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BHO Bots (Mota)

(134 customer reviews)


1 pack of 2 BHO Bots for $18

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Approximately 240 mg of THC per package

These Bhobots are made for those who require very high levels of medication in a simple, discreet hard candy. Despite their space invader demeanour, these Bhobots are actually sweet and comforting. Each Bhobot is perfectly infused with a high dose of 120mg pure THC, extracted from the finest cannabis. Package comes with two Bhobots for a total of 240mg THC.

Ingredients: Isomalt, cannabis, artificial flavour and colour.

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

134 reviews for BHO Bots (Mota)

  1. Got grape, could taste abit of the weed, felt nothing aswell

  2. IM a strong user of canabis and the 2 Moto hard candy where perfect! , Love the lego style candy . Bying every week now

  3. These are awsome!!! Thanks HD!

  4. These potent candies will get you high but I found after eating then my throat burned the of and next day. Other than that I was happy with the purchase

  5. Campin gonna be intents

  6. The vybe is excellent for a edible thats less than 20$

  7. Mota has the best edibles, tried the blueberry this time, not so tasty, try a different flavor.

  8. Thos are really good but hard to dose! 120mg is a big doses for me and my bf since we smoke a little before bed to help us sleep… but damn it disnt help at all we were kinda too much !!! Loll we ate half each but should do less…!! Will buy again and make the good dosage cause they taste better than every hard candies we try!

  9. Heads up – these are disgusting!!! So far I’ve tried the watermelon and blueberry. The watermelon is horrible tasting and although the blueberry is somewhat better, they are both extremely hard to get down. Being a hard candy makes the process even worse. Each bear is supposed to be 120 mg of THC, but I felt little no no effects at all. The Mota gummies are WAY better tasting and have a much better effect.

  10. Not great dose I’d not 240 will stay away from mota

  11. Nice high. Great taste.

  12. These bho nots were great it was taking the lolipop (which can be deadly strong) and cuts it in half. One of these candid gives you a nice head and body high I love them can’t wait to get more

  13. The 120 mg dose in hard candy format is not the best for managing dosage amounts, as 120 mg is way too large of a dose. The <> was non-existent and they had a bitter solvent flavour profile, most likely a result from the extraction and production process. They are still an effective medication, however, I gave away the second Bot in this package. I will not be purchasing these again. Hard candies are not for me.

  14. I love Mota edibles and tried these guys recently. The taste was okay (a bit BHO-y) but otherwise I’m a fan. I still like the gummies best but these offer a fun and interesting high.

  15. Not the best taste but not bad considering how potent these little guys are. Great bang for your buck

  16. This product was an interesting buzz I was wholy unprepared for. We ordered the watermelon – which has a similar flavour to a watermelon jolly rancher. My wife let it dissolve in her mouth and she said it became bitter. I crunched mine and it was a nice flavour for a short spell.

    I should not have eaten a whole bot (one of the two in the packet).

    It was a little too much, and should have eaten part not all.

    I am a 6′ M 200 lbs and I smoke a little every day before bed. This took pain away, gave me munchies, did not help with sleep.

    I might order again. Powerful beyond some of the 1-2 star reviews. I found to be potent, and too much so at times. Effects were hours long. Good value for that buzz..


  18. Good high, one is enough for me. Initial taste is good until the candy breaks down then it tastes a bit hash oily.. Would probably buy again.

  19. take half feel it for few hours perfect buzz for me !

  20. great product. very potent and long lasting high. recommended

  21. Great taste. It sure if I get a buzz though. I do smoke a lot, so maybe it’s tolerance. But we always buy these again and again. Me and my gf call them ‘super bots’ 🙂

  22. Great product! Absolutely love it

  23. you can catch a pretty good buzz from half
    I melted right into my bed
    best night sleep ever

  24. Bit off 1/3 of one in the morning before going out. Handy for when you can’t smoke, and being completely sober I felt a mild high. Tastes pretty terrible though but all in all not a bad price. Not recommended for heavy users unless you plan on eating both.

  25. Both me and my bf ate one. We each felt nothing. Tasted terrible too.

  26. These don’t seem as potent as labeled, but I’d prob try again.

  27. Low to zero potency but good taste.

  28. I’m not sure if I’m feelin these although I do smoke more than use edibles.

  29. I am a light smoker. These tasted strongly of weed so if you have never had an edible don’t start here.! That being said, I order these once in a awhile for a committed to the couch night! They usually take a little bit to kick in but always hit me like a brick wall! I love them!

