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Chocolate (Baked Edibles) – Cannabar

(39 customer reviews)


1 Dark & Ginger bar for $20
1 Hazelnut Crunch bar for $20
1 Mile High Mint bar for $22
1 Salted Caramel Seduction bar for $15

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Sold By: Baked Edibles
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Product Description

Baked Edibles

Baked Edibles has the longest-running commercial medical cannabis bakery in Canada, based out of Victoria, BC. They source 100% of their cannabis from federally-licensed MMAR growers who have been growing cannabis in BC for over 20 years. The oil from this cannabis is tested for pesticides and other impurities by a Health Canada-approved analytics lab before being turned into their wonderful edibles.

* In the warm summer months, chocolates may lose form or melt a bit while in transit.

Q and A: A Very Long Engagement – 20 Years of Success for Baked Edibles

Real pieces of candied ginger and Premium 64% Cocoa Dark Chocolate make this cannabar an extraordinary experience.

150mg THC per bar (15 portions of 10mg).

Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (unsweetened Chocolate, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour), Candied Ginger, Cannabis Thc Extract

May contain minor traces of nuts.

High-quality fair-trade hazelnut chocolate tempered by our master chocolatier and mixed with freshly chopped hazelnut pieces. Mouth-watering.

150mg THC per Bar (15 portions of 10mg).

Ingredients: Hazelnut Milk Chocolate (sugar, Hazelnuts, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Unsweetened Chocolate, Soy Lecithin), Milk Chocolate (sugar. Cocoa Butter, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Salt), Cannabis Thc Extract


A blend of milk and dark chocolate with the energizing effects of added fresh peppermint. A refrishing and energizing blast with this, our most potent Cannabar!.

210mg THC per Bar (15 portions of 14mg).

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (sugar, Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Unsweetened Chocolate, Soy Lecithin), Dark Choclate (sugar. Cocoa Butter, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Salt), Cannabis Thc Extract, Peppermint Essential Oil

Produced in a facility that uses nuts.

Savory, sweet, and salty, this is one of our signature creations.

75mg THC per Bar (15 servings of 5mg).

Ingredients: Milk Chocolate (sugar. Cocoa Butter, Whole Milk Powder, Unsweetened Chocolate, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Salt), Organic Cane Sugar, Unsalted Butter, Cocoa Butter, Water, Glucose, Cannabis Thc Extract

May contain minor traces of nuts.

39 reviews for Chocolate (Baked Edibles) – Cannabar

  1. The taste is fine — pretty herby, but it is what it is. Could have used more mint, for my taste. One piece of the Mile High Mint (14 mg) was enough for me to have a pretty intense experience. I have a low tolerance, especially with edibles, and this was fabulous. If you’re new to edibles or have a low tolerance you might try with half a piece to begin with. The high was super clean, somewhat psychedelic (as high THC edibles tend to be for me), and left me a little foggy the next day. I would try 2/3 of a piece next time (closer to 10mg) to see if the day after fog is reduced, because otherwise it was a marvellous experience. A high quality product, and great value for money if you don’t need a large dose.

  2. Tried the hazelnut crunch, tasted really good. Found this bar very potant, and the smaller blocks make for very easy accurate dosing

  3. Hazelnut crunch was delicious. Could have been a stronger high though.

  4. Got mile high mint, awesome product!

  5. the mile high mint was damn tasty n a good little bang at half the bar for me….would order again!

  6. Worth the price and small dosage is enough to get you buzzing.

  7. Dark and ginger really is tasty and do not need much to maintain a good buzz

  8. I ordered the Salted Caramel. I did not know what to expect from this bar because of the fact that I had never tried any product from this company. I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor was great and the texture was excellent. I will order this product again for sure!

  9. I ordered the 50/50 bar. I did not know what to expect from this bar because of the fact that I had never tried any product from this company. I was pleasantly surprised. The flavor was great and the texture was excellent. I will order this product again for sure!

  10. Mile high mint was great!

  11. I had the hazelnut (10mg per square) I think its the right amount so you get to eat 3, in my opinion.I do recommend to try out these.

  12. Had the dark ginger. Absolutely delicious and dosed appropriately.

  13. I switched to edibles recently for health reasons. These chocolate bars are a great bang for your buck. Tasty and potent. If you’re occasional like me, 15 mg will do.

  14. I never consume marijuana before so I tried one square of the mint chocolate (which means 14 mg of THC which is pretty high for a new consumer I think) but I barely feel anything….. I don’t really recommend this product.

  15. The mint chocolate bar was potent and absolutely delicious!

  16. Salted Caramel crunch bar is awesome. Had the peanut butter cups by this brand but this bar was better. Good taste, 3/5 high.

  17. well, i tried the mile high mint again with a stronger dose of 7 pieces which was the last of what i had,and hardly any effects…. i felt a little calm/relaxed at one point,thats it… for something that is supposedly 210mg a whole package, it’s a pretty weak product… i must have a very high tolerance,or this product is not what it claims to be. i had tried the THC pills before and had more luck with them the first time i had bought them. too bad products don’t seem consistent in that manner. :/ 1 star for the flavor, that’s about all this chocolate has going for it.

