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CO2 Honey Oil (Quarry) – Multiple Strains

(188 customer reviews)


1 CO2 Honey Oil Syringe for $35 ($30 for Blend)
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Sold By: The Quarry
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Product Description

Lab-tested to contain approximately 80% THC

CO2 Honey Oil is a variety of extract that is created using carbon dioxide compressed at high pressures until it becomes what is known as a “supercritical fluid,” which then is able to strip the essential oils of the cannabis plant much like hydrocarbon solvents.

CO2 oil is generally a loose, orange-tinted oil that can be either clear or opaque depending upon the finishing processes used after extraction. The appeal of this method for many is that it is non-flammable and contains no chemical solvents.

Mixing the robust nature of Pre98 Bubba with the refreshing notes of Grape Romulan, Grape Kush from Cali Connection is a hybrid of quality and quantity. Predominantly sativa in nature (60%/40%), Grape Kush possesses the best of both worlds. The effects are long-lasting and powerful, inducing euphoric head effects and a relaxed body.

Flavours: Grape, berry, sweet
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, sleepy
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, insomnia, inflammation

Originating in Amsterdam and currently bred by Dinafem Seeds, Moby Dick’s high THC content makes it one of the strongest sativas. Winner of ‘Girl of the Year’ by the cannabis newspaper Soft Secrets in 2010, this strain is a cross between indica-dominant hybrid White Widow and sativa Haze; the former is known for its power while the latter for its cerebral stimulation, creating a mostly sativa plant that delivers a charged buzz. The aroma is a sweet citrus from the Haze, which dominates the palate with vanilla and eucalyptus tones.

Flavours: Sweet, citrus, pungent
Effects: Euphoric, uplifted, happy, relaxed, focused
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, fatigue, nausea

Pennywise is a high-CBD indica cross between Harlequin and Jack the Ripper, a combination that lends this strain its killer clown name. Four phenotypes of this Stephen King-inspired strain exist, some of which have fingerlike buds while others appear more round. Notes of coffee and pepper lift from the purple-fringed flowers with undertones of lemon and bubblegum.

Rich in the therapeutic compound CBD, Pennywise is especially effective in treating arthritis, PTSD, epilepsy, neurological disorders, and cancer symptoms. It contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC, so the psychoactive effects are milder and more relaxing. Jack the Ripper’s cerebrally focused effects are detectable in Pennywise’s genes as euphoria and mental clarity take over with an invigorating buzz. Pennywise flowers in 60 to 67 days and is suitable for either indoor or outdoor gardens.

Flavours: Earthy, woody, spicy/herbal
Effects: Relaxed, happy, focused, euphoric, uplifted
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, inflammation, insomnia

Rockstar, a cross between Rockbud and Sensi Star, is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that delivers strong effects without debilitating sedation. With aromatic notes of spice and grape, Rockstar is a favorite medicine for headaches, pain, and sleep disorders. Its powerful body and cerebral effects make Rockstar popular among growers, who typically harvest their outdoor plants in mid-October.

Flavours: Sweet, pungent, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, happy, sleepy, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Stress, insomnia, pain, lack of appetite, depression

188 reviews for CO2 Honey Oil (Quarry) – Multiple Strains

  1. Ordered rockstar and Moby. Rockstar came in a dumb syringe and was open when I got it. Didn’t loose much. Put it in my vape and just destroyed me…lol Moby came in a different set up it worked way better. Like how the Moby has cbd also.

  2. ive ordered this oil twice. twice i did not receive this oil or this syringe. twice the plunger was out upon delivery with half my oil sitting in the paper packet. twice i have wasted $50. it didnt even last me a week where as the 6 grams of flower it would take to make this would last double that. the buzz is basic. not to mention you need the patience of a saint to fill up any cartridge with this extremely dumb applicator. stick to bud, its worth every penny and you dont lose half of it in the mail. severely disappointed with herbal dispatches oil services. however, everything else at herbal has been spot on. just stay away from the oils.

  3. Finally the new batch!! Some big differences (good ones) from the last batch. Oil is a lot darker and thicker, which makes it easier to work with Easy to dab and works good in a Puma or pen with the oil atomizer cartridges on sale here. In the last batch I found a chemical aftertaste, happily none in this batch of GSC and Quantum. These two strains made me fall in love with CO2 oils over a year ago. Glad I bought when I did , I knew they wouldn’t last long. Girl Scout Cookies, a great long lasting cerebral sativa strain that’s great for daytime use or when you still need to function. Quantum is a heavy hitting indica that hits you like a ton of bricks, functionalability? forget it, not for the next hour. Both are my favs from Quarry. Sorry they sold out, glad I bought when I did. Cant wait till the next batch.

  4. Not bad, I really prefer the Oro for $40. Maybe if this Quarry was $50 I would get it again, but you can get almost 2 Oro for the price of one Quarry.

