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Cheese #1

(134 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Product Description

UK-based Kaliman Seeds are onto a winner with their flagship baby Cheese #1, which is derived solely from the 1989 UK Exodus Cheese clone. This came about whilst the breeder, Rockster, was working on an Exodus Cheese x Skunk #1 cubing project which produced a strain with a very strong cheese-dominant taste combined with a marked citrus component from the Skunk #1 father. During this work a tray of twenty Exodus clones was put into flower and oddly two of these clones grew out as perfectly normal 100% looking males!

Anyone who was lucky enough to smoke the original UK Exodus Cheese back in the 80s will find themselves transported back, as it is supposedly exactly the same dank, heavy taste as that original plant.

Parents: Skunk #1, Exodus Cheese
Similar to: UK Cheese, Skunk

Flavors: Cheese, pungent, earthy
Effects: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, uplifted, hungry
Medical: Pain, stress, depression, insomnia, muscle spasms

by Matthew Price

Blue Cheese Naturally Calms Your Nerves

Blue Cheese genetics can be linked to a cross between Blueberry and Cheese. The buds are small in size, super soft, and covered in sticky trichomes. Beautiful weed that boasts dark and light shades of green that are covered by sandy orange hairs.

Blue Cheese is considered a great strain for staying social as it will give you energy, make you giggly, and improve your spirits.

The scent, out of the container, is fruity like a batch of sour blueberries. The smoke and taste is slightly different; blueberry on the inhale, with a noticeable musky undertone typical of the original cheese strain on the exhale.

Blue Cheese seems to remove stress and anxiety as well as makes it easier to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing. Although the effects are euphoric and spacey, it does take a good amount of time (5-10 minutes) to set in at maximum strength.

It’s definitely not the most potent strain we have tested by any means… but it produces smooth smoke with a blueberry and cheese taste that is unique & memorable. Not in my personal top 5 favorite strains either — but still very good all-around.

Source: MedicalJane

134 reviews for Cheese #1

  1. Got some of this awhile back…. forgotbto review… definitely one of the best sativas ive ever had !

  2. Ordered some of this strain one month ago. It was top notch. AAAA on taste and buzz. What happened? Buds are not nearly as nice as last batch. The effects are not nearly as good….and last not nearly as long. Not worthy of the AAAA rating. It would be nice if HD would let us know when the batch changes and we could order samples to see if we want to fork out the $$ for larger orders. Sample first, I don’t think you will be happy with quality for the price.

  3. Premature bud! Was not impressed with the amount of white hairs present in the nugs.

  4. Looked absolutely nothing like the picture. Looks premature first off scragly and poor looking. With that being said the buzz and medical relief was very lacking…its not my tollerance as i just had a two week tollerance break…no problem with other strains on the site besides the blue hawian…i just feel if we are to be paying this price…we should see pics of the current batch…if i saw how this looked before I never would have bought it at all and waited.. Fyi dont bother with blue hawian either…nearly no crystals on it..some nugs of it are better than others but the cheese was a giant let down. Like i said… Propper pics would be great when buying…not just at best some cherry picked bud for pics to entice the sale…not impressed HD… Not impressed…

  5. really nice to smoke, and boy is that cheese smell something else! Wish i bought more than i did, will for sure be a repeat purchase!

  6. This sure does smell like cheese! . Really enjoyed this in my Omnivap. Seemed to give really nice thick vapor clouds and did not need a lot to feel the impact. Very nice strain! Would recommend picking up at least one gram to test try for yourself

  7. Let me tell you something. I’ll give it to you straight……WoW. This made me absolutely ridiculous. That extra coin is worth the high this wonderfully smelling cheesy baby boo boo boo goodness will give you.

  8. I’ve had cheese twice now as one of the grams in my sativa sample pack. Definitely a cheese smell. Nice look and nugs were tight. Taste could have been better. I found this one to be one of the heavier hitting in the sativa pack.

  9. Loved everything about it! Will be buying again

  10. This is an excellent strain that can conquer people with high tolerance levels, and I say that without embellishment. The smell is truly that of cheese, with aromas of mint and pine. Living up to it’s name, it’s unique, pungent smell defines itself. The effects are noticeably potent; the sensation begins as a warm, creeping comfort that quickly unfolds into an energetic and remarkably cerebral euphoria. Very good for creativity and uplifting, positive vibes. Slow burn out with a pleasant sleepiness and a mild influence on your appetite. I would highly recommend this to anyone including long term users, and people who want an active, creative, and productive buzz. Five Stars Earned.

