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Death Bubba (Organic)

(232 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

About this batch

This batch of Death Bubba was grown in the heart of Pemberton, BC using the completely organic Destiny Grow System. This style of growing is 100% organic throughout the entire cycle of the crops that only uses pre-fertilized super soil, microbial teas, liquid kelp, water that is 6.2-6.4 pH, along with predator bugs and neem oil to eliminate pests.

Each batch is flushed for three weeks and hung to cure in low temps for the preservation of glorious terpenes and trichomes. Grown by our friends BC TREES in partnership with Golden Spruce. Bringing back true BC Bud one crop at a time.

Click the video below for an up close of Golden Spruce’s Death Bubba Organic…


Death Bubba

Death Bubba is an indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain created as a descendant of the hugely popular Bubba Kush strain. Almost immediately after smoking, you’ll feel a wave of rushing focused energy wash over you that leaves you uplifted and motivated with tendencies towards having psychoactive experiences. As the high continues, you’ll be eased into a state of utter relaxation with deep introspection and spaciness that can cause you to become distant in social situations.

Upon the comedown from the high, Death Bubba pulls you into a deep and peaceful undisturbed sleep that lasts for hours on end, giving you the appearance of being unwakeable. Death Bubba has an aroma of musky earthy pine and a taste of spicy lemon pine with a hint of pungent earth upon exhale.

Parents: Bubba Kush

Flavours: Sweet, pungent, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, sleepy, happy, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Inattentiveness, insomnia, nightmares, pain, stress

Q and A: The True Quality of Craft Cannabis

232 reviews for Death Bubba (Organic)

  1. Not as nice as the last batch I got, but always been a favorite. Great taste…heavy hitter. Good before bed.
    Minus one star for the cost.

  2. Amazing stuf

  3. I have tasted a lot of different strains from this site with my friends and this is by far the best!

  4. Great taste though harsh to smoke, can tell it’s high quality. If u have insomnia, this is it.

  5. Nice bud. Smoothe hitting.


  7. Really worth the price. Took some before cooking a late nite dinner and was focus and energized for the whole process. Got me in a great vibe after to netflix and chill with a full stomach. Slept like a baby. 5 stars!

  8. I will definitely buy again. Nice smell and couch lock

  9. Great bud

  10. Hard hitting indica. I found the smoke alittle harsh compared to other organics but she packs a good punch

  11. Good if you like to have a mello stone. It’s not a couch potato. You can work and enjoy yourself. They have been sold out of it so that tells you something. Had to turn to gorilla glue #4. A must try if the run out of death bubba again.


  13. This stuff blew my face off…

  14. Last batch lasted me awhile, but wasn’t as strong as the previous one (reviewing this a bit late,from a month or so ago) but thinking of getting again since nothing else really seems to appeal to what i need 🙁 sad there is fewer selection of indicas because sleep is most difficult for me,and can’t afford the high prices all the time.

  15. Always a hard hitter, nice crystals. This is a regular of mine.

  16. This is my favorite strain and it didn’t disappoint. Taste and high are both great, helps put me to sleep at night and really helps my back pain.

  17. Out of all the different strains I’ve tried, not just from HD, but all around, this is by far probably one of my favorite strains if not already my fave. It’s a fantastic high, but it definitely leaves a bit of an uhhhhh feeling which I thoroughly enjoy. Especially if I just want to kick back and relax and not have to think about anything. I am in love with this strain and will likely continue to order until I’m unable to or I get extremely sick of it.

  18. Death Bubba is a great go to for the midnight toker who can’t free his mind at night! Great for sleep. However, this is my second time ordering DBO from herbal dispatch, last time it was stronger.

  19. This is really good weed., that being said it’s not the best stuff I’ve tried from these guys. I liked how clean it tastes you can tell it was grown with care. Everyone I shared with loved the high but for me it got me stoned but was lacking compared to what these guys produce.

