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Citrus Sap

(81 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $11
3.5 grams for $38
7 grams for $70
14 grams for $130
28 grams for $250

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Sold By: KLR GLD
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Product Description

Citrus Sap is a sativa-dominant hybrid created as a joint venture between Crockett Family Farms, creators of Clementine, and the prolific DNA Genetics, who have given us flavorful strains like Lemon Skunk and Chocolope. Citrus Sap is a cross between powerful indica Gorilla Glue #4 and flavorful sativa Tangie. Despite its mostly sativa genetics, this strain tends to offer powerfully sedative effects. Besides leaving behind a lingering cloud of sweety, citrusy funk, Citrus Sap is liable to leave you couchlocked and daydreaming. Its THC content has been measured at between 17% and 24%.

Flavours: Citrus, orange, pungent
Effects: Happy, uplifted, relaxed, euphoric, creative
Medical: Stress, depression, inflammation, pain, fatigue

Q and A: The Gold Standard of Weed

81 reviews for Citrus Sap

  1. Oh ya???!! Iam a Indica kinda guy but this sativa is pretty nice stuff!! I love it in fact!! I would recommend no matter if you like Indicas sativas or hybrids this stuff I very nice!! Tastes kinda like bubble gum or something fuirty can’t put my finger on it!! Kinda citrusy I guess it would be!! It has a hint of shiskaberry flavour!!! Which is a good thing!!! Try it out before it’s gone!!!!???

  2. Great smoke! Smooth and tasty.
    Will purchase again.

  3. Great taste

  4. Bomb sativa,

  5. Very sticky. Was quite tasty and would order again if cheaper. Cant wait for super lemon haze to return.

  6. This is my favourite strain. Lots of vapour and high quality after effects. I never get used to this bud. It is magic!! 🙂

  7. not my favourate-mild high-had to keep refueling every hour cause thats all the high lasted

  8. No choke smoke. Love smoking without hacking up a lung. Great strain to pick up your feet during the day.

  9. The real sticky icky

  10. real nice smoke. citrus hints. potent. great overall

  11. Not bad. Nice and sticky. Citrus taste and smell is very nice. High isn’t too overpowering. Def can tell that it’s more on the Sativa side. I also prefer indica strains but this one was very nice for getting things done during the day. Thanks!

  12. Good taste. The buds are quite sticky. If I smoke too much of this one it brings on a bit of anxiety.

  13. The real sticky icky dank bud, beautiful fresh citrus.

  14. Wasn’t sure if I was gonna get my money’s worth here, I mean $11 a gram, but this has some potent cerebral effects and it looks and smells wonderful. Good a** herb

  15. Super variété de la grande qualité a++++

  16. This was one of the better $11 strains of sativas on here. Great flavor, trichomes/thc, color, appearance over all. Medicinally it seemed to help headaches and just over all energy,feeling better.

  17. REALLY impressed by this flower! When I opened it I thought it was still far too moist, but I’m glad I trusted them and tried it as-is before leaving it out to dry! Very sticky, nice taste, pleasant citrus smell and a great kick!

  18. Smells gorgeous, like fresh lemon. Really great wake n bake, not too strong for work or studying!

  19. I’m more of a indica person, but this stuff is really good. Very fresh buds, nice flavour to the smoke, and a very uplifting, pleasant high. Highly recommend this stuff! 4.5/5!

  20. Smells nice taste good and hits just right!

  21. This bud deserves all five stars it smokes smooth tasted and smells amazing.

  22. Great stuff! Smells and tastes amazing, very sticky though, use a sharp grinder!

  23. Very impressed for a Sativa. I had high hopes because of the price, more than average; and I was satisfied. Seems to be a good, long lasting high, but major munchies.

  24. First time I ordered this, it was amazing. Second time i was a little underwhelmed. Regardless, treat yourself to this amazing, fruity bud.

