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Citrus Skunk

(12 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: The Quarry
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Product Description

Citrus Skunk is a super sticky and stinky hybrid variety that was brought forth by the Jordan of the Islands seed company in British Columbia. This Skunk #1 and California Orange combo is a well balanced hybrid strain that produces medium sized plants that grow big and bushy if trained properly.

Citrus Skunk has a rather intense terpene profile that’s full-bodied smoke starts with a sweet, tangy, orange-like flavour before quickly molding into the classic Skunk funk that’s been stinking up growrooms and pockets for decades now. Her perfectly balanced hybrid high starts with a highly euphoric, cerebral and visually stimulating head buzz that’s eventually paired up with a calming body stone that helps to ease common aches and pains without being too sedative or narcotic.

Flavours: Sour, citrus, lemon
Effects: Happy, energetic, euphoric
Medical: Stress, depression, fatigue, PTSD

12 reviews for Citrus Skunk

  1. Really strong flavour of skunk but little bit less of citrus, nice high and the skunk smell of this products is totally awesome. I would definitely recommend this strain !

  2. Loved this strain, very nice high lasts a good bit aswell! Has a very nice and pungent smell of skunk but also a sweet citrus one. Loved the taste too. Im more of an indica persin but I would deffenitly buy again!

  3. Very pungent and lemony

  4. Worked well and definitely has a citrus scent. Only fault is the price.

  5. Not bad but not awesome not 11 per g stuff in my opinion

  6. Nice bud, but not worth 70 a Q

  7. I got this thinking it was going to be similar to the lemon skunk I had from here earlier this year. This strain was good but not what I expected. Very on the skunk side which I like, but nothing outstanding.

  8. Really nice dense buds, great taste (more skunk than citrus but I’m not complaining), and nice intense cerebral buzz that doesn’t lose its effectiveness even after multiple doses. What else is there to say, I would definitely buy this one again.

  9. Very citrusy. Would buy again. A good sativa for daytime use.

  10. Nice strain. Lemony smell. Burns clean.

  11. Nice sativa. Great smell, burns nice

  12. Citrus skunk I love you. Looks the same as the pictures. Very nice lemon skunk smell. Taste wise is more skunk then citrus/lemon. 11$ a g is a little steep but it’s definitely worth a try. Thanx again H.D for awesome bud. Get up the good work.

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