  30. these didn’t taste too bad considering they stay in your mouth longer than the jellies I’m use to. Got me high af.

  31. I don’t taste any “weed taste” in these which is good. They’re smooth and dissolve quite quickly compared to other hard candies. I’d like it if these came in sativa, but they’re still great and will order again.

  32. Low to zero potency and, in the case of grape flavor, bad taste.

  33. Good product, an alright high, good taste.

  34. by: fleriche1 – May 11, 2017

    This is a joke . 29mg instead of the 120 per bot promise . Mota doesnt answer back to costumer . get this joke company out of my herbal dispatch !
    For those of one who doesnt speak french they have test lab Mota products and they are 75 % under in thc contenance . I have wait for a few days fb them , after a few days being ignore i decide to go on an publish . They’re fault .

  35. I found these little candies fabulous! A great high with a punch that lasted a long time.

  36. Terrible taste. Good effects. Preferred the gummies better. If not for the taste, I would order it again

  37. Good deal for two and also very potent. If you are a seasoned green user then eat the whole thing 😉

  38. Good shipping ofcourse .. I got 2 packs 1 cherry 1 watermelon ate 1 didint feel much but I had bin smoking all day next day I ate 2 felt a bit of a buzz but I geuss I smoke way to much for 1 or 2 to have an effect on me .. I’ll try eating 6-10 next time see if that will do the trick for me … my girlfriend on the otherhand hadn’t smoked all day ate half of 1 An got ripped .. she was very happy ….. cherry was the better tasting

  39. These are the best bang for your buck!
    I was able to eat this is small pieces and feel the effects multiple times. The watermelon tasted great – with the exception of a little bitter aftertaste .
    I love them some much I already ordered more, oops!

  40. Very faint effects decent taste will not buy again

  41. By far the best edible I’ve ever had. Don’t recommend eating the whole thing I had a quarter at a time which was enough. Highly recommended.

  42. Anonymous

    I guess they are suppose to have no cannabis taste-there made that way now. Does not explain the lack of effect’s.
    Maybe it was just me(maybe ate something that killed the effects?) but its being looked into.I hate to leave such a bad review for a product I once very much enjoyed.

  43. These have no effect-This is a bad batch-I have had these before and they worked great-not these ones- The taste was way too weak-I could tell right away these had very little Thc in them .I have had these lots in the past and all taste like sucking on a wad of shatter/budder.

  44. By far my favourite edible. Very potent stuff, dont eat both bots in one sitting!! great for my anxiety and relaxation.

  45. Wasn’t satisfied with the effects. Little to no effects from one. I have a very high tolerance but 120mg should usually do the trick. Not worth it for the price imo alot better edible on here

  46. One is sufficient for my back pain, and two definitely give a nice buzz.

  47. terrible. not even close to a high from chowing one down.

  48. This is a joke . 29mg instead of the 120 per bot promise . Mota doesnt answer back to costumer . get this joke company out of my herbal dispatch !
    For those of one who doesnt speak french they have test lab Mota products and they are 75 % under in thc contenance . I have wait for a few days fb them , after a few days being ignore i decide to go on an publish . They’re fault .

  49. Love these! Very tasty and pack a powerful punch. Already on my list for my next order

  50. Great for light smokers. Heavy hitters won’t be impressed. I was hoping for a stronger buzz with 240mg thc.

  51. Daily toker
    Didn’t get a very strong buzz off the bots. Split with the GF and she wasn’t huge on the taste

  52. They were.. only alright. I took one and was maybe at a 4/10 after a couple of hours. Nice, warming buzz, but nothing special. The jelly is far superior.

    High tolerance, daily smoker. If you have a low – med tolerance these’ll be real nice. If yours is high, take both.

  53. Anonymous

    Bought 4 packs, 2 watermelon, a cherry and blueberry. Spilt with a buddy so we each got 4, 2 watermelon. A cherry and a blueberry one. I ate the first one and nothin came of it. Next night buddy tries 2 and nothing. So I tried 3 and nothing. I smoke daily so should I have to take more or just not bother with them again? Tasty but ineffective to me

  54. Very tasty little candies. Potent enough, and quite small making them very portable. Kind of a strange shape for a candy that you have to suck on, but still a good time. You do get a fair bit of oil flavor though. I suppose that could be expected with and edible this dense. Good value THC content for the price as well.