  5. Awesome

  6. I like to smoke in a pipe on a bed of cig ashes but this was to thin. Will try in a vape. But good buzz.

  7. 5/5. Tastes great

  8. As a long time smoker, the first time I tried an oil via vape was the lemon kush from quarry. I dont say this lightly, it changed everything for me. Since then I rarely smoke flower and prefer co2 oils. I was lucky enough to get some girl Scout cookies and it was the best oil I’ve had to date. Tastes great, clean and euphoric effects using very little product. Well worth the extra $$$. Now if it could just stay in stock, that’s been a dissapointment as I would love some more

  9. Tried the last of the Space Queen: it was ok. I liked the Pennywise and Girl Scout Cookies better. Looks like the Quarry is kaput as far as co2 oils are concerned-that’s the only reason I’m rating it a 2.
    Too bad. They were good while they lasted.

  10. Worked really well with my Toko gold, wish the syringe came with a tip for easier transfer into the empty cartridge, but with a little heat and patience it worked great.

  11. Re-ordered Girl Scout cookies killer can’t wait to try others

  12. Very good

  13. Quarry used to put one top not oil, and they just started going downhill. I’ve received a few bad batches but nothing like this recent one of grape kush #2505. It was utter garbage, I will not be supporting this company and their products. Hopefully, HD can find a better replacement.

  14. the quarry makes great oil but i’m waiting to order more once more strains are available. quantum & grape kush are my favorites.

  15. This is for the Girl Scout Cookies. Felt I must. This is my new favorite. It vapes so smooth and it’s buzz is even smoother with a nice big kick. It’s a little runny but that’s no problem when using a vape pen for refilling! Great stuff!

  16. Just got this. Got the Lemon Kush. Best oil product so far from HD. And that is saying a lot. Always good product, fast shipping. Another winner. Get it while you can.

  17. Thank you HD for changing my life with this oil, twist batt, and glass tip oil atomizers. This is by far the best oil I have ever had. Lemon Kush is all you have in stock which I do love as well, but the Quantum Kush is my favorite and can’t wait for restock!

  18. Favorite product for vaping. Some flavors taste better. Works great as an refill to toko gold pens. As a daily user, this stuff has a good kick.

  19. I love the quarry their oil so far has been the best out of all the brands ive purchased !!! I just bought the lemon kush and it has a sweet smell and taste it leaves a lemonie after taste in your mouth !!! And its a very happy uplighting buzz i have also tried the quarrys grape kush and quantum kush all of which i loved !!!! i suffer from anxiety, depression and im agoraphobic so i literally cant leave my house unless i have my trusted vape pen !!!! Its a pain in the ass to refill your tips with this type of syringe though but it is possible and a slow process !!! Theres gotta be a better way to refill your vapr tips lol ….

  20. So far so good. I’m refilling my toko gold cartridge with the quantum kush strain at the moment without much trouble. It works fine in the pen. It definitely adds a kick to the pennywise CBD that is already in my pen, about half and half in there now. I plan to keep this in stock and on hand as a rule.

  21. This stuff is the best

  22. Anonymous

    Here is another must have on hand at all times product with flavour and punch to match this exquisite desert that can be served day or night.. You will be satisfied by this gem.

  23. first time trying co2 oils. Got the Space Queen. there is a bit of a different taste compared to shatter or bho oil. I’m thinking maybe that’s the co2. but all in all its still great. the high is clean and good. wish the price would drop 5 or 10 bucks lol.

  24. These are still my favourite oils. Perfect for dabbing or using in the vape pens. I’ve noticed slight variances from batch to batch like a runnier consistency or slightly milder flavours of certain stains. With that said, the oils are still outstanding. Kinda sad to see the sugar jack disappear off the menu but at the same time looking forward to trying out the new space queen.
    5 star oils.

  25. Terps Galore liquid gold 10x better then the standard honey oil well worth 65 if you aren’t on a budget

  26. Not sure if quarry has changed something in the recipe. I have purchased many quantum and grape kush quarry co2s. however in my latest purchase (recieved sept 11) the grape kush i ordered has a burnt taste tried it in my vape pen first, thought it may just be burned vape coil. I then took a dab off my rig and still the same burnt taste. for something this expensive i am very dissapointed this time around..

  27. Lemon Kush – really love MK so this strain is up my alley, love the flavours and consistency of this one, and the earthy undertones from the MK parent

  28. Quantum Kush – Review

    This stuff is always awesome, and the consistency was perfect – honey goodness. 5 star all around!

  29. Space Queen – awesome strain, love the taste but the concentration was runny, although this stuff packed a nice punch

  30. Pennywise CBD – Review

    Amazing 5 star strain but the consistency is terrible, burns up quick, doesn’t last long. Lots of terps, and tastes like it has Miss Envy CBD crystals.

  31. I’ve tried both the lemon kush and the space queen. Both high quality and have a nice taste. Would recommend. I use these in my vape pen.

