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“The Clear” (Beard Bros) Distillate THC

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0.9 g of Clear for $65

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Sold By: Beard Bros Concentrates
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Product Description

The Clear is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate, unmatched in potency, purity, and flavor. The Clear is a translucent oil, and is extracted using fractional distillation methods to make it potent and effective in oral, trans-dermal, and smokeable applications.

Fractional Distillation
Fractional distillation of the oil requires that the oil be heated to a high temperature under a reduced pressure created by a vacuum pump. This causes the THC and related cannabinoid substances to vaporize. The vapors are condensed back into an oil on contact with a cooled surface.

Using a pharmaceutical grade steam-pressure extraction method, they scrub all residuals from a solvent-extracted base material (with no trace material in the final product above parts-per-billion).

* The Clear is measured by weight (grams), not volume (ml). Each syringe contains 0.9 grams.

58 reviews for “The Clear” (Beard Bros) Distillate THC

  1. Anonymous

    I bought this last month and won’t be buying it again 🙁 last night when i was on the site making an order I took the time to see what reviewers had said about this product and wished I had read the reviews prior to my ordering although given how many good reviews it had I likely would have bought it anyways however my experience was like the most recent reviewers. As a user of other distillates I was super surprised a time how runny the product was and also disappointed that although it was ‘flavourless’ it in fact had a strange flavour that was distasteful to me. I had cut the first gram with a few drops of vapeurextract to fill my tank as I usually do with distillate and was put off by the taste. Kinda seemed more like a BHO?? The second gram I just dabbed a bit on my oil pad in my prima before filling with flower and the strange taste was noticeable when using it that way as well. Gonna try the platinum LHO this time

  2. This is my forth time getting the clear, and it is not the same caliber as prior batches I’ve purchased. This time I find it too runny and the potency has gone down a lot. I find I’m using almost twice as much for the same effect. Sad to say I won’t be ordering this again since the quality has gone down 🙁 🙁

  3. Great product, nice to have around to enhance, well, anything. Works great in the $15 atomizer they sell here (though the LHO distillate works better).

  4. No taste, no smell. Very big clouds with smooth hits when dabbed but using this is a pen on low temp will make it last a while. Only downside is price. This won’t couch lock you but def slows you down just a tad.

  5. Very good, but wouldn’t mind seeing the price drop a just a lil bit.

  6. loved the effects! really a product for people who know what they are doing and looking for. will be buying again for sure even tho its a bit pricey I feel. still 4/5!

  7. Had this product a while back and was disappointed for the price. Very sedative high that can put a vet into a sleep coma. However I found it harsh and hard to work it. It has so smell and the flavour is strange. I prefer THCA which is the caffeine of weed versus the distillate which is knock out central. Good product, not worth the price given there are better distillate products out there. I prefer the PHO for the Terps and flavour, however the best if feasible for your budget is hands down Horatio LHO. The Lilly was fantastic and I’m looking forward to trying an indica kush based genetic next time I shell out on a 160$ gram.

  8. Just fantastic, enjoyed this product though not much of a taste to it.

  9. Very impressive product. Could feel the effects almost instantly and its strong and its got a nice taste. My only complaint is I really liked the consistency but the cap broke off and it was hard pushing it out of the syringe at times. Possibly another style of syringe or container but would definitely order again.

  10. Very disappointed with this product. I waited awhile because of the price and regret even trying it.
    It didn’t seem to last, the oil itself is very, very thick and sticky, which I didn’t mind until the plunger cap broke off inside the syringe and the plunger itself seized up…
    Overall the taste was nil, the effects were not intense and short lived.
    For the price, I couldn’t believe how terrible this product ended up being.
    Especially with so many good reviews.
    Not worth the cost.

  11. Anonymous

    Garbage. Bought a prefilled tank and it never worked. Never vaped at all on 2 different working batteries. Emailed Beard Bros for advice and was ignored. Further reading of reviews shows this is a common problem, and that they routinely ignore the issue.

  12. Made me sweat hehehe great stuff ,but no flavour and too expensive

  13. Anonymous

    This is my second review. I now smoke distillate 90% of the time. I get high every time I smoke it. Expensive, but worth it.

  14. Anonymous

    I was not impressed at all. Left such a dirty greazy film in my mouth .Save your money folks and buy shatter or budder it packs more of a punch and “the clear” is a weak sauce at a high cost

  15. Just got my third order of this concentrate, and always satisfied. I have noticed this has a higher viscosity than the other two batches I got. Always a killer buzz though, always!!

  16. Super potent, not much flavour so it isn’t great by its self but it’s super smooth and great to add to any dab to just get you that much more stoned ?? Would buy again!

  17. If I had to describe this in one word it would be sterile. Eating felt kind of felt lacking compared to something like the purely medicinal tinctures. It felt good don’t get me wrong but felt closer to what I expected marinol to be like, not like other edibles I’ve tried.

