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Cereal Bar (Fritz’s)

(84 customer reviews)


1 Cereal Bar for $12

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Sold By: Fritz's Cannabis Company
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Product Description

A fun and colorful twist on a classic treat, our cereal bars are made with authentic American cereal. Bring back memories of Saturday morning cartoons and drinking sugary milk from the bowl when you bite into one of these bars made with cannabis-infused coconut oil.

Directions: one bar contains 40 mg of THC distillate. Start by dividing the bar into four pieces, and eat one piece. Wait 60 to 90 minutes before determining whether or not you should take more.

Ingredients: Cereal, Marshmallows, Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil, Sunflower Lecithin

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Medicate responsibly.

Everything you know about edibles is wrong

84 reviews for Cereal Bar (Fritz’s)

  1. Got fruity pebbles, tasted awesome felt nothing

  2. One of my favs and on my regular order. Great taste ?

  3. Had the cinnamon toast crunch. It was delicious but seemed underdosed.

  4. Tasted amazing! Mild high. Good for lazy Sunday nights on the couch.

  5. Best tasting edible ive had. Delicious and potent. Great value.

  6. Unreal product! I really like the fruity pebble bar as it reminds me when I was a child, but also it tastes amazing! If I could eat two bars at a time, I totally would. I would usually eat a quarter of a bar and I have a nice body tingle for about 2 hours. I like to eat this before I go on adventures like spending a day at the spa, going to see a 3D movie, or just having dinner and go play lazer tag. This is usually the first product that fills my cart, it’s a must have goodie every time I order on this site!

  7. My brother said the taste was great but unfortunately it didn’t really get him high. Despite the taste being great, it didn’t deliver as it was supposed to so he gives it a 2/5.

  8. Super tasty edible! I bought the cinnamon toast crunch bar and I was not dissapointed! However, I would only recommend this product if you’re a beginner or have a low tolerance because of it’s low THC content (40mg). Overall great product.

  9. Yummy! Have ordered fruity pebbles a few times and love it. ?

  10. very disapointed, a weak over priced product from this vendor. only thing i enjoyed was eating it :/

  11. Tastes sooo good, but you will need two at least to one person for a good high. I just bought one and ate half, then an hour later finished the whole thing and I barely felt anything.

  12. Love love love love! Fruity Pebbles is my fave strain but theyโ€™re all good. I eat the whole bar in one sitting and enjoy the most mellow chill high for a few hours. Perfect for a lazy Saturday on the couch!

  13. Really disappointed in this product. While it tasted great, that’s where the good ends. I ate the whole bar and it had zero effect on me.

  14. I really liked the taste of the cinnamon toast crunch version. A little on the weak side though.

  15. My nightly routine of taking hits from the bong before bedtime was interrupted yesterday when the in-laws slept over. I used the cereal bar as a replacement, and I’m a little conflicted on whether it’s worth 3 stars or 4… It tasted really good! But even after consuming the whole bar, it didn’t really give me a good high comparable to bong session highs. For the price, it should have a bit more THC to make it feel like it’s worth it. I’m going to give it a 3-star rating because I just plainly feel “meh” about it.

  16. Taste good but could have a stronger THC content. Had to eat the whole pack. Nice for breakfast!

  17. The taste is good but had to take all 3 to feel it.

  18. -Tastes great -Low THC content for price -Not very effective

  19. super disappointed. i was really looking forward to this, it tasted amazing (cinnamon toast cru ch) but i split it with my partner and it had zero effect on either of us. it was the second time in my life doing edibles so i was expecting it to actually hit me considering i did double the dose they suggested.

  20. Fantastic taste, but the high was meh

  21. Taste great but not hitting me like i thought. so not sure.

  22. Tastes are amazing and definitely gets the job done.

  23. Anonymous

    Love the flavor/smell – very satisfying and potent – easy to proportion and share! Tried all flavors, no favorite, but all equal quality.

  24. Great taste and great price. I smoke a lot dailyn and half the bar had me feeling great. I only tried the Cinamon Toast Crunch bar but will definitely buy again and try them all!