  20. Beautiful herb, beautifully cured. It gives you a decent high nothing too crazy but if you smoke a few decent size bowls before bed and you lie down, it will put you in a great “death like” sleep

  21. Top notch. Shut you down at end of day

  22. Good stuff

  23. This kicked my @$$ good heavy high great especially if you’re having trouble sleeping

  24. Awesome stuff will order again very happy thanks hd

  25. Gets me wrecked every time…won’t disappoint! Great sleeper weed…

  26. Definately 5/5 ! My fav for nightime and sleep.
    Looks and smells top notch . great batch!

  27. Can never go wrong with the death heavy hitter and taste like it taste

  28. Pretty good, its very nice for helping me get to sleep. Nice nugs too. Never disapointed in death bubba

  29. Tastes good, and a good, long-lasting high. Enjoyed it a lot. Had it a few times prior to buying, always impressed.

  30. Truly and always, fantastic sticky manicured powerful buddashank!! Golden Spruce you never disappoint,might be the best batch yet,although it would be quite hard to judge between em because they are always the best!!

  31. Fantastic for a very deep sleep. Not a very deep high but this strain puts me into a coma like sleep every time.

  32. So good. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  33. Very good. Nice buds. Trimmed perfectly. Love it.

  34. My favorite on this site. Will always order when in stock, very strong effects. Great for pain relief and insomnia.

  35. Favourite of all time!

  36. As usual great stuff! Beautiful buds, potent, great for sleep!

  37. Def one of my favourites!

  38. fave strain

  39. You gotta love this bud! Golden Spruce, you guy’s kill it time and time again. Some of the best bud EVER!

  40. Real nice I miss its brother organic pink kush thoe 😛 lol but yeah this organicness is fire instant high intoxicating

  41. Hits hard, among the top cannabis here. Definitely a must try.

  42. This will make u sleep. Deep sleep. Very deep sleep. The high isn’t intense which is why i gave a 4. Actually a 3 score is more deserving when it comes to high intensity. Not a heavy hitter but when u wake up the next morning u’ll know u slept very deep.

  43. Man I love this stuff!!!???

  44. Nice buds ! Like the taste and high it’s not a big knocker more like a good day Indica. ?

  45. Very potent, an insomniacs best friend!

  46. ya I took a shit and forgot to wipe

  47. What strikes as unique with this one, after sampling from 3 different batches over 2 years is the ‘lights out switch’ you seem to hit indefinitely as it wears off. It’s not a crash, so to speak as more of a nod off from zoomin to next level couch lock… or straight snoring. love it in the right hour. Perfect for movie night if you plan on watching the end again in the morning.

  48. Really nice, strong effects and looks exactly like the pic.

  49. Piny on the nose and palette. Kind of a creeper, but then it is massively sedating with a pronounced physical effect. This is either good bedtime weed if you are casual, or good all-day dank nuggetry if you are a proper viking. Also recommended for watching episodes of Frasier in a row.

  50. Best bud I’ve had in a long time. smells great and gets you wrecked. Also makes you really tired best sleeps I’ve had in a long time!!!

  51. Wowww great stuff and taste ?

  52. This is some killller bud. Knocked me on my ass haha. Nice clean smoke and high. Would definetly recommend.

  53. Awesome smoke and taste!!!

  54. This one is just great! Very potent and good for nighttime use before bed, helps to take away aches and pains aswell.

  55. I’d like to say that this smoke is shit so no one buy it on me but I can’t down talk bad weed this is simply amazing I’m honestly on my 5 th oz of this is on the site for life I’ll have this bud for life so tasty smooth smoking and the high will knock you on your ass

  56. Can never go o wrong with the death great taste and a supreme high

  57. Can never go wrong with the death bubba however if your looking for potency pink deathstar is where its at i think this be stronger if it was hydroponic but still incredably strong

  58. One of the best weed of hd in my opinion. The fact that it is organic makes it just more loveable. Great product and would defenetly order again.

  59. Amazing strain, really nice and potent. Definitely would purchase again.

  60. Helps a lot with sleep insomnia.

  61. Fabulous weed, felt like the first time smoking again. Dry eyes, dry mouth, and what a lovely sleep…Definitely would recommend this, top of the line… Real smooth also, not a lot of coughing… love it five stars maybe six…..

  62. I loved this strain so much! Looked, smelled and tasted amazing.

  63. Just finished a batch of this. Great stuff! Well worth the price. Would buy again.

  64. Sweet nectar of the gods good grief what a beautiful strain. The THC level is high, like a Sativa, but the Indica body stone hits hard too. Great for before bed. You’ll notice that you will have wilder dreams that night as well.

  65. This is the best weed ever

  66. Great strain for sleep, really helps relax muscles and mind. this stuff works a lot quicker and don’t need as much of it. i was expecting a little more out of the batch i got, as last time i had this strain it was really potent and i don’t think i paid as much (got else where,different people) ,first time ordering it from this site. still a really great strain ,one of the best!

