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Dutch Hawaiian

(86 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: The Quarry
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Product Description

Dutch Hawaiian is a sativa-dominant hybrid created by Top Shelf Seeds, Seattle-based breeders who keep dispensary shelves stocked throughout the Pacific Northwest. It is a cross between perennial favorite Dutch Treat and a fruity Hawaiian landrace.

Dutch Hawaiian has a high that mounts slowly, often taking several minutes before its effects are fully felt. Smokers will eventually detect a feeling of sharpened perception, with certain colors and sounds seeming more dynamic or intense. Smokers may also notice themselves ascending into a more cerebral mindset; fleeting thoughts or impressions may take on a new significance. Dutch Hawaiian also comes with a grounding sense of physical relaxation that tempers the intensity of this cerebral experience.

A great choice for waking-and-baking, Dutch Hawaiian may even be good for nighttime reflection and introspection — but be wary that the strain’s thought-provoking tendencies may intensify as greater amounts are consumed.

Parents: Dutch Treat, Hawaiian

Flavours: Citrus, sweet, tropical
Effects: Happy, uplifted, energetic, relaxed, euphoric
Medical: Depression, stress, fatigue, nausea, lack of appetite

86 reviews for Dutch Hawaiian

  1. This could become one of my new favorites.
    Smooth, delicious tasting smoke.
    Strong creative high, with very little burnout.
    It definitely reminds me of the few times in the old days, when some real Hawaiian would appear.

  2. Amazing strain very rate and strong effects.

  3. Excellent strain for after work to take the edge off or a nice anytime smoke. Nugs are nice and green with red hairs. Not too crystally though. Smell in the bag is sweet and fruity fresh. Smoked a bowl in my glass piece. Not much flavour but a smooth inhale and exhale with almost no cough. High was quite lofty in the head but focused. Nice body buzz. Great functional smoke. Uplifting high with no anxiety or munchies. Why is it sold out!! Wah. Will grab a bunch next time.

  4. Smelled like cheese when opened ?
    Tasted fresh, sweet, pine ?
    Slow coming cerebral.
    Felt positive and happy.

  5. Pure mind high. Does nothing to the body but elevates your mind and spirits. Excellent wake and bake bud

  6. Just rec’d this wonderful batch a few days ago. Besides looking and smelling great the high is twofold. The original buzz hits you and then mellows out so you can do daily functions. It’s a keeper, will definitely get again. Great for daytime.

  7. Great buds and great high

  8. This gets you ripped and is very uplifting.

  9. It’s pretty good. I enjoy it. Not my favourite or anything.

  10. Dutch Hawaiian rocks gets you nice and high and the effects lasts a very long this should be 10 star thank you herbaldispatch

  11. Good

  12. Huge nugs full of keef. Enjoyed it in the vape.

  13. Smells delicious, tastes delicious, kicks pretty good 😛

  14. Great compact buds that opened into a can of whoopass. Nicely done

  15. doesnt look like anything special to be honest. but the high is a gem. 11/10

  16. This weed is delicious
    Burns really great

  17. Big buds, great taste

  18. One of the best sativas I’ve ever smoked

  19. Enjoyably exceeded my expectations.
    The odor… take UK Cheese and note the blueberry end of it’s smell, now reverse that and make the blue the strong point and the cheese very light and musky: Dutch Hawaiian.
    Daytime functional, clean effect. To get picky the trim could be tighter, but to real worries there.
    This would be nice to have in the summer~

  20. nice taste, bag appeal, flavor, effects! happy with this.

  21. 5 stars for this bud. I was very amazed with how good this stuff is. Got the nicest full buds in my bag, the weed looks just amazing in person. Smoked great, quick lasting high, very strong smell. No complaints whatsoever and will be getting some of this again.