  25. I had the same experience as panicandrew. I’ve bought one locally in Toronto at the green market and it was 120mg for $12. It tasted awesome and it had nice effects. I ordered one off HD and was disappointed with price to potency ratio. Other then that they taste good tho

  26. Really like the cap’n crunch with fruity pebbles! It doesn’t cut the roof of my mouth, nice combo.

  27. Way too pricey. $12 for 40mg of THC? Kind of insane.
    I am 90% sure they used to have 120mg of THC (unless it was before they were la tested) and it was still $12/bar. Such a shame as these things are delicious!

  28. Anonymous

    Delicious and MUCH stronger than I anticipated (in a great way). I’m an everyday user and split half of the bar with my partner. Kicked in quickly (~30mins), and lasted a good while…peak was really strong at about 60mins, can’t imagine eating one to myself but would definitely order again!

  29. Cinnamon toast crunch is absolutely delicious! You must try it.

  30. Good flavour , good effect

  31. Not super strong, but helps with my back pain for a while if I eat one with breakfast.

  32. good flavour, took two bars for me to feel anything at all

  33. LOVE these cereal bars; they are delicious and you really taste the weed which is nice. The buzz is unreal and long lasting.

  34. I’m a huge fan of these bars , will definitely order again

  35. After trying the new version of the bar, I am much happier about the strength. The fruity pebbles flavour is outstanding. It’s still a bit on the pricey side… but at least I don’t need to eat the entire bar in one go to catch a buzz. I’m eating a half bar and it is nice. $6/serving ain’t great…but the product is A+

  36. Anonymous

    The taste of the treat itself I feel is too weedy and needs to be toned down just a tad. The effects itself are relaxing but a bit weak also. It was very wavy and enjoyable but that may just be my tolerance as well.

  37. Nom Nom Nom – I got one of the fruity pebbles variety and it was delicious but there were a few funky tasting spots but not enough to ruin the overall taste experience. The high was definitely much different than other edibles I’ve tried but not complaining as it was a nice smooth, long lasting buzz without any weird peak and falls in the high and my mood/motivation. The price is great for what your getting but they are really on the sweet side so really isn’t a eat all the time thing, at least for me. Next time I get these I think Ill break it up and eat it like actually cereal just to see what it tastes like ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. The taste wasn’t the greatest but much stronger then I thought. Definitely something I will try again

  39. Like Buckley’s, taste terrible but it works lol. We had the Trix flavour cereal though, not a good compliment to the taste of the cannabis. I was also sure when I ordered them that they were 150 mg THC, but when they arrived they were only 125…either way they worked well. 2 for taste, 4 for effect, 3 average ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Anonymous

    It looks like this product is different now than previously… so I cannot comment on this now. For the $14 price, and what I experienced with the previous version, I will be hard pressed to try this. Previously, the package was labelled 125mg and I found it to be very mild compared to other products around 100mg. I would eat the whole bar in the morning and it was kinda mellow in the background for the day. It was nice… but very over priced for a mild buzz ($11/bar). That being said I did buy them a few times because I like the product and the mild buzz. I just feel like I’m getting ripped off so that sucks. I have other edibles that were only $10 you can divide into 4 and get the same buzz as these. Sigh… I suppose I have to try the new bar anyways. If it is a decent buzz for a half bar, I wouldn’t mind $7/serving even though it is on the pricey side.

  41. Decent enough product worth trying. Similar to a rice krispy square but with fruity pebble flavour. Ate half and waited about an hour & nothing so I ate the other half and got a lil buzz. But gave it a 2* for the price. 1bar for $11 isn’t a good deal. Maybe if it was 3bars like HD shows in the picture for $10-12 then I would get it again but I would have been better off getting 1gram of some UK cheese or northern lights,etc.

  42. Tried the fruity pebbles/ ate the entire bar. Tasted excellent but found the effects very mild. Eat two if you are a daily smoker or hard head.