  25. That smell… so great. Top Notch

  26. KLRGLD! Once again raises the bar on herbs. Delicious, smelly, sticky and super fun. I will keep buying whatever they are supplying, by far the most consistent producer with the highest standards. Great work!

  27. J’aime beaucoup l’odeur et le goût citronnée, une herbe parfaite pour fumer le matin ou en journée, définitivement un 5 étoiles pour moi. J’adore…!

  28. Great stuff. Good taste and smell and happy energetic high! Recommended

  29. This flower is absolutely gorgeous,sticky and smells amazing.Taste is similar to lemon haze and shishkaberry with a citrus/sandalwood flavour. I love it but its expensive!!

  30. Nice lemon strain, definitely a 5 star!

  31. Good smell and good for a daytime high

  32. My new favorite Sativa. Worth the price and will be buying again. 5/5

  33. nice looking bud, smell is amazing and buzz is above average for a sativa. its def a daytime smoke… thanks HD but it took a long time to get here(11 days) due to Can Post issue, whew some antsy moments

  34. My second time ordering citrus sap, and definitely my favourite strain. Very potent and long lasting!! 5 star all the way!!

  35. Great quality buds, this strain reminds me alot of Super Lemon Haze

  36. Picked up a half Oz based off the reviews. Nice looking nuggets, citrus scent, very smooth smoke… Tried to enjoy it, but the effects weren’t so pronounced for me. Royal ak, pennywise cbd, strawberry milkshake, i have other recent strains from HD that for are much nicer….

  37. Best strain I ever had , thw smell is amazing and the high give you motivation for hours

  38. Very good stuff, the taste is awesome and it’s very potent

  39. Really enjoyed the citrus sap. The smell, taste and high were on point. I will be smoking this again soon.

  40. Great taste, nice for daytime. Will buy again!

  41. Excellent herb To make any conversation interesting!

  42. Smell like citrus too, sweet quick feelings.

  43. Sorry to say I was disappointed this time ?. This is my third time buying citrus sap. The first two times where awesome buy the last one I received of this (middle of June) was really bad. Buds were small and dry with large stalks. Very different from before. Most disgusting of all unfortunately was the not so potent and short lived high. Flavour was lacking as well as the smell. As I said, the first two purchases of this were outstanding. Hesitating on whether to chance it and try again so soon or wait a bit till it comes back down the road. Uncertain.

  44. LOVE the citrus sap have ordered a few times and it’s top notch each time ??

  45. heavy, numbing, short term memory loss. Really good bros

  46. Oh ya! This is the stuff! I was surprised when I received my package. I only ordered a half ounce worth of a couple strains and my little box was packaged twice and vacuum sealed twice as well Haha. Did not take long for me to understand the need for this extra caution because this stuff smells delicious! Citrusy and pungent. I’m a citrus everything girl and these notes hit home to me. Very nice high. Gets you really “buzzed” lol feel the energy high coming on but yet feels great to lay down and just chill. Can actually watch a movie and not fall asleep on it! I recommend to get it. My first time ordering this strain and will absolutely rebuy soon. 5*

  47. This strain is awesome,the smell and taste is fresh and very citrusy.Excellect sativa buzz!

  48. Good tasting and potent sativa dominant flowers. Effects are smooth and strong. Took longer to get this order than the usual 3 days but no matter – still 5 stars.

  49. Loved it, will buy again. Love the taste.

  50. Nice buds , and a really good daytime buzz.
    The only reason I gave only 4 stars was because it was pretty harsh and made me cough…a lot

  51. A very nice tastey energetic high

  52. Very good bud

  53. Sweet and sticky this is a great choice for daytime!

  54. Gives you energy. Got my house cleaned. Nice tasting nugs. Hard to sleep on this stuff. Good buzz lasts a long time.

  55. Wonderful buds. Best available right now.

  56. very nice flower. strong citrus scent simillar to a super lemom haze.. happy with this

  57. Omg. Am I ever happy I grabbed a tiny bag of this. I’ll definetly be grabbing more of this. The aroma of the bud is so awesome. Citrussy. The high is energetic and very helpful in getting the motivation and the pain relief to get tasks completed..