  32. LT smoker..BEST concentrate to vape on here. must try, nothing I’ve tried had beaten it. high cbd fan. thanks quarry

  33. Anonymous

    I was very upset when Sugar Jack disappeared, until now. Space queen made me forget about Sugar Jack. Does not taste the same though. First time trying it I noticed a heavy alcohol taste with this one that lasted a lot longer than with other Quarry oils. The best oil ever!!! please keep giving us new flavours. Good work HD.

  34. Its a good product for people that can afford the High price tag. I don’t know if it is the name or what-I cannot justify the high price of $70 per gram.I did find it to be the smoothest of all concentrates I have tried .I myself prefer the high/taste and price of the $40 oil.The last few batch’s of $40 honey has been amazing-way better than the quarry oil I tried.

  35. Veri nice product. I try grape kush and the flavour the hiigh fast but relaxe .I use it to do my moon rock, and it’s was pefec!!!

  36. Anonymous

    I have been having issues with the vape kits on here. I smoke this out of the mig vapor cana blast. Tastes amazing and hits very heavy! 2-3 hits is equivalent to a fat joint that’s for sure. Enjoy people

  37. Horrible horrible oil. Quantum and marionberry were way way better. I feel ripped off. On top of which the sealed atomizer tank they sell on here leaked at least 1/3 of the gram. Good thing it was this shitty flavour or I’d be even more pissed. Definitely looking into the quarry before purchasing garbage from them again. DISGUSTING

  38. This stuff is great overall really good potency and taste great. If using in a vape pen be careful as its a little runny and comes out quick but its alot easier to load then the regular honey oil for 40$ u pay more for the quarry products but its worth it. Happy puffing and thanks HD

  39. I love this stuff real heavy hitter and tastes amazing!

  40. Really good but a little pricey. Strong high snd good consistency for vape pen

  41. Boffo flavour, nice viscosity for the vape pen. Sativa-like effects.

  42. Anonymous

    The more I use this the more I like it. The quarry hit this one out of the park. Bought the multi pack and used my lemon up first. Trying to ower through the rest to get back to the lemon before it’s gone.

  43. This gots to be one of the tastyeist oils iv had in a long time 5 stars for a blasts from the past!! ?

  44. update: 3.45V on the Twist battery vape pen that HD sells. tastes great when getting correct heat.

  45. Heavy hitter for sure. I am having trouble getting the correct voltage on vape pen to get the best taste but I will.

  46. Anonymous

    An instant hit of anxiety for me. Great product but I’ve had much much more terpy lemonine strains and grown lemon kush with a better taste then this. The effect was huge for sure and I can’t smoke more then .1 at a time but this strain was not for me and I don’t think that C02 oil is for me. It seems to have a taste that I can’t get past. This is only the result of the extraction process and solvent/method used. Big value for 70$ a gram IMO

  47. best oil i’ve got so far from HD or anywhere else for that matter, this lemon kush hits just as hard as the quantum but has an even better taste and the consistency made it really easy to fill my alair

  48. Great taste and good buzz. Will buy this one again.

  49. Oh, and may I add, the packaging of this stuff is stellar–the syringe itself is labelled! Helps avoid inadvertent mix-ups.

  50. Blech. Tasted like a cigarette. Not impressed. Zero out of five stars.

  51. Anonymous

    Works great and definitely does its job! Usually enjoy nightly and lasts me a couple months. Great investment.

  52. Nice taste and decent buzz. Nice consistency to the product as well. Will buy again.

  53. This is the second out of my sample pack. I was hoping CO2 oils would be smoother than this. Ive been finding them quite harsh on the throat. Taste and effects are nice, not a couchlock stone like the black diamond was, actually felt like a sativa almost. but still don’t think id reorder this one.

  54. This was the third I tried out of my sample pack and a big disappointment, not sure if it was a bad batch but this was very harsh, tasted of chemicals, and has been rough on my throat. Effects were just ok, not worth the reduced cost of the sample pack. Usually Im a bit sad when I run out of something from HD, not this time glad its gone.

  55. Sweeeeet berries, perfect after a stressful day, a nice movie apero.

  56. Awesome 5050 product, one of the best!

  57. Mmmmm simply delicious. Sent me in creative mode and left me happily drawing for hours.
    The taste is just as described, sweet citrus…

  58. this oil is great! i tried the cheaper oil on HD & if you’re just looking to spread some grease papers thats the way to go, but vaping this CO2 oil is amazing. strong mood elevating buzz with a sweet kushy taste. i use this to re-fill my alair & the consistency of the oil paired with a patient steady hand makes the job realitivly easy.

  59. Another great batch, great flavour, consistency, and effects were stonger but smooth. Always include this in my mix-and-match. Thank you HD!

  60. Anonymous

    I put this stuff into the vape pen they sell on ths site. Best thing ever. Cant go wrong. Best idea for stealthly stonage. Would deff buy again. The stuff also tastes incredible.

  61. Superb taste. Great all-around effects. Can’t beat the CO2 oils!

  62. Great product, only complain is in the advertising…advertised as 95% and clearly written (even on the pic) ~80%… there is a world of difference between 80 and 95, just get that straight please.

