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Cherry Pie OG Organic

(114 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Indica

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Product Description

Cherry Pie, is Indica dominant and has trichome-frosted green buds, covered in thick orange pistils. The most noticeable feeling from this strain is an uplifting happy one. The strain can deliver a strong body high with feelings of laziness that can be easily overcome by more experienced users. As side effects, apart from typical dry eyes and mouth and hunger, users may experience slight anxiety, minor headache, or dizziness.

Recommended for night-time use, this strain is useful for people suffering from insomnia. Its relaxing properties are helpful to people dealing with stress and anxiety. The strain can also provide minor pain relief and help with chronic migraines. Cherry Kush is often recommended by physicians to stimulate appetite and combat nausea.

Cherry Kush is a cross between a Purple Afghani (Indica) and OG Kush (Indica). This strain grows well indoors and outdoors. When grown outside, plants are ready for harvest late October after flowering for eight to nine weeks.

Parents: Purple Afghani, OG Kush

Flavors: Sweet, berry, woody
Effects: Happy, relaxed, uplifted, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Stress, depression, lack of appetite, insomnia, fatigue

OG Kush

OG Kush makes up the genetic backbone of West Coast cannabis varieties, but in spite of its ubiquity, its origins remain a debatable mystery. Popular myth maintains that Chemdawg and an indica Hindu Kush parented OG Kush, passing on the distinct “kush” bud structure we see in many strains today. Other theories throw Lemon Thai genetics into the genetic mix, but no one can say for sure how this iconic strain came into existence.

Whatever its true genetics may be, OG Kush is commonly described as sativa-like in its euphoric and happy effects that combat stress and anxiety. It has an earthy pine scent with woody undertones, an aroma that has become the signature of OG Kush varieties and descendants. With OG Kush, patients most commonly cite improvements in migraines, ADD/ADHD, and stress disorders.

Parents: Chemdawg, Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai
Similar to: Sour Diesel, AK-47, Trainwreck, Purple Kush, Bubba Kush

Flavors: Earthy, woody, pine
Effects: Euphoric, lazy, happy, uplifted, sleepy
Medical: Stress, pain, anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite

114 reviews for Cherry Pie OG Organic

  1. Absolutely great!!!

  2. Good strain for me!

  3. When I ordered the indica sample pack, this strain was definitely one of the few that stand out.

  4. I’ve tried all the strains on this site and this has to be one of the best, at least aesthetically. Nice red hairs almost resembling a nice cherry pie. 😉

  5. Not my favourite indica here but has a slight cherry flavour on occasional hits which makes you wanna keep puffing haha. I’ll give it 4 since if it was $10 id go with a 5.

  6. Really nice taste to this one forsure….exactly as the name suggests, ‘Cherry Pie’. This has a hybrid feel to me, wake and bake this and enjoy your day! Or smoke in evening and enjoy your couch! Will definitely order this one again. Quality ✌

  7. Got this piece with my sample pack, Was a little bit leafy which isnt a problem, decent smell, clean smoke. Not my favourite piece of out the pack so far but def worth a try!

  8. Nice hitter, great high

  9. The Chronic Hippy ChickPatient
    This particular Strain I have Only tried a little of,she was Okay..But Didn’t Rwally Stand out Amoungst the Rest,was just another puff To Me.
    Sure The Cherry Deal,was there,
    Craved a good Hearty Meal,Or just Dessert and A Coffee.

  10. Been really loving this strain. Every time I use it I like it more than the last. I tried it again the other night and man was it good. Hits hard, and fast but tastes smooth, and great. Maybe it’s the organic, idk, but it’s great.

  11. Tastes amazing!

  12. Great strain, it does have a subtle cherry candy flavor towards the end of a toke. It tastes earthy and foresty otherwise. Nice potent high that don’t take away my energy too much at all. Love it.