  67. Excellent bedtime herb…this gives me a good night sleep. Clean burning, easy rolling.

  68. I was a little disappointed by this batch. I’ve had death Bubba before that would deliver a knick out punch, this was more of a light kiss. Solid for pre bed time hoots.

  69. Amazing taste, smell and smoke. Hard hitting, and this is coming from a pretty heavy smoker.
    Perfect for bedtime. An easy 5/5. MUST TRY!!!!!!

  70. Much better than the last batch. This stuff is heavy as advertised, and the bud is incredible. If you want an Indica punch in the face., this is it. Worth the money.

  71. 5 stars. I’m more of a sativa guy myself as I like to get things done when I medicate.. However, I picked this indica up for nighttimes and boy is it ever great for that. Extremely heavy and relaxed, both body and mind. What a sleep! Highly recommend for after the sun goes down.

  72. Once again the Organic Death Bubba does not disappoint. Much like other users have said here before this batch is not as good as it was in the summer but it is nevertheless consistently amazing bud.

  73. Let me start by saying Thank You, thank you to HD for the awesome products and a big thank you to Golden Spruce Cannabis for the awesome organic cannabis. This has been a game changer for me, smoking organic buds is my new forte.

  74. #1 sleep aid go to. Cant really find another application besides being a couch lock.
    Its great for insomnia.
    Great taste and very well trimmed. Love the attention and professionalism.

  75. Pricey, but kinda worth it. Heavy hitter.

  76. This organic batch of death bubba was not at all what i expected. I ordered the original death bubba back in the summer and it was amazing nice manicured buds not too tight dry but not too dry and not damp smelled amazing very pungent and the smoke was amazing. This organic batch was dry not as stinky and quite frankly didnt have that true death bubba taste and feel. Disappointed overall with HD their prices are just way too high when today there are so many sites with great quality bud for way cheaper. I see a change in prices happening soon or HD will have a rough time competing.

  77. The buds were oily and very dense, which cracked under pressure like light sea foam candy, breaking the buds was a difficult but delightful chore. The smell/flavour was a complex, fresh pine with a hint of sweetness that was very potent. The effects were very strong and relaxing with some mental stimulation and after some time were sedating. True to the name it does induce a very deep and dead sleep. Like most herb from this site it is appropriately priced and well worth the extra money and certainly amongst the best herb I ever consumed.

  78. This is my favourite strain in stock right now that I’ve tried. The taste is ok but what it may lack in taste it makes up for in strength. This is the hardest hitting strain I’ve tried so far. I have and will continue to come back for more..

  79. great bed time strain, smooth and great buzz

  80. Great tasting bud – it has a clean taste to it no joke I could notice the difference. Very high quality strand – frequent smoker and I had to sit down for 10 minutes after ripping two bowls – “I can’t feel my legs……..MAN” good stuff will be buying again

  81. Not usually a fan of Bubba strains though it being Organic and tended by Golden Spruce must make it exceptionally phenomenal. I love this strain, so will you.

  82. Simply the best indica i have found. Great 30-45 minutes before bed. Would definitely order more. Stop reading reviews and add it to your cart already!

  83. Definitely bc quality. Instantly reduced pain, great sleep after. AAA

  84. Nice and smooth. I had the best sleep in years last night after trying this for the first time.

  85. When I read ‘high THC’ for non LP strains I am always speculative (because there is no way to confirm) unless you have a way to compare. This strain is comparable to a 30% THC strain for sleep.

    Effects are extremely cerebral from the moment I took my first hit from my Air Riser vape. I was ready for bed after 1 bowl. 2 bowls and I was ready for the floor. I can vouch for the current batch. It’s amazing

    I mixed it with some Blueberry Haze.. and I was in a Blue Death Haze all night long!

  86. Very nice trees!! Taste and smell are amazing!

  87. bag appeal review : smell description is accurate, looks wonderful,looks organic as it has a few darker green/medium green/lighter green hues through out the bud,similar to photos. lovely trichomes too. 🙂 i have had this stuff once before and it was the BEST strain to help me sleep! one of the top strains to help sleep for sure, so when i saw it here as i had tried it else where, i decided to get it.. hoping it to be even better from HD 😉 needing me some better sleep!

