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Durban Poison

(122 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $9
3.5 grams for $30
7 grams for $60
14 grams for $115
28 grams for $220

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Sold By: Beard Bros Concentrates
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Product Description

This pure sativa originates from the South African port city of Durban. It has gained notoriety worldwide for its sweet smell and energetic, uplifting effects. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay productive through a busy day, when exploring the outdoors, or to lend a spark of creativity.

Parents: African
Similar to: Sensi Star, Mr. Nice, Blackberry Kush, Hash Plant, Skywalker

Flavours: Earthy, sweet, pine
Effects: Uplifted, energetic, happy, euphoric, creative
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, headaches

122 reviews for Durban Poison

  1. Great stuff. One of my faves. Tastes great in the pax.

  2. A highly underrated and under talked about strain. Excellent daytime. Get a project on the go and smoke some. Won’t be disappointed.

  3. Amazing hybrid! Having that cross with the African durban almost makes this a pure narrow leaf variety. Glad Beard Bros are able to grow this plant so clean and healthy. Thanx guys, absolutely loved it! As good as, if not better then the Astroboy by Golden Spruce!! XD

  4. Love it, so much energy. Smoked a joint and feeling great! A nice way to start my day

  5. One of the best sativa strains on here. I was a little bit lazy and then got a few bowls of this and right back up and about. Taste good in the pipe and pretty nice in the vape too.

  6. Even if the buds are different from a batch to an other, this weed keep being GREAT !

  7. Nice strain to beat a couchlock and to be productive

  8. One of the better batches of Durban Poison I have tried out excellent for daytime use!
    Had some of this before going for a swim definitely a good strain for the beach☁️☁️☁️

  9. My new favorite strain for sure! Powerful and uplifting packed super tight bag looked small but busts up huge very tasty love it!!

  10. Amazing taste!One of the best sativa for shure!

  11. Great taste and the smell is off the charts. Would buy again

  12. Not sure if I’ve left a review here in the past, but this is one of my favourite sativas sold here. Always extremely happy with this bud! Its great day time medicine, and just a great all around smoke. Dense golf ball like nugs covered in crystals. This one should definitely be a quad, and I’ll keep ordering this as long as HD keeps supplying this strain! Please keep this strain on rotation as it is a great staple sativa!

  13. A decent day time buzz, but I’m not a fan of the taste and smell, but for the price, meh ??‍♀️ Not terrible.

  14. Unique smell and taste,great buzz, perfect for social event, party. Will order again for sure!!

  15. Loved it! Great day time tasty smoke.
    Didn’t get enough though, Will order more next time.

  16. Probably my favourite strain yet. Great daytime smoke to energize, keep you focused and happy.

  17. Burns nice and clean. Typical Duban taste. Great uplifting high.

  18. First sativa I tried from this site. It packed a punch for me for sure. Not sure because I havent smoke as much at that time but it wad nice not having to smoke that much to get the right buzz. The flavor is amazing. I highly recommend.

  19. My favorite sativa on here. Great taste and functional high. A must try!

  20. A strain that I have ordered more than once. One of the better strains of Sativa offered on this site.

  21. A bit harsh on the throat if smoking through a pipe. Peppery, sage like, smell with notes of pine. A pleasant, light, high with minor facial tingle after a good sized bowl. Solid day smoke.

    Not at all overwhelming.

  22. Great bud for a good price!

  23. I am not a sativa smoker however this strain was recommended by a friend. There is a reason why it’s a classic. High quality bud, great in the morning with a cup of coffee.

  24. GREAT daytime strain. So happy to try this, and will order again for sure. TY HD

  25. Small buds but it fluffs up nice. Tasty with a pretty good buzz. Nice product.

  26. Nice compact buds with a nice sweet, earthy flavour, nice mellow high

  27. Not overly strong though Long lasting, smooth yet bright effects; one of the lower anxiety sativas’, which makes this bud cherished in my home. My quarter could have been fresher and was mostly marbles but at $9/gram it was a joy to finally experience the Durban Poison. I get hints of Amnesia Haze, Burmese and Super Lemon Haze in this bud, more so the later.

  28. Little to medium orange nug, good for daytime, amazing for the price

  29. One of my personal favs – Durban Poison truly hits the spot. An ideal Sativa to maintain focus yet increase relaxation and enjoyment. I’d recommend for artists, especially of the spoken or written word, looking for that extra inspiration.
    Will definitely continue to purchase and in higher quantity than before! My proverbial hats-off to the growers of South Africa.

