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Cookie (Baked Edibles)

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1 Cookie for $7

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Sold By: Baked Edibles
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Product Description

At Baked Edibles we use several different types of cannabis and extraction techniques to make our oils and butters. We bake our cannabis oils and butters directly into the products, rather than coat (spray) or paint them on as the last step. The result is a product that is always tastier and more consistent.

Available in Double Chocolate or Ginger Chew.

Double Chocolate Cookie:

What’s better than chocolate? How about two different types of fair-trade chocolate, blended with love into these classic favourites. Body-balanced, mentally uplifting effects.

30mg THC per Cookie.

Ingredients: Brown Sugar, Flour, Dark Chocolate Chips, Unsalted Butter, Dark Chocolate (unsweetened Chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour), Eggs, Cocoa Powder, Glucose, Vanilla Extract, Cannabis Thc Extract, Baking Soda, Salt

Ginger Chew Cookie:

Our hand-made ginger dough sprinkled with crystallized ginger chunks, these cookies have a beautiful balance of flavour. Body-balancing, with mentally uplifting effects.

Ingredients: Eggs, Flour, Brown Sugar, Unsalted Butter (Milk), Candied Ginger, Organic Molasses, Organic Cane Sugar, Baking Soda, Soy Lecithin, Powdered Ginger, Salt, Cinnamon, Clove Powder, Cannabis THC Extract

May contain traces of nuts.

Q and A: A Very Long Engagement – 20 Years of Success for Baked Edibles

44 reviews for Cookie (Baked Edibles)

  1. The taste was great… however not for me. Wasn’t the effects I was expecting.. therefore making my experience an unpleasant one. It kicked my ass into another dimension.. if you’re into that sort of thing…. GREAT!!

  2. Got the ginger chew one. Pretty good tasting. When you’re chewing it it tastes like a regular cookie but you can definitely taste the weed in the aftertaste. High was good. Not too strong but not weak.

  3. As far as cookies go, the double chocolate was delicious and moist like a cooke should be. As far as the high – I got nothing from it. 30MG is too little for a high tolerance user

  4. I can’t love the double chocolate enough!! So good! Definitely take it slow though. I ate the whole cookie at once and went from 0-100. Lol!

  5. Got the double choc and it was delicious, but I question the 30mg dozage because we were 2 and split it in half, it froze us for a good 6hrs then slept like babies.

  6. I bought the double chocolate and ginger chew and I found both to be tasty I could them all in one sitting which wouldn’t be a good idea though.

  7. My cookie was a bit dry but still great high

  8. My cookie was a bit dry but still great buzz

  9. DELICIOUS! Didn’t taste like an edible at all, overall excellent experience.

  10. Tried the double chocolate. I cut mine into 1/4 and ate 2pieces an hour apart from each other and that gave me a good enough buzz for a few hours.

  11. ordered one of each. loved my second batch of the double chocolate (ordered it a second time) it wasnt as chocolaty as the first, making it by far better. and the ginger chew is amazingly tasty. they both give a good buzz, for the price.

  12. taste on both is pretty good.. buzz is great for a lazy sunday. not overpowering..
    put me to sleep perfectly

  13. Had them both and they were great, but always have to go for the “ginger’. Good buzz and great flavour, gonna buy more!

  14. The ginger cookie tasted amazing. Daily user, but played safe and started with 1/2. About 45 minutes later, no buzz, so ate the other half. It’s been another hour and still nothing. I’m disappointed.

  15. I’ve tried both chocolate and ginger. Twice? Can’t decide which is my favorite. Both tasted pretty good for a packaged cookie. Nice long lasting gentle buzz alone, or a great booster with the vape for a stay home day.

  16. Double Chocolate Chip tasted great, and gave me a really high all night. I had 3/4 and shared a 1/4 for GF. Worked out great !

  17. Me and my girlfriend had one each daily smokers. Tried one of each flavor. I personally liked the ginger better than the chocolate but the GF felt the opposite. Personally thought that this was the worst tasting edible Ive ordered off HD. Each of us had 1 full cookie and didnt feel a thing as daily smokers.

  18. Bought the chocolate cookie, friggin awesome in every way. Incredible taste and nice high too. You only mean to eat part of it….and you eat the whole thing

  19. I ate a whole one and I’m still flying high! I totally recommend this (chocolate) cookie! It tastes AMAZING and brings you to euphoria. Can I buy these by the case??

  20. Great buzz and great price!

  21. The double chocolate is my new favorite thing. Great taste, good light high. I have a really high tolerance so the Cookie is a great booster. Some friends have tried it and felt the effects much stronger than I usually do so it depends on how often you smoke. Would recommend and will continue to order in mass quantities!

  22. Taste good and a good high !

  23. Love the ginger cookie, so tasty and helps lengthen the effects of other product. I would also like to try a stronger version for solo use.

  24. Tried the ginger and chocolate. Taste was good on both. Buzz was only soso

  25. I got the ginger cookie to try and…. Omg it’s so delicious! A really good buzz.

  26. Great taste and a great high!! Can’t wait to order this again

  27. Love this cookie! Tastes great and has a fun buzz!

  28. Delicious and perfect concentration.

  29. Love this company!

  30. Just bought more of these. Can’t go wrong for the price. Start with a 1/4 or 5th. Hits hard.

  31. I tried the double chocolate and it is wonderful. Delicious and very effective.

  32. Double chocolate chip is delish!! Don’t need much for a nice buzz!

  33. Had 2 of each kind, All of them were tasty, moist cookies. Pretty strong ginger / chocolate flavour with little cannabis taste or smell. Theyre only 7 bucks and 30 mg so dont expect them to be crippling.

  34. good and chewy. I’ve always felt like edibles were a hit of miss, a friend of mine ordered some mota candy and we had no effect even after eating a whole package. But these cookies are quite good :p

  35. Double chocolate was delicious and a great high . Will try again excited to try the gingerbread worth it money

  36. Double chocolate tasted like a nice brownie.

  37. The double chocolate chip cookie was delicious with a great high!

  38. Bought the double chocolate and it’s a winner in every category. The taste is fantastic. I didn’t notice any thc flavour at all. It was a pleasant high, not too strong but enough to keep my mind at ease. And like any edible it’s very long lasting.. I’m still feeling the effects the next morning.

  39. Excellent tasting cookie (I bought the Ginger Chew). Nice buzz, take these with me when I’m on the golf course. Thank again HD!

  40. too much chocolate flavour. didnt even notice a buzz really.

  41. Got double chocolate, it was really tasty. For 7 bucks you can’t go wrong

  42. Bought both flavours. Tasty with a good buzz. Nice value.

  43. Got the ginger chew, really tasty plus it hits good. I hope one day I can buy boxes of these.

  44. The double chocolate chip ones are so great. Enjoyed the buzz for the price 😉

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