  63. Nice batch, ordered 2 more, great consistency, decent potency but could be better.

  64. Great taste the first time around, but this batch was terrible, only thing good was the consistency, but potency, and taste where terrible, and it was the main reason I ordered 2 of these again, both were the same. Will not be ordering these again, Quarry needs to up their QC between batches.

  65. Nice taste on this one. Provides a nice relaxing high but doesnt knock you out. Good daytime pain relief.

  66. Ihave purchased at least fifteen to twenty of these. This batch is no good. I am actually quite disappointed as I thought the quarry put out some world class stuff. Mine tastes metallic and is very harsh. This should of never made it to store shelves…….i m worried about even using this.

  67. I love this stuff, but I must agree the last batch tastes bad, the consistency with concentrates is just not as good as bud. Think I’ll stick to pressing my own, ends up being cheaper. Plus I find it really relaxing squishin buds.

  68. Different taste/flavour than the batch I received preloaded into the Toko Gold Pen. Nevertheless, this stuff is the best. Seemed a little thicker viscosity than the other strains of co2 oils. Still works in the pen.

  69. Superb! It’s hard to pick just one fave. All these CO2 oils are fye!

  70. this batch sucks , waxy tasting harsher than last 2 times . hope the other 3 stains I got are up to snuff

  71. 5/5!

  72. not a lot I can say! never let down of the top shelf honey oils! most are to die for! some are hit and miss. works well with the cheap oil pen kits on hd! easy to use and I have never hd better from any other site. any of these oils are a must buy/try for sure! thx again hd! 5/5

  73. hits me like a brick wall! will be buying again. 5 of 5 hands down and a must try!

  74. 5/5! nuff said! this product speaks for its self and is priced perfectly!

  75. mid blowing! 5/5!

  76. I find this strain to be high quality crafted medicinal oil. It’s CBN content allows for a restful sleep when used just before bed time. Honestly, all it takes is a couple of light hauls off the vape pen and lights out…ahhh. The taste is sweet, almost of grapes. Be careful with the volume of your hit, as it wants to dramatically expand in your lungs. Sent me into a coughing fit from hell. Small tokes work best. All in all, I have to say it’s worth every penny. Will buy again and again

  77. Anonymous

    Very good product…the power of CO2 oil lies not in its strength but rather in the flavour profile , smoothness and strain highlites.Smoke is very tasty and smooth…while ingesting it is the best method for medicinal treatment, very potent.All said it is the wave of the future and prices will drop once market demand grows…I hope!!

  78. I’m very happy with this order, this is some truly nice honey oil. Great taste and potency, goes down hella smooth in with my Saionara coil. Also just to pass on some awesome info, I found out from HD that The Quarry uses pesticide-free bud to make these oils, definitely a huge plus! Gunna buy the 4-pack deal soon.

  79. Anonymous

    Amazing=5/5 stars!!!

  80. Anonymous

    Been buying this stuff for a few months now.i only get grape kush and noticed that the consistency of this product is just okay. When I first got it it was great. Then the later batches were more runny. This last batch I got was thicker which i actually like but the taste is way off. I don’t know if these guys used trim or what but it taste like ass. 4.5 stars up until now. At $70 I’m not pleased or impressed on this batch

  81. Great. taste goes from citrus through to an earthy green flavour as it burns in my vape. A bit of residue but no more than shatter, and much less splatter. Pitter patter let’s get at ‘er. And a nice deeeep buzz too.

  82. Lovely stuff!!!

  83. All I gotta say is WOW. Taste is amazing. Color is very light and Amber. Very easy to handle loading vape pen. Will def order again.

  84. Great flavour, fuego effects, easy to use in the TOKO Gold etc. style vape pens! I wanna’ try ’em all!

  85. Works well in the toko rechargeable pen. Potency wasn’t that massive hit I was hoping for. A bit pricey in my opinion. Got more of an effect smoking it.

  86. What a good flavor! It’s like candy. Very easy to get carried away with the vape pen. Be careful.

  87. Great medicine! I didn’t necessarily have a sleeping problem, but since I’ve been using this in the evening with the toko pen, I’ve been getting a better quality sleep as well as pain relief through the night. Awesome product!

  88. Clean, clear potent. Great effects! Super convenient in the TOKO Gold style pens, too!

  89. Not in the top three of co2 oils for me it’s got a good taste good strain for beginners you can take ten plus pulls no problem.

  90. Hits like a truck but I was not fond of the taste. I’m getting a little more used to it now. If its the same price as the Quantum Kush then its the Quantum all the way.

  91. Anonymous

    SO SWEET VERY NICE IN THE NEW TWIST AND MIST BATTERY love all the different tastes ,worth the extra cash for the co2 oils..keep the variety coming H.D. the value packs are a start i n the rite direction for lowering prices for all your cliental.

  92. Should mention I’m using the toko that is refillable and it. Apes probably the. Eat I’ve ever had. It is the best so far.