  30. Anonymous

    Good smoke, I love the effect of this strain, awesome☺☺☺

  31. Anonymous

    My absolute favourite – really earthy smelling, super-dense buds. Produces a strong head buzz and increased mental alertness, lasts a while and gently fades without dragging you down. Please please keep stocking this!

  32. Always the same quality each time I’ve ordered this strain and I wasn’t disappointed

  33. Anonymous

    Awesome strain, the orange hairs are vibrant and the buds are always very frosty. Ive purchased this strain many times and have never been disappointed. 5/5!

  34. This is one of the best sativa’s I have smoked. Top notch bud and great price.

  35. good stuff nice burn and smell

  36. very quick to set in but was a little dissapointed with how short of high I got from it. this may be my tolerance going up as well so overall it was good for the price

  37. Nice buds, great taste. Decent price too, I’ll pay this all day long. Thanks Dispatch

  38. very nice buzz and nice tight buds. I am on my second batch.

  39. This has been one of my favorite daytime pick me ups every time I’ve ordered, and this time is no exception. Great sweet taste with a focused energetic high

  40. Anonymous

    Very enjoyable smoke.Made me want to get things done.Lots of tight buds and burned forever when rolled and smoked.

  41. A friend picked this up , I very highly recommend it

  42. Anonymous

    Pick your poison!!ordered 2-3 times and always on point.Exact description and photos.Sweet n spicy citrus mint for my tastebuds.#WAKENBAKE

  43. blue dream and durban poison top sativa strains on hd!

  44. Beautiful bright green, dense buds that are completely covered in trichomes. Fairly decent smoke, not 10/10 on the smoothness scale but certainly nice. Would re purchase.

  45. Interesting taste but I recommend smoking in a bong with hot water because it will choke the sh!t out of you, But provides a wailing buzz

  46. Nice tight buds, great flavour and awesome for a wake and bake.

  47. Very good bud ive ordered it probably 4 times already getting more each time i ordered. Its great smoke good for the day time or at night… but im thinking of switching it up next order i dont like smoking the same bud for too long.

  48. All around good weed. Smalls buds that bust out to be a lot. Good smell, good smoke. Makes a nice joint. I found it pretty powerful. Will definitely buy again

  49. Favourite morning bud. Great feel. Energetic. And tastes great. Five stars….

  50. My first strain purchased through HD and what a great start! Clear mind, alerted senses, burst of energy. Taste through my vaporizer wasn’t bad and the high lasted longer than most. Will definitely be revisiting this one whenever available!

  51. Really great stuff. Tight bids that break out big. Great taste and an in your head, creative high.
    Stimulated my dreams, unsure if it was the buds specifically… classic strain!

  52. Great uplifting sativa high. Good for daytime.

  53. this stuff will make you so happy and focused, HD has been killing it with these sativa strains.

  54. Anonymous

    Very nice strain. The buds were visually appealing, very dense and the bud smells fantastic. An excellent day high, I will definitely buy again

  55. Really great sativa strain! Great bag appeal buds were almost as hard as rocks! Caked in crystals and burned really smoot.
    Great for morning or afternoon 🙂

  56. Hard hitting sativa, nice for early and mid-day sessions.

  57. I really liked this one. Found it to smell and taste really nice. Liked the look too. Found the buzz to be great. Opinion based only on a gram in a sample pack.

  58. Looks really good, smokes really well. Not one of the best sativa’s I’ve had but its definitely a great daily driver!
    I’d give effects probably a 7.5/10 but it still smokes very well

  59. i love this shit in every aspect i shoulda grabbed more then a gram damn >.>

  60. Thus is now one of my favorite strains. manageable high and excellent smoking, appearance is also great. thank you!

  61. Not the best sativa but still enjoyed the smoke.

  62. Crazy stuff right here ???

  63. amazing sativa, thanks hd

  64. Great Sativa. The Durban gives you lots of energy and creativity, as advertised. Awesome strain if you wanna keep going or get a nice energy boost. For the price, this strain is great value.

  65. Anonymous

    This current batch is better than any I’ve previously had here. Well done

  66. Anonymous

    Grabbed this for my wife battling cancer to see if we could find a great sativa to keep the energy but still have the effects of the plant. She really likes this, great smoke!

  67. this is my favourite land based strain.

  68. Nice looking bud, smells great and tastes amazing. This is my favorite daytime strain and this version is spot on, definitely recommend. Nice price too, proper bargain!

  69. Awesome! Loved it, will be buying again

  70. Potent flavor, hits mellow. Looks exactly as pictured.

  71. great day time sativa 🙂

  72. This will definitely keep you going , if you are looking for a clean sativa high with no sedating effects then look no further.Makes for a great mixing strain.