  88. 5/5 strong and amazing taste

  89. I ordered this mostly to help me fall asleep after I ruin my sleep pattern. It did the job. ??

  90. Look no further this is the best Indica HD has to offer. Top shelf buds

  91. Great smoke! Knocked me right out for bed.

  92. Be careful with this one…. by far one of the best/most powerful indica’s i have ever experienced. One of my favourite strains.

  93. I really liked this one! Especially for my period pains . I was super relaxed after smoking it. I 100% recommend this for pain and relaxation. The taste was very smooth as well. I just ordered the pink bubba to compare.

  94. Amazing dense buds sticky and stinky smokes evenly tastes great 5 out of 5 got taste high and smell already ordered more.

  95. Great night time smoke !! Can’t go wrong

  96. Really enjoyed this. Great taste, great smell and really nice effect. This should be a go-to for everyone.

  97. Great customer service, wicked packaging (6 layers!) before you touch bud and when you do, one word comes to mind – FIRE!
    2 hits off a bong and it’s couch lock time. Wow!

    Thanks HD!

  98. Death Bubba is top notch. Wasn’t sure what to expect given this one is organic, but it’s dope!

  99. Fantastic, smooth smoking, and has a very powerful sedative effect. Very potent the first time you smoke it go easy.

  100. Love this strain, will be buying again

  101. Very good bud , lots of frost , buds are tight and full but more for night time ?

  102. Dank. All I have to say.

  103. Thanks HD. Great strain for evenings.

  104. Always my go to!!!! A must order!!!

  105. Amazing bud. Some of the best this site has to offer.

  106. One of my favorites! Great for night time, super chill and you sleep like a baby

  107. Not your dad’s weed that’s for sure. I’ve had high levels of thc like this before with an RX but this bud has great taste and burns nicely when rolled. All around my top indica.

  108. Dankest shit on this website, you feel it behind your eyes immediately after exhaling

  109. I love this strain, it taste great and helps my aches pains and strains, goodtimes, will order again and again, thanks.

  110. My roommates were super impressed.

  111. This was probably the best indica I’ve smoked, usually lean toward sativas for the head buzz but this was very good. You can literally feel this stuff race to your head on every pull and then that great body buzz comes on before you know it. Slept like a rock through the whole half oz. great medicine HD keep it up.

  112. Top of the line, highly recommended.

  113. Some Killer Bud!

  114. Good bud nice taste but I got 14 grams of popcorn nugs all around .2 in weight.

  115. Good indica that got me to sleep and got rid of pain

  116. Super good night time bud but also enjoyable during the day to for sure,usually roll phat one papers BURNA slow and clean favourite bud on HD

  117. proper smoke heavy hitter!

  118. Super good, especially for a good nights sleep!

  119. Good stuff definitely above average

  120. By far the best weed on Herbal Dispatch. I can’t understand why some people would disagree. Anything but Death Bubba and I don’t get a thing off of it. I’ve tried the rest.

  121. Really good organic weed you not gone regtrt

  122. Only picked up a gram because I usually go for sativas, but I wish I had gotten more! Great bud for late evenings or afternoons when you have time for a nap, because it will knock you out, but a great high nonetheless.

  123. Love this strain. Great taste and high

  124. Top-notch. Definitely nite time puff. LOVE IT!!

  125. Great flower. One of my favorites forsure. Would love for you to bring back this strain before the organics came along. Now that was some of the best smokin/looking bud I ever had from here.

  126. One of my favourite strains.

    It is definitely a heavy hitter putting me in a confused state while on my couch surfing the web. This strain is good for its name; it would kill you if it could but ultimately this bud will put you into a comatose sleep.

    I received little soft green buds which although small nevertheless do as nature intends and will make you happy, lazy and sleepy.

    Definitely one of my go-to strains due to its lasting cerebral impact, a sort of abusive relationship between my braincells and their need to hit dopamine receptors.

  127. Definitely worth the price. I have to give it 5 stars because it is a notch above the rest. So smooth ,good high .

  128. Wanna go to sleep? Strong! but the crash is too much for me.

  129. One of my favourites, amazing taste and smell, will deffanitly be ordering again

  130. This batch of Death Bubba is pretty good. I give it a solid 4 stars. Has an amazing smell to it, looks and tastes amazing. The organic pink kush is slightly better but a tad but more dry.

  131. awesome quality – as usual!
    Tastes good – smooth.

