with these. I eat one of these if I don’t have much to do. Unlike the sativa jellies I find it a bit strong to be taking at work. These are perfect for a night/day around the house. A must in every order.

  139. My favorite of all the gummies. Mota the best, herbal dispatch the best. Ate one before a concert, made it extra fun.

  140. Very impressed with these Jelly, I had originally ordered watermelon but they ran out and replaced it with grapefruit, at first i was hesitant of the taste since i’m not a big fan of grapefruit but i was truly amazed at how good it was. Definitely will be ordering more of these Jelly. Quick note start with only half a jelly, I ate a whole one before knowing how potent they were and for the following 13 hour I was too high to even move off the couch. On that note ENJOY ?

  141. Good taste for sure, I had grape. Pretty strong too, not overly but was pretty buzzed for 2 hours.

  142. Holy crap. Ate half of this thing and was on the couch for about 6 hours. Be very careful with the dosage, these things are potent. Pineapple flavour was great

  143. Delicious jelly! I’ve tried the sativa before and these are just as awesome! Great high even having a higher tolerance. As always Herbal Dispatch was amazing. Super fast shipping and packed so well and contacted me right away when certain flavours on my order were out of stock.

  144. Tastes amazing… in all reality edibles aren’t for people who smoke a lot. But these are great for the people who want to be discrete or do not smoke at all.

  145. The best edibles I have purchased so far. Pineapple has always been my go to, Recently, I had the chance to try blue raspberry. Awesome!!

  146. A bit better then the sativa. I suggest starting with a half. Cherry is my favorite(so far).

  147. Pineapple is my absolute favourite. For the indica’s I find you are able to taste the cannabis much more then the sativa gummies. I don’t find the indica’s give me a relaxed calming all over high with slight pain reduction but these aren’t nearly as strong as I need them to be. Would love to see higher thc/cbd edibles.

  148. These are a good time. Took the indica on a night off and had great results .. steady chilling and feeling fine. As a candy lover these are super delicious and i’ve yet to try a flavour I didn’t enjoy At $12 a pop there are some better value options but its a small splurge for a good buzz.

  149. The grape was the bomb. Took about an hour to kick in just to warn you

  150. I let my girlfriend have most of it as I mainly consume through vaporization and/or combustion. Her experience was described as eye opening and potent. She is rather small so I’m not surprised that I might have accidentally given her too much. The taste in her opinion was really good and did not have a overpowering weed or bho taste(she tried the Peach and Grape flavours). Keeping in mind the potency review is irrelevant as she does NOT smoke and was entirely experimental. Anyways, I always enjoy the friendly and amazing service at HD! Thanks again 🙂

  151. I buy so many of this jelly i love it so much ! so tasty you want to eat some more when you high !
    if your a heavy user buy more then one ! if not just one will be more then ok 🙂

  152. These where amazing. My brother and I each ate one and an hour later we where feeling pretty good. Very tasty and nice texture. Lasted for a long time. Will definitely order these again. Making an order with some of these right now in fact.

  153. Tried these for the first time, was very happy I did. I found it best when I would eat them after going 1-2 days without smoking, but less effective if smoking too much. Still great flavours

  154. Heavy smoker, but only weigh 130 lbs….found this not as powerful as I was hoping.

  155. Great product for a casual smoker

  156. Potency: A bit lacking on potency but does the job.

    Flavour: Every flavour I have tried has been very good! (but is that because its missing medicine)

    Packaging: Great packaging looks professional.

    Pricing: For 120 MG of THC you are paying 1$ per 10MG of thc which is a bit higher but the packaging and quality are superb.

    Value: A wonderful product from HD can be used for fun or healing. Just wish it was a bit more potent.

  157. Yummy flavour. Worked in an hour. 10 out of 10 Mota

  158. Great high! Better for night time/before bed. Awesome flavours

  159. Much better than the bots both in flavour and potency. I had blue raspberry in a big brick not round as pictured. I had a whole one at the start of a day at the beginning of a tolerance break and it very subtly motivated me and got my off my ass. Would buy again as these didn’t make me jittery as the sativa one did.