  13. I always enjoyed receiving this strain with my variety packs. Nice looking buds that pack a punch.

  14. Really good taste!

  15. Nice pink hue’s in the nugs, looks delicious, tastes delicious.

  16. The nugget in my sample pack looks just like the picture…Busts out nicely and vapes well albeit a little bit harshly. Tastes a little sweet.

    Might be my tolerance but I had to vape an extra oven to get to my usual space. Once there though the effects are pleasant and suitable to daytime activities. No heaviness or munchies during and no fatigue afterward. It’s currently priced too high for me to buy again, but at a lower price I could sure be happy with a larger bag of this.

    Nutshell : Nice stuff, too expensive. Absolutely worth a try.

  17. Fantastic for gamers and activity goers. A on the go feel with no drag, and crash effect. Agree with many on the price though.

  18. Love this one, Sweat taste and a really nice high right away.

  19. Anonymous

    Really good bud with great smell and taste. Not quite 5/5 but pretty close

  20. I got this in my Indica Sample Pack, I loved the name and was super excited to try it!

  21. Sweet and earthy, though I didn’t notice any special cherry flavour. But it gave a very pleasant and relaxing high.

  22. All around great bud but too pricey for my taste

  23. I was shocked that it smelled like cherries very pleased with this one all around good strain it is a little expencive but worth trying.

  24. I couldn’t believe it when I could actually taste cherries on the draw. Really neat tasting strain.

  25. I loved this strain super high quality looking but leaned more toward OG with smell and taste, I was expecting some crazy Cherry flavor but still amazing bud

  26. Loved the taste of this chron but like some other reviews here I felt like it was not as strong but great for daytime smokin when u don’t wanna b too high and passin out all tired

  27. Anonymous

    Super smooth indica with a wicked smell. Relaxing but not paralyzing. Herbal Dispatch is a game changer!!

  28. Smells and taste amazing, love HD!

  29. Has a great flavour, actually reminiscent of berries and baked goods, so the cherry pie name is fitting. The high is nice, but not as heavy as some of the other indicas. I am a sativa smoker throughout the day, and usually use an indica for pain relief and sleep aid, although I find that this strain could be more appropriate for a nice daytime high, and less effective as a knock-you-out pain killer that one might expect from an indica.

  30. Great taste, good indica. Relaxed me but not to the point that I couldn’t do anything. Still had a decent amount of energy. Very clear headed high.

  31. Tastes like cherry, looks incredible, smells incredible, smokes incredible, very uplifting positive high; only con is it’s not that potent feeling in THC.
    Amazing strain you have to try it at least once.

  32. Great lookin buds, good taste. Will definitely buy some again

  33. Had this one a little while back, looks beautiful, earthy sort of flavor, nice mellow high which though it wasn’t extremely strong did leave me with a genuine happiness.

  34. Anonymous

    I received this strain in my first sample pack and was very pleased. The high takes away all the stress of the day.

  35. Looks like the photo, nice dense buds but dry. Not the best burn, kept needing to re-light. Earthy aroma and taste. Nice sleepy buzz, but short lasted.

  36. honestly tastes like cherry pie! relaxing mellow high

  37. By far one of my top picks on this site very calm relaxing high mind opening has very nice texture and aroma to it

  38. Enjoyed Kandy Kush more…

  39. Nice and tasty medication!

  40. Ordered a month ago, didn’t look as nice as the UK Cheese or Moby Dick and wouldn’t order again at that price.

  41. This stuff is gooood !!

  42. Super fresh. One of the best OG hybrids I’ve had

  43. I always enjoy the organics & this one does not disappoint.

  44. Une très bonne odeur, à se souvenir. De la belle cocotte !

  45. Very nice buds, i really like. Remember to buy this again !

  46. beautiful smelling, great taste, just like cherry pie, very relaxing

  47. Great overall strain! Quality and taste are on point, goes well with raw papers

  48. love the taste, beautiful smoke

  49. I’ve been ordering from HD for a while now, and never got around to trying this strain. I got it in the sample pack and was really impressed. I will definitely be ordering some more.

