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Chocolate (Mota) – THC

(153 customer reviews)


1 THC Chocolate Bar for $22

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

Approximately 300 mg of THC per chocolate bar

Chocolate and cannabis make a dynamic couple worth trying. Divided into 6 squares, these medicated chocolate bars are convenient because of their easy dose nature. Ranging in both potency and flavour, these allow for flexible methods of medicating.


  • Dark Chocolate: Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Cannabis, Powdered Whey Protein Concentrate, Whole Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin
  • Dark Chocolate – Mint: Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Cannabis, Powdered Whey Protein Concentrate, Whole Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin, Mint (May Contain Nuts)
  • Dark Chocolate – Raspberry: Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Cannabis, Powdered Whey Protein Concentrate, Whole Milk Powder, Soy Lecithin, Raspberry Flavouring (May Contain Nuts)
  • Milk Chocolate: Milk Chocolate, Cannabis, Soy Lecithin, Flavour (May Contain Nuts)
  • Milk Chocolate – Toffee: Milk Chocolate, Cannabis, Soy Lecithin, Flavour, Toffee (May Contain Nuts)
  • Cookies & Cream: Sugar, Cocoa Powder, Cannabis, Powdered Whey Protein Concentrate, Whole Milk Powder, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Soy Lecithin, Oreos

  • Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

    * In the warm summer months, chocolates may lose form or melt a bit while in transit.

    153 reviews for Chocolate (Mota) – THC

    1. These are the best!!! My GF and I love these for camping. Best s’mores ever. Our go to edible.

    2. Love this stuff, a favorite treat for me! Mint is the best option I’ve tried

    3. I love these BARS man… the cookies and cream was delicious and I gotta say, Im hoping MOTA gets the whole product line together and does well!

    4. Definitely worth it for the price! Love the taste! I would buy again.

    5. I ordered the cookies and cream (300mg). Taste and texture was really nice, very subtle hint of cannabis. I ate half a bar and caught a nice buzz.

    6. I have ordered so much of this, ITS VERY POTENT. Only take 1 piece if you really want to get buzzed, one of the 1st edibles I have ever tasted and best to get high.

    7. Vraiment aimé. Bon mélange, ne goûte pas trop l’herbes, mais j’ai manger la moitié et na pas ressenti beaucoup d’effet. De plus, il était vraiment fondu.

    8. Cookies & Cream is still my go-to. So good. And good price.

    9. I absolutely love this Chocolate bar. I have tried quite a few different edible chocolate bars as of late but I have to say that this chocolate bar is delicious. It did not come across as a strong taste at all. I was left with feeling relaxed and my aches and pain that I experience daily were manageable.

    10. A lot of people seem to not like these, but I ordered a cookies and cream one and found it fantastic. I ate half in one night and it totally put me on my ass. I will be buying again.

    11. Tastes really good, and the high was definitely nice.

    12. Good tasting, only a small cannabis taste. Potentcy is good. This is a quality edible

    13. My go-to edible on this website is the cookies and cream mota bar. I love it and it has one of the best $ to mg of THC ratios, unless you go get capsules or tinctures maybe. Delicious bar, and potent!

    14. Felt it withon an hour. Got the cookies and cream and ate in a matter of 15 mins with a couple bites here n there. 6 pieces per bar so im guessing its 50 mg per piece. Great tasting bar but I wouldnt get any of the dark chocolates mainly cause I dont like dark chocolate in general but everyone is different.

    15. Great tasting bars and very strong also

    16. Good taste for the Cookies and Cream, strong smell.

    17. 1/3 of this bar is enough for this high tolerance consumer here.

    18. had a bite before going to the movies, made the experience even more enjoyable,. highly recommend but pace yourself.

    19. The mint chocolate was my favorite. Tastes good. Eases the back pain. Don’t realize you have a buzz until you stop moving. Price point a bit high, but a nice little treat when I need a boost. Will buy again occasionally.


    21. I liked it, I would buy again.

    22. Mota keep up the good work.

    23. Taste is really good i had milk chocolate, and i had one piece and its all i needed to get the buzz! Great product ill buy again and try the cookie and cream flavor for sure ! Thanks herbal dispatch

    24. Delicious, great buzz, eat the whole thing

    25. These are DELICIOUS!!! I’ve only tried the toffee flavor so far, but I have an order of cookies n cream on the way right now. Great tasting, the buzz is definitely there and noticeable. I will be purchasing these bars from now on. I eat a half bar each time (I have a high tolerance) and it’s just as if I had just smoked a nice spliff!!! 5/5 for me

    26. Can’t say anything bad about these. Tasty and potent, worth every penny!

    27. These chocolate bars re yummy, well balanced, and not to strong that you cant handle a whole bar! BUT BEWARE if you are not experienced you WILL get super baked!