  11. HUGE BUDS def the best Savita I’ve try on HD
    Soo BUY BUY BUY the Cheese

  12. What a great strain this is !! This cheese is bomb ???

  13. One of the best samples I received in the sativa pack.

  14. Great strain the buds are huge, dense and hairy! Will order again for sure

  15. Great taste and smell, very good day high. Functional but definitely helps me with creativity.

  16. Pretty dank cheese 🙂

  17. Absolutely amazing ?????

  18. very good sativa buzz with a kushy cheese smell taste

  19. absolutely amazing. some of my favourite bud I’ve ever had. I am a sucker for cheese and this is every bit as good as other stuff I’ve had. Will definitely buy again.

  20. Anonymous

    Enjoyed this late at night when I need to focus and my pain is getting me down.. picks me back up and I get my work done before bed.

  21. Classic strain with great taste. Cant go wrong with thus but im more of a fan of uk cheese. Typical taste and burn. Still a great look too. 4/5 this time. Thx hd, never fail to impress me!

  22. Classic strain with great taste. Cant go wrong with thus but im more of a fan of uk cheese. Typical taste and burn. Still a great look too. 4/5 thus time

  23. Nice strain , great smell (the highlight) , aroma and very well grown plant .thick buds . bit pricey but it’s an artwork piece .

  24. This is one of my favourite sativa strains, the high is great very “feel good” high. I will keep on buying

  25. I had bought a previous batch of this stuff and it was definitely a favorite.

    Look an smell wise it’s 5/5 very nice thick buds with a lot of orange hairs, and very potent cheese smell that makes your nose tingle.

    High wise I’d give it a 4.5/5 as it wasn’t the strongest I’ve had but definitely a clean burn and nice long body high and really relaxed ur muscles.

    All in all a great bud, little pricey but still great bang for the buck.

  26. Anonymous

    1 of my favourite sativas

  27. I did not enjoy this strain as it gave me a lot of anxiety. The smell and look of the buds is 5/5 but the effects are not enjoyable.

  28. This one is good for when the suns up:)

  29. wow what a smell , its so good , smokes so good and the high is great , when you open bag you get hit with that cheese !!!thanks hd

  30. This is a nice batch of cheese. It has that distinct tang and aroma that only well-grown cheese has.

    Moderately potent, this settles into a nice “get to work” high that kept me banging away on the computer.

    Medically, it doesn’t aggravate my migraines but it doesn’t control them as well as Kush-based strains do. It *does* help, though.

    My fingers stink from handling the buds… 😀

  31. This is my absolute, #1 favorite weed. Amazing flavor, intense high. I love the cheese hint in it and it is by far the best quality bud I have ever purchased.

  32. Added a gram to fill out my last order. Had never tried this strain before, but was impressed. Great looking bud, excellent cheese smell and taste and a clean smoke. High was nice for both a day or night time smoke.

  33. Anonymous

    massive BUDS!!! great taste, great upper, it was worth every penny I give it 10/10

  34. Anonymous

    This stuff is awesome, absolutely delicious and a heavy high especially for a sativa!!

  35. Anonymous

    nice strain! cheesy and a hint of pine in the taste. all cheese smell!

  36. The 100th review will be a good one, this weed stanks like aged cheddar, the high creeps up on you and hits you hard, full body high with no burn out, one if the best sativas on the site. 4.95.5

  37. Great strain, potent yet not overpowering. Love the taste as well!

  38. Love this stuff way more then the Uk cheese imo. Great looking nugs and a really nice cheese aroma but the effects of the high do not last as long as some of the other sativas like the silver and space cookies. Overall a great sativa

  39. Great looking buds. Does smell like cheese. Decent motivational high. Only had a gram to fill my order, should of had more?

  40. One of the best strains I’ve ever had. So cool how much it smells like cheese.

  41. Similar to UK Cheese, but a little less sweet this is one of my favourite flowers. It packs a punch, but doesn’t render you immobile and sluggish. Great every day smoke.

  42. Anonymous

    Great daytime smoke. Highly recommend it. Very energizing.

  43. Probably my favorite sativa strain HD has to offer. I’ve gotten this several times and I am never displeased. I love the consistency with this strain.

  44. Anonymous

    Lovely smell and taste,the buzz is strong in this one…definitely one of the better sativa’s on HD…would order again for sure

  45. Great smell, loaded in trichomes, smooth, heavy hitting sativa, favorite of all HD strains.

  46. This stuff looks exactly like it does in the pictures very hairy and looks like it was sprinkled with some fine gourmet parmesan cheese. It smells rediculously cheesy. Gotta try UK Cheese now see how it differs!