  55. Good candies. They taste okay but I didn’t order them for the taste. The effects were good but not great. I ate both one right after the other and had a nice backround high for the whole day. Probably great for occasional users,but I think I needed 2 packs for desired effects. Thanks

  56. watermelon tastes good but you slightly taste the BHO , any other BHO products I’ve had are similar you slightly taste the BHO. This got me a nice high but for 18 dollars i felt like the bang for the buck wasn’t their. My Tolerance: Smoke daily moderately

  57. Amazing products! Taste like cannibis but not too bad and great effects!

  58. Eat both or no effect and taste weird better off with the mota jelly

  59. Taste Good, but at the end it is a little bit bitter. Moderate high with 1, good high with 2

  60. Good. They’re a hard candy, I was under the impression they were a gummy. They are sweetened with isomalt. Flavor is really quite odd, fake sweet with a spicy bho flavor. Potency is good, one puts me at about a [6] next time I’ll eat both. I want a full [10] but was nervous to overdo it with my first edibles. My tolerance is probably average. Would order again.

  61. These definitely pack a punch. I like the design and the taste but I don’t like the fact that it is hard candy because it is brittle thus rendering harder to work with.

  62. The effect was pretty smooth and I didn’t taste the cannabis at all, those were pretty good!

  63. Slightly bitter aftertaste, eating 1 is enough, eating both is probably not a great idea unless you have incredible tolerance,. Eating both took me to the abyss…great bang for your buck!

  64. Great taste, but there is a slight after-taste from the bho but it’s not overwhelming. Good overall, the watermelon covers most of the bho taste. Effects are good and long lasting.

  65. Fantastic taste, however I didn’t find the effects too be what I hoped for. I ended up taking both to get desired effects, they do however last for 6-8 hours as promised!

  66. Great relaxing body high. I like that these come in 2 convenient doses. Although I find one of this little guys gets me right where I’d like to be. Looking forward to purchasing these again.

  67. They taste great! Pretty decent high out of them too! These little boys pack a punch.

  68. very potent, probably hide one when you open the pack, can have you feeling like you are moving in extreme slow motion, the high wasnt very functional and it made me really hungry, I slept through the night and woke up with my eyes glued shit, felt hungover after eating a whole bot, this is a great bang for your buck edible wise, but probably not for me as I felt like my thoughts were forming like Voltron, but not is a smooth way.

  69. Great time. Super fun little bots. Awesome edible.

  70. These are adorable. However, the taste was a bit much to get through. I thought they were gummies, so was a little surprised when I received them. I didn’t feel a strong relief/high from these guys and I’m not sure I’d be willing to eat two. Nice for a person with lower tolerance.

  71. My favorite edible, slight weed taste, but delicious. could be better price to quality.

  72. Very strong cannabis taste. Flavours are more of an accent. Not a bad high.

  73. Not very potent at all. I felt no effects

  74. Wasn’t expecting much, but ended up being very tastey. Will order again!

  75. I’m not sure why but I didn’t get any effect from these and I did buy two one in cherry one in blueberry and neither made me feel anything. I won’t be buying these again due to the lack of potency

  76. pretty high level of thc for the price!

  77. Would not purchase these again. Perhaps because they were sugar-free, they sort of went right through me. They burned my throat a bit, and they difficult to break up into smaller pieces for portion control. Although these are better value, I will stick to the Mota soft jellies.

  78. Not a bad addition to any order. I definitely prefer the large jellies over these, but overall a decent product. I find the after taste a bit strong with these, as they take a while to melt.

  79. Love that there is two in the package take one then an hour later take the other for a very nice high coming from a daily smoker, the taste is a little strong it kinda burns a little bit but if you drink water with it its fine and that just means there a lot of the good stuff in them thanks HD

  80. I’ve read review across the board on these BHO bots but I really wanted to try some. I saved them for after a 9 hour mountain hike, I thought they would be great to help mellow me out after a big adventure. I started with one. It definitely had some cannabis flavour that hung around in my mouth after I finished it but diminished with a few glasses of water. After an hour I felt I wasn’t really feeling any effects so I took the second one and waited. I waited for another hour and I started to feel a slight high but nothing like I was expecting. Over all, I wasn’t really impressed but it may have also been that my body was already exhausted from the day’s activity so with that in mind I may try them again in the future.