      Try to take it easy but buy one of each flavor… you will surely thank Herbal later 🙂

    28. Great tasting product. And good dosages.

    29. Very impressed with the potency of these bars. Dark chocolate mint tastes amazing, like after eight chocolate. Cookies and creme tasted like a nug of green but it had the desired effect.

    30. came smudges into the wrapper, all melted or something for $22. not in hot weather.

    31. Impressed with these. I ordered the milk chocolate and knew I would need to eat the entire thing in order to feel any effect. I was impressed with the wonderful feeling from them Made me feel really good for a few hours for sure. I wasn’t overly fussy of the taste but it still wasn’t a bad bar considering the mg and was much more tolerable with milk. Melts in your mouth. Thanks. Would order again.

    32. Placed first order and received in 3 days! The toffee bar tastes not bad. Had one piece and felt wonderful!

    33. Great product and great company!

    34. I was so disappointed, I tried dark chocolate mint which taste awsome with an empty stomach I ate 2 pieces, nothing felt, then 2 others, still nothing, then I ate the rest and only feel that i wasted 22$

    35. I have trouble finding edibles that actually work (including the Mota gummies) but these chocolate bars were amazing!! My friend and I split one and enjoyed the effects ALL DAY LONG (lots of naps toward the end lol) – definitely worth the money! Will be ordering again!

    36. Nice taste, nice effect and definitely worthwhile. Divisions in the chocolate bar make dosing easy. A must try !!!

    37. I have tried the cookies and cream and the dark mint chocolate. Both are quite strong, but I prefer the taste of the mint chocolate. If you are new to these, start with half of one square and wait it out a bit.

    38. Decent product a little potent tasting. Not going to order again too many other things I like better on this site.

    39. Taste is not all that great but definitely edible. But these bars are strong! If you’re not a frequent user I would start with just half a piece. Wait at least 45 mins before you eat another piece. The effects come on sting. They make me me very giggly

    40. Dynamite! Delicious and potent, a nice treat to finish off the day!

    41. Love the cookies and cream and the dark rasberry, nice consistent high, if you’re trying for the first time only eat like half of a square and wait for like an hour before you eat more

    42. Taste is a bit off but these are strong! Will definitely be ordering these with each order in place.

    43. Good buzz if you eat all of it at once

    44. I enjoyed this bar; ate it over a coule days. Nice mellow body buzz.

    45. Packs quite a punch. For your first time eating these, start with half a piece and work your way up from there. Taking a little too much gets me couch locked, but the high is amazing. It’s really worth a try for edibles lovers.

    46. Must buy great chocolate! Best bang for your buck

    47. Absolutely delicious. Discrete and easy to dose for chronic pain. Tastes a little bit like MJ but not over powering at all. Very smooth and melts in your mouth. Great with a warm cup of coffee. Will continue to purchase. Thanks HD

    48. I like it .i took a little over half a cube the pain i usually have in my foot is subsided .i had a bad cramp in my neck that was giving me a head ache is feeling better, eye lids feel a little heavier . thanks herbal dispatch

    49. The high creeps up and is super strong. A+

    50. A 5 star review from me. I had ate half of a piece and didn’t feel the effects in 40 mins so I made the mistake of eating the other half and I was right lit. Ultimately it depends on your tolerance. Half a square puts me at a pretty perfect high and it lasted a decent amount of time too. Definitely a plus that it tastes good as well. I purchased the mint chocolate. It definitely smells of weed and the flavour at first taste but quickly disappears.

    51. Great product, I grab a couple with every order. One square and it’s a mellow buzz take two and your flying

    52. I bought the raspberry bar and it taste great and very potent.

    53. Very potent. Toffee and raspberry ones are really good.

    54. This chocolate bar is potent! I’m a heavy daily toker and I ate this whole bar in one go thinking that I’d be okay, but no, it knocked me on my ass, haha. Very effective medicine here.

