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Critical Mass

(144 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

1 gram for $9
3.5 grams for $30
7 grams for $60
14 grams for $110
28 grams for $220

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Sold By: Beard Bros Concentrates
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Product Description

Critical Mass is a combination of Afghani and Skunk #1 that originated from the breeder Mr. Nice Seed Bank. With a large “critical mass” of production, branches tend to snap from the weight of these dense buds. Flowering time is approximately 6-8 weeks, with a heavy leaf to flower ratio. However, due to the large production of flowering, this strain is susceptible to mold which can be reduced by growing indoors to reduce humidity. THC levels of this strain may reach 19-22%.

Parents: Afghani, Skunk #1
Similar to: Kimbo Kush, Bubbleberry, Tangerine Kush, Glass Slipper, White Rhino

Flavors: Sweet, earthy, citrus
Effects: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted, creative
Medical: Pain, stress, nausea, depression, muscle spasms

by Matthew Price

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain Takes The World By Storm

Nearly every California medical cannabis patient has heard about the Girl Scout Cookies strain.It has been a huge hit with cannabis connoisseurs since it hit the scene a few years ago.

What Is The Story Behind The Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

A great deal of the Girl Scout Cookies strain’s popularity is due to a mix of solid genetics, controversy, and pop culture promotion. It was frequently rapped about in songs by Berner, a Bay Area collective owner and rapper that you may have seen recently in YouTube videos with popular rap icon, Wiz Khalifa.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is relatively new to the market and it has not yet truly been stabilized. As a result, there a number of phenotypes floating around, including Platinum Cookies, the Forum Cut, and Thin Mints to name a few. The popularity of the Girl Scout Cookies strain and its various phenotypes has resulted in a great deal of confusion about two things:

  • Which phenotype is considered the “real” or “original” Girl Scout Cookies?
  • What is the Girl Scout Cookie strain’s true genetic make-up (or parents)?

Berner credits a breeder named Pie Guy with developing the strain and calls on him to cover a few of these topics in the video below.

The Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Leaves a Lasting Impression

The byproduct of OG Kush mixed with F1 Durban [Durban Poison x F1], I knew I was in for a great Sativa-like head-buzz and good flavor from the Durban Poison, as well as a heavy body-melt from the OG Kush.

“The smoke from Girl Scout Cookies is smooth and the taste is reminiscent of OG with a hint of cotton candy and thin-mint.”

The appearance of Girl Scout Cookies is simply wonderful. Tons of different shades of light green mixed with a bit of purple and orange hairs makes this a spectacle for all to see. This strain’s distinct look makes it one that I can pick out of a lineup without fail.

The fresh smell is pretty unique as well, but the Girl Scout Cookies strain’s smoke-ability and potency are the standout attributes on this all-star’s trading card. The smooth smoke and intricate taste keeps me excited for each and every session.

How Will The Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Affect Me?

This Indica-dominant hybrid is known to be quite spacey; it can cause a cerebral mind-warp, making it difficult for some to focus longer than a few minutes. I found myself on the front porch after a short vaporizing session, just watching cars go by for hours while thinking about life.

“The Girl Scout Cookies strain allows to me to relax and fully enjoy the day.”

I noted the following effects: giggly, uplifted, euphoric, all combined with an appropriately mellow body high.

Accordingly, I prefer to medicate with the Girl Scout Cookies strain on those days when there is not too much on my plate. It allows to me to relax and fully enjoy the day.

It is because of this sentiment that the Girl Scout Cookies strain has become popular among patients suffering from anxiety, chronic stress, depression, migraines, and more. It has the capability of becoming a knockout strain in large concentrations as well. In turn, it may be a useful option for those suffering from insomnia.

Source: MedicalJane

144 reviews for Critical Mass

  1. This batch of critical mass was beautiful. large dense buds as always, but the potency was quite a bit higher than with previous purchases. One of the better value to strength ratios out of the indica section right now. highly recommended!

  2. Loved this! Very amazing taste and smell. This one hits you hard and puts you in a relaxed state. Great price, and will definitely buy again!

