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Cookie (Mota) – Chocolate Oreos

(13 customer reviews)


1 pack of Chocolate Oreos for $16

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

What’s better than classic Oreo cookies? How about Oreo cookies dipped in chocolate?! These Oreos are perfect for movie nights at home. Add some to a bowl of ice cream for an out of this world sundae treat. Whatever you choose, these are a delicious new addition to our edible lineup.

Contains: Each package contains 200 mg of THC + 20 mg of CBD. 2 cookies per package.

Ingredients: Oreo cookies, sugar, palm kernel oil, cocoa powder, whey powder, whey protein, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, salt, natural flavour, titanium dioxide, cannabis.

13 reviews for Cookie (Mota) – Chocolate Oreos

  1. quite the kick….super potent body high!

  2. Delicious and great high. Milk choc was out of stock so they sent me white choc, still super yum. Will def try to order milk choc next time!

  3. These are awesome!!! Super potent. I’d like to think I have a semi high tolerance – a quarter of one cookie is enough for me. Tastes delicious

  4. Taste is good and got me high all day ! Recommend to eat half and then another depending on the buzz.

  5. Taste is ok, medium potency.

  6. These are amazing if u eat ahalf one and smoke a few joints u have some nice sleep i tell ya! It takes alot for me to sleep but these things are amazing in helping with that..and also the white chocolate ones taste qay better and hide the green taste lol in my findings at least but iverall amazing product price is on point i recommend strongly

  7. Really yummy! We had half each, would probably start with 1/4 next time!

  8. Ordered the white chocolate ones, and they actually tasted delicious! I ate one, and laughed my ass off for a few hours, ate the second in bed, and had an amazingly solid sleep. Love these!!

  9. Very chocolaty and strong so eat half at first.

  10. These cookies not only taste delicious with only a hint of the unlovely ? The high is off the chain. A whole cookie will take you over the top, Great edible. Will buy again.

  11. Tastes like a chocolate covered oreo with some weed and coffee mixed in, not bad. Separated into quarters for my dosage, kicked in super fast! Usually edibles take 1-4 hours to kick in for me, this only took 30 minutes the first time on an empty stomach, and an hour the second time after eating dinner. Will be buying again 🙂

  12. Taste is good enough, high is good enough. Decent edible.

  13. My friend and I basically died this weekend after eating 1 cookie each (not literally, but we were waaaaaaay too high, resulting in an awful/hilarious night). They were very potent but it makes them a great deal. I’d buy them again and eat 1/2 only.

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