    55. Have tried 3 different kinds, toffee, mint, cookies and cream love the product mint was my favourite choice.

    56. Very very potent exactly what i was looking for.

    57. Had plenty of MOTA edibles now. My gf and i each ate half of the cookies & cream bar each early one evening … and I shit you not i was high until around noon the next day…. and my gf she was permafried until the late evening (>24 hours). She was genuinely scared she was going to still be high the second morning after she ate the edible and would have to call in sick to work. It was pretty funny. Anyways highly reccomended (maybe divvy it up into smaller pieces).

    58. Velvety smooth and creamy texture with an unexpectedly delicate flavor of fine hash. Truly enjoyable.
      Effect at one square of 300mg milk chocolate was mellow, warm and controllable for this regular smoker.

    59. If you don’t smoke then this is a good way to get your buzz on but I advise anyone who eats it……do it one bar at a time or you might just blackout if you ingest too much at once.

    60. A really great product! These little chocolate do pack a punch so do be careful, but it provides a wonderful high. Got my partner in on these (he doesn’t use at all) and he had a grand time. I got the raspberry one and there’s a bit of an after taste but it’s nothing that can’t be covered up with some milk or other drink. Will get again

    61. great chocolate bar. very strong and tasty

    62. I got the raspberry and it was a good high but the taste was so horrible that I couldn’t finish the whole thing. Genuinely the worst thing I have ever eaten in my life.

    63. The raspeberry one is amazing. Very nice high

    64. I just LOVE these edibles! I’m a daily smoker, and I find that 1/2 of a square is a perfect dose. There’s a slight bud taste and smell to the product, but it’ taste delicious! I have the chocolate raspberry, and I have ordered 4 others. Love this, will continue to purchase, great job HD!

    65. The Toffee is THE BEST!!! I get a slightly trippy bodily high off of half a peice of chocolate. I will for sure order this with every order I make. The flavour is a good balance of herb, chocolate and toffee.

    66. The dark chocolate is smooth and you can hardly tell that there is cannabis in the product. The cookies and cream has a stronger cannabis taste.

    67. Yummy treat and it will get you nice and medicated, does have a more strong cannabis taste when compared to the mint chocolate (only mention for those who don;t want the cannabis taste) version.

    68. Tried this out for the first time last nite. milk choc toffee flavor. A friend and I did one pc each. and was a nice evening. Very strong weed smell when I opened pkg, and very strong weed taste. Dosage, 1 square I about 60 mg = to a segment of dark clear sphere, or 1/2 Mota Jellie. Plenty potent for even this long time toker. As with all edibles give yourself at least an hour before expecting benefits from edibles. Will buy again.

    69. I love this stuff! Very faint smell of marijuana barely any taste and the chocolate is fantastic quality. Huge bang for your buck. 1 piece is a good afternoon…

    70. Oh my goodness, these are delish! I got a milk chocolate one, and I think I’m going to order one every time I order now. Good high, great taste, nice price.

    71. Have been ordering these for months but never left a review. What else can I say other than theyre great. Everyone is different with edibles due to tolerance, weight, amount of food in stomach, etc. For me, if i want a functional buzz where I can get things done then I eat half of one of the 6 sections on empty stomach. If im going to watch a movie or just stay on couch for most of an evening I eat a full section.

    72. Was pretty good taste but not great. Don’t take too much, first time ever that I was floored, I think I had 2 pieces. I rode it out without calling 911 lol Now I stick to the jellies

    73. The chocolate mint is really good, i like the portion sizes. I didnt over medicate and go to sleep! Really enjoyable body buzz, definitely ordering again

    74. You can’t go wrong here! I’ve tried them all except for toffee (arriving soon) and they are absolutely delicious! One square or sometimes two is all I need. Mota has some great products in Herbal Dispatch.

    75. Those are Excellents , great taste for the rasberry dark chocolate got potency too

    76. This product is very reasonably priced for the amount you get. Its a little strong and at the same time it doesn’t take away from the taste. I order one of these bars every time I place an order.

    77. ++potency. Have tried cookies and cream and toffee flavors in past. I do find the dosaging inconsistent, however it is a very very strong edible. Great with friends to share.

    78. Very strong taste, if you don’t like the taste of cannabis, do not buy this product. Best value for your money, a stable for my father.

    79. Ordered the dark chocolate mint and it was incredible.. from the texture to the flavour, it was unlike any other edible I’ve ever had…..which made it SO EASY to eat too much, this shit can knock you on your ass if you go overboard.
      1.5 squares is a good serving size for a great long lasting high. My partner and I are everyday smokers and ate three each (oops… but they’re so tasty!!) which nearly caused us to green out so be careful, unless getting ridiculously stoned is what you’re after!