  50. just smoked this with a friend who also orders from herbal often. crazy bud, nice taste, danky smell and smokes beautifully. Long lasting high. Definitely on my next order

  51. Awesome stuff! Try mixing with a blueberry! Great flavour!

  52. incredible taste, could not describe it as anything other than cherry pie

  53. Awesome cheery flavor and good effect. Very relaxinh

  54. Cherry pie has been here since day oNE for me. Had it in my first same pack months ago and this is the second time I bought it. The bud is beautiful. Super super potent. It’s definatly overlooked too often. So potent. Just puts you on the moon.

  55. Good for the once in a while smoker high lasts fairly long also giving an amazing relaxing feel
    the texture of the product is very nice

  56. In terms of looks, a beauty.

    I received a gram and iit was one nug. Looked like a kush.
    Big nug, with crystals, pretty. Looked like AAAA herb.

    Darker colored. Smelled nice, seemed a bit on the drier side but not too dry.
    It didnt taste as nice as the rockstar kush or as smooth but it was smooth and had a nice earthy taste. Didnt notice too much cherry taste, maybe subtle.

    High quality high, strong highh but not flooring, pleasant.

  57. My second favourite kush next to Bubba. Nice fresh smell and smooth taste.

  58. This strain is more earthy tasting than anything else. That being said it’s great. Smokes clean and high is strong with a real indica feeling close to the end of it. Thanks HD again for a great product.

  59. It was okay

  60. Smoked with my friend and after his toke he asked me why it tasted like cherry, great flavour to Match the name

  61. amazing smell smells exactly like cherry pie, the burn was great the flavour was unreal perfect nighttime weed

  62. This was my favorite strain from the Indica sampler pack i ordered. It has a fruity-chemical smell with spicy after tones and the high was relaxing yet clear. It also helped with my back pain and anxiety. I grabbed some more of this with my 2nd order and will again in the future when placing my orders if it is available at that time.

  63. nice solid indica, hints of cherry flavour, great taste and buzz.

  64. Very nice buds, excellent flavor, very strong notes of berry. Very smooth to vaporize and a really nice high, great for relaxation and I slept excellent.

  65. I got one of the sample packs and this so far has been my favorite great taste

  66. Anonymous

    No idea why this has a low rating. Really good. Very frosty and smelly in the best of ways! Not a heavy burn out as well. Good pain relief.

  67. This was great as a night time smoke after a night out. Not quite my favourite strain from HD but I really love how smooth it is! Whoever is nurturing all these organic strains is doing an amazing job!!!

  68. very clean smoking bud. Looks great and smokes great

  69. this has always been a favorite of mine. Last time I ordered this I bought an oz and it was 6 of the biggest densest buds ive ever had. The taste was amazing. Was a serious favorite. This time around it wasn’t what I expected. The taste wasn’t there and the smell wasnt the same. I gave some of this to my buddy and he even commented on it. Not sure if id order this one again. Im too nervous to get these tiny harsh buds again.

  70. Still have a nug from the last order I had. This stuff is great for nighttime use. Really helps you sleep. Clean white ash, smoke is a tad harsh but nothing terrible. Not much in the cherry flavour, still a nice dense nug caked in crystal. Would try this again 🙂

  71. Distinctly aromatic dark cherry nose. Darker colouration on this Indica. Smooth pull. Not the strongest marijuana strain, but has good flavour and provides a decent body-buzz.

  72. Nice hard nugs

  73. Great cross! A very relaxing and mellow experience. I highly recommend!

  74. Very tastey and body relaxing variety of kush

  75. A nice earthy aroma, nice buds loaded with red hairs and crystals but leafy or not trimmed well, slightly sticky, nice burn, nice smoke, and nice buzz.

  76. Very nice I’ll definitely order again

  77. I like this strain, great early evening strain. Good smell and very nice colour and buds.

  78. Great!!!

  79. First: the flavor in this strain, wow! Through my vaporizer this tastes and smells great. As for the effects, I’m very impressed. Comes on very subtly in a relaxing way and lasts for a nice while. It’s only the second strain I’ve tried, and it’s already on my favorites list at #1.