  93. There’s enough cbds in this that it helps with pain taste is along the same lines as that co2. Taste some are not as strong tasting in the co2 department this isn’t one of them. Medium high good for aches and pains. Daytime usage is ok

  94. dabs at high temps you cant taste the flavors. lower temps it does have a grape taste. Since the high seems to be the same as the $40 oils its not really worth the extra $30 just for the nice taste. Only speaking as a medical stand point as you would get more oil for giving up the taste for less cost. Just fantastic stuff tho. Great product.

  95. all time fav concentrate on here hands down. great in my vape, unreal taste. high quality, terps are present and distinct. 5/5

  96. Anonymous

    really nice the toko gold, noticed the nice difference between low and high setting for flavour is noticable for sure tried all the oils here hard to beat the potency and the convenience of the co2 oils and looking forward to the new battery with the heat control it should make a difference in the taste and consumption rate(hotter temp ,burns more oil) hopefully the prices keep going down and the variety going up great job HD

  97. Batches are not consistent, and variable, last one was disappointing, flavour wasn’t as smooth, not strong at all, first time ordering was nice.

  98. meh, disappointed in this one, taste was terrible, used HD glass refill, even on lowest temp, effects were lackluster. will not be getting it again.

  99. Strong strong. World class product. These co2 oils are the wave of the future. I never really enjoyed vaping before. I own a volcano and always found I got higher smoking joints. These co2 oils truly get me higher then flowers. The oil vape pens are so much cleaner and discreet. No worrying about smells sticking to your clothes and ruining proffesional situations. I have been bold enough to take a hit and blow it under my desk at work haha. I’m in.

  100. All of these are 5 stars. Nice buzz but short. Light and runny made iit easy to load into pen.

  101. This is a give or take for me it has zero grape flavour witch you would expect it to have. Just taste like the other co2 oils. High factor 8/10 compared to say Girl Scout cookies.
    If your a kush fan than you might just love this one.

  102. Very impressed. Easy to work with. Ability to use discretely. Top Shelf quality. Really great buzz. Initially in the head. Makes me want to to something. Also can be a bit hazy or dreamy at the start. Very anti-inflamitory and settles down my restless muscles. Good during the day. Doesn’t put me to sleep (wish it did) but an indica based CBD strain may work better for that.

  103. This quantum kush is facking amazing maaannnnn… Very very potent… Puts ya to sleep if ur not paying attention …. WOW !!!!

  104. Awesome stuff, it really worth the price, CO2 oil is the best. The taste is amazing and its really potent. i’ll definitely try others strains.

  105. Sweet and delicious. Strong taste of berry and pine. With a sweet hint of candy

    Took me all day to get a handle on it’s affects. In low doses it’s decent for daytime. Take a cuyoke if extra hits and you’ll remember it’s an indica

    Effects aren’t too extreme but it makes up for that in duration. This will take you just above the clouds and keep you there.. unless you hit too much !

    It blends very well with Grape and Quantum

  106. Mine was very thick, heated up under hot water for a few mins and it come out ok. Taste great so quality made up for the thickness.

  107. My batch was thick too I accidentally shot too much out the end so be careful. A tip would be to take the syringe and submerge it in hot water for a few minutes before attempting to fill up pens etc.

    This oil blew me away, I was very impressed. It’s as close as you are going to get to true medicine.
    It even tastes like medicine. The effects are very strong and are great for inflammation and for sleep.
    100% recommended it is by far the best out of all the oils available. I tried almost all of them and if you are not a fan of CBD well GET OUT OF HERE!! why are you even here?! hahaha just kidding… but I recommend you try the black diamond if it’s still available to you because that is the best oil without all the CBD. 😉

  108. Surprisingly this mix was better to me than the Grape Kush or the Girl Scout Cookies. I’ts more pleasant to hit on a daily basis and doesn’t give you a headache like the other two.

  109. good buzz 5 star . flavor 6 star

  110. Vaped it, dabbed it, smoked it. All good. Funny thing is I enjoyed smoking it the most for flavour and I’m strictly a vape guy 99% of the time.

  111. no bubble, rich amber colour, perfect consistency, low temp dab: delicious grape flavour with a hint of lavender/mint, the high is smooth, great to relax after a long day. top not product, thank you HD.