  73. I re-ordered this because the previous batch blew me away. The nugs themselves look really nice in this batch, but the grassy smell is underwhelming. Not the same amazing smell and taste I was expecting from the previous batch. Very mild sativa high, which I actually like. This is a great daytime strain. I just wish this had more flavor and smell like the previous batch. 4 stars due to inconsistency.

  74. Easily in my top 5 favorite products on this site. Good price for an above average effect. Highly recommended.

  75. One of my favourites!! ??

  76. A new favorite for myself, accurate description

  77. Never been disappointed with anything grown by Beard Brothers and this is no exception. Always so well trimmed. Durban is supposed to be high in THCV and work well for PTSD and this definitely does. I have a hard time finding sativas due to anxiety but this one works really good for me. It really helped me break out of a depression funk too. Just ordered more today.

  78. This is a great sativa. Still able to do stuff around the house, feel great and alert the whole time. Taste is also very nice.

  79. Perfect for daytime use and has a nice taste

  80. Well grown and cured. Distinct, pungent sativa scent. Buds are dense and covered in trichomes. Excellent taste and clear daytime high. 5 stars.

  81. 10/10, great smelling buds, very euphoric. It even tastes great!

  82. Love me the Durban Poison, had the original in South Africa and its a great strand of weed, its got a perfect hit, not to hard but just right! I like to stock up on this.

  83. This is hands down the best I’ve ever had. Been waiting for this beauty to pop back up. Nice buds, great smell.
    I Highly recommend.

  84. Very good stuff for the price, good taste and nice looking buds.

  85. 4.5 the price is great the high was very energetic a good smoke to wake up to! Only noticed the smell when busted up otherwise the bud itself lacked smell imo tasted pretty good in a joint light citrus Hazey taste I find. If you love sativas definitely try this one not the most potent but very enjoyable.

  86. The flowers have a sweet, fruity smell, slightly tart at the end. Very smooth light taste with a slightly citrus hint. One of my fav strains, and one of the great sativa strains. Buzz hits hard and fast after a few tokes, heavy head buzz that mellows into a long lasting glow. One of the best !

  87. Just finished a nice bowl of this strain and I have to say after only ordering a gram just to see how I liked it (usually I go for girl scout cookies when I smoke sativas). Very similar high to GSC but I didn’t feel as scatter brained. Think I may have found my new go to sativa.

  88. Kind of had that Pennywise look to it, although a unique smell & taste. An energetic high, great for daytime use. Pretty much 5/5, thanks HD.

  89. Mostly popcorn size nugs with a few bigger ones thrown in. Very nicely trimmed flowers, saw no leaf left anywhere. Unique almost orangey, musty, spicey smell. Taste? Meh, nothing special. Great energetic buzz! Perfect for wake and bake or going to do outdoors stuff. Quite potent. Bag weight was on point. This and Super Lemon Haze my favourite sativas. Kudos to Herbal Dispatch for consistently providing superior products and great serice!

  90. Spot on to description and majority of reviews I have read. A happy, energetic strand that can be an excellent compliment to a busy day. It’s also a unique taste for those seeking variation in their orders. Gives me a similar feeling to Jack Herer however its still up for debate as to what I like more. Will definitely order this one again. Thanks yet again HD!

  91. Ordered twice. Very happy twice. Awesome for morning time. Gives you the get up and go that is needed not overly powerful but a great buzz

  92. Great flavor and smoke! Would order again!

  93. Nice high. Good for daytime. Vapes well.

  94. proper durban. classic taste and energetic high

  95. Great smell & taste, awesome body high, very nice sativa strain to start the day!

  96. Very good bud, smelled great and tasted great! This was my replacement to coffee for waking up pre-work, the high wasn’t too overwhelming and the morning sun just felt sharper. Don’t over-do it though, you might get too pumped up and anxious.

  97. I’ve been ordering off HD for almost a year now and this is the first time I’ve taken the time to write a review… this strain is that good. Very clean and functional high. No anxiety and munchies like other some sativa strains can produce. Can’t be beat at $9/g.

  98. beautiful resinous nugs, grind into the fluffiest dank! buds were really fresh so the smoke is super smooth, providing a very energetic high with heightened sensory awareness and focus. Most sativas make me really tired a couple hours of after smoking but as others have said this stuff has no burnout! great strain

  99. Anonymous

    4.5/5 – this flower is tasty, and has a nice sativa high, good bag appeal also for a sativa. The only negative thing i can say is that i thought it was going to be a bit stronger but great strain for 9$.