  132. Vapes very smooth and great for evening use. Potent and good bag appeal. I hope to see more organic flower.

  133. My favorite of the Bubba’s! Such a great high and lasts longer than some other stuff I’ve tried. Tastes delicious!

  134. found this stuff put me to sleep. Regular trip, just better for sleeping. Good taste

  135. More expensive stuff. Good body buzz. Would order this strain again

  136. top quality stuff. I prefer sativa, but this is good. Have ordered this flavor for pens as well. Good taste

  137. can’t say enough about this stuff. 10/10. the taste and smell is 11/10

  138. Very clean and smooth ODB. Potency is slightly lower than expected with death Bubba but very good buzz overall. Uplifting for about 20 minutes then into a more relaxed state

  139. I had big expectations and i was very pleased,golden spruce delivered

  140. Very much like predator pink. Strong smell associated with very high thc content and it’ll definitely help you sleep. I felt like I came out of a coma this morning after smoking a good one last night before bed. Excellent medicine for pain, sleep, or appetite/nausea

  141. Nice death, but not the best out there. Great sleep aid and flavour but doesn’t seem as dank as the batch a couple of months back.

  142. Wow this stuff is amazing straight fire ! Pure indica an hour and your pass out ahah , this strain is not for the beginner !

  143. Love this strain. Tastes great and love the small nugs.

  144. perfect as a sleep aid, feel amazingly rested when i wake up

  145. super heavy indica effects .. giving it 4 stars because the taste wasn’t my favourite , would recommend this for night time use unless your an indica only smoker

  146. For the price I expected a higher potency. I would argue that Pink Bubba or Rockstar deliver similar strength effects for a better price. Nug quality was above average but not the top notch spongy denisty I associated with bud that’s $11 per gram. A heavy strain thats not a bad choice for the connoisseur, but this strain isn’t anything special.

  147. Top notch
    Smell and tastes amazing
    Burns with nice White ash
    Definatly gonna get again

  148. Great bud can really fee the high 25-28%thc

  149. I consider myself, like many of you, to be a daily smoker. A regular user if you will. This product was the bee’s knees. I’m talking straight goodness in every way. Strong but smooth and a great overall experience.

  150. Top shelf stuff….any one who think this stuff is not good is crazzy took my pain away just like that…

  151. Anonymous

    Alright I’m just gonna be strait up. This is the most fire strain on HD, you gotta get it, I’m a dedicated smoker & this is the only strain il smoke now.

  152. Decent bud. Not worth the price though.

  153. Great smell, snap crackle pop sounding buds. Be warned again…be seated, buckled in, trays upright and know your exits.

  154. Love it! New favourite! Burns lovely, tastes good, nice mix of mind and body high. Don’t plan on getting much done, this launched me into the most awesome snuggle and snooze!

  155. This bud is phenomenal. Strong but smoother than smoothe with a dank, core kushy taste and flavour. Beware, as this strain will knock you out, you’ll get a good sleep and completely pain free. Not a daytime smoke thats for sure.
    Buds are beautifully trimmed and dense, breaks up huge. In my top 5 list

  156. Great medicine for sure one of the best indicas out there although can really tell the difference between organic and hydroponic id give it a 4.5 /5 could be stronger although cant complain herbal always delievers the best medicine regaurdless cheers and enjoy

  157. Amazing strain, strong and smooth

  158. One of the best strains here. Very potent and a great smoke. Highly recommend!

  159. Really great strain, glad to see it in stock here. Very smooth to smoke and great high!

  160. Anonymous

    Brakham loves this strain. The quality of this batch alone is absolutely unreal. There’s a couple of fuss pots here in the comment section. N & A

  161. Its a pretty good ? high

  162. Anonymous

    wow, this is la crème de la crème, the kind of weed I keep for special occasions… will try to get more for sure!

  163. Anonymous

    Amazing stuff. One of the strongest I’ve had from HD. This time I got my half ounce in small buds but dense and beautiful :). Definitely I’ll order again

  164. Anonymous

    This batch is weak

  165. Easily the best buds on this site. Don’t miss your chance when its in it goes fast. I’m an avid smoker and this stuff deffinatly does the trick and then some. Great taste and smell and look. Also amazing couch lock. Use at your own risk! Lmao

  166. New favourite! A+

  167. Anonymous


  168. Anonymous

    this is definitly the best product you can find on the internet. if you think isnt worth the price your wrong ill definitly buy it again. thank you alot HERABL DISPATCH.