  80. Personal favourite, have ordered multiple times – breaks out huge.

  81. Wasnt too impressed with this strain. All around alright. Looked a bit frosty, had nice red hairs that gives it the “cherry” look but just didnt smell that great (possibly due to it being organic..idk) and the effects werent what i was looking for. Didnt help pain too much for me and tasted a bit weird (again, maybe due to it being orgainic) cheers HD. This was iight

  82. i’m a really huge fan of this strain!

  83. Very good. I will def order again.

  84. Awesome product. Smells and tastes beautiful, Gt over it fast and moved on to other strain that I ended up preferring

  85. Heavy duty bud for sure! Felt very relaxed and was perfect before bed

  86. Not bat at all!

  87. Definitely tasty, good buzz too.

  88. Loved this stuff!

  89. Anonymous

    Easy 5* I have ordered this strain a few times and every time it’s delivered just what you want from a good indica. Great head high right off the bat that turns into pure relaxation. Deep green and purple well grown nugs that burn clean.

  90. Great taste and effect. Kinda reminds me of the strain called Cherry Bomb

  91. smell isn’t as nice as expected, buds pretty leafy, hits you moderately, not worth 250 a zip, you can get this grade around here for about 180 an oz. besides the price, its a nice strain

  92. One gram of this rolled up right now. Very nice strain, relaxing. Great taste and quality. First time trying it and I’ll be definitely grabbing some more on my next order

  93. smooth great taste, nice buzz but didn’t last as long as expected, burns good

  94. This bud has a pungent berry and earthy smell, and gives a very relaxing high, it is great for a night time toke! 4/5 stars

  95. very good but for 250 its a bit pricey would like to see a price decrease on this product

  96. My favorite flavor* right now. Tart cherry smell subtle but distinct. Tastes earthy thick dense smoke. Compared to misleading smell and taste this strain will get you high fast and hard. Either a relaxing vacation without worries or a goal oriented task machine. The real deal medication from HD __

  97. i really enjoyed this strain alot very good for my chronic pain and my sleep

  98. a bit dry but awesome bud and awesome buzz.

  99. Anonymous

    Really nice stone, glad I invested in this while I was under the weather with the flu.


  101. This stuff really helped with my nausea and just a bonus that it’s a beautiful strain ! Would get again

  102. Great stuff really stinky:)

  103. Out of all the flavoured buds I’ve purchased from HD this has to be the one that kicked my ass the most. Powerful stone. Bright green and smells fruity. 4.5 in my books.

  104. Nice tasty strain, thx HD!

  105. Anonymous

    Awesome taste. More flavour the first time I think but hard to say for sure. I would probably give it full stars if it had been a little stronger of a high but definitly enjoy seeing that its sticking around in the sample packs.

  106. Smelled and tasted great!

  107. Great strain. Flavour not as pronounced as previous orders but effect was awesome. Buds had tones of foxtails and very resinous.

  108. Excellent Choice Dank and sticky!!

  109. The taste was allrigth just wath i expect about a og cross but the buzz was really good make me fell happy and very relaxed. The nugs are to dry that affect the taste, still very good thanks HD

  110. very good flavour in my opinion! Really good head buzz! Clean smoking clean tasting! Thanks HD!

  111. Decent bud, good taste/clean smoke. Just not as good quality as most other kush/og blends I’ve tried here. Gets the job done though!

  112. Anonymous

    The buds look great but they are very dry. Upon busting it has a nice dominant kush smell. Taste was a bit lack luster. Nice hybrid stone. Overall a 4/5. The Pink Kush was better quality for the same price.

  113. This has a major wood flavor like I never smoked before in my life. Very strange, some people may be into it though. The buzz is fine, the taste threw me off though. Looks really nice the buds are big beautiful sugar coated dark red hair goodness.

  114. j’ai trouvé que celui ci avait un peu moins d’effet sur moi mais bon gout bonne fumée.
    parfait pour fumeur occasionel.

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