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Caramels (LoveBuds) – Coo-Coo Caramels

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1 bag of Coo-Coo Caramels for $19

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Sold By: Love Buds
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Product Description

Creamy and Delicious Infused Caramels

Used for the effective treatment of stress, anxiety, chronic pain & headaches.

Contains: 200 mg of THC per package.

Ingredients: Cannabis, butter, sugar, corn syrup, condensed milk, flavour.

35 reviews for Caramels (LoveBuds) – Coo-Coo Caramels

  1. Pretty good high, medium lasting, awesome taste!

  2. I had a really bad experience with these…I have been taking a caramel that I purchased locally every night to sleep through my nightly hot flashes…when I ran out I ordered these…I took one only at bedtime…I had an extremely bad reaction…for 4 hours I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t walk, my heart was racing, continuous vomiting…I almost called 911, but sent my son over to get my neighbours who helped me through it…I have since heard that BC cannabis is much stronger than in Ontario and maybe I should have cut it in 4 and just taken a quarter at first… I wouldn’t want anyone to go through this so I am sharing my story…

  3. Great taste. Very smooth. Great buzz.

  4. First time ordering and was pretty good. Would recommend again for the caramel taste.

  5. First time ordering. Very tasty with a mellow euphoric buzz. Definitely worth trying.

  6. Best tasting edibles Ive ever had, you can really taste the caramel and delcious salt with a slight weed taste but not to much as to take away from the candy. A pretty decent body buzz that lasts awhile. Ive re-ordered 4 times.

  7. Really loved the taste but not enough pieces for 19$ I had to eat two or three to feel the effects but nice relaxing buzz

  8. I was wary of trying these because I have never tried these before….I was blown away! I loved the taste, the texture and the way that it was a pleasant buzz. It also took away my aches and pains and it let me have a normal day without pain which I am forever grateful for!

  9. They were out of the other caramels I liked so I thought I would give these a try. (about the same amount for around $13) tasty & I got a nice floaty buzz from two to 3. Bang for your buck and taste though I prefer the other ones.

  10. I loved these! They are delicious, and one is enough (although I took on an empty stomach – if taking with food or if you have a slow digestive system you might need more). One of my faves from the site!

  11. The taste is fine. Unfortunately I didn’t get them for the taste. I didn’t notice any effects. Maybe it’s good if you have low tolerance but for me it was just a few expensive caramels.

  12. really tasty caramels, good effect. will def buy more from this company!

  13. Very tasty treats , hard not to eat more then one !!!! Pack a good punch too

  14. Loved these. One was plenty. Tasty and effective.

  15. These were ridiculously good. I would snack on these even if they weren’t medicated. Great high, really powerful.

  16. taste is good, but if your tolerance level is high like mine, you’ll likely have to eat the entire bag as I tried only 3 of the 6 and felt nothing really 🙁

  17. Delicious candy and equally pleasurable buzz

  18. Very delicious with a long lasting body buzz. First product I’ve tried from love buds, definitely worth a taste ?

  19. These are great tasting and work,

  20. These were very tasty. Not overly strong tho.

  21. These are the *tastiest* canna-caramels I have ever had. They seem to be made with REAL butter, and that makes all the difference!

    I was surprised to find that even one candy sucked slowly was enough to give me a nice, mellow body stone. I didn’t feel a real “buzz”, but my aches and pains went away from that one candy, so thumbs up!

  22. So good! Would love twice the amount per package with a little stonger dose.. but I’m a pig.. Loved them!

  23. Love these! Very tasty and good buzz!!

  24. These are great! I take one when Im out and about doing errands all day, and its just the right amount and lasts. Delicious too! Buying again.

  25. Wow these taste amazing! Really high quality.

  26. Great tasting candy with an ever greater buzz. Thanks again HD for another fantastic product. I will definitely order these again.

  27. These were so good I didn’t want to share! Sweet and salty and just the right dose for a busy morning or afternoon/evening! One always did the trick for me and these also helped my arthritis some! If they weren’t sold out I would have ordered a couple packs, good value!

  28. I cant wait till these are in stock again. These are great tasting as well as they are great at doing the job.

  29. Good taste and a decent buzz! But price keeps it from a 5 star.

  30. I didn’t think this would do much for me. I had 2 at once (if you are not a chronic smoker or get THC daily start with half and go up from there). After eating them I just happened to come across a Seth Rogan/James Franko stoner movie and I didn’t realize it at first but I was decently buzzed & was laughing like a teenager who just tired weed for the first time. They taste pretty good but I found they were really sweer with a lot of sugar and it made them a little gritty & not so smooth. I feel it’s a little pricy should be more in the 12-14 range. But in all fairness you do get quite a few pieces. I’ll buy again and worth a try especially for any newbies to edibles.

  31. Alright, a bit tough but I think that it was cold out when my package was delivered. No weed hangover when you eat these at night and a great salty caramel taste.

  32. Very delicious, they are chewy about 6 per bag very easy to eat all at once

  33. These were the best tasting caramels. Pretty good effects too, I found them very strong. Great value for the six in the bag.

  34. Amazing caramels that pack a potent punch. Excellent product.

  35. It’s like there’s a party in my mouth, and everyone’s invited. A little pricy but wow, great taste and decent buzz.

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