  169. Great bud! smells great and its smokes great.

  170. love this strain does the trick every time great for nighttime

  171. This organic death bubba is not bad stuff. I give it a solid 4 stars. Its not over powering nor does it give you any cough lock. Its nice and smooth, certainly better than a batch i had gotten months and months back. Its not as powerful as Pink Bubba or Rockstar but its probably my third choice due to the fact that its a nice buzz and the buds themselves look amazing, lots of visible THC.

  172. Anonymous

    Will put a smile on your face while couch locking you or just sending you off into the best sleep. Brilliant!

  173. Beautiful dense buds with wonderful heavy stench, not quite the ass-kicker as the last time but fantastic nonetheless

  174. Nice weed, but by far the weakest batch in both potency and bud quality. and if anyone remembers the 9 dollar death bubba they had up like a half a year ago or so this is a far cry from that. It is still fairly potent but im regretting my ounce wish i bought half that

  175. Anonymous

    Ew E Ew Ah Ah tang tang whatta whatta bang bang. This strain is amazing. Not as pontent as the last three batches as John mentioned but it’s still fire!

  176. I find this strain did not do a lot for me. others may get different results.

  177. Can’t say enough about the quality or this death Bubba and organic wow great work HD

  178. I have not had this batch, but the last obe that was on HD. It lived up to its name and then some. When I am trying to sleep after working a midnight shift this stuff puts me on my backside. Definately not something you want to use if you intend on doing stuff

  179. This is beautiful looking and is by far the best strain ever I.M.O. It wasn’t as potent this time as per last 3 times. Burns so clean and white ash. I have not coughed because it is so smooth. I would rate it 4.75 / 5. John

  180. The name says it all. Top shelf stuff, highly recommend. Not for the faint of heart.

  181. Best indica strain on here in my opinion…rockstar and pink bubba are great too

  182. Didn’t find this to be as great as I was expecting. Still good product, but don’t fully understand the hype. If it were slightly less $$ , it would be a five.

  183. Nice potent flower, good for right before bed. Loving the organic!

  184. Some nice popcorn sized ultra sticky buds, smell amazing and taste amazing ! You cannot dislike this batch

  185. really great stuff. beware its very powerful not for daytime.

  186. Some of the best stuff i have had so far in 2017. 10/10

  187. My new favourite! Great bag appeal and trimmed well! Some good sized, dense and sticky popcorn buds, covered in trichomes. Hope HD continues with this strain, I really like Golden Spruce products.

  188. Best stuff ive tried in a while! very potent and the taste is amazing

  189. Gotta say this is the best strain on here and I’ve tried quite a few of them over the last while. It’s been a repeat order about 5 times for me since they got it. Soo tasty and very hard hitting!! Love this stuff!!!

  190. Not sure if it’s just me, but not quite the heavy hitter as everyone is describing. I admit to a high tolerance but given the reviews I thought this might have been stronger. On the plus side, great taste, great flush, clean burn, nice grey ash. Also bought Pink Bubba as well. Will try that one today and get back with thoughts on that one.

  191. Awesome kind, name says it all… def a evening hitter. keep up the great work, growers/HD.

  192. Anonymous

    12/10 would hit again

  193. Top shelf stuff right here, hard hitter… one bong hit n thats all ya need. The taste and smell are awesome very kush taste, would recommend to anyone, thanks HD

  194. This is very strong, high buzz, all you want from an indica, you can’t go wrong with Death Bubba, awsome strain!!

  195. The best I’ve had in a long while. Never lets me down. I hope it will stick around for a long time.

  196. i really liked this one , had a nice taste a nuggets covered in cyrstals . i smoked a .5 3 way , the 2 guys i smoked with hadnt smoke in over 2 years and they were busted , one guy couldnt talk anymore . great smoke till the last toke thx hd

  197. Best Weed I’ve had in years. No more needs to be said.

  198. Great smell and flavor, very nice tight buds. This is a favorite strain I would recommend.

  199. Great strain. Heavy hitter.

  200. Anonymous

    This has got to have been the strongest kind i’ve tried on HD so far. Very great!

  201. Anonymous

    Very strong and very stinky. Great quality for organic

  202. Very well grown and great bag appeal. Burns clean. Definitely a nightime strain as this one will knock you out.

  203. very impressed, heavy hitter. i would put it in rotation with the best of the rest.

