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CBD Crystalline (Miss Envy)

(38 customer reviews)


* 2017 Karma Cup Canada winner for Best CBD Concentrate

1/2 gram for $45
1 gram for $89

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Sold By: Miss Envy
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Product Description

2017 Karma Cup Canada winner for Best CBD Concentrate

CBD 99 is the highest quality CBD in the industry. The new industry standard is a pure CBD crystalline derived from the mature stalk of industrial hemp ranging from 99-100% CBD.

  • 99%+ CBD Crystals
  • Contains 1000 milligrams of pure CBD per gram
  • Pure CBD crystals from imported industrial hemp grown from non-GMO cultivars in Europe

  • Ingredients: Anhydrous Cannabidiol (CBD), Hemp Oil

    Q and A: A Calling to Cannabis, an interview with Miss Envy


    38 reviews for CBD Crystalline (Miss Envy)

    1. I have only ordered and tried this once and really
      Loved it . Sweet taste & great for control
      Of some anxiety filled days . Def felt a difference and will order again when available

    2. CBD very pure, perfect for its effects medical

    3. A product beautiful qualities, very useful for the effects of stress.

    4. Works great, I usually rub a dab in it but even on it’s own it has a noticeable effect

    5. A little pricey compared to other sites, but I like the larger quantity available.

    6. Great product. Would order again. I feel so relaxed. Both mind and body. I roll it in a joint before bed. Awesome to dab as well.

    7. Perfect for thwarting the symptoms of Thc anxiety and good feeling of mental relaxation..

    8. Wow justt any where!

    9. Absolutely amazing. Perfect to smoke on top of bowls, ever better to dab (alone or combo with another concentrate). Has a subtle cherry/white grape taste. Low doses are great for anxiety/panic attacks, bigger for pain relief/insomnia. Perfect way to relax.

    10. Anonymous

      Great product for dab and vaping with virtually no smell i can medicate anywhere i am, mixing this product with THC-A isolate is a great combination

    11. Love this stuff, only wish it came in a bigger container. Can be used in many forms, but this is the best I’ve come across. With a small amount of peanut butter on a chopstick, we then dab that inside the CBD crystals, they bind to the peanut butter and she eats it up.

    12. Incredible product. I’m very happy with this CBD isolate. I don’t taste anything specifically when I dab it on it’s own, but the effects on pain, sleep issues and anxiety are amazing. This isn’t the cheapest price for CBD online but I’m very confident knowing it was sourced from non-gmo hemp plants and it’s as pure as you can possibly find. 5 star for sure.

    13. WOW! I take edible CBD oil daily for anxiety. Some mornings are tough because the oil takes a while to kick in. I can imagine this is the same for others who take edible oil as medication. I purchased this hoping to get instant relief in the morning before my edible kicks in, or if I need an extra, instant medication. I took a small high THC dab (for depression) and I dipped it in this container of love. The product itself looks and dabs beautiful. The taste is very unique, I sort of agree with the cherryish or mentholish flavour. It for sure will dominate any other dab you have on there flavour wise, but it is not a bad flavour, almost played into the relaxation. Okay now to the crucial part, effect. OH MY! Within seconds of dabbing, I was completely tranquil, worry free and ready to take on the day. The medicinal benefits are amazing, and the fact that you can add it to food, sprinkle it in a joint, add it to a dab, or just dab it by itself make this a must have for anyone looking to MEDICATE, not increase their high. This is such an amazing product to have access to, and I thank HD for making it possible, your company does wonderful things for medical patients, and rec users too!

    14. Tastes like straight up cherries! instant relaxation excellent nice produce

    15. This definitely works for inflammation however there is some kind of tolerance build up to it. Effects are more prominent with doses taken days apart.

    16. Product was great, until my dog still continued to have seizures, so we finally decided to try something new, and put the natural stuff on the shelf. Well, she hasn’t had a seizure yet, sad to say it wasn’t from CBD as expected but from the meds the vet prescribed. We tried to up her dose as well, didn’t help, hope it helps others!

    17. This is great when its used with other combinations of cannabinoids but, I have found it doesn’t do very much for arthritis on its own. Works well for headaches and anxiety and lifts yours overall mood to a more calm/relaxed state. What others have said about the taste is mostly true but I have yet to taste anything other than: menthol/cherry flavours when vaping with a low temp pen. Will be buying again.