  47. Very nice dense light green buds. Dank cheese smell and taste. Energetic high good for day time use.

  48. Crazy how much this bud smells like danky cheese. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves a good sativa and some unique smelling maryjane.

  49. I saw “Logan” after a few big tokes of this and it was amazing. The colors were so vibrant and the movie just felt really immersive, I was out of breathe when the characters were and I was crying during sad moments. 5/5

  50. Was thrown off by the name, but over all a good has good taste, more for the daytime in my opinion!

  51. This review is based on vaping using a Volcano set at 6.5 heat setting. I based my review on 4 criteria: appearance, smell, taste, and effect and I rated each out of 10. Appearance: Medium green in colour with lots of crystals. Minimal leaf and minimal red hair. Medium density buds 7/10. Smell: Dirty feet and parmesan cheese with slight notes of pine 4/10. Taste: Earthy, cheesy and smooth 6/10. Effect: Fast onset, good body buzz and good head buzz. Energizing and lasts 1-2 hours 8/10. Overall rating: 6.25/10

  52. Enjoyed this bud. The smell was different than anything I had before, actually smells a bit like cheese if you tell yourself so. Very well cured buds, tight and packed with crystals. Great buzz. Would buy again.

  53. tried this when i also got some Durban poison, and completely different (smell is that dank cheese). ..high is intense and great off the start but falls off and didn’t level out at that intense high but that’s kind of nice. it leaves a taste in your mouth, whether you like the taste or not your going to smell like dank pot. You can feel the quality though! had me energetic but you do get hungry!

  54. What can i say about the Cheese strains other then TRY THEM! haha Tastes and smells amazing gives you some energy wakes you up i love it for day time smoking cant beat it after i smoke a bunch i get into a intense cleaning the house mode haha

  55. This strain continues to not fail. If your a sativa smoker definitely get ahold of this or the UK cheese. I find Cheese #1 to not be as strong as Uk cheese however the energy with either are amazing. The cheese aroma is something every smoker should experience. Nugs were identical to the picture, all big or mid size too. Loving that this strain is always available. Each batch never fails to impress! Thanks HD

  56. Anonymous

    First time trying cheese. So very funky, potent smell. Smoked a bowl right before going to a jam, ended up feeling pretty energized and ‘elevated. Would get this again for sure!

  57. can definitely pick up on the cheese smell. good day time smoke

  58. Anonymous

    Do you enjoy actual cheese, as in the food one eats? You will like this strain. I has a subtle funk that hits the palate with a noticeable distinctly cheese-like aroma and pungency. This strain is an effective reliever for severe chronic pain with no burn out, though it may not stimulate the appetite as much as another variety. It has an energetic high that is light enough to be functional but strong enough to knock out excruciating pain to a low hum. The umami of this strain coats the tongue and the taste I applaud on being so alike its name.

  59. Nice hybrid ? Pretty well-balanced between sativa and indica side and fitting in any day and night time. Cheesy taste and smell with la few skunk elements

  60. Smokes nice and white ash but maybe i need more for pain as it didn’t really touch my back pain.

  61. I just love that cheese smell this one and uk cheese are for sure in my top 5 sativa strain on hd keep doing you’re great work

  62. unique taste and effects, bit less pungent than UK cheese and slightly different but packs a smooth punch of that makes sense. Very good strain if you’re looking for a sativa.

  63. love it.

  64. Anonymous

    Definately worth trying. Its unique. Would rather have some banana, strawberry, blueberry, peach flavored weed… Weed that makes youre pallet salivate cause it taste 90% like bananas, could sell that shit for 20$ a gram easily

  65. Damnnn it smell like cheese, taste like cheese, I loved it.

  66. U.k Cheese smells more of cheese but Cheese#1 is a more powerful high.

  67. Clear high, with great energy. Smoked 3 hits (as a baseline, and will try vaping another day – in general I find smoking to be stonier, while vaping gives a more clear and subtle high), and went out to explore the world – more than sufficient!

  68. Amazing Sativa!!!
    Cheesy pungent goodness greats the nostrils upon opening the bag. Tight dense sticky buds that are covered in orange hairs and trichomed out. Found the smoke to be quite smooth and really tasty. Great medicating effects. Soaring cerebral effects, very euphoric. Great morning or afternoon/evening strain. Not too be missed! Would definitely order again!

  69. Great bud. One of my goto Sativas. Really happy with the taste and smell.

  70. amazing high, feeling amazing, the nugs are looking 300 hunna! and the smell OOUF!! ……unreal! it really does smell like cheese tho!

  71. nothing better then the cheese strains. perfect taste and smell. exactly what you need for daytime relief of stress and pain. best sativa strain i have acquired from HD! must try!

