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CBD Diesel

(21 customer reviews)


Grade: AAA
Type: Indica

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description

Lab-tested to contain 11.7% CBD and 4.2% THC

CBD Diesel is a 70% indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that produces a THC:CBD ratio of 1:3. The scent is a very intense musky citric smell with Diesel notes, slightly sweet. The effect is relaxing and long lasting, suitable for pain and stress relief.

Flavours: Diesel, earthy, woody
Effects: Relaxed, sleepy, giggly, focused, uplifted
Medical: Stress, inflammation, pain, headaches, depression

Q and A: The True Quality of Craft Cannabis

21 reviews for CBD Diesel

  1. low thc weed rules!!! Over time i feel much better, I’ve been smoking this strain for 2 weeks now and i feel great, no side effect on my mood and my energy

  2. Good strain and very relaxed after smoking or vaping.

  3. Great high! Love the nug and smells really good!

  4. This stuff is amazing. I used to only vape high THC strains but I’ve found I dont want to baked out of mind all the time. The bud doesn’t have that much of a smell but once you grind it up it smells amazing. I was really surprised how good it smells. It vapes very smoothly and gives a nice relaxed high. I’ve been trying to lower my tolerance and this is perfect to take the edge off and get some sleep without riaiskng my tolerance by smoking high THC strains. Hopefully HD keeps this one around.

  5. Very mild high great to start off the day with, taste was good

  6. This is the first indica CBD strain that I’ve tried, definitely recommend smoking it before bed, I sleep like a baby!

  7. What a combination ! DIesel and CBD can’t go wrong.

  8. My friend can’t smoke a really high THC strain due to extreme anxiety and chronic tinnitus, so I grabbed some of this to try out. As someone who can handle something much stronger, I was pleasantly surprised by this stuff! Nice mellow smoke, and it seems to be really helping with my migraines

  9. This is currently my favourite after-eight weekday smoke. I love it and does not leave me to crooked in the morning. Will be buying as often as it is available here.

  10. Very mellow, tame high. I usually order Pennywise CBD or Death Bubba and this is much more of a stickier strain. Not that it doesn’t have the same physical benefits, but I just don’t appreciate the texture as much. Still a good strain if you can get over the nuggs being super sticky/ moist.

  11. Great mellow and relaxing high, would recommend for sleeping problems and pain.

  12. Very nice strain, the flower and the smell are great. Gives you a quality high

  13. Really love this strain, great relaxing effects and you don’t get too high, just a nice mellow relaxing effect that will leave you in pure bliss. Would recommend to any one that’s interested in Cbd strains.

  14. Very calming effects the appearance and smell are top notch and a very clean burn all around good strain

  15. Bought a zip and I went through it pretty fast, it’s blessed to smoke before I go to the gym and provides such a nice high.

  16. Really enjoy this strain. Very chill and helped with my pain. Was prefect and what I have been looking for.

  17. Bought as a substitute for pennywise CBD and it did the job well, helping with pain and sleep after a long day.

  18. I found it to be an effective sedative,,, unique smell ,,, sour diesely ,, nice clean smoke,, great effect that ll last for a couple hours fir sure,,

  19. Good indica CBD strain that works good on pain. I found it to be a little harsh for my lungs but other than that it was solid.

  20. This made me feel pretty good, I have a pinched nerve in my pectoral which is causing some pain but I find it’s nullified when I inhale this sweet buu.

  21. Another good one and I would definitely order more next time around …..thanks HD

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