    80. I have a very high tolerance.
      2 pieces were enough to make me fly.
      Going to buy more.

    81. Had the milk chocolate for the first time. Initially had 2 piece and almost greened out. Next time I had 1 and was nice. Potency and flavour are there. Could be a few bux cheaper as with everything. Is what it is though. This is a really nice treat. will buy again!

    82. One of my favorite Edibles, would buy again. Usually eat one to one and a half pieces at a time. Tastes great

    83. One of my favorite purchases gives me. The right kick to get up and moving I take two pieces and I’m.good for a few hours…

    84. Lethal effectiveness and good taste. Possibly unbalanced among the cubes.

    85. I enjoyed the rasperverry darkchoclate one. Effects were mild, I took 1 pc every hour and maintained a mellow buzz all day. Had a good afternoon nap but it had worn off by then. I’ll try the cube next

    86. I am big guy with a slow metabolism so I often find it hard to feel much effect from store bought edibles, unless I make them myself, which I find to be too much effort. This is the only edible from this site that has worked for me so far, half a bar was enough and I started to actually feel effects after 45 minutes.

    87. Good effects. 1 is all I need

    88. Great edible. Only one that has worked for me so far. One square gave me a nice glow.

    89. Really enjoyed this product and toffee tasted great.

    90. Tried the Milk Chocolate Toffee – loved it. Yes of course the chocolate has a bit of a weed taste, but it is still really tasty and the toffee bits help cover up the taste. First time I just took a little nibble to see how things went. Then took a square (50mg). Great dosing in those squares – 50 is perfect for me to have a good time. Will definitely buy these again and try another flavour.

    91. Didn’t care for the taste (Milk Choc Toffee), but very effective ,Took to much first time,
      Stay with 2 or 3 pieces.

    92. Good taste, be careful with your dosing. My friend greened out and threw up three times consuming the same amount I did. I had a mellow high and was couch locked.

    93. I take two pieces on the weekend to chill out and it’s perfect. I’ve had every flavor and by far my favourite is the toffee one. Definitely worth your money!

    94. Im a daily smoker and i would recommend 1 square for your daily basic or activity plenty of fun garanty!!

    95. Great taste even with the strong weed flavour. I didnt mind that at all. It takes a while to kick in but I felt it for a good 8 hours with obly one piece. Be aware when taking this. It’ll hit hard but will take a while to feel it.

    96. I think the mint is the best one – no wonder it sells out! Tastes amazing, and helps you relax. I have PTSD and I find this works better than any of the anti-depressants I’ve been on.

    97. Good but taste really strobg flavor of weed . But you can get high if you eat the all things

    98. Good taste (toffee), a little weedy but the toffee covered it nicely. Good high, as a daily smoker i found 1-2 pieces is enough for a light high.

    99. I bought the raspberry bar. I smoke daily and took 2 squares and was pleasantly couch locked after a couple hours. Tasted kinda weedy but that taste didn’t stick around long….would try again.

    100. Got the toffee one and wow, it’s fantastic. It has a really strong thc flavour but the toffee makes it taste alright. Flavour wise I’d still rather have an o Henry, but impact wise not much can compare. Yeah, I’ll be trying it again.

    101. not to bad . got me really high and taste i didnt mind . not my favorite but dam decent !

    102. Anonymous

      Very enjoyable, milk chocolate with a nice warm coffee to melt in your mouth. Taste is not bad, have had many chocolate that taste a heck of a lot worse. There will always be a weedy taste in most herbal eatables. Have consumed up to one and a half pieces and am quite satisfied a with just one piece, sometimes twice a day

    103. I enjoyed the taste of the mint chocolate. Nice and strong. Mota is great.

    104. Taste could be better but this is still a must with every order, good buzz off of 1 square

    105. Anonymous

      I bought the milk chocolate and ate a half square. It tasted awful. The most vile edible I have tasted. That said, the effect was amazing. One of the best I’ve received from an edible. I would recommend this, just don’t expect anything amazing from the milk chocolate. I haven’t tried the other kinds, so it could be they’re better.

    106. If you are a consist user, then you need to eat the whole bar in one go to really feel it. Still a good high, but a little expensive for a single body buzz.