  18. I got the mile high mint, taste is great! You really taste the mint,the combo is great, not too strong of a weed taste. 🙂 I started with one.. took another 10-20 min later cause I realized I would need at least two,as I have a high tolerance. An hour or so later, I still don’t feel much yet,so I took a third. I will give it more time as I realize it can take longer than an hour, but the only thing I ate since 12pm was a few grapes,so my stomach is pretty empty. About to eat dinner,and hoping that may kick affects in more as that has been the case a few times. Half hour later… still nothing. Been an hour and a half since I first took some, I guess I have a much higher tolerance than most users on here, cause I always see people saying they feel affects from a much smaller amount than I ever do with a lot of products. Hoping if I take more,it may do more…

    Kinda annoying how some people claim to be “chronic users with strong tolerance” and yet they use the weakest products and feel it from small amounts…. you people don’t truly seem to have a strong tolerance and it makes it hard for people who do ,to judge how much to use on a new product. I have many health issues and have used cannabis for quite sometime,so my tolerance is pretty high. Now almost 2 hours, I don’t feel that much,maybe a bit more relaxed, but sadly still in quite a bit of pain (back problems and such) and pretty mild affects. I will know now that I probably need a stronger dosage than simply two-three. Will review again once I take more,hoping it is worth the money as I know someone else tried the brownie from the same people and felt 0 affects… (they also have a high tolerance)

  19. Amazing product. The Mile high mint is a great bang for your buck. A couple squares and you are a mile high!

  20. The hazelnut chocolate bar is delious and gets you fucked up, depending on your tolerance of course. I would recommend this.

  21. I got the Salted caramel. Tasted pretty good. 1-2 squares at once (& start out with 1 at a time, I am a chronic higher dose & I’ve taken to much & I wasn’t good for awhile.. So no matter whether you’re chronic or not still start out slow, until you know how it will affect you.) It’s just that easy to have too much when it’s small chocolate squares. I find when getting my THC through some edibles it doesn’t take much for it to be too much & I if I just go slightly over a certain dosage I get a headache.
    Chocolate was smooth with small crushed pieces of crunchy salted caramel (like the inside of a Skor bar). I found the weed to be more overpowering & strong compared to other similiar products.
    But overall it’s not a bad value & tastes good.

  22. I tried the Dark and Ginger Cannabar and found that it is very tasty and developed a nice buzz with 3 pieces. Price wise it is worth it. I just ordered more.

  23. Salted Caramel. was pretty yummy . had to eat 3 squares a time . good buzz my wife would have 2 sqs. was worth it

  24. This company has good products.

  25. Bought the mint and the caramel. Tastes great and is strong. Start slowly.

  26. Hazelnut Crunch – good quality chocolate. Tasted really weedy, but I still enjoyed it anyway!

  27. Recommend having just one piece and test it out for 2 hours before grabbing another piece. Am definitely ordering this product again.

  28. Mile high mint was the strongest and im a sucker for mint chocolate anyway. Good chocolate, good strength. Ate the full bar and smoked nothing : ) As tasty and strong as other chocolate ive tried.

  29. I have tried Dark & Ginger, Hazelnut Crunch and Salted Caramel Seduction, by far the Hazelnut Crunch was the best one! I found that eating about 3-4 pieces gets you the perfect high!

  30. Hazelnut crunch was such a delicious bar, but packed a good punch. Will definitely be buying again

  31. I got my salted caramel bars but they are only 75mg. The site should specify that the salted caramel bars are NOT as potent as the rest of the flavors. I feel like ive been ripped off, considering the higher potency bars are only 5 dollars more than the ones i purchased. I hope this can be rectified for future shoppers and myself.

  32. ordered the salted caramel last time and got myself the hazelnut crunch on my most recent order! Quality chocolate and taste, and a good buzz for the price. One of the salted caramel bars kept me nice and stoned for about 6 hours.

  33. Five stars for the hazelnut crunch. IDK how the other bars are but for 20 bucks it was worth it didnt smoke anything too and feel a buzz.

  34. GINGER BITS I MEANT GINGER BITS! Clearly effective ha!

  35. Used half of the 150mg dark ginger bar for my cramps. Good dark choc with Ginger bitch and just a hint of cannabis. Found it to be effective in lessening my pain and relaxing my body. Nice euphoric head high as well. Excited to try the mint!

  36. Good product for the price. Great taste.

  37. The salted caramel is delicious and works great. I’ve tried the hazelnut crunch as well it is amazing. Can’t wait to try the mile high mint! Excellent products!

  38. Great bar. Salted caramel is what I ordered and it did not disappoint.

  39. 1 square of the mile high mint is a good buzz. 15 squares for 22 bucks, its a steal.

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