  160. Awesome taste and texture. I don’t know why but i find these to be less potent then the sativa ones.

  161. Fantastic. Good taste and texture, very strong. I ate about 1/3 of the jelly and combined with smoking got really high, higher than I am able to get anymore from just smoking. I’ve been a daily smoker for ten years. Going to get more and try eating a half or more, I expect I will be totally wrecked. If you don’t have serious tolerance you definitely want to be careful with these, and if you do have tolerance you will really appreciate the potency.

  162. Anonymous

    The peach flavour was absolutely delicious! WIsh it was stronger though but I have a high tolerance.

  163. I would eat one if these a day if I could buy then in bulk. I have severe TMJD and jellies are the best edibles around: they effectively treat severe pain (nerve damage, FM, EDS, tendonitis and synovitis, IBS & nervosa!), they are delicious, and they are easily portable. No harsh plant matter taste, soft mouth feel, and solid THC count for sll that ails me. All I an say is, I should have bought more!

  164. Anonymous

    Very strong and very tasty; I definitely intend on buying more of these, I’d buy the hell out of these in bulk.

  165. Very powerful. I would have a half instead of a full jelly if your tolerance is low, or average.

  166. Always a good high, and the taste can’t be beat

  167. Anonymous

    Full flavor, very effective for pain. Would eat the whole jelly at once (I’ve got a high tolerance with edibles) Pink Grapefruit and Strawberry Banana were the flavors that stood out to me, however every flavor taste good IMO. The jellys don’t seem to have that BHO aftertaste the hard candy does.

  168. Ordered mango this time around, was delicious! Effects were subtle but nice, strong body high and very calming for sure. These make an excellent weekend treat. Could be a little stronger, dosing is always tough with edibles.

  169. Very potent candies. I absolutly love the complete sedating body High it gives(the indicas are wonderful for a good sleep afterwards).

    My fav. is grape flavour, it tastes exactly like grape bubblicious!

  170. Tried the watermelon flavour, really nice taste and great high! Happy Canada Day ?

  171. Lots of fun eating one of these for an evening. Have been smoking for decades and for me these are a nice boost to the smoke that follows. Edibles are a bit different effect than smoking, if you are new go light to start. Effects are different than smoking and everyone is different. I had cherry, great flavour, easy to eat, Bots take so long to dissolve!!

  172. Anonymous

    amazing!! real potent!!

  173. In love with all the flavour choices but not the price, I wish since it was one the price could be a little closer too $8

  174. Wow. I’ve had several of the flavours and they are all amazing. Smell just like gummies from the candy store. Also very potent. Can get you giggling for hours

  175. Agree with previous comments wanting bulk pricing. These are awesome

  176. I personally can’t get enough of these! They worked great for my pain after long shifts, and helped me sleep to boot! Will for sure buy more.

  177. I love these candies. you guys should give a discount when they are bought in bulk??????

  178. Anonymous

    Very tasty and surprisingly potent. Heavy smoker, ate a full candy and it was a new level. Excellent body stone, great for pain and relaxation.

  179. Anonymous

    Great taste and great strength! I was a little over confident and ate an entire one while smoking my bong and got a bit “too” high. Now I just eat half a candy and enjoy my trip a lot more.

  180. Having smoked for many decades, I find a whole jelly intensifies my high for a couple of fun filled hours. That initial twilight stage reminds me of Peyote Buttons back in the day as it takes over your senses and heightens all awareness. Lots of fun for the money. Tolerance to THC is built up over time, people eating edibles for the first time should start small though…..

  181. Best tasting edibles and great strength. I split them and they still get me! Mota has the best and most consistent edibles I’ve tried. I’d honestly love more mota edible selection!!