  43. Anonymous

    Tried both flavours. Fruity Pebbles tastes better and has less of a ‘weed’ taste, but overall I found they’re relatively ineffective. Works if you’re a lightweight but other than that you have to eat a whole bar to get high (at best). Would nonetheless recommend trying.

  44. Unreal experience, was so baked at work, all i wanted to do was go home and relax at home

  45. Really enjoyed it. Mellow and tastes good. I had cinnamon toast crunch. Not exactly two cereals I would ever eat but still decent taste.

  46. Ate one of the CTC bars. Made me fairly mellow but I’m going to try the granola next time.

  47. The fruity pebbles was a lil better then the cinnamon toast crunch it was fruity and covered up more of the thc taste very pleased with this product I will b ordering more

  48. Loved the cinnamon toast crunch very great u could taste the thc might need more than one bar but if u like edibles there great

  49. These taste so good! Have them for breakfast with milk instead of your morning cereal! On your day off work of course… Unfortunately I do believe they are lacking in the strength department but sometimes you have to sacrifice strength for taste!

  50. i ordered fruity pebbles and cinnamon. fruity pebbles was tastier but both give you moderate high for a whole bar if you are a regular taker but if you are a newbie like me then it gives good high for half a bar. loved it. ordering more everytime!!

  51. i really liked this but feel like I cheated myself only eating a little bit at a time as I’m still fairly new to edibles Ive had the mota jellies twice so thought I’d pace myself. Noticed it had a great effect from the piece I did eat it think I’m gonna have to try the granola next would love to see lots more edibles I’m the future!

  52. Delicious and effective! No strong weed flavour here. Definitely an edible I’ll buy again!

  53. Good stuff no after taste of weed, the high is really strong. Just take half for a movie, you’ll notice

  54. I love these delicious treats. Half or quarter of a square is enough for my daily intake. I find the effects are best when you are eating if you’re not smoking at the same time. These are best eaten in moderation, if you’re eating 2-3 times per day you may not get the full effect. Probably a case of tolerance. An excellent snack!

  55. ate the whole bar didn’t feel anything

  56. Very nice taste I wish I had more.

  57. As good as the Mota candies. Very flavorful.

  58. I’m giving a 4/5 because potency wasn’t that high (daily medical smoker/dabber)
    I could easily eat 1 whole bar multiple times a day.
    However, that being said my tolerance is on the high-end and I know some more casual tokers would only be able to handle one/half bar (at most) in one day.
    Potency wise at a whole bar I would be at a 6.5-7/10 so not couch locked or sent to the moon.

    Taste, these were absolutely delicious! I appreciated the tones of citrus to mask the green taste, it worked out quite well.
    One reason I love these bars, I could eat a whole one (and not have to split edibles like some more potent ones) on the regular, it would last me a couple hours and I could eat another! haha.

    I hope HD keeps these as a regular staple, I would love to add one or two to my regular orders.

  59. Absolutely delicous!! A flashback to my childhood tastebuds with a grown up effect! Highly recommend buying more than 1, 5 is a good number.

  60. Ate half but never felt anything. My tolerance is high, but I have felt effects from 60mg edibles before. The taste of these is really good though, so 3/5.

  61. Anonymous

    Yabbadabbadoooooooo! #yes

  62. Didn’t dig the taste…or get much off of these. For some reason I thought they had 300mg THC when I ordered. …go with the granola.

  63. Fruity pebbles are awesome I wish I knew where they buy those in Canada haha. Taste was amazing. First time trying edibles, ate 2 and it didn’t really do much for me, but my tolerance is high. Just not worth the $10 imo.

  64. granola is much better value

  65. This bar is delicious. I would like to see HD get in some of Fritz’s different flavours as this is only the fruity pebbles bar. I ate the whole thing at once and it gave me a great buzz. You can slightly taste the cannabis, but the flavours of the cereal and coconut oil make it hard to notice.

