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Tincture (BudderKing) – Cobra Oil

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1 10ml bottle for $50

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Sold By: Budder King
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Product Description

Budder Oil

Also known as Budder Oil, this product is produced from Budder King Budder (99.7% pure THC). Cobra Oil is alcohol-free and is perfect for medicinal users, and anyone who is looking to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Each bottle is 10ml.

Similar to Canna-Gels, this product has been designed to optimize the absorption of THC into the bloodstream in a manner that attracts no attention, nor causes any mess, smoke, or odour. It is specially formulated to be much more effective for pain relief than simply eating marijuana or other cannabis edibles.

In small doses (half a dropper), the benefits include improved sleep, pain relief and is great for combating nausea. Depending on the user, a full dropper will yield more intense results.

Please use with caution until you discover your tolerance.

THC: 38mg per/ml
CBD: 10mg per/ml
CBN: <2mg per/ml

Q and A: His Majesty the BudderKing

10 reviews for Tincture (BudderKing) – Cobra Oil

  1. All in all this stuff is pretty good!! But you will need a lot of money for this stuff cuz for $50 10ml doesn’t last at all!!! Well it doesn’t last me two days!! Iam a daily smoker!! I recommend but too expensive!!!

  2. This stuff is great! There isn’t a whole lot (it’s 10ml – remember that when you order as that’s not a large quantity) in the bottle but it’s potent. Be sure to rock the bottle back in forth to mix before each use. Squeeze out what’s in the dropper and refill it. A full dropper and you should have no problems achieving couchlock. I had a couple of drops to taste when I received it yesterday and then about 3/4 dropper full and slept incredibly well. I did, however, awake with a sort of a hangover and really felt quite shitty. Just dosed half a dropper full and hoping I won’t feel that in the morning. I recommend trying this for sure.

  3. Forgot I ordered this. Tried it before bed with my usual dab so I can’t say for sure on the head buzz but it definitely helped some aches & pains by relaxing my body enough up sleep. Pricy for the amount tho.

  4. It’s okay. I agree that it’s pricey for what you get. It mixed well with other things like honey and such but I wont keep this in my regular rotation… more of an occasional treat. Not much of a buzz off of it, but it losens my lower back and hips well

  5. Not sure what to think.The price is way too much,but so are most edibles. Taste is great-but not sure about the high.I need 3 droppers to get a buzz going. Overall the price is too much for the effect. If the price was $30 I would buy again.The name is super cool, that is mostly why I bought it.It also comes in a nifty old school looking box.(bottle packing)
    I think this is more suited for people with medical issue’s and ease of use.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m impressed. This will most definitely be on a future order. Full dropper about a half hour before bed, does the trick. 🙂

  7. Took 1 dropper an hour before bed. Noticed the body high after about 15 min, was steady until I went to sleep. Found that it helped keep me sleeping for the majority of the night….wasnt waking up every few hours for once. Hoping that with extended use I may get some sleep!

  8. Great stuff, works well for pain, and helped me sleep. I only have 2 minor issues with it, small amount and the dropper…it doesn’t reach the bottom, but I had an oral syringe luckily so didn’t have to drink the bottle lol

  9. Easy to meter your dose with, taste is smooth.

  10. love it

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