    18. Awesome item, was my first time buying a CBD product of any kind. Perfect for pain and anxiety, I will be buying again.

    19. If you are thinking about buying this product – don’t think – buy it now!! The quality is unmatched and this is my 2nd order. Taste is almost like bubblegum/coconut delicious and more importantly – the effects of pain relief, anxiety relief, all around feeling of “yes!” without any side effects. This product and other CBD products have changed my life.. thank you!

    20. better for my joints and general pain then reg pills. will be buying this again! outstanding quality!

    21. I smoke 2 g of herb daily and I gave this a try on top of my bong rips and it didn’t provide much. I tried a rice grain size with my normal bowl the first time and I needed another 15 minutes later. Normally I have 2 bowls anyway but I wasn’t feeling any different so I tried anther grain of rice size and it provided a little more pain relief. A little pricy.

    22. This product was fantastic it relieved all my pain and aches and was still a functional hight

    23. Anonymous

      very nice prod. even with high level of thc in ones system still delivers a nice relief for chronic pains. when you look at the value. for pure cbd, 1000ml per Gm.vs some of the oils for 55-75$per ml only have 200 -250ml per gr. ITS A no brainer for a superior prod. thx HD

    24. Knowing this is available i dont think ill be buying tylenol anymore… Great product.

    25. Never smoked anything liked it before definitely recommended

    26. Unbelievable product, a dash 1/3 the size of a kernel of corn over a bowl of good indica cannabis and my pain is all but gone! I have ankylosing spondylitis and at times my body is extremely sore, and CBD works better than anything for me. I have a medical card and use CBD oils daily, but with this I have an option besides ingesting, great for my late night aches that wake me out of my sleep. Thank you HD! You’re a life changer!

    27. Anonymous

      Awesome product, never had anything like it. Doesn’t really smell or taste like anything. A little goes a long way, for sure. Great for topping bowls of flower or dabbing on its own.

    28. Found it was a very focused/clear buzz with a very interesting almost coconut like taste. Would order again for sure

    29. An amazing product, wish the price was lower around 60-70 for a gram. No complaints on the product tho, neat clean packaging easy to handle. Kills pain almost instantly and puts painkillers to shame! this product needs to be shared with people that really really need it. why i hope the price can drop for patients that actually need this daily. I will defiantly buy this again and will keep it stocked as its amazing pain relief for my migraines and chronic pain!

    30. Amazing stuff, the flavour is terrible but the effects are exactly what you are paying for, pure CBD, would recommend mixing with an oil (i used coconut oil) for sublingual administration, treatment of anxiety, sleeplessness, seizures; thank you HD and Miss Envy for this product. I would love to see an improvement on the packaging and flavour.

    31. No complaints about this stuff at all. I prefer other CBD products over this though. Very relaxing and fast acting, helped my migraine very quickly.

    32. Have been rolling my dabs in this crystal lately and it really evens out the high. Will buy again!

    33. Works really well, best bang for your buck cbd wise. It’s also really versatile but I really like it after a heavy indica joint on a dip and dab of honey oil. Helps big time with PTSD, withdrawals, sleep, after the gym and I find it works for my asthma. Hope this is always around, thanks Miss Envey and HD.

    34. I took some of this in a bowl over ash from previous bowl I only want the CBD for my anxiety had a blast of this with ten drops from NU tincture bottle and my panic has dissipated to nothing I feel okay not blasted out of my mind very clear I can see this being used at work it will be put in my tea for sure. I will purchase this again.

    35. This stuff works great. I just dip my shatter into it b4 i dab. I like a 3:1 ratio thc/cbd. Low temp dabs it has a minty flavor, on higher temp dabs its got a grape koolaid type flavor.

    36. First time trying this and not sure on the dose yet but im getting there. Has a minty kinda menthol almost taste.

    37. First experience with any kind of cbd isolate. Really nice for topping dabs off and even dabbing on its own . Great body high and perfect for any kind of pain or headache.

    38. First time trying pure cbd crystalline. Helps with sore muscles and has an almost artificial white grape taste but no real flavour so I my have just had something on my palette. Pretty cool stuff, glad I got to try it. Goes great applied to shatter for an alert but intoxicating buzz. Great combo before work! Thanks HD

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