    107. Amazing high off of these, I ate just half a square and was high for around 7 hours. A great flavour you will definitely want to eat more, but take it slow it is pretty strong. 10/10 would recommend.

    108. One half a square does it for me.. Relaxed & off to a great night’s sleep….
      Just let it melt in your mouth 🙂

    109. First time user of edibles and one square helped alot with my leg pain and insomnia will buy again

    110. Tried the ‘cookies and cream’ and ‘dark chocolate raspberry’, both not bad tasting as far as edibles go. Regular smoker but edibles hit me pretty hard, usually about 50-60mg enough for me. One piece of this got me good and high, will definitely order again!

    111. This had no medical taste or effect.If you smoke everyday, like me, you will feel no effects what so ever.These should be recalled. There’s no way there is 300 mg Thc. 2 Canna caps, give me way way way way way way more effects.I feel cheated of my $22.00

    112. My favortie edible on this site, one piece is all I need which is 50 mg of thc give or take. I like to like I have a higher tolerance so one piece effects me that is good! Worth the money for sure! Don’t over do it or you’ll be sleeping fast

    113. The chocolate tastes amazing. And it hits hard . Potent bar for sure!

    114. Mint tastes great, will buy again!

    115. I am a heavy smoker. Eat the whole bar. Definitely very strong. I’m sure the average person could eat half and get two doses out of it. Very good edible and will buy again

    116. Dark chocolate raspberry.. One piece to relax.. Two pieces to stay on the couch..I find the taste pleasant!

    117. I had this in my mouth. It wasn’t very potent compared to other edibles I’ve had, taste like pot.

    118. Eat this if you want to get high but not if you want a flavourful treat

    119. Taste is pretty good one bar is not quite enough but 2 is almost too much going to try the other chocolate from mota that is 66.6mh per cube

    120. Worked alright a little pricey for a chocolate bar

    121. so i had the cookies and cream as im a white choc. fan…anyways taste wasnt great, not overly like white chocolate but something trying to be white chocolate with weed taste…not a biggie thats not a deal breaker…i ate the whole damn thing and it came on harddddddd, 2-3 hours nice stone, 4th-6 hours holy dear lord everyone could tell i was ripped, i could barely keep my eyes open and appear to be “normal” it will knock you the F out into bed…i wish all edibles and drops and beverages etc. had options for strains…seems like they always run a indica heavy edible…i mean i like being messed and all but can i get something where i can actually go out and ENJOY the elements while experiencing a higher state of conciousness…i have nyquil if i wants to sleep hahahahaha

      anyways im taking away a point for the taste, but the strength was definitely there for me

    122. Ate the whole bar in the span of 3 minutes. Little to no effect. 2 Stars because it was actually fairly good chocolate

    123. I really enjoyed the milk chocolate, don’t chew just let it melt in your mouth then the flavour of the weed really comes out. The high was nice albeit not as strong as smoking of course but it’s a different experience altogether. I think it’s not as strong then go for a walk and realize that yeah, it DID work. I think my problem with these chocolates is it’s too easy to eat more than what’s needed. Looking forward to trying the mint dark chocolate coming in on the next order.

    124. Very tasty chocolate and potent as well. Great value for the amount of thc contained in it compared to others on HD.

    125. Ate 1 square felt it a little bit . Good taste though would buy again

    126. Cookies and cream doesn’t quite have that taste but I like it. Would buy again.

    127. Strong and delicious. Definitely better than any other edible I have had.

    128. Delicious! Does exactly what it’s supposed to. Dark chocolate mint is very tasty.

    129. The Mint Chocolate flavour is delicious. Like, maybe almost too good. A half a piece is worthwhile pain relief, and leaves you uplifted, giggling and happy! Definitely another quality MOTA candy, I only wish it were cheaper or you could buy multi-packs!

    130. Taste is ok. Cookies and cream is not very good in taste. Dark chocolate with raspberry is better at hiding the odd taste these bars have. I only wish the price would come down.