  3. Very disappointed with this strain. It always looks and smells wonderful, but no buzz. I will not buy this strain again. Two purchases and this same result each time. HD- drop this strain and concentrate on Death Bubba, Gorilla Glue #4 and the Jack Herer. @ stars only because of looks and smell. John

  4. Heavy flower beautiful smell smokes very well put me on my ass. Recommend for sure.

  5. Heavy hitting indica. Great for a night time smoke to curl up on the couch and get toasty with. Very dense buds, I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys a heavy body buzz

  6. One of my favs

  7. Anonymous

    Second time around with this beauty! SO PUNGENT and hits firm, lasts for a good hour-Thank you BB

  8. Really great strain! strong indica but not too heavy

  9. Anonymous

    Looks like good stuff

  10. Good taste. One of my favourites, for this price.

  11. One of my favourite strains of indica. Dense nuggets, earthy aroma, yummy skunky taste, nice burning, a long lasting happy euphoric buzz, and I also found it to give me an appetite. Very similar to ‘Afghan Kush’.

  12. I I love critical mass very earthy and heaven. If you like this you should try la confidential

  13. Great for headaches, Smells good, smoother taste.

  14. Anonymous

    Powerful stuff. Knocks me out every time! Will buy again

  15. Nice quality buds,strong in smell and taste,leaves plenty of kief in the buster! Thanks!

  16. Anonymous

    what can I say about this bud, well this bud for you lol. nice smell burns smooth great size buds and most of all great high

  17. A little harsher than the rest in my opinion… but smoked it with a few other people and they thought it was quite smooth! Nice dense little buds that bust up real nice!

  18. One of my favorites on HD! Great slightly sweet tastes with prettry strong effects. Buds are large with a nice density. Great daytime smoke.

    Thanks HD!

  19. Quality Stuff, will probably order some now and than

  20. Great stuff. Citrusy. Clean.
    The effect is very nice, nice body feels without the lethargy + an additional heady effect which is, not racy, just blissful/euphoric,

    Good quality. Not sure of quality/price ratio but I know that I am happy to have 110$ half-ounce options and find this one to be clean and pleasant.

  21. Excellent body high

  22. I was surprised how much I liked this, I really like it for wake and bake. Gives a nice high that starts in the chest and radiates out, makes me grin too.

  23. I agree with IrisEW and as a fellow smoker of many decades I find this strain has a huge amount of buzz for the $$. I have smoked various $240$250oz HD varieties and find this up there with the best . Perfectly manicured, dense, tight hard sugar coated nugs.. Bag appeal alone is worth bragging rights. Smooth flavour. Can carry you through the afternoon or hit heavy in evenings when you need it. Try Critical Mass you wont be disappointed. thanx Hd for all you do, oh and Beard Bros. for this awesome bud, well done!!!.

  24. Anonymous

    Probably the best 9$ strain on here right now along with the popular sativa moby dick which i also really enjoyed this order. Nice lush green buds with good trichome coverage. Smells sweet and earthy with bit of citrus thrown in there. Once smoked the citrus aroma comes on stronger in the taste, it also has a clean smooth burn as well. Very good AAA strain, potency on point as well for a budget price, indica lovers pick this one up, I think you’ll enjoy and save a buck while your at it. Overall 4.6/5!

  25. Anonymous

    Really great strain. Primarily a night time smoker and this is one if the best from the indica sample pack. Really surprised me with its calming effect, body high and pain reliever. After about an hour you start to come down and look for a couch or a bed. Will buy again.

  26. hi smokers! been smoking weed since a long time ago and i never found a perfect balance like this one!…i ordered many times this stuff…every single time it was the same quality! very compacted buds not a single leaf and what i like most of this critical mass,its the fact that its very suitable for daytime or night time!It drives and keeps me calm during the day and it really kick my ass into my bed when its time to sleep!Love the look,the smell,the texture and the effect!