  22. Great strain. One of my new favourites for daytime use. Will definitely buy again.
    Thanks again HD!

  23. The Dutch Hawaiian is a good smoke with a nice and light high. Good flavour and boy does it stink! The only real knock on it for me is that it has a habit of going out all the time needing a re-light. In the winter time if you don’t have some where warm to smoke, it’s a nuisance.

  24. Really nice buds, this stuff is great. No complaints whatsoever.

  25. smells and tastes great! was a little leafy but the quality is there.


  27. Wow! You can truly taste that smell you get when grinding it. Resly enjoyed the high of this beautifull bud I got for 1g ! Will get some more for sure thanks HD

  28. Love this bud , one of my fav so far ! I love trying new ones keep the good buds comming !!!

  29. Great smell. Large dense nugs. Smoked well. Tastes great.

  30. This strain was rather smooth.. taste wasnt overly sweet but there was a hint. The effects were on a lighter end. good for smoking before doing stuff you need to be active for. Decent Day time Strain.

  31. Great for day time use, will buy again.

  32. My favorite strain i’ve tried so far. The high with this stuff is perfect. Taste is amazing and the buds i recieved are gorgeous. Pick this stuff up you wont regret it.

  33. Upon inspection, I was a little disappointed. It had some long brown leaves coming off it..
    It wasn’t dense bud at all, very wet and “flaky” , it always feels like a waste to me when the bud isn’t dense, so I’m not sure I would buy this one in a large quantity again 🙂
    It tasted pretty sweet, and it did get me pretty stoned though, so 4 stars! 🙂 🙂

  34. Amazing smell, nice taste. Nice buds and good high.

  35. I’m so happy to have come across this strain again! very nice quality and love the taste! definitely a must have! I’m so thankful to herbal dispatch for Quality cannabis!

  36. Found this to be a great day strain. Very smooth in the vap. Had a very stress free day with this one and helped give me a little bit more energy . No complaints!

  37. Some of the tastiest nugs I I ever had

  38. I love this one Clearly 5 Stars! Amazing nug,taste,smell ! Probably the best for a day time use according to me, of course.

  39. I enjoyed this strain very much and not usually big on sativa’s. It has a nice flavor and did keep me very focused and calm. Also dry enough that you get a lot for the weight.. but not too dry. Mine was just right

  40. It was good nice amount of crystal sweet tasting.

  41. 5 stars!! Top quality stuff. Will order again.

  42. Absolutly great bud. My first choice for a day time smoke. You can smell and taste the citrus and its amazing 5/5 forsure

  43. Wonderful smell, great high nice and clean smoke! Would buy again!

  44. Amazing strain, really suprised, buds are insane, nice cerebral buzz, very euphoric , perfect for a party night!!

  45. Nice taste and focused high on this strain. Great effects for daytime use. Will likely order again..
    Thanks H.D.

  46. Great ! Smooth taste with a clean buzz. Perfect for daytime.

  47. Best bud i have ordered yet. Highly recommend

  48. I enjoyed this Strain last batch. This batch don’t get me wrong the smell is amazing, but just doesn’t transfer to the taste, which I found quite bitter. The ash burns black. I see lots of good reviews maybe I just got a bad few buds, they were very leafy and loose.

  49. 5 stars at least
    Great product all around. Cant wait for more

  50. One of the best buds I’ve ever had on herbal, the smell of the strain is just amazing, a instant euphoria!

  51. Really great smell and high. Would recommend this one, at least for a try.

  52. Good job herbal dispatch, amazing smell, taste yummy, nice big buds, burns good. 2 thumbs up…….

  53. This is ALMOST too strong for day time use ( almost lol). Very strong and fast acting, good for focus and appetite. Did not make me drowsy but I only had 1 pipe load in the morning.