  81. Big fan of all of the other candy’s, but strangely these didn’t do much for me. The taste got to be a bit much after awhile as well.

  82. Best of all I ever had. 5 stars.

  83. cherry was the best flavour tastes like normal candy but wow i recommended taking it in thirds or half at a time

  84. Tastes amazing… in all reality edibles aren’t for people who smoke a lot. But again, these are the highest thc content…. if you smoke a lot you will definitely need the entire package!

  85. These things are large and pack a punch. As a daily toker one got me a good buzz that lasted for several hours. Two would be a really strong high.

    They are large hard candies and as you eat it the taste gets worse. Other than that they are pretty good.

  86. Enjoyed these a few nights ago at work, ate one at around 8, then the other at 2. Had me floating on a euphoric cloud. Not very strong on the kush taste, tho still very noticeable. Had the cherry flavour and it was tasty! Body buzz was amazing, the sleep was even better. Probably gonna get more of these, these guys are always serving great products 🙂

  87. I love how mellow these are, I am 5 feet tall 120 pounds and one gives me a nice body buzz. Such a clean, tingly high. Grape flavour is quite disgusting though

  88. Had to eat both to feel any effect, good for begginers but advance users will get minimal effect

  89. Top notch hard candy. Great taste and good effects.

  90. Good for mornings you don’t wanna smoke 4 star

  91. Best hard candies i have had, maybe in the world 😀 cant wait to order 1p more next time!

  92. tried the watermelon..great taste, can definitely taste the strong ginger after bite of the herb 🙂 first one put me into a serious couch lock and watched the entire season of “stranger things” in one sitting, then realized i haven’t blazed in about ten hours…lol!! with i medicate every few hours usually, second candy was instant nap time and slept it away for 4 hours….again lol!!!

  93. Yep, these are awesome. could be more potent. but i love them all the same..

  94. First time I’ve eaten any type of anything.
    Weren’t that bad tasting. The taste was strong so after a while I just chomped them and swallowed.
    Didn’t feel much, 2 hours later, I was buzzed sufficiently. I only took 1. I would eat both next time, though 1 was enough. I would recommend these.

  95. Good taste but they were not very potent. People always complain about “weedy” flavor with edibles but when you do not taste the medicine I find it to be a weaker edible 95% of the time.

  96. Nice body high, good tasting, hard candy is mediocre. Jellies are better imo

  97. Deceiving to say the least. Potency is alright i guess but too subtle. Tasted great though and the tiny legoman was funny to see. I could break it down in pieces and get medicated all day through without major crash. I would suggest to try and see.

  98. I love these Bots. I got watermelon and cherry, and they were delicious with that lovely almost antiseptic burn at the back of the throat from the extract neatly covered by sweetness and flavour. They made me feel happy and uplifted for about 30 mins, and while the intense stone did fade seemingly quickly, they worked well to relieve my nerve damage pain in a pinch without having to fuss with dry herb with my also pain-filled hands. Wish they came out with multi packs for the freezer so I could get a bunch at a time, candy does go quick in a house of stoners.

  99. The taste was okey but im a daily smoker it didnt buzz me that much. i took 2 of em in one shot. I would recommend for casual smokers

  100. I had the blueberry and the taste was pretty good. There’s an underlying bitterness at the back of the mouth throughout but not overly unpleasant. For me they take much too long to melt and I don’t like chewing hard candy. The effects were subtle but uplifting and motivating. Felt like Sativa to me.

    I won’t buy again simply because I don’t like hard candy but they get ya buzzed for sure. Jellies next time for me.

  101. Grape BHO bots are allot better had a nice buzz also.

  102. Ate a blueberry one passed out and slept like a baby. taste great at fist then not so much.

  103. For me it did nothing eating the whole pack. The hard candy was just that with a bit of weed taste. Again for me a daily smoker i don’t think i’ll do this again.

  104. Anonymous

    Found these quite effective for pain. Would help my back/shoulders. Not as strong as a anticipated. I’ve been consuming edibles for well over 10 years. Have a bit if a tolerance by now. Cherry, Blueberry and Watermelon were the 3 I tried and would buy again

  105. Prefer the Jellies if I’m being honest, these aren’t bad though. Like the jellies, these weren’t as potent as anticipated; unlike the jellies, these weren’t quite as tasty in my opinion (I ordered the cherry). Maybe I’ll give them another shot sometime?

