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Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $11
3.5 grams for $38
7 grams for $70
14 grams for $130
28 grams for $250

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Sold By: KLR GLD
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Product Description

DelaHaze by Paradise Seeds is a 70% sativa strain bred from Mango Haze and California Lemon Skunk genetics. Mango and citrus notes express themselves loudly and bring a sweet overtone to the strain’s earthy, spicy aroma. Staying true to its Haze genetics, this sativa delivers uplifting cerebral energy that fuels creativity, focus, and happiness, and then tapers into calm relaxation in time.

Parents: Mango Haze, Lemon Skunk

Flavors: Citrus, sweet, mango
Effects: Focused, happy, energetic, creative, uplifted
Medical: Stress, depression,fatigue , pain, muscle spasms

43 reviews for DelaHaze

  1. 1 of 4 of my new favourite strains. I loved I was able to sample them and see. Nothing but good things to say about this one.

  2. probably one of the most beautifully trimmed buds i’ve ever received from HD. Had more of an indica feel than i was anticipated but it wasnt unpleasant. Definitely a great quality bud, would absolutely order again!

  3. Anonymous

    Not much flavour when smoked, but the smell is interesting, reminds me of play-doh lol. Smooth toke and burns clean. Heavier high than I expected for a sativa. Not bad at all!

  4. Very Smooth, nice high great for a day time smoke, doesnt knock you off your feet. keeps the mind going.

  5. This strain taste like shit and the buzz is very mild .. 250$ bushweed !!

  6. One of the best strains out there must try in my opinion

  7. Amazing strain! Great high, energic and euphoric. Taste is so good fruity lemon! Great sativa, no complain ty HD! 🙂

  8. A little leafy and loose in my view, tasted and lit up alright. I wouldn’t say I’d purchase it again though, not sure it hits hard enough for me to be worth the price.

  9. Nice stuff, has an exotic smell. The high was energizing, but after the first hour I would burn hard and take a power nap. Makes it hard to fit into my rotation. If you’re an evening smoker this might be great.

  10. Was a decent bud, I just didn’t like the way it burnt when rolled as a joint

  11. If you haven’t tried this then GET ON IT ! Amazing stuff !

  12. Ok stuff. There is much better on here. Says AAAA more like AAA.

  13. Smoked and tasted good, I wasn’t disappointed

  14. Good strain. Very potent. Nice purple buds and great tasting

  15. All around good and tasty bud with a really nice and clean high, but I just expected a little more punch than I found.

  16. Anonymous

    It smells good. Too bad the taste isnt there. Its a damn shame. 250 an oz. hah i wouldnt pay 220. You people need to raise you’re expectations. This bud is mid grade nothing preemo about it.

  17. I liked the smell of this one. Agree with other comments that it doesn’t burn all that great. It’s alright bud. I wouldn’t reorder this one personally, but go ahead and try 1g if you’re curious.

  18. Strong Mango sweet citriusy smell. Bag appeal 100%. Sticky AF

  19. Purple and green nugs. Very sticky. Nice head high.

  20. Not bad but should be $220

  21. Nice sativa for daytime, only complaint is it is hard to stay lit in a joint and is very resiny. not a bad thing though.

  22. Anonymous

    High price for mediocre weed. Picked up a 1/2 O and am regretting it. Taste is terrible, smell is ok, week effects. Had Durban poison on my order and it was way better and at a cheaper price.

  23. i don’t get most of the reviews on this one…. I’ve ordered lots on here and this is one of the worst i got. it smells good, thats it. decent buzz to i guess. burns terrible, black crumbly ashes and has chemical taste.. terrible looking buds..

  24. had better

  25. Anonymous

    My new all time favourite strain. Certainly not a looker…but then again she’s very unique and exotic looking. Just dont judge a book by its cover with this one. Smells pretty sweet and has a unique taste to it. I find an immediate uplifting happy buzz with this one and then on the back end of the buzz its very relaxing and mellow. The buzz lingers for quite some time too. Cant recommend this one enough…though part me doesn’t want to because by recommending strongly it may aid in it selling out before my next order…

  26. Finally it’s Here………Time Too Blast OFF!!!It’s So Sticky Love That SHHIT!!!Sfuff is as Good as The commets Say!!

  27. I very much enjoyed this. Nice uplifting sativa buzz but powerful as mentioned in the description so don’t overdo it if you have a low tolerance.

  28. It’s decent. Definitely not the best I’ve gotten from here. But decent.

  29. weird taste but great high and potency

  30. I agree with all of the about. Haggered lookin buds. But sticky and dank as fuk! Good burn, great nose. Primo! Great flower

  31. Awesome. Don’t let the look of this bud turn you off. Weird scraggly buds that look like a malnourished street cat. Beautiful and unique smell and a fantastic high.

  32. Wow this stuff surprised me only purple ive enjoyed in ages

  33. Oh my! What a nice surprise this turned out to be! Energetic, happy, and stress-free. Definitely a keeper in my books. A solid 5 out of 5 strain.

  34. When I opened up the package and saw the quarter I had just bought for 70$ I was initially bummed. It has a strange bud structure with straggly, sticky nugs that doesn’t look like your typical AAAA but once you get a smell of this unique, fruity/cheesy dankness as Glenda pointed out, you will love this bud like no other. Looking as though it has fruity pebbles genetics, this stuff is out of this world in color with purple and lime green nugs covered in bright white crystals. It burns forever, ashes white and has the most incredible taste and smell. The high is out of this world giving a giddy, high school stone that will get you caught by anyone who knows what’s up. Absolutely love this strain and will be buying it again. Besides the bud structure this stuff is incredible in every aspect and offers a very uplifting and focused high. 6/5 wish Smell-o-Vision was a thing for this

  35. Anonymous

    One of the best I’ve tasted! Really nice high that lasts..Will be ordering again, keep up the good work HD!

  36. Unique smell. Cheesy fruity, smell, with a pinch of skunk. Lots of crystal and very sticky! Would definitely order again. Very potent. Loads of fine red and purple hairs! Thanks HD!! 🙂

  37. Not the prettiest looking half-0z, but what it lacks in beauty it makes up for in pure energetic focus. One of the stronger sativas I’ve tried this year

  38. dark purple buds with a fruity smell and taste.

  39. Anonymous

    Of high quality. Rare. Potent. Is a bit fresh but once it dries a bit. Extremely strong tasty smoke. Having access to these flavours is a true luxury. Thank you.

  40. Tried this in a sample pack and found is awesome. Definitely gonna pick some of it up next order is its still around.

  41. really nice sativa just a bit over priced. reminds me of the purple space cookies with the texture and smoke. deff not my fav sativa but its up there

  42. As a big sativa fan and having bought many strains im happy to report that this is a godlike one. Looks 5/5 Taste 5/5 Smell 5/5…Perfect High, very clean. Only downside is that you might get intense anxiety about the fact that it will be out of stock before you can order it again.

  43. My new fav strain!! Deffinatly ordering this again. Took a chance on this and i wasnt dissapointed at all. So glad i when with this.

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