  54. This smells like heaven. Great daytime smoke. Such a beautiful golden coloured buds too. Amazing.

  55. Super taste. Great buzz.

  56. I enjoy it a lot!! Without ukulele !!

  57. Very good trees !! So so so sticky !! Can’t go wrong with this one !?????

  58. Very good for day time use. Had a few tokes before the gym and had no issues. Felt uplifted and focused. Its not all weeds that you can smoke before a workout!! Hawaiian dutch is as good as it sounds

  59. Smells great, nice clean high .. will buy again

  60. Really nice weed. Instant feelings of euphoria and felt very relaxed. Taste was ok but my bf seemed to like it

  61. This is one of the best tasting bud i’ve had, its certainly some of mother natures finest.

  62. Nice day time smoke ! Nice bud 4 sure ????

  63. Great smell. Nice taste as well .Burns clean. A must for sativa lovers.

  64. Nice buds, good taste, nice smoke.

  65. Nice buds that smell great

  66. Smells amazing. Wish the taste matched the smell. Citrus taste like grapefruit. One joint left me energetic but well medicated. Worth a try for sure.

  67. great taste and aroma, burned great, would recommend for a great day time buzz

  68. Very nice smell and taste. Not too strong of a buzz I find though

  69. Fluffy bud with amazing smell. Some of the nicest smelling stuff out there. Gotta be up there with grapefruit and watermelon. Taste isn’t as nice as the smell. Great strain.

  70. The Dutch Hawaiian is a primo flower. Very enjoyable with a great cerebral high and the taste is amazing, you will be wishing you had more.

  71. The last batch of this was one of my all time favourites., This batch is a little different. Its lighter in colour,, leafier, not as dank/sticky and doesn’t taste as sweet, though does still taste sweet, just not as much. However, I do find the buzz more in line with Sativa effects than the last batch. Its still great bud though, no doubt. I gave the last batch 5 stars and I’d like to give this batch 4.5 stars but thats not an option, so I’m going to give it 4 stars.

  72. 5 Star all the way. Thank you Herbal Dispatch.

  73. Good bud , little bit loose , lots of frost , the taste is great , will consider in the future ?

  74. Dark Sweet Dood

  75. Im not a big fan, Smells great, with a gradual intensity, but the bud was really loose with more leaf then ide like to see for 35$ an 1/8, which I think took away from the taste, Ide give it 3 stars if it would let me lower the rating. 5 stars for the company, ordered on the Thursday, had my package on a Sunday, and everything else I ordered was top shelf

  76. I will echo what most others are saying about the buzz, it’s lovely, but not heavy. Really relaxing, and helpful for anxiety, for sure. The taste however, I don’t enjoy like everyone else seems too. It’s not harsh, I just don’t care for the flavour, though I definitely get a hint of the citrus! I’ll buy again…and again! 🙂

  77. Words cannot describe this delicious taste

  78. Such a wonderful stench, was certain it was gonna make me bounce of the walls. Oddly enough, its get up and go just kinda got up and went. A nice patient sativa(great for waiting for a fish to strike or wasting an afternoon on the patio)

  79. The Hawaiian is strong in this one. Love the smell and taste. Burns pretty quick in a bowl, but it’s really smooth.

  80. Anonymous

    5 stars. I ordered this and the grapefruit and when I got down to the final layer of packaging it was the sweetest of smells coming our of the box. This stuff smells and tastes sweet but the buzz is absolutely fantastic too. Top notch. This and grapefruit are my new two all time favourites. I should of ordered more.

  81. Excellent taste and very potent, this is a must try

  82. Smokes nice, burns to white ash and hits like a mule.

  83. Really nice looking great smelling bud! Tastes amazing forsure, listed as full sativa but has a real hybrid feel to it. Like it alot!

  84. Wow this strain is truly special, I’ve never had anything effect me quite like this. Definitely a sativa but it can chill me out so much I fall asleep if I get too comfortable. Great stuff for social situations if you’re prone to anxiety. Gonna have to smoke on this some more before I can describe it better, life’s tough. I’d be interested to know if there is some cbd in this strain.

  85. Anonymous

    Wow just wow ?

  86. Anonymous

    5 stars dude

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