  27. This strain hits you fast, and is fairly heavy. The buds are very dense and full of crystal, with little to no leaf to be found. I found this one to be more tolerable for daytime use when things are not too busy. At $9, it is certainly a great deal.

  28. this strain was average at best…3/5 for the hard tight buds and plenty of red hairs…. could be sold for 8 bucks a g or maybe even 7 bucks a g

  29. BB trade mark bud style. Dense hairy buds, trimmed to perfection

  30. Those Beard Bros really know how to grow. Perfect buds, great trim with density. Great for the price

  31. Pretty good, but there are better choices.

  32. I get 14-28g almost every time I order it seems like lol. Love this stuff!! If you are debating based on the price, don’t worry at all. It’s really potent and tasty. I like this stuff better than alot of the $10-$11/g stuff….

  33. Very nice in the bag. Great trim, nice bud structure. Light tasting, very fruity with a splash of citrus tang.

    A nice light head buzz with solid bodywork. No couch lock, very active clear head. Great for a casual afternoon on the go, even better for hanging out on a rainy summer afternoon.

  34. Look:????
    Comments: this was pure delight! Good all around, nice dense buds, well manicured! Top notch!

  35. Very dense kinda tangerine fruitiness smelling buds, amazing stuff practically no leaf, liked it better than the 11$ per N5H which was also amazing tho.

  36. One of the best! Great value and definite repeat buy!

  37. Anonymous

    my favorite strain, compact buds with a great taste. great value. Really enjoyed it and will be ordering again

  38. One of my favorite strains on this site and great value too.

  39. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one and it ended up being a SOLID strain. Really enjoy it and would order again.

  40. Really enjoyed the pain relief effects of this one. Took the Creeeeek out of the knees

  41. Fantastic for headaches and sleep disorders. I like to smoke a bowl of this before bed and drift off to a wonderful dreamless sleep.

  42. me and my friend smoke a joint ( less then 1gr ) and we was very high on this canabis for sure this one i will buy again 🙂

  43. 4.4/5 Great bang for your buck!

  44. Really enjoyed this stuff for the price. Sweet and danky smelling I could smoke this all day long. Nice change of pace from all the kush strains I normally get. Keep getting more of these bomb AAA strains HD we need more budget strains!

  45. Anonymous

    one of my favorites very good skunky smoke cant go wrong for the price

  46. I wasn’t overly impressed by this one, but was nice in sample pack wouldn’t order it alone. Not the worst but not the greatest. I hoped for me with this one.

  47. Very good bud, dank, skunky and tasty, not super long-lasting but has all the Indica feels, priced right.

  48. This latest batch of Critical mass is a gem. Great indica effects yet almost feels like a sativa high because I don’t feel lazy or couch locked even after smoking it all day. Smells sweet and looks great. Dense heavy buds with lots of red hairs. Get it While its cheap worth every penny.

  49. One of my favorites recently found out that cbd levels are high which is good for people who need that high cbd intake smells and taste amazing. Also would like to see cbd percentage on website thanks herbal dispatch you guys are the best I will never go any other way but with herbal dispatch ?❤?

  50. Great strain. Nice citrus smell with a berry taste on the exhale. Very dense nugs

  51. Anonymous

    This one is a creeper. And it lasts awhile. Would definitely buy again.

  52. In my opinion, critical mass is comparable to the ‘jet feul’ and ‘afghan kush’ strains of indica. The buds were nice, covered in red hairs and crystals. It has that strong skunky Marijuana aroma that can be smelled a mile away…impossible to hide. Has a great earthy flavor to match the smell. It burns well and of course as always, slightly overweight. This bud always gives me an appetite and a nice euphoric high. It’s one of my very favourite strains and reasonably priced too. Thanks HD!

  53. First time ordering the CM and I must say, I highly enjoy the taste and high. Buds are nice and dense but fluff up in the grinder. Absolutely nothing bad to say in my opinion. Heavy in the eyes but light on the burn out. Only negative is the dry eyes I get from smoking it.