  18. Anonymous

    Better than shatter in my opinion, just a bit expensive.

  19. Ya this is right up there with the Thc-A for me. I add a little to almost anything then bang it in my quartz. Little taste so it doesn’t take away from anything, just makes it stronger. I’d love to know the thc% on this.

  20. Anonymous

    Love this stuff!!! Not really any taste, but packs a good buzz. Really good when mixed with a tasty shatter.

  21. This stuff is amazing the consistency is crazy, literally stopped at 1meter when I pulled the pin out and could have kept going lol!
    This has no flavor what so ever, and is by far the cleanest thing I’ve ever dabbed and most medicated from 1 small dab!
    1 Con: just a little to expensive
    This is good to power up some dabs!

  22. It’s not bad… better concentrates out there forsure!

  23. Anonymous

    Love this product. Like how it is odourless and the high. Just glad to see the price has come down.

  24. Now I loved this product. But I paid 80$ for a gram that turned out to only be 0.8-0.85. Which was disappointing. But very nice smoke absolutely loved it. The price is too high and weight was shy.

  25. I honestly don’t know why everyone here seems to like this so much I didn’t even get a slight buzz from it and I bought it when it was $100 and found it was the biggest waste of money ever 🙁

  26. Anonymous

    I honestly don’t know why everyone seems to like it so much I was actually not happy with it at all and didn’t find it even got me slightly buzzed and I bought it when it was $100! 🙁

  27. Anonymous

    Amazing product! Odorless. .. amazing in a vape pen in public or at work 😉 Pricey but if you worried abut a smell this is it! I us this only during my outings. Only giveaway is the cough hahaha

  28. Great product and high in THC. A little hard to spread on papers as the concentrate is a bit thick.

  29. Amazingly clean, potent, and nearly perfect. I expected to get wasted but I didn’t. Better than the hash oil and the cherry oil but not $40 better. For that reason it gets a 4. I need a fair bit of medication to help my back pain and it’s simply not affordable to sustain.

  30. Wow!!!! Minimal taste, super smooth, incredible effects! Absolutely amazing stuff! Wouldn’t expect anything less from beard bros!!! I would recommend this stuff all day any day. Stellar product!

  31. Great stuff ?? underestimated it big time. Small dab on the end of a pinner got me medicated like I havnt been in years ??

  32. Just got this in the mail. I tried a dab right away.. it is very potent however not as hard hitting as I expected… Im going to have to add some shatter to this to get the hit im looking for. Very nice product but I wouldn’t spend money on this again. Im glad I used up points to pay for most of this… Thanks again HD

  33. Wow! This is amazing!! Added a small bit to my regular dab and it took me to a whole new level ;). This product is expensive but worth it. Keep on keepin’ on Beard Bros.

  34. Anonymous

    great job BB and HB !! great product

  35. “THE CLEAR” HIGH THC – From the Beard Bros Concentrates what can i say this is amazing! The beard bros always have top notch meds! Thanks again HD 🙂

  36. Pretty amazing stuff!! Helps numb my body pain. Works fast and I don’t feel ill after using it.
    Can’t wait to order again soon!

  37. Just ordered my second batch, now that it is in stock again, lol. For me, this is the best item I’ve tried from this site so far. Perfect for vaping.

  38. Anonymous

    Bought this a few weeks back and god this “PACKS A PUNCH!” gets you extremely medicated and buzz lasts for a nice while, would definitely buy again for sure!

  39. I bought this a couple weeks ago. Taking it orally gave me a great body buzz and I was very happy. Last night I took a bit more than usual and I thought I was going shit shit my pants from laughing. I had to walk out of the room because just looking at my gf made me laugh. And no she’s not funny looking. I was just blasted.

  40. Anonymous

    Wow. The term “Holy Grail” comes to mind, but I’m a Meta-Agnostic, so that definition would be sacrilege. This is top gear without a doubt, very little flavour other than that of excess THC escaping your lungs when you attempt to contain this herbal goodness. A bit pricey, but the quality of this product outstanding. Fortifying other dabs by coating a point of shatter in a little bit of this stuff (as other reviewers have recommended) is a very nice way to medicate, while enjoying a bit more diverse of a terpene profile than provided by The Clear. Thank you BB and HD, you are providing an outstanding service and improving the lives of Canadians in need. Bravo!

  41. I know this stuff is pricey, but it is amazing!!!! I vape it with the wax/budder for some flavour, just an awesome buzz that lasts:) …and this to your wish list folks

  42. So the Clear is definatly on a level of its own. This stuff is very very flavorless as stated above but I use it to supplement my dabs. It just makes it much more enjoyable and go so much farther. I like to use equal amounts. However don’t do big death dabs with big globs of clear cause you will get destroyed. It’s got no flavor but it hits like a gawd damn sledge hammer so watch out. Other than that I think it’s one if the greatest innovations in concentrates. I will buy as much of this as I can get my hands on

  43. there are not enough words to explain how amazing this stuff really is. its lasted me almost a month. i’ve been adding a little of it to another dab for a bit of a terpene profile as it is rather tasteless but it hits like an Abomb

  44. This was extremely potent
    Gets you really medicated
    A must try if you’re looking for something strong
    And for those complaining that there is no flavor, try adding a little wax with the clear on your dab!