  72. PEEEEEYUUUU this stuff reeks in the best possible way. Great high and the buds look unreal with a crystallized fun coating them.

  73. Great sativa. Strong smell. Good taste.

  74. Tremendous strain! Great taste and smell

  75. The taste was above average and enjoyable!!
    The best cheese i have ever Got!!

  76. cheese #1 smells and tastes like UK cheese, only cheesier.

  77. Smell the cheese but not strong as the UK white widow and the Uk cheese , but when you smoke it wow its amazing how high you will be , a bit strong for the throat but i recommend for someone who want an heavy buzz in the morning

  78. Anonymous

    Amazing smell and taste! Definitely got me into a euphoric state of being.
    I didn’t burn out and didn’t get mad munchies. All around a good day high. Will definitely get this again!

  79. Well done with this batch. Great example of the stinky cheese. One of my fav sativas

  80. You cannot go wrong with a cheese. Smell is strong.. but not at strong as the high!!!

  81. Anonymous

    My word… hats of to the growers of this fine herb. I’ve come across a few gems in my time and this is certainly one of them. Connoisseur grade and impressive at that: very much appreciated.

  82. This is an Excellent sativa! Gave me and alert mental high that kept me focused and happy. The taste was above average and enjoyable. I definitely recommend this bud for daytime activities and sports.

  83. One of my favourites of the sampler pack. Dense but fluffy buds with insane different coloured hairs. Most potent smelling of all the cheese strains I’ve tried. Hands down 5/5

  84. Really enjoyed this! Effects came on quickly and intense. Soaring and stimulating mental state. Great for writing or creating art. Distinct earthy and complex flavour from some unique terpine. And of course it was perfdctly cured and dried. Bananas!

  85. Damn this stuff’s potent, love it! And the smell is unreal, love it but hard to mask lol.

  86. This was nice and strong. love the cheese smell

  87. I got this in my sample pack. I think I would prefer this to the UK Cheese for daytime use while still being fully functional.
    Great taste too.

  88. One of my all time favorites, I would say it’s even better than UK Cheese. I’ve always been a fan of the cheese strains and this one delivers everything you are looking for. Smell, taste, smoke and high!… It’s all spot on!

  89. Awesome strain, less potent than UK Cheese and mostly sativa oriented effects. great if you need energetic focus.

  90. I don’t eat cheese from cows, but this herb in the Volcano has rocked my world! I have order UK cheese, and admit that this one tastes better and gives me a happier feeling. Great work. Worth the premium pricing (although Dispatch is way more $ fair than other online retailers)

  91. Came in my sample pack and was pleasantly surprised.

  92. Great strain not as cheesy as the UK cheese but still a good cheese strain would buy again for sure

  93. Really good! Not a huge cheese guy, but like to smoke once in awhile. Nice buzz off this, forsure would buy again.

  94. Anonymous

    Fantastic strain. Great cheese smell!

  95. Very Potent Smell of pure cheese. Strong strain too it packs a punch. Great bud

  96. You need to like the cheese taste to like it and i adore it… The best cheese i have ever. Got.

  97. great smoke. a great substitute for UK Cheese when they were out. would buy again 100%

  98. Ordered 28 grams.
    Good strain. Only complaint is that order had too many big stems.

  99. Stinks like cheese but very potent!

  100. Amazing strain! Very potent, very euphoria initially followed by a long lasting, relaxing, but energetic high. Some of best bud i’ve had

  101. Great sativa cheesy skunky, very good for the day, energic high, ty HD 🙂

  102. All I can say about this bud is wow awesome for a morning sesh wakes me up and gets me going for the day . Just like everyone else is saying very pungent smell and taste but in a good way

  103. its got a dank smell and it really feels like you’re smelling some fermented cheese. Great buzz overall an awesome strain

  104. doesn’t taste great when burning. Very nice fluffy bud, but I much prefer the UK Cheese.

  105. If you like funk, stank and dank, this bud is for you. The pungent odour of this bud is devisive- it is certainly too strong for someone not into the fermented side of flavours, but still has a smooth toke that delivers a punch of taste of skunk. For the weak stomached, it may remind you of the smell of bile or rotting swamp. For those in pain, effective for moderate to increased pains, sleep and appetite.

  106. Great buds, awesome buzz. 5/5 smells funky but so strong!

  107. I purchased an ounce of Cheese #1. I agree with Ryanjdealwis’s review – that this strain smells a little off rather than cheese. But, it does get you high. Biggest complain would have to be the large stems in my order.