  54. Super dense heavy buds covered in red hairs is what you should expect. The taste is light berry and slightly sweet. While it is up there with the heavy hitters, I don’t seem to get couch lock from this strain which I appreciate. That’s why it gets 5 stars!


  55. For a bargain price, this bud caught me by surprise- no couch lock, which is a bonus!

  56. Firm dense buds . Strong pungent definitely happy with this strain from hd. Not a sleepy heavy indica.

  57. Very dense strong yummy buds! 5/5

  58. Great bud, nice and hard with a great taste…i’m ordering it again

  59. Very dense buds, great taste. 3/4

  60. Very nice bud! nice smell & a bargain price

  61. Ok buzz first blunt of the day. Didn’t wow me. No couch lock so might be ok for someone who prefers a more active high. Buds dense as pictured

  62. Nice dense buds, lemon-y scent and strong meds for what ails you. This is a bargain at any price

  63. Not as dark as I thought it would be, more of a fruity smell but good clear high and nice tight buds , still good bang for your buck

  64. This one is a nice treat caught me by surprise. Excellent smell and taste and quite nice indica buzz. Perfectly manicured and definitely recommended!

  65. I give it 4/5 for potency, but 5/5 for appearance taste smell etc. Just not quite as strong as some of the other strains I’ve had from HD. Don’t get me wrong, still high quality bud though. The price is excellent so for the price it is a great choice. However on my next order I’m going to spend a bit more cash.

  66. Had the last batch that was $20 more and enjoyed it.. this batch is basically exactly the same, but maybe slightly better. Crazy dense bud structure with no leaf- covered in red hairs and a nice amount of trichs. Has a nice citrus and earthy aroma that is more evident on bust. Flavor is the same as smell, which I enjoy, but is definitely not amazing or a stand out. The buzz is a very solid almost 100% indica high- not going to take you out like a heavy kush, but definitely nice effects. Would give the last batch a 4 based on price, and this one gets the extra star where it lost nothing and came down in price compared to last batch. Nice indica if you are the type of person who likes variety in your medicine cabinet :).

  67. Anonymous

    Nice, dense buds that provide a very relaxing high.

  68. Anonymous

    Very mild high, no burnout after!

  69. Breaks up nice, good count and tastes great with the GS Honey oil.

  70. Not as good as some of the other indicas, but looks awesome, and tastes good.

  71. The buds looks amazing. taste was good.

  72. Super dense electric bud packed with citrusy flavour…. Good smoke rolls itself. Well curred professional flowers.

  73. These buds look amazing, short orange hairs plastered together with a fine web of trichomes. Perfectly manicured. Some large dense buds in this oz. Carries a good punch but I am with Chino, the taste is a bit off, soapy flavoured to me. Maybe not a perfect flush but the buzz is there and for the price a solid 4star.

  74. At the $9 price point, this strain deserves 5 stars. The buds are very dense with no leaf. The high is very cerebral, with a more mild body buzz. One of the few indicas suitable for daytime use.

  75. Really enjoyed smoking this. Nice nugs for sure

  76. Looks amazing…tight chunky buds, full of crystal. Relaxing buzz. …but can’t get past the awful taste. Perfume-ish almost.
    Would not order again based on taste alone.

  77. Very good strain for a ‘3A’ strain and thus us somr udge

  78. Heavy user so this didn’t affect me much. Had 2 bowls and went for a smoke and wondered when the high would kick in.
    The bag appeal is nice however, as the nugs are solid and I got a lot of crystals out of it. No couchlock, so users preferring an active high will probably appreciate this.

  79. I packed a small bowl, just to try it.

    I forgot to finish it.

