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Distillate THC (Pacific Gas)

(35 customer reviews)


0.5 g of Clear for $25

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Sold By: Pacific Gas Co
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Product Description

The Clear from Pacific Gas is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate, unmatched in potency, purity, and flavor. The Clear is a translucent oil, and is extracted using fractional distillation methods to make it potent and effective in oral, trans-dermal, and smokeable applications.

Fractional Distillation
Fractional distillation of the oil requires that the oil be heated to a high temperature under a reduced pressure created by a vacuum pump. This causes the THC and related cannabinoid substances to vaporize. The vapors are condensed back into an oil on contact with a cooled surface.

Using a pharmaceutical grade steam-pressure extraction method, they scrub all residuals from a solvent-extracted base material (with no trace material in the final product above parts-per-billion).

* Each syringe contains 0.5 ml of the Clear.

Q and A: Awesome Extracts Courtesy of Pacific Gas Co

35 reviews for Distillate THC (Pacific Gas)

  1. Good distilate for the price.

  2. One of the best disillates ive tried. I add a dab to my shatter for a thc boost. Works great for pain and insomnia! Wish they had 1 gram syringes aswell!

  3. I liked trying this distillate out, seemed to do a really good job for just a little drop. Lasted quite awhile. Will buy again in the future for sure

  4. Liked it but didn’t love it.

  5. Bradwh

    I enjoy this product and would recommend.

  6. This is some great stuff. Amazing bang for your buck. I find I need to heat it up a little with hot water out of the tap. Much easier to get in the carriage then. Perfect for sneaking a toke here and there. ?

  7. Really good distillate. Good high for experienced smoker

  8. Great product. Loved the tastless aspect. It was easy to mix and flavor. Great buzz

  9. Prefer co2 oils to this. Not sure I enjoy “flavourless” because it tasted like plastic to me. Tried mixing it with some cherry oil to change the flavour to something more palateable but didn’t work. Effects were ok but won’t be ordering again for vaping

  10. You people leaving bad reviews based on the lack of taste/smell on this stuff are absolutely stupid. You’re the kind of people who would participate in the Tide-Pod challenge and then complain about how the detergent tastes.

    If you people knew anything about the product you’re using you’d know that the entire point of distillate is to have NO flavor and NO taste. It’s supposed to be a blank slate free of any trace of the original plant material/terpenes.

    The fact that this has no weedy taste/smell to it (like 2nd or 3rd grade distillates) gives credence to it’s purity and high quality. 5/5 stars

  11. Was a great thing to try, just didnt suite me. Im sure its great for people looking for syringes of oil. But im not one of them I found out lol..

  12. I was not sold on this product.
    Much prefer the co2 oils.

  13. good quality and cost effective. I use a micro dot on my quartz dabber to make your premium live resin or waxy crumbles adhere. Heat the thermal quartz banger on my rig to red hot wait about 45 secs. and bang all med to the lungs all the junk left behind

  14. Not a fan of this stuff. Didn’t really see much effect for the cost, would sooner a full gram of shatter for $45, better “bang for the buck”.

  15. This was different no smell no taste ,I guess it was ok

  16. Clean and cheap. I use a tiny dab to make my premium extracts adhere to my quartz dabber/carb cap. Makes a tasty blend. I always have 5 or 6 different live resin or LHO extracts. Like the top shelf at the all inclusive bar.

  17. Clean and almost tasteless. Nice high but short.

  18. Love this stuff, used it in my puma vape, dont need much!!

  19. This is great! Very smooth and gives a great feeling of euphoria. Would recommend to people who have anxiety and dont like the harsh feeling on the throat.

  20. Potent product but sub par to the previously stocked beard bros clear.. As well as others I’ve tried. Reasonable price and worth the buy

  21. Very good distillate. It’s a little bit runnier then Beard Bros but a lot cleaner and much better tasting. Great price, too. 5/5 stars.

  22. Great Price and great product. You can tell its been refined and has a natural taste to it.

  23. Perfect love it!

  24. i like this product , and the price of it is awsome … very clean buzz , also a clean product with no chimicals

  25. Put a little on a dab for best effect. Very strong.

  26. It was alright. I was hoping for the Beard Brothers stuff, but was given this instead. Hey! I ended up getting it again, so I can’t really complain like some of the complainers do! Lol! Great for edibles, actually. Not so much for dabbing, unless its mixed with a shatter or something else. Or on it’s own! Whatever your preference. S’Free Cunsh!

  27. I did not find this product to be very enjoyable.
    It had minimal effect and I like to taste something so I won’t be ordering this again.
    I WILL be ordering more of pacific gas Pineapple Express PHO.
    That stuff is amazing.

  28. Really clean and flavourless. Works great with the Blue River terps. Also really effective orally if you take it sublingual.

  29. The smoothest oil I have tried…
    Enjoy watching peoples faces when they first try it and get no taste.
    Myself and others found the buzz to be very pharmaceutical….potent

  30. Anonymous

    Absolutely love it. This is the first product that actually eased some pain, and help me eat
    Thank you herbal dispatch for carrying excellent products

  31. this stuff is awesome! huge coughless clouds off the tiniest dab. like to dip dabs of this with thca for a supercharged toke and stack dabs of this with shatter to get some terpene modulation. looking forward to trying this as an edible as well.

  32. Anonymous

    bought 6 syringes … taste iguess the buzz is there im use to co2 oils ill not be buying this prod. for 10$ more the flavour and buzz definately more defined ,with either kush or sativas this does nt even come close .pg no thanks

  33. No flavour or smell, but is highly potaint for sure, I found it was heavy on the eyes. I give it a solid 4 only cuz the buzz wasn’t too long. Pacific gas never fails!!

  34. Anonymous

    Very nice taste to this,fresh mello buzz kept me going for a while i would highly recommend .Yes no smell no flavour nice and pure when put in a rig.

  35. Unimaginabley clean. Unmistakably potent.
    Wish I could buy more than 0.5 at a time.

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