  182. Watermelon flavour was delicious. As a daily smoker eating a whole one of these was a nice experience, not too intense either.

  183. those jellies taste amazing and work very well! i recommend!

  184. I got a mango candy (and have ordered another 2 in apple and blue raspberry) and was super impressed! It not only tasted AMAZING but was so strong that I was able to use it four times. I will probably try half of a candy or maybe a full one to see the effect but so far a quarter of a candy results in a great high. I’ll be thrilled if Herbal Dispatch starts stocking more of “Mota Green Meds” edible products!

  185. Taste good. Weren’t as potent as expected but noticed it

  186. First time ordering edibles from HD and boy they are awesome! I cut the jellies into 1/4 and they lasted me for 6hours. The apple flavour masks the cannabis taste well and I found it quite tasty. Highly recommend this edible for anyone who doesn’t want to smoke or vape. Strong body high with heavy eyes that kicked in 30min to an hour later. And as far as the pricing goes its pretty spot on for its potency.

  187. Ordered Blue Raspberry, taste and texture were great! Effects weren’t as strong as anticipated but still quite pleasant, definitely helped with pain and relaxation.

  188. These are pretty strong. Cut it into four pieces, still felt a strong body high after about 2 hours. great for pain relief!

  189. My gf who gets high of my second hand smke gt really buzzed off half of one. I took a whole one and got a little feeling.

  190. these things are fantastic , well worth the money, very strong i cut into 1/4’s and even after taking a quarter i was feeling great for about 4-5 hours

  191. Great taste and worked effectively for myself.

  192. Best tasting candy ever. And pack a punch. Would be better to have an option for larger packs of them. Still glad hd carries a product like this now though.

  193. Anonymous

    Everyday smoker didn’t feel much off 1 jelly, same can be said for the sativa. 120 mg thought I would feel more. Eat 12$ of straight up herb that’ll get you higher

  194. Anonymous

    For an everyday smoker, I didn’t feel much off of 1 jelly, same can be said for the sativa. Trying the bho bots hopefully those are better

  195. These candies are great. Nice body buzz.

  196. worked wonders with back pain. don’t hesitate to order, a little can go a long way.

  197. The cherry tasted great. But it had little affect on me. I’m hoping the sativa has a better buzz

  198. Anonymous

    deffinitely a good time 4.5/5

  199. Anonymous

    ate the whole candy, pineapple tastes really good. but it didn’t do anything for me. felt zero effects

  200. Blue raspberry tasted delicious but the effects weren’t as strong as id hoped for. I ate the whole thing one shot and nothing seemed to happen. Great taste but didnt really do the job

  201. Very relaxing body high with little weed taste, great gummies with great flavour choices

  202. i dont even know what to say these are crazy, dont eat the whole thing at once lol

  203. Tried the blue raspberry, took about half of it, felt nice, always go slow when trying edibles they can sneak up on you, this could be cut into 4/6 pieces for the casual stoner, taste is on point for sure will be buying lots of stuff like this off here, Keep up the variety HD!

  204. These jellies are dyno mite! A quarter is all you need. Sleep like a baby, pain free and in a great mood. I will keep buying these for sure!!! Awesome product!

  205. These are great! eat em on a Saturday morning for fun all day. i actually cut back on my daily smoke on the weekends with these. plus they taste great i prefered the grape.

  206. high was minimal at best lasted for about 2 hours. Sativa jellies were much more potent than this indica option and lasted about 3 times as long.

  207. Anonymous

    Tried these ate one was all right did not find them that strong at all seemed weak for 120mg

  208. This was amazing. It tasted like a gum drop, and had me medicated for hours.

  209. Don’t listen to Andrea – based on her story, she didn’t know how to dose based on her tolerance and thus she had a bad experience. These are the excellent and you can barely taste the connabis. I felt the effects of a half candy barely a half hour upon ingesting.. Nice and comfortable high for a few hours. Even as an experienced user, I would recommend starting off with a quarter if you’ve never experimented with these, as they are strong.