  45. Very nice mellow high that kept me medicated for hours. Tasteless and completely oudorless

  46. This product is practically odorless and tasteless when dabbed. Perfect for people who cough a lot off high terp weed and concentrates. No one in the vicinity smells anything because there is no smell. Not for taste connoisseurs but it isn’t supposed to be…

  47. Awesome product, it really is a step up in quality from other concentrates. You really taste the fact it’s solvent-less. With all that being said the price is really much too steep, when you consider how long it lasts you compared to much cheaper items on here. A deal on buying 2 for 180 or 3 for 220 would be perfect, they would become a must buy on all my future orders that’s for sure. Either way, Thanks HD for giving me an another cool new product to try!

  48. I do not recommend this product. My least favorite of any of the concentrates which makes the price seem even more insane. I would say that it being in a syringe makes it easy to push out for a dab hit. If you want the best of the best, like the price reflects, get some live resin! If you want a better taste than this for a better price get shatter, budder or wax.

  49. Always excited to try new innovations. Can’t quite put a taste to it but the high is definitely worth it. Not great for thinking tasks but really good for stress relief and is overall a very euphoric high. Hazy to say the least. The clean high is so amazing I feel unstoppable (mind you I’m writing this after working 12 hours and getting home to this package waiting for me in my mail). Always much love for you guys at HD for the speedy service.

  50. Very clear high. Very potent but not much flavor. 4.5/5☆

  51. This product actually surprisingly enough disappointed me greatly for what I was expecting for 100$ and after reading all the comments I jst couldn’t wait to try it for my 4/20 treat . I even took a concentrate tolerance break and even with that I was let down 🙁 which is very strange because this is the first time yet that I’ve felt this way. I was kicking myself in the a** for not just getting2 grams of shatter for 50$ gram…. might be for some people just not for me

  52. BOOM… and that happen! POW-ER-FULLLL dab in such a tiny hit, or vice versa. Really clean white smoke that hits you like a ton of bricks. I don’t suggest doing this when you have to go out in day time public, had me a little outside of myself when it came to dealing with other people, but once I was on my own I had a great time riding this one out!

  53. Anonymous

    Hey so i have a kind of mixed review on this stuff. Mostly good things to day though!!
    Got it almost 2 weeks ago, when it first came on the site. I was really excited to try it since i was on a tolerance break. It was 9 days without smoking before i decided to smoke it.
    I probably should have listened to the reviews on the site of people saying they got mucked off a drop of it because the first dab i hit of this stuff, after not consuming any cannabis FOR 9 days, was like a .2g dab. BIG MISTAKE!!!
    First of all, fattest dab i ever hit….not in size but just the amount of smoke i got from it. Secondly, and this is what caught me off guard, I got a HUGE amount of resin on the inside and outside on the bottom of my top 2 front teeth. It was really weird since i never got resin from a dab before. I rarely get them from smoking bong but it does happen. If you could give me any idea as to why that happened that would be great. I never thought this would happen with solventless dabs. Only thing i can think of is that there mightve been something else on my nail but idk what. (I have a video of the whole dab if you wana see what happened)
    Other that that though, it was a pretty positive experience. Felt like i was getting attacked with the initial dab feeling for like 10 minutes (when it usuallly lasts like 30 seconds). Was crazy.
    The MOST high ive ever been from a single hit, HANDS DOWN. Beard Brothers know how to do it right! Great product, friends who have tried it get mucked and love it, and havn’t ran into any resin since the first time.
    I would say it is worth the buy for the amazing, clean high. Its almost like a gap of time is missing after smoking it since its so smooth and tasteless. You practically forget you just smoked a dab until you “feeel iiit maaan”. Thanks HD for letting me try such a nice product. Cheers!

  54. best high iv ever had . i will be getting it again

  55. First time I tried it is today, I took a drop orally but didn’t feel anything after (only) 15min so took a dab (drop sized or even less) and wow. Flavorless very light, never had a buzz like this! So uplifting and pure! Will definitely buy more!

  56. Anonymous

    6 star high great smooth and light flavor this is really on point ! props to BB and HD

  57. Very high potency. Pretty much flavorless. Very smooth to dab. Tecture is like a thick gel. Beautiful gold color. I recommend this beard brothers product and will purchase more.

  58. Anonymous

    First off love trying new things, this is potent. Two small dabs and I was nicely medicated. Mine came in and was a little lighter in colour then the one in the pic. Taste was average but the buzz is where the benefits to this extract are!!! Great job Beard Bros, we love you guys here in Leamington Ont!!!!

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