  100. This review is based on vaping using a Volcano set at 6.5 heat setting. I based my review on 4 criteria: appearance, smell, taste, and effect and I rated each out of 10. Appearance; Medium to bright green in colour with a medium amount of crystals. Medium to minimal leaf with lots of red hair and tight density buds 7.5/10. Smell: Sweet bong shop smell with skunk and light pine notes 8/10. Taste: Very good taste Sweet, citrusy, with pine notes and smooth 8/10. Effect: Fast onset, light body buzz, strong head buzz, energizing but relaxing. Stimulates appetite and provides some pain relief. Lasts 2-3 hours. Definitely would buy again 8.5/10. Overall Rating: 8/10.

  101. 5 star bud for this hybrid sativa

  102. This strain lives up to its name. That smell is almost poisonous, so danky. Nugs were big and trimmed very well. Great head high with no burn out. Would rate a 4.5 as it is one of the better sativas.

  103. Can’t put my finger on it. It tasted a bit like citrus, but it was barely there. It was sweet tasting though, with a hint of pine. Definitely worth $9. Feels like more of a light sativa version of Romulan? and nowhere near as fruity.

  104. This is the best sativa period. Thanks HD

  105. so i almost didnt want to give this review because it would entice you to buy it and sell it out! a bag packed with these little cocopuff nugs showed up so fluffy and aromatic. strange odor, different taste but the effects! excellent euphoric heady high, lots of energy and almost a loss of appetite (yes a loss). lasted and stayed at a decent level for about 2hrs. had a 2nd serving ready in the waterfall but didn’t need it! for the price you can’t do better

  106. I’ve been waiting for the Durban to come around again! Beautiful, tight flowers – love that “one” big bud and will save her for last.

    For high – meh, it’s an ok Sativa. Doesn’t give me a lot of pep, unlike my housework buddy Jack Herer. Also, I’ve had Durban grown in the sunshine and the flavor and smell is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Can’t not make the comparison! So, this HD Durban Poison only gets a 3* from me. 🙂

    Thanx HD!

  107. Nice, dense dank buds, taste is hard to describe, but it’s okay Perfectly cured, great bud for a wake n bake, your hit with an immediate hit of energy.. It’s like an expresso shot (minus tastes)

  108. Anonymous


  109. Wow! Excellent sativa, small little buds but almost no lumber. Great Sativa buzz ,and long lasting. Wish I had ordered more.

  110. Anonymous

    This is the sativa I’ve been waiting for. Completely happy with it, hard nugs, perfect trimand dank.
    I hope herbal decides to keep this one around for a while. It’s a favourite, who needs espresso in the morning with this around!

  111. Really nice nugs here. Nice citrus flavour with smooth inhale. Seems to burn clean, and grinds up very nicely. Excellent choice to perk you up throughout the day!

  112. Overall happy with this sativa. I was expecting more of a punch similar to trainwreck however I enjoyed the smoothness of this strain. It definitely provides a stronger and longer lasting high then most sativas. Order a HQ and got mid size nugs, dried and trimmed to perfection. Sweet, citrusy taste as as bright green when grounded up. Can’t beat the price for the fact it’s a quad.

  113. One of , IF NOT the best sativa I have ever had. Only a few tokes and you are noticeably feeling better. Physically and mentally. It looked exactly like the picture which is nice. Also great smell, brilliant taste and all around great stuff. Would recommend and order again!

  114. This bud is beautiful this is the one time I can say what I recieved actually looked better then what was in the picture. It always is good but ya. It is just covered in crystals and once ground you will find purple through out!!

  115. Anonymous

    Almost don’t want to say anything cause this strain is that good.

    If you’re looking for a monster sativa wow! and I can not believe it isn’t 240 or 250 for a full ounce.

  116. definitely ordering again, nice smell and productive buzz

  117. Excellent example of a nearly perfect pure sativa. This doesn’t get you stoned, it gets you high. Delicious too.

  118. Anonymous

    Wow! The best Sativa I’ve had in years. The buds are done perfectly. Good price too.

  119. This strain really was one of the top strains I”ve had so far in the sativa category. The smell is dank, the buds are dank and dense so the quality really shows. The smoke expands in the lungs and you feel it in your head right away, a great jolt of energy and sense of well being.

  120. Says it has a sweet smell and it does! Smoked a blunt before a long hike and it was perfect….had all my sense alert.

  121. Good wake n bake type of strain.

  122. Looks just like the picture. And works just like the description. Great day time.

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