  80. one of my top 10 smoke

  81. Very dense and covered in crystal. Nice relaxing high.

  82. looks amazing , taste not the greatest , decent high good for the price

  83. Only AAA really? How is this rated because this blows most AAAA stuff out of the water.

  84. My favorite! I buy it every time now

  85. Great strong high and tastes amazing!

  86. This is premium medicine, definitely not a morning strain! Heavy stone, tons of flavour, would certainly buy again.

  87. Really nice, not too strong. Nice mellow buzz with an unique taste. Well worth the price!

  88. a great flower excellent indica for a mellow end to the day

  89. really nice smoke nice mellow indicate buzz

  90. Incredible! Don’t let the price fool you! Very strong long lasting high, on par with or possibly even better than the last batch in spring, the smell and taste is sour and very addicting

  91. Very good strain !

  92. its smells great and taste

  93. great bag appeal ,rock solid buds ,smell was good .the high was great after a hard days work once again thanks HD you never fail to deliver

  94. Critical mass is a great strain daytime or nighttime, and the batch came caked in crystals.

  95. This strain makes a great nightcap. Great taste, potency and price.

  96. Very dank strain and taste is really excellent!!

  97. Crystaly dense tasty little nugs good for anyone tha can’t handle kush strains

  98. Very nice indica, although I prefer many other 9$ strains offered from HD better.

  99. Critial mass was a very nice indica strain i received from my sample back. Dense tasty nugs with a very relaxing but functional high. For $9 a gram it is well worth the try for any indica fans that want something other then kush.

  100. Excellent product. Prefect smell taste and high.

  101. Really great bud, i like when it busts up fine, easy rolling and the taste/smell is different, great buds

  102. Critical Mass is one of my favorite indica’s. It’s very dense and tasty and has a long lasting non-couch-lock indica buzz. I ordered a half oz. of this back in April when the price was $240/oz. and I don’t see any difference in quality. Definitely worth the $220/oz. and I’ll be ordering this again if it sticks around.

  103. Just got a quarter of this critical mass it’s totally worth $9 a gram I highly recommend this to everyone it has lots of crystals has a awesome high smells amazing looks better than the picture nice tight buds one of my favourite by far

  104. Great buds, very hairy as shown in pictures, 10/10

  105. I have yet to find a better mood stabilizer. Anxiety quickly bleeds away leaving you in great shape to conquer normally stressful situations.

  106. Nice tasty et this is awsome for a 3a grade strain!!!

  107. I like the taste of this strain…hard to describe but well worth trying it if u havnt. def get this again!!Nice hard heavy Stone

  108. great calming high and tastes very nice/fruity! 5/5 for me for both potency and terps

  109. Really nice looking buds. Just like the picture. No disapointments. I think I expected a little better but all in all in was a good, clean weed.

  110. This was a sensation strain. It was not harsh. The smell was invigorating. Like a warm spring day. You knew you were in for a treat.

    I was not disappointed.

  111. Great tasting, really nice buds and just a great strain all around.

  112. Overall very good bud, dense nugs, crystally and hairy, smells similar to white castle.. to me a lil bit like strawberries. Nice smooth sailing, nothing too dramatic, but it is potent enough to recommend it!

  113. Really mellow high, good body stone, not very euphoric, and I wish it lasted a little longer.

  114. Great tasting bud. Rock hard with a ton of crystal

  115. Not as good as I hoped it was going to be. Big solid buds and a great count but not strong hitter like everyone seems to say. It does help alleviate the pain, but not a strong or long buzz. 3/5 for this stuff. John

  116. Anonymous

    Some beautiful stuff right here ! Not only did it help with my health issue with having severe nausea. Took it right away and helped with the pain I’m going threw. Great high beautiful tight buds caked in crystals. Can not go wrong with this strain. Thanks herbal after 6 years of day in day out pain.. nausea and discomfort is finally starting to go away.

  117. Dense and hairy buds with a solid feel, definite earthy scent with a slightly sweeter taste, excellent pain relief and relaxation as a result

  118. My buds look quite different from the ones on the picture, but they look pretty good anyways. Nice trimming, dense and shiny buds. A bit harsh on the throat, but the taste is fine, not THAT great, but fine. The high is totally awesome. Is that just a flower I am smoking or what? 5/5

  119. Great indica, smells or light grape with some sweet berry undertones. Only issue were the small popcorn buds, other then that great strain.

