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Chocolate (Mota) – Peanut Butter Cups

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1 Peanut Butter Cup for $16

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Peanut butter and chocolate, is there a better pairing out there? What about a touch of THC to sweeten the deal? The peanut butter in these cup aids in breaking down the cannabis ingredients to deliver potent effects to its users.

Contains: 200 mg of THC + 20 mg of CBD, 1 chocolate per pack.

Ingredients: Sugar, palm kernel oil, cocoa powder, whey powder, whey protein, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, peanuts, icing sugar, salt, natural flavour, cannabis.

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

8 reviews for Chocolate (Mota) – Peanut Butter Cups

  1. These are awesome!!! Highly suggest this!

  2. These are awesome!!! Highly suggest

  3. Good taste and buzz

  4. super tasty and a good body buzzz

  5. Enjoyed this a lot ! Peanut butter and weed best combo.

  6. Delicious and really nice body buzzing high that started off feeling really awake and focused and melted into total chill mode. Enjoyed the cup – I only took 1/8 of the whole cup, my boyfriend took 1/4 and we both had a nice lasting session. The next day we still felt relaxed (lightweights?), had to have a nap in the afternoon! Perfect for a chill weekend.

  7. Decent taste, decent high. Nothing amazing but decent all round.

  8. I enjoyed both the taste and the high off of these.

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