  106. I tried this product. Was not what i expected. Hardly feel anything at all. And thats after eatin g the pack. Also found it had a gross aftertaste. Prob wont buy again.

  107. Daily smoker here and experienced with edibles and concentrates.
    These did next to nothing for me, I ate 2 bots at a time and still didn’t do very much for me. I ordered 1 of each flavour, they all had the same minimal effect for me. 🙁 was really disappointed with these. the MOTA soft gummy buttons were more effective than these.

  108. These bots are bomb! Very potent but I find the Bho to leave a little bit of a ‘feeling’ in my throat, otherwise tasty! Love the new packaging as well!
    Okay, this might not be accurate AT ALL, but in my own personal experience, the darker coloured bots were more potent for me than the lighter ones?! I got the same effect from 1 blueberry as I did from 2 cherry. Maybe it was just the day! Test for yourselves!

  109. I got the watermelon ones, could be sweeter as it did taste a bit “weedy”. They came on faster than a typical edible, I assume because they are a hard candy and you suck on it like a jolly rancher, so it absorbs sublingually

  110. nice strong body high 10/10

  111. These taste good, but i didn’t get as high off of one as i expected. Eating both got me there! Will order these every time. Had the blueberry and cherry flavours.

  112. Anonymous

    Tasty treats and not too sweet too. Daily users will need to take 2 or more for stronger effects.

  113. These candies are bomb. They taste amazing. I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell there is and bho in them. Love it. I always tack on a few of these puppies with every order

  114. Anonymous

    High quality! !!!!

  115. Split one with my lady, it put her to sleep very quickly and kept her down for the night. I found the high very relaxing, great for night time use, felt throughout my face as well. Nothing crazy potent but does the trick. Slightly bitter cannabis taste, but all in all great for the price!

  116. Very well made and I like the new packaging but once again I believe the price is a little high

  117. I smoke frequently and took one these as I woke up in the morning. A very mellow high came over me, nothing to strong. Something you could go to work with. Not what I was expecting, was looking for a couch lock kinda experience although as I said I only consumed 1 of the bots at a time.

  118. My first time trying edibles. Take 2 and call me in the morning

  119. Anonymous

    These were irresistible at 14$ great for a few hours of pain relief n a wicked smile

  120. I took two and had a nice mellow buzz with a great sleep. Potency isnt totally there if you’re a connoisseur like myself however your mileage may vary.

  121. EDIBLES – BHO BOTS From MOTA.GREEN.MEDS these’s are amazing!! i took 2 and had one of the best sleeps in my entire life!! Keep up the great work MOTA!! & HD!! 🙂

  122. Ive enjoyed many Mota products. Potency has been quite good, as was the case with these. The watermelon had a harsh taste toward the end that I really didn’t like.

  123. Amazing edibles! I will definitely buy again, keep up the good work HD!

  124. I love Mota edibles, these are a new favourite for sure!
    When I first ordered these I didn’t realize they were hard candies, I think I like these even better than the jellies to be honest 🙂

  125. I smoke every day , I def felt it but not stone or anything

  126. this is genious way of medicating! wow thanks hd!

  127. Im a daily big smoker and it aint do notting to me ! I think edible just dont work on daily smokers who smoke all day long

  128. great product and one of the only edibles to work on me. unfortunately i can get them cheaper on mota’s own site but still really good product

  129. These hard candies are great! effects kick in before the edible is finished melting in your mouth and last for a good 4-6 hours. Doesn’t really matter what flavour you get, the BHO taste will overpower everything. Great value at 9 bucks per “bot”. If you are looking for a potent edible, even for daily smokers, this is it. Take both bots for a real ride 🙂

  130. These little Bots take 1/2 hour to dissolve and have quite a potent BHO flavour. I found effects setting in before candy was done. For me a gentle booster for the joints to come. I found one BOT not as potent as one Sativa Jelly. Great to try them all though……thanx HD

  131. great taste bots are the size and shape of lego men

  132. These are great, Love all the new edibles, keep em coming!

  133. The greatest value for edibles you guys have so far. I’m very impressed with these little guys, 2 120 mg bots for 18$ I’ll take it.

  134. I’m not usually a huge edible fan as the majority of edibles I’ve had are not as powerful s advertised.. But these pack a powerful punch, amazing taste with all the effects of a strong indica. I am including at least 2 of these in every order from now on!

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