  120. Really liked the stone on this strain heavy hitter good smell taste aswell

  121. Awesome taste to this one, very different taste abd so good, great aroma, clean burn, smooth, great indica

  122. Absolute fire. Super dense buds with tons of crystals, very beautiful and breaks up great. The high and taste are both phenomenal.

  123. Great smell and smokes well. Highly recommend

  124. Good solid indica. Not the best, but definitely worth it. Really helps with nausea.

  125. AWESOME taste and smell , love this heavy hitting flower ! Helped greatly in dealing with my back pain, and I got a great night sleep ! Thanks HD!

  126. 4.5 for me glad to find an indica that doesn’t put me to sleep.

  127. Great bud structure, huge tight 2.5g cone in my eighth. Not much smell but tastes great burning. Stone is a good mix but indica effects put me to sleep after an hour or so…….lazy afternoon, sure….don’t wake and bake this b4 your daily grind lol.

    4 is no knock, just some crazy flowers on HD that trump this.

  128. Wicked! Critical Mass has an awesome strong skunky aroma that can be smelled a mile away (I love it!) It has a nice smooth taste and burn, nice buds, and an absolutely amazing buzz that lasted a good while. It gave me an appetite and truly had me glued to the couch! Definitely a fave of mine!

  129. nice buds, smell very good , but disapointed about the flavor, but the buzz is very strong, hit very hard, knock u down for sure, this is good for end your day, nice indica!!

  130. Out of all the strains I recieved I enjoyed this one the most, first of all the smell was beautiful and the nugs were dense and properly cured. The ash was complete white, most stuff on this site gives white ash but this one was a lot more noticable. Then the high hits you right away lifting you to the sky, easy to say this is very potent stuff.

  131. Anonymous

    Just received, looks nothing like pic in my opinion… But damn I don’t care cause this some nice dense nugz, covered in hairs and a beautiful sugar coating…. As for the taste…. Quite different and interesting… The buzz…. You won’t be disappointed, 5/5

  132. Very great bud appeal, aswell as a great purple and light green hue to the buds , very punguent and a very good quality clean smoke, awesome for the price, would deffinately get this again for a nightime smoke !!
    4.6 imo

  133. Anonymous

    Look better than it taste! Taste like bounce and normal buzz i can find the same quality in the street really disapointing

  134. Earthy with soapy notes. Good buzz

  135. This stuff is off the charts. HD WHAT A GREAT STRAIN..
    the taste is unforgettable smoke is unreal 10\10 get it before its to late….

  136. Anonymous

    Absolutely the BOMB….must try, this one is a 5 star plus…..

  137. 4/5. Super dense, and caked all the way through. Really nicely manicured and very well cared for flowers. Smells really tart and fruity when broken up. Find it to be fairly euphoric, feeling to be a pretty balanced high for me. Enjoyable stuff all around.

  138. I couldnt wait to come across this, i hope it doesnt dissapear so i can get more:) , one the crazyest exotics forsure. I get cannalope from it . Same with the CM wax.. Get it everytime. This stuff is identical to the picture, burns amazing, coaaaatttedd in thc, and smells terrific 5+ for me amd deff gegting more thx HD

  139. Beautiful dense caked nugs! Reminds me a lot like the baby lizard strain, but this is nicer!
    Smooth with a lovely sweet type smell and taste … Yum!
    Great price and the high/stone on this provided a solid indica high which was enjoyable without being too overpowering!
    Now if it was Critical Kush and it was quality like this I assume Id be on my ass lol.

  140. SUPER dense buds!

  141. Sweet just tried the Mass great looking Bud very heavy & Dense Looks exactly like the picture!!What a treat keep up the great strains H.P!!

  142. Yup very nice,just as advertised,maybe better!

  143. Anonymous

    One of the best I’ve smoked keep up the good work hd. Don’t get rid of this strain lol

  144. Way happy with my latest order! Critical mass is insanely dense and super potent. The product I got was exactly what I normally look for in quality indica.
    The price was good too. I sure hope Herbal Dispatch has more of this batch when I place my next order.

    Highly recommend this strain, it will not disappoint!

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