  108. Don’t feel like this is a $250/oz strain, a lot of hype behind the cheese strains, this leans towards a bit more towards the skunk side in terms of smell, but not really interesting genetics considering that the cheese is derived from skunk #1 genetics. I never really thought I would smell a weed that I didn’t like but cheese is probably the only strain that I have tried,(mostly cheese hybrids) that has an off smell that I do not like. I love actual cheese, like that which you eat, and the stinkier and danker the better, but the cheese weed strain smells like straight up old feet/musty/barn yard/moldly asiago. Maybe this is just me, I like the high type, tends to be moderate to quite potent (UK Cheese x White Widow that I tried was very potent, focussed and fun, a bit fuzzy but functionable, but smelled and tasted foul)….Either way this isn’t worth the price in my opinion.

  109. bomb

  110. I vaporize exclusively, no smoking. UK Cheese is my #1 strain for daytime use on this site. I have ordered it many times and was anxious to get my hands on this alternate version based on the great reviews. So after a session, my thoughts are:

    It’s definitely less harsh than UK Cheese, which I really like about Cheese #1. Also, my mind is sharper with Cheese #1. While I’m not disappointed in Cheese #1, I feel less intoxication than UK Cheese. Not a lot but as a heavy user, I notice it. Don’t get me wrong, both strains are fantastic but I think I’ll stick to good ol’ UK Cheese for it’s potency. This is 5 Stars though, no question.

  111. Great cheese, smooth and potent. You will like!

  112. Awesome strain, really hits ya. Came in massive sized buds, beautiful stuff!

  113. This stuffs smells so bad lol great stuff

  114. UK cheese has been a fave of mine for awhile. I wasn’t disappointed with this one bit. The cheese strain is great and I would recommend it to anyone

  115. Very good stuff. It is a lot like the UK cheese i find.

  116. Love the cheesy smell on these buds. Such a smooth smoke in my Pax, definitely creeps up on me after 10 or so minutes. Highly recommend

  117. Nice smooth cheesy smell, and a good heavy hit that won’t leave you choking.

  118. it does have a cheesy smell to it, smooth and nice. will buy again for sure.

  119. Very nice smoke just like the uk cheese.

  120. Has a nice cheesey funk. Great clear headed high that relaxes the body. Clean burning and smooth smoke.

  121. Yummy cheese smell similar to UK Cheese. Nice and smooth smoke!

  122. Can’t go wrong with this bud. Been a member for over a year now and this definitely sits in my top 5. Crazy smell of cheese similar to the UK cheese. Myself I find with the cheese strains the high is on the stronger side especially for sativas. This choice sure won’t disappoint. Smiles for miles with this one.

  123. Everything about this strain has quickly made it one of my favourites. The heavy cheese smell/taste is great and nothing like I can find in my local area. I can’t wait to order more, I just hope it’s still in stock.

  124. cant get over how cheesy it smells, not quite as good as the UK cheese but still a great strain. 5 stars

  125. zesty

  126. Brilliant bud. Love the dank cheesey smell. Certainly a great high. Produces a nice thick smoke. Certainly recommend it to someone wanted to really get a buzz on.

  127. Awesome cheese, strain, very smooth and potent

  128. Anonymous

    I tried this for the first time a week ago. will be ordering it again till blue dream comes back or the cheese runs out. I also agree that is one of the best sativa’s on this site.

  129. Anonymous

    Big fan of the smell and taste, very sweet and pungent.

    It’s a little better than the UK cheese both are great.

    I enjoy using it for my ADD and it works well for appetite too. I’m impressed because it’s a hybrid so I wasn’t sure what to expect overall, Sativa’s tend to work best for me and me needs. This makes me more excited to try more hybrids and possibly even Indica dominant hybrids.

    this is the best strain on HD that I’ve tried (UK Cheese, Haze, Kandy Kush, Blue Dream and Cheese #1)

    The second best for my ADD and Appetite is UK Cheese and Haze, but the Kandy Kush was overall the other nicest that I tried it was also grown by Herbal Dispatch, I think they make best stuff and would recommend you try their own stuff if you haven’t!

  130. This is one of the best sativa I tried at HD so far amazing

  131. I liked this way better than the UK Cheese. Smell is kinda similar, but taste on this one is MUCH better and LESS harsh. I always felt the UK Cheese has some harsh smoke but this one is very smooth and taste good! Awesome

  132. Looks exactly like the picture funky stuff

  133. Very cheesy as you’d hope for/expect buying this strain. Had some U.K cheese a few weeks back and that particular batch was disappointing in the cheese department. This was better than expected.

  134. Very good strain, not a huge fan of the cheesy taste/smell

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