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Vape (Puma) – Dual Coil Wax Atomizer

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1 Dual Coil Wax Atomizer for 15

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Product Description

This easy to use Atomizer gives you a simple solution for dabbing on the go. Simply attach to your favourite 510 thread battery (such as the one seen here) or, when purchased with the Puma-Mini Magnet and the the Puma Mini-Vape Kit, simply pop it into the Atomizer slot and go.

This product is sold individually and does not come with battery, vape, charger or magnet attachments.

* The atomizer should be good for at least 5 refills.

16 reviews for Vape (Puma) – Dual Coil Wax Atomizer

  1. Tank might feel loose inside the mod however, rest assured it still works. Really important to place your dav directly on the coils. Very discreet.

  2. Just got one of these, used some 91 Supreme shatter in it (yes put your stuff in the bottom ON the coils), was not disappointed, cant wait to try some other things in it, gonna need some extra coils LOL Thanks HD

  3. Good for shatter,oil. Great little item. Will purchase more in the future.

  4. Good product. Place concentrate directly on the coils and it works great. Dont over fill or your going to have to scrape it off the side.

  5. Killer. Load and go

  6. good for price. the built in screen works good… not bad not great overall

  7. That’s not how the screen works lmao it’s just block and splatter or anything from going up the mouth piece lol your supposed to put your dabs right in the coil lol

  8. Great product works well. Recommended purchase at a great price!
    Tried with shatter & drops of distillate.
    I used my own pen batteries with no issues.

  9. I took the recommendation from these reviews to bypass the screen and dab right on the coils, which worked amazingly. I honestly don’t know how it’s supposed work otherwise. With the screen in, at any position, I couldn’t get it to heat whatsoever. But I’m happy regardless!

  10. This is my first experience with an atomizer and I think it works wonderfully well. Definitely worth the price.

  11. I really like this unit so far. Bowl is deep and prevents oil from splashing out. Sleek, much more stealthy than a glass bubble mouthpiece

  12. Anonymous

    This is a very good product.I have used more expensive brands and this works just as well-glass quartz rods -ceramic dish.Its the same design as my $30 atomizer for half the price.

  13. I bought this with the Spark variable voltage battery and was super excited to try it. Using this atomizer with the screen and the spark battery was not a good combo. The screen is so far away from the coil that it would barely heat the dab. Tried removing the screen and dabbed right onto the coils and it works wonders. Honestly everyone should remove the screen and heat directly on the coils. Once I made that change it’s a great pen.

  14. One of the best 510 coils I’ve had to date no leaks great hits and clean taste will definitely be ordering more of these

  15. thanks for adding this, was looking for a good portable wax/shatter atomizer to fit your batteries, and this works really good so far. decent quality, just be careful with the screen…its super thin and easy to lose!

  16. Anonymous

    I was surprised how good this was. Great value. Hope it lasts.

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