  112. I’ve used quantum, Girl Scout and pennywise.

    Grape Kush is bloody amazing. One hit and my stomach is roaring hungry, two and I’m completely relaxed. Hands down my favourite so far. Has a unique grApe flavour. Used in the toko gold with the replacement glass cartridge off the site

  113. Very nice stuff. used this to refill my Toko gold. The blend is more clearish yellow in colour.

  114. I should also mention that i found on the burn out it made my eyes heavy and i was decently sleepy, although a sativa it will make you tired after. It was fairly thick as well (not a big deal if you heat it) and oh my my my was it Terpy!! I know get why people like terps holy crap its delicious (terps were not nearly as noticeable in my mini protank 3 – on the dual rod ceramic coil WOOOOOOOOOOOW)

  115. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, holy freaking crap this stuff is amazing. Order showed up yesterday, was going to put into my mini protank 3 but it wasnt ready so put a drop on my dual rod ceramic coil (atomizer attachment with glass globe) which equalled about 0.05 ml – it gave me 3 good hoots and HOLY CRAP! I am a HIGH TOLERANCE user and have been searching for a while for a better bang for a buck, ive done edibles, tinctures, doobies, bowls, bongs, nails, dabs etc. and wow i must say this stuff was WELL worth it – ITS SO HEADY but a sativa, i think it should be a hybrid because it hits so great (will make you anxious i think, not me) euphoric and head is feeling it behind the eyes and thats only from 0.05! didnt think i was capable of giving 5 star review but WOW. I did get it in my protank later and it works great there too, well initially it was way to solid, i warmed it before and the tip of the syringe was thick once that passed the whole thing shot like nothing so be CAREFUL!!!! I was and still made a bit of a mess (i salvaged it though) – so intially in the protank i was just getting dry hits and nothing was moving etc. heated the thing by a electric heater (ie got the tank warm to the touch) and i think the wick soaked up most of it – had to initially go 4v on 1.8 ohm but then dropped to 3.2 when it was starting to burn a bit – works good but the dual rod ceramic coil was FAR superior – Going to get a Toko (prewarm function) and refill with Quarry for sure

    IF your like me and youve just found shatter etc. and scoff at the $70 price tag when you can buy good shatter for $50 – this is worth $20 more and then some – I dont think i can go back to anything else now other then flower for the odd doobie

    sorry for the long review – just out of my mind about how good this oil was, now to try the GSC and Blurberry Kush – Might do the pennywise if it drops in price, i prefer the euphoric effects to the body

  116. I used this stuff in the toko gold, rolled joints with it eat it. i love it. I love how easy the toko gold is to refill with these.
    The flavour sits around for a while. lingering for a solid half hour now. very floral.

  117. Using the replacement glass cartridge on the HD site this stuff sent me flying. The consistency was extremely watery which made it easy to fill the cartridge.

    The high is extremely pleasant but one too many hits will knock me out, which is great for sleep.

    Using the toko gold, I vape with the pen aggressively over the last week, 7 days to use .3ml. Extremely efficient. Amazing medicinal value when paired with pennywise

  118. The batch I received was incredibly thick. Using the glass cartridge from HD I found effects to be incredible. One hit when I wake up gets my appetite going and starts me on the right foot.

    I’ve also mixed 2 hits of pennywise followed by one of grape / quantum. Wow. Effects potentiated to high heaven

  119. i use this with a vape pen and can’t get enough, gets you super baked.

  120. Anonymous

    Agreed on the taste much different but in a good way and a very heavy stone but not full couch lock

  121. Really good quality oil like the reviews say, I can back that up. 5/5 The consistency was a little thick, I was thinking adding some terps or e-juice could definitely improve the experience. I purchased a HD oil tip pen replacement, and it went straight in after you unscrew the top.

    The high is clear but clam, it has high THC and decent CBD so you can definitely feel relaxed but not zombiefied, though there were moments where you could just sleep on a cloud, or be totally focused on a tast, one of the best strains on HD. Thank you!

  122. Update. Put this oil in a Toko gold rechargeable. I’m pretty sure its as good as it gets. Very efficient and the high is where you want to be. The normal 501 buttonless vape pens have a bit of trouble burning this oil properly. The Toko pen with the preheat and the voltage controls makes it much better. Devestating rips

  123. Unique taste and nice and smooth. Will buy again.

  124. Amazing strain very potent great flavour profile by far my fav from the quarry.

  125. Not the biggest fan of the flavour but the effects are stunning love the medcinal value of the cbd hopefully hd gets more products with high cbd content

  126. Love the flavour! I cant get enought of the quarrys co2 oil its amazing

  127. Flavor is great and high is very balanced!

  128. This blend provides a wide spectrum effect. It is clean, tasty & potent. I love it.

    After sampling all of the oils on this site, I can honestly say that the CO2 oils are far more superior than any of the others. In regards to flavour, consistency & effects, they blow the others away & then some. How can you go back to mediocrity after tasting the finest of cannabis oils?
    I’ll stick to my new favourite CO2 oils & medicate happily in a deliciously thick haze of glory. Thank you very much. ?

  129. the best

  130. Potent, tasty & amazing.
    Every cannabis enthusiast needs to try this stuff.

  131. Holy smokes is this stuff ever tasty. Effects are immediate when dabbing. Leaves a sweet, lingering aftertaste. Just delicious.

  132. has a strong taste, gets you very high

  133. Very clean and perfect oil. I am glad i got to try this out but $70 is pricey to try again.

  134. Unbelievably great taste. Tried it with the oil vape pen on here it works perfect and gets you super high

  135. I might have smoked honey oil in the past that was close to the power this stuff has but not as tasty and consistent as this oil from the quarry. I would give it 6 starts if I could. best oil I have ever smoked, well at least until next week when I order the quantum kush honey oil. I love the quality of items you carry HD.