  58. Wow. 5 stars. This is special stuff. The buzz is potent and long lasting, I do find it gets a bit sleepy towards the end with this one BUT if you hit it again, your back to business. The flavors when vaping (using Airizer Air) are unreal. The first couple hit’s taste for me are very haze’ish, then the next couple are almost like a creamy orange and then it goes into almost a woodsy spice.

    I ordered this and the Crystal Coma and they are ranked atop my all time sativa purchases from this site. I put these up there with Golden Spruce’s Grapefruit from a year ago and their most recent batch of Sour Diesel. Just all fantastic tasty get poop done strains..

  59. Definitly a 5 star strain. Its parent strain gorilla glue #4 is my favorite. Lucky to get an oz of this good stuff.

  60. very nice stuff. pungent smell with potent sativa results. smokes real nice with consistent white ash. flavour through vape is awesome too!

  61. I’ll be buying this again. This is fantastic. Pretty too.

  62. Has a lot of the sour tangie smell, very sticky but grinds perfect. Orange fuel flavour

  63. Love ❤️ it!! Looks just like the pic!! Nice and sweet!! Sticky!! For a sativa it’s by far the best that I like!!! Definitely recommend!!! Kinda like shiskaberry!!!

  64. This strain is very potent. The nugs are very pretty, the great trim job was clearly done by hand. They have been on the shelf from what I can see but they still look pretty green in colour. It is very potent without the couch lock effect which is nice for social gatherings from which I have just returned home from where I was puffing this strain. Everyone there enjoyed it just as much. Would recommend!

  65. Lives up to it’s name for sure,appearance wise! Great citrus smell ,sticky buds! Only tried a bowl or two so I can’t say too much on effects, but it burns nice,clean,and smooth. 🙂

  66. Among the best weed I’ve smoked. I’m a daily smoker and this is some top quality bud. Great taste, great smell, nice buzz. Definitely a must buy.

  67. Great taste great buzz and burns beautifully. Thanks again HD!

  68. My neighbor gave me a gram to sample of this stuff. I really enjoyed it so I ordered myself a half ounce 🙂 this is just really good weed there’s no other way to explain it or say it LOL

  69. another top notch strain! Nice cure, very crystally, pungent, citrus smell and taste. Great daytime high!

  70. Heavy hitter, creative, clean your house, get busy high! Then into couch lick mode love it!!! Tastes great

  71. Great flavor and buzz!!

  72. Nice sticky buds aroma is strong nice tricones really potent 5 stars for sure hope to grab more soon

  73. Love it perfect smoke , taste reminds me of the love potion

  74. Hard hitting and tastes great definitely a top notch product.

  75. This is a true 5 *! I can’t say that I’m surprised considering the parents to this are my two favs. This is a Must Buy for sure ?? I agree with the two previous reviewers. Thanks HD ?

  76. Yea man, whatever the guys above me said is true. The delivery was on point too. This is a trusted site with great customer service.

  77. Good stuff

  78. Very sticky dense buds!! Love the taste too!! One of my favourites now!! Don’t miss out!!

  79. Its my favorite sativa ive ever tried hands down ! A strong 5/5

  80. Definitely a 5 star strain the high is amazing the burn is some of the whitest Ash I’ve seen and the aroma is wonderful nice sticky crystal coated nugs

  81. As a huge fan of each of these parents, individually, I was very excited to try this and it did not disappoint. Taste is on point and reminds me of Super Lemon Haze on the exhale but perhaps that’s just my mind connecting dots to my all-time fav. sativa strain (SLH). I jump on Gorilla Glue #4 whenever its on the menu and I no doubt will jump on this as well, when available. Worth every penny!

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