    131. once the chocolate bar melts, the thc oil melts and leaves the chocolate, also not the greatest taste

    132. Anonymous

      Great product. Ate 1 portion for taste and then a few days later had the rest. Felt great for hours and I have a very high tolerance. Toffee chocolate taste was great with the cannabis flavor. I little on the pricy side for me because I tend to have to consume more edibles than let’s say green bowls. But awesome product

    133. Very tasty. Ate two squares and felt a great body buzz. Kept me nicely medicated for a couple of hours.

    134. I ordered the milk chocolate bar and it tastes pretty darn good! Little on the sweet side but necessary to cover up that skunky taste I suppose. I started out eating half of one square and could kind of feel the effects..I ended up eating the rest of the square and was glad I did. Helped get rid of my lower back pain and didn’t burn me out after it wore off, 4 hours later. For me(daily herb and shatter user), I get 6 doses out of a bar, so it’s pretty good deal. I would definitely buy this again.y

    135. Pleasantly surprised. 3 squares no complaints. 8o% of the taste was
      milk chocolate. Good quality. Professional presentation.

    136. I had the toffee one. AMAZING TASTE, good high as well. 100 mg treats me fine so this bar is good for three uses for me! Will definitely order again!

    137. Nice edible ate the whole thing really nice buzz, after about 2 hours I really noticed the effects. Pretty tasty too. But suuuuper rich was more like a bar of pure fudge. If your a regular smoker I’d eat this whole thing first thing in the morning and try not to smoke if you want to feel it

    138. Needed 5 squares to get a good high. Not worth it to me

    139. A girlfriend and I split about 3/4 of a square (hard to tell since my bar must have melted a bit in transit) on an empty stomach, not thinking it would do much. I went about my business cleaning my house and about an hour later it kicked. I didn’t really realize I was high until I stopped to realize I was high. Fun high, energetic and relaxing and lasted about 2 hrs. I bought the mint chocolate one and we both agree it tasted delicious, I’m excited to try others. Definitely a regular on my orders!
      Four stars because it had melted and you can see that some of the oil has come out on the foil so I’m not sure what the consistancy of the high will be as I get into other pieces.

    140. We got the toffee one, and it tastes delicious. It is slightly on the overly sweet side, but a bit of smoked salt on top does the trick. Its flavour is superior to its texture, which is a bit muddy. But that’s really just nitpicking. I would have it again in a heartbeat.

    141. Definitely a must-have item for every order! Tasted way better than expected and a small sliver had me feeling great. Highly recommend !

    142. Great taste and very potent. Takes an hour or so and lasts a long time.

    143. This does the trick! Sure, the chocolate tastes a lot like weed, but why wouldn’t it? Plus, do we eat edibles for the taste? I could care less about the taste–I want the effect. And yeah, the effect is great with these chocolate bars. I ate 2 squares (100mg of THC)and I felt pretty stoned for a good few hours. Highly recommended.

    144. So, thinking this wouldn’t be very potent I’m like I’m going to eat two pieces right away and smoke a bowl…… I literally greened out after two hours…. This stuff is intense… Lol my bad….

    145. Had the chocolate raspberry just one piece out of 6 and i was toasted, hard to move even, i would say it’s a lot more than 300mg, next time half piece for me lol

    146. the taste was very good, i had cookies and cream. VERY strong. I had only one piece, it took a while to kick in but i was toasted, overly toasted.

    147. Anonymous

      Taste wasn’t bad, but the high was nuts. I have a low tolerance, so only had one piece. It was too much, and hit me fast and hard. In my case, this was definitely a great deal. One bar will last me a while.

    148. I’ve had 4 of the flavours from Mota over the course of 2 weeks and to be honest I only kept buying them in hopes that I’d find an actual 300 mg bar. In other words I’ve eaten 4, and I still haven’t felt the effects I was hoping for. Really disappointed. In this purchase from Mota.

    149. This is a joke . 125mg insted of the 300mg per bar promise . Mota doesnt answer back to costumer . get this joke company out of my herbal dispatch !
      For those of one who doesnt speak french they have test lab Mota products and they are 75 % under in thc contenance . I have wait for a few days fb them , after a few days being ignore i decide to go on an publish . They’re fault .

    150. Taste is NOT good. This seems like a dollar store chocolate bar sprayed with THC. Literally the worst edible I’ve tried. Effects seem ok but I would not trust MOTA to deliver 300 mg to you.

    151. Well done Mota! Another great edible product. Flavour is great (you can literally taste the THC yum yum) and the effects are fast and long lasting. I will definitely purchase this product again.

    152. Anonymous

      Great. Started slow with only 1 piece. Thats all i needed. Relaxed, happy, comfortable. I had the mint chocolate, really good flavour, i will buy these again.

    153. I love all these flavours, especially the cookies and cream flav. love the actual taste and I really cant wait to try them all!!! so stoked! truly amazing HD! one of the many must buy and must trys on HD, 5/5.

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