  66. This fruit cereal bar is delicious. I ate a quarter and felt a good buzz and adequate pain relief. I am really keen on the citrus notes, as you can taste the cannabis extract but it is VERY mellow through the cereal’s fruit flavours. Maybe not the strongest THC content for the price, but great for a special treat or present for a newbie I’d think.

  67. I have tried edibles in the past but they never really did much for me. this one was the same so I can’t really speak to the effects.

    the taste on these is amazing tho, no weed flavor and taste like a rice crisp square made out of fruit loops. Worth checking out if you enjoy edible.

  68. I ate the whole bar. It had a great taste, alot like fruity pebbles but i didnt get high at all which was a shame because i heard good things.

  69. Great taste and it packs a punch.

  70. Anonymous

    These are really tasty! I’ve tried a lot of edibles and these are really good. They are sweet like the fruity pebbles cereal so I suggest milk along side. Doesn’t leave the THC taste lingering like most other medibles. For the seasoned patients, I’d suggest a bar and a half. I gobbled the whole thing right then and there and it was a mellow buzz. For beginners and moderate users, follow the directions. Definitely recommend.

  71. Was a bit overzealous in buying these, but honestly glad I did. More than tolerable taste, and great buzz. Great edible to try out if your looking for something more controllable.

  72. Pretty good edible potent wise coming from a daily smoker but the taste threw me off a bit kind of a weird marshmellow flavour but probably just me though, id like to try more from this vendor potency seems very legitimate

  73. Tatses amazing, will deff be ordering more. Packs a punch for sure

  74. Taste was good, tho definitely canna-flavoured. Buzz was about the same for me as the jellies. I’d buy them again. Fritzs instagram is worth a follow FWIW

  75. Not sure I agree with those saying these are more potent than the Mota Jellies…but definitely find them equal. Taste even better than expected!
    Disappointed, but not surprised, that they’re already sold out!

  76. Great treat for decent price. Good taste and potency. For the record, I liked the mota jellies but yes these rival the potency easily. maybe we will see other fritz’s products?!

  77. First time ordering this and I am very happy with them. They taste good and leave almost no after taste unlike the BHO bots candy. They give you a nice mellow high. I diffidently will buy more and I strongly recommend this bar ๐Ÿ™‚

  78. Nice tasting tastes like a fruity cereal and cannabis has a decent buzz

  79. Anonymous

    Nothing like it. Great dosage and taste amazing

  80. My first time trying a Fritz product and i’m glad i did. Like other claim, these do feel stronger than the mota edibles with the same advertised potency. Love the taste of these little squares! At 10 $, they are a fair price, although i do prefer the granola at 300mg for the same price. Thank you for continuing to raise the bar with these fantastic vendors HD!

  81. Anonymous

    Fritz’s cereal bars are the best! Mota never feels as strong as the label, but Fritz packs a punch every time no matter what. Toronto represent!

  82. I’ve gotten almost every edible that HD offers and this by far is the best! The square itself is a little smaller then I thought but that’s about the only negative I can say about this. The flavor is super yummy: Hint of Canna, with the fruity taste of the cereal and hint of coconut. And you can feel the effects alot better than the mota products. Hope to see more from Fritzs.

  83. Like an extra sweet rice crispy square, infused with canna-goodness. Smaller than expected, I ended up wolfing the whole thing down in a couple bites. I always dose my edibles following a small meal/after having eaten something, and this THC treat from Frtiz’s is coming on faster and stronger than I’d anticipated. While I question there being 120 mg in the Mota jellies, this medible feels legit. Would like to have seen a completely sealed package like the Mota products, along with a better indication of the THC content on the package somewhere (all there is is a small sticker which states ‘125 mg’…much like the product description, while self explanatory, it should still state that this is the THC amount contained within the product…). I’m usually more for making my own edibles since it’s (much) more cost effective that way, but these aren’t priced too bad and the effect is better than expected, so I’ll be trying these out again and I look forward to sampling more products from this vendor. Thanks for the variety, HD!

  84. MUCH better than MOTA products, you won’t be disappointed!

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