  210. Anonymous

    Well everyone seems to love this but it was really bad for me. I ate half a candy and felt so bad and anxious and I threw up. It was a miserable experience. Too strong. I wish the package or the website offered more information on dosing. This was my first time eating an edible and I’ve only been smoking weed daily for two months so maybe my tolerance is low. Maybe edibles aren’t for me or I definitely would not reccomeed this. I don’t think I want to eat the other half even if I don’t eat it all at once. Oh well.

  211. As with the other jelly (Sativa). These candies rocked! Will buy again.

  212. The green apple and mango flavors cover up cannabis flavor beautifully. The others are great too except for blue raspberry, that one sold out before I got to try but I’m sure it’s great.

  213. My new favourite edibles on HD, please never get rid of these!
    They are easy on the stomach and potent enough for me to divide into quarters.
    My only qualm is that these use gelatin. MOTA, if you’re reading this please make vegan-friendly version of these.
    I’m sure pectin alone would suffice.

  214. Great effects, great taste! 10/10 . Ate one, effects were pretty solid for 6-8 hours.

  215. Great blue raspberry candy ! Awesome effects lasting several hours( split candy in two) and most definitely helped cope with my back pain and sleeplessness . Thanks HD!

  216. Amazing product, amazing high, 5/5 thx MOTA and HD!

  217. Unbelievable flavour and a body stone that last for hours even with just half a jelly. Most definitely worth i, will buy again , and you guys should have bigger packs

  218. love these things need a bulk pack with 3 or 5 in a bag

  219. Anonymous

    These are the shit! So good. Very nice long lasting high from one candy. Does taste a bit like weed but its very pleasant gummy taste. If you order multiple make sure you lock them away or you’ll be tempted to eat em all in one sitting! That good.

  220. This gummy brought me to space and back. I have not been so medicated in a very long time. Will continue to buy these.

  221. I took 1/2 of one and was super stoned for hours.. Next time I’m ordering more wish they had some kind of deal if you bought more

  222. This is only the second time I eat edibles and I took one candy and I was really high, worked really well then again this is like my first time eating edibles. Loved it! 5 on 5 !

  223. Awesome product. Amazing taste and a great dosage. People need to remember they are not going to get the same high as smoking bud or dabs. It’s a body high that makes your body feel like it’s lifting. Be sure that you want indica and I wish that HD carried more of MOTA’s products!

  224. Very tasty. Nice mellow body high. Not too strong. No weed taste.

  225. So good will be buying alot more next time. Had green apple was pretty sweet

  226. Anonymous

    I would recommend JELLIES (INDICA) the new line of THC Candies. Might not be for everyone, but they improved my mood and actually made my headache better ! Unreal !

  227. Yummy Yummy, got a bunch of them, ate one, nice buzz with couples hits, gonna try 2 tomorrow if its not too much lol and so on… 😀 Thanks a lot HD

  228. Yummy Yummy, got a bunch of them, ate one, nice buzz with couples hits, gonna try 2 tomorrow if its not too much lol and so one… 😀 Thanks a lot HD

  229. Taste is great, actually taste like candy. I just had a mango one and it almost taste like a fuzzy peach. Effects are great! Super high indica buzz, wheel chaired. Helps me get to sleep at night. Love these things.

  230. Not sure what I was expecting, but the effects were very faint to nothing at all, and I ate two. Tasted good though.

  231. Anonymous

    tastes so good could eat them all day effect are nice as well!

  232. I’m actually very impressed with these. I ordered Blue Raspberry and the taste was on point! Could not taste any marijuana flavor whatsoever. As for the dosage I would say it is accurate + or – 20%. They are very big, about the size of my palm and about 1/2 inch thick. You’d have to eat a lot of candy to get a dose over 300mg. Will definitely be ordering more since they no longer stock the 100mg THC capsules.

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