  136. Very similar to the 40 dollar product. Nothing wrong with that.

  137. This stuff is saving my life, been working really hard at getting off methadone and this stuff helps with the dope sickness so much. Flavour is like most cbd products (menthol/cherry) but this one is nice where others can be overpowering. The cbd lasts a long time with small THC top ups. I love all the CO2 oils, so clean and crisp. Can’t wait to try the new CBD isolate. Thank you so much HD having access to the products here helped me decide it was even possible to get clean.

  138. Anonymous


  139. bloody amazing !! the effect I had were exactly as explained on website Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted . beautiful product Bravo the quarry this is a home run .

  140. Very weird taste, tastes like banana cough medicine… good medicinal value though

  141. This product is amazing,. The taste is very clean and the effect is very good too. For my part, I had no problem using the syringe, i find it very effective.

  142. Sure you pay a premium price for these CO2 oils but the product is of premium quality and worth the extra money. This Quantum hits you with an astonishing flavor profile of sweet floral hash like nothing else and only a few tiny hits give a potent, heavy lidded buzz. Keep cool before use for a workable viscosity, or room temp for spreading.

  143. This is really good, I use it straight with no thinner in the vape pens they sell here.

    Please sell the tips that fit these syringes 🙂

  144. this right here is absolute fire. the taste is out of this world, like banana something.. i cant even put words to it. hits almost as hard as regular shatter. but you can feel the instant anxiety and pain relief the secodn you inhale it. prepare to go nowhere, this stuff is so clean and tasty it will have you sleeping

  145. Anonymous

    Great product HD! I found the syringe a bit hard to work with. The first time I used it, I squeezed out too much and wasted some but got the hang of it.

  146. Very nice. requires more care when dispensing as it is thinner than some…good buy

  147. i’ve never felt pain relief like the pennywise strain has done. Instant relief of back pain and soreness. hope to see more cbd strains and choices

  148. I’m very mixed on this product. It is potent and has a strong taste, but the price and the headache of dealing with it makes me unlikely to ever buy it again.

    My syringe had a sticking point and every time I tried to get the stuff out I’d end up pushing out way too much. I learned to work with it though, and I will say it’s great for concentrate pens.

    good product, just not worth it when you can get a gram of shatter for a significant amount less

  149. Nice mellow high. good for pain management. completly relaxes the body and the flavour is amazing. Top notch.

  150. Daaaaamn this some strong shit. Way more potent then the cheaper stuff. Knocked me on my ass. Especially in the new style pens HD is selling. Fantabulus

  151. I haven’t had anything like this in awhile. Upon smelling it, your get subtle hints of grape and champagne. Getting it out in an even and slow amount was a little hard (I suggest putting it in the fridge for a min or two) the taste is like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. When you exhale, all you taste are grapes and, oddly enough, Christmas! By far one of the better concentrates I’ve had. Helped me feel very relaxed and at ease. Helped me TREMENDOUSLY for my inflammation and pain. I highly suggest this to anyone who wants to take their pain down a few notches ☆☆☆☆☆☆ 6 Star

  152. Beautiful goody nectar from the gods yum yum yummy! I love it! I love it! I love it! Did I mention I love it???
    Have a nice day….. I know I will now that I have this!!!

  153. Awesome stuff, also has a very cool taste, peachy or strawberry mango like… very unique and calming effects. takes some anxiety away too

  154. Grizlysmoker

    Gotta love the honey….this quantum is just incredible…

  155. I had some issues finding the best way to vape with it, but it does work well for vaping. I dripped a bit onto my vape bowl with some herb then cleaned off any leftover on the syringe with a paper and rolled with it after. Applies to paper very easily not too thick or too thin. It’s an interesting product I didn’t fully understand the applications for, but I still felt it was definitely worth it.

  156. I had some issues finding the best way to vape with it, but it does work well for vaping. I dripped a bit onto my vape bowl with some herb then cleaned off any leftover on the syringe with a paper and rolled with it after. Applies to paper very easily not too thick or too thin. It’s an interesting product I didn’t fully understand the applications for, but I still felt it was definitely worth it.

  157. This stuff tastes fantastic, I like adding a bit to whatever I’m smoking; the smell, like the taste, is also great; the effects are pronounced and enjoyable. Overall, great purchase!

  158. I had ordered the other honey oil on the site before and enjoyed it and decided to check out the CO2 Quantum Kush just to see the difference. I was pleasantly surprised! It tasted great and the buzz is pretty heavy but not overly so. Will buy again!