  204. Awesome smell, taste and smoke!

  205. Anonymous

    Really good taste, good smoke, a bit harsh but puts you on your ass!

  206. The smell and flavor are beautiful. Quality death bubba right here. Great sleep.

  207. Tried the last batch and loved it. Got some of this otw and should be here tomorrow. Cant wait to see if it’s close to the same buzz as non organic.

  208. Anonymous

    Very good, hard hitter, long lasting… just not understanding why smell so strong… kush smell… I’ve had kush else where and it stinks so bad can’t even leave it in my house…. kosher kush didnt have a stink either….

  209. Five stars. very well grown and cropped with a wonderful taste. You tell that this was grown organically. Also delivers a signature indica buzz.

  210. So my nabour has a QP of death bubba and i asked him to compare with my death bubba from HD… they are the same smell and taste but the buds from H.D are way bigger and look much better… good job H.D ????

  211. Hope this stays around for a while. Clean smooth taste, beautiful buds. 100% satisfied in every aspect!

  212. This is a gummy kush… a high quality super sticky gummy kush. Beautiful oz. of smaller popcorns and a few 2 gram nugs : top notch dark, dank indica with a smooth, strong body stone. I’d pin this one down as a preferred therapeutic evening smoke to use responsibly as you will be feeling very heavy and nodding off towards the end, after a mind meltingly strong indica high that is. I find if you can stay awake the effects last incredibly long which is likely why you don’t wake up while sleeping on this bud… you’re buzzed all night long in your sleep friends! Hands off the steering wheel with this one please.

  213. Beautifully trimmed, crystallized buds, dense, and potent!

  214. Anonymous

    9/10. Figured the effects would be a bit heavier, but still a great strain. Nice earthy flavour, tokes smooth and burns clean.

  215. LOUD

  216. This stuff makes me feel like I just had a lower back massage at some greasy strip mall! I would have called it Chiropractor Kush 🙂

  217. Excellent high, 5 stars.

  218. #1 choice of mine, great smoke & long lasting effects. 5 star rating for sure!

  219. Not quite as good as the last Death Bubba I bought on here, but still better than most

  220. The “Death Bubba Organic” is spectacular. 11/10

    Much smoother and more flavourful smoke than the last batch of non-organic Death Bubba, and it makes me salivate. Unfortunately that leads to dry mouth 5-10 minutes later and subsequent coughing, but it is very smooth *while* you’re smoking it.

    Just make sure you have something to drink around…

  221. Anonymous

    One of my all time favorites!! This batch is super smooth and immediate head high. Love! Thanks HD keep bringing this one back!

  222. Anonymous

    Solid buy. Great bag appeal. 4.5/5 for affects. Not the strongest death but well grown nonetheless.

  223. great product . organic is really cool also .not in my top 5 but good stuff stilll .

  224. This is a really nice batch! Looks and tastes amazing….for all heavy Indica fans this is a must!

  225. Anonymous

    This gets 5 stars. Death bubba puts u too sleep. Lovely smoke a little to potent for smoking during the day unless u ain’t doing nothing.

  226. Really beautiful stuff, I find this strain great for being in nature. Had a great bike ride last night after smoking. It’s gonna be hard to top that purple kush for me. These buds are truly gorgeous though, super dense no leaf or lumber and stinking of earthy goodness.

  227. Anonymous

    Death Bubba always gives me the most restful sleep this is no exception great work HD

  228. Anonymous

    its good.. so far..

  229. Anonymous

    Danno why the 3 stars? You clearly like it but give it a bad rating? Disregard that clown, this is one of the best indicas I have ever had. 5 star

  230. Anonymous

    I got a free gram of death bubba on 420 when i ordered.. I ordered half ounce, it’s on the way, hope its as good or better….better….

  231. Yes I 100% Agree With grim.reefer Purple Kush Was A Treat From The Bud God”s….And I Myself Just Ordered a OZ Of Death Bubba This Fire Will Not Last Long It will Be Out Of Stock In a Blink Of a Eye So Grab It Up Will Not Disappoint!!

  232. This is a must order for me. Along with that last batch of purple kush, these two have become favourites of mine. I knew I had to grab an ounce of death bubba after trying it on HD a few months back. You won’t be disappointed.

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