  159. The body buzz is unbelievable with this oil, the flavour is crazy huge, well worth the money.

  160. Well I was hoping for more of the Quantum taste like in the Resin crumble. Great buzz but so is the all the stuff on this amazing site. I ordered the penny wise for my wife’s aches and pains, she loves it, what a taste though, check my comments on the penny wise review on the buzz

  161. Realy enjoyed this. Deffinatlly worth the buy.

  162. Great way to make a couple of days just pretty much disappear.

  163. worked wonders for my inflammation problems. very runny unlike the other oils but still great for dabbing. cant wait to get some more as the penny wise strain is amazing for its cbd and medicinal property

  164. Wow 95% cannabinoids! To start with I was really excited to try a sativa kush strain and Quantum did not disappoint. I have tried all the CO2 oils except the Pennywise and they all have amazing flavour, this one is no different. It has a really sweet taste with a kush after taste. The buzz on this is amazing, strong heady effects, your almost in a fog for the first 15min which settles into a really nice pressure in my face around my eyes. I find this strain makes me really alert but calm at the same time similar to Sour D. So once again I’m very impressed with The Quarry on an outstanding product. Also I saw some reviews on the other CO2 oils saying that they were thicker with less flavour, but I just ordered this and the Grape Kush again and both were still thin and super terpy and I hope they don’t change.

  165. Anonymous

    Very nice high. Clean and very workable. Everyone enjoyed it, that tried it!

  166. Very nice. “The Quarry” obviously know what they are doing. Herbal dispatch has done a great job with its suppliers. I will be trying all of The Quarry’s products after this one.

  167. A very nice concentrate thats heavy hitting and very tasty. A must try.

  168. Anonymous

    Excellent concentrate, very tasty, careful with the syringe, it comes out very runny and fast, extremely easy to spread or vape.

  169. Anonymous

    this deserves obove 5 stars very clean great taste and quite potent even for a daily user. will definitely be a must have on my future orders

  170. Great full flavor. The grape really comes through. Really potent stuff.

  171. Great product!! The first one I purchased from the Quarry and as a co2 oil it’s very potent and most importantly clean! The price is right and am excited to try the Jesus OG! So happy to have access to these oils.

  172. This is a good 9 of 10 or 4/5, great selection tho!

  173. Anonymous

    This has to be the best concentrate I have sampled yet. …. well worth the price.!

  174. Tastes great, works great, and feels awesome too!

  175. Very tasty. Has a nice full body calming effect. Great for relaxing after work.

  176. I found to have a bit of a citrus taste, left me with a clear head. My only complaint is the consistency…… runny.

  177. Simply amazing!!! Great grape flavour and super clean burn, have tried the pennywise and the girl scout and i like this one second best for taste and buzz. Pennywise is still my favourite for both reasons and the cbd content in it contributes to a lovely high. The girls scout is excellent too but seemed to be the least appealing of the three, I need to try the jesus og still.

  178. If you’re looking for dab oils, these Co2 extracts are super clean. It IS a little on the runny side but once you get the hang of it, you will be rewarded with the most awesome taste and aroma….candied weed juice….yum!

  179. White grape mixed with citris, super potent as these CO2 oils seem to all be. Love these, the more the better.

  180. Potency: Not the hardest hitting but the effects are heavy.

    Flavour: A sweet berry like flavour.

    Packaging: Packaged in medical grade syringes which is wonderful because the runny consistency of this oil.

    Pricing: For a CO2 solventless oil this is a standard price.

    Value: Well worth the buy. If you want to give your lungs a break but want to continue inhaling dank dabs, Grape Kush is for you.

  181. Huge terpenes in this. Wasn’t really a fan. Wondering if they were added after the fact.
    Pretty runny, would likely work well with vape pens made for glycol based mixes.
    Nice to add a dab to get some CBD but I will likely look to a 1:1 strain in the future.

  182. I agree. This stuff is pretty damn good. Please don’t mess with the consistency, it works perfect in a 510 thread pen style vaporizer. I just load .4mg into a pen and I am good for a week.

  183. It’s very clear oil, has a tasty grape Kush flavour and is very potent. The only downside for myself was the consistency was very runny compared to other honey oils. This almost had the consistency of motor oil which makes it a little tougher to handle. Otherwise very pleased!

  184. I’m in love with these new C02 oils but I think that the Grape kush is my favourite. I haven’t tried the penny wise yet but I suspect it’s amazing also. Hope these new oils stay in stock and keep getting new strains to choose from. This is my new favourite way to medicate second to herb itself!

  185. No need to warm up in your hands first very fluid, the taste is amazing just put a .4 in my hercules and i’m good.

  186. Very oily, more flavor than most concentrates. Tasted like a lemon but with no sour. Great effect. True 5 star medicine!

  187. Less viscous then typical honey and has a glorious golden amber colour. It has an earthy taste, almost with like a eucalyptus finish. The buzz is very well balanced. That high cbd leaves your head clear and your faculties in tacked. Price is a bit steep but coveted high cbd products usually come at a premium.

  188. The taste on this is absolutely phenomenal! So clean and burns perfect, a little runny for the consistency but not too bad. I love CO2 extracts so i had to try this. so glad i did, just wish it could be a bit cheaper.

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