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CBD Crystalline (CBDMove)

(16 customer reviews)


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Sold By: CBDMove
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Product Description

Lab-tested to contain 99.8777% pure CBD

CBD Crystalline is the most potent form of CBD in the industry. The new industry standard is a pure CBD crystalline derived from the mature stalk of industrial hemp ranging from 99-100% CBD.

  • 99%+ CBD Crystals
  • Contains 1000 milligrams of pure CBD per gram

  • Ingredients: Anhydrous Cannabidiol (CBD), Hemp Oil

    16 reviews for CBD Crystalline (CBDMove)

    1. Very good 🙂

    2. I ordered a team a month ago, vape almost daily. Very smooth and able to drive without worrying about being high. Ordered again as for the price lasted me a month. Excellent product

    3. This is definitely my night time addition to a small bowl of CBD bud in the vaporizer. Sleep like a baby nothing wakes me up, haven’t slept this well since I was a teen. This is also extremely helpful for those of you with gut/IBS issues, it has been nothing short of a miracle. Thanks HD wish the price was lower again.

    4. Great product. Made my own tincture with Olive Oil and it was very effective.

    5. Tastes really nice and gives a nice relaxing feeling. Good to dab by itself as well as to mix in with your shatter.

    6. Ordered a week ago I vape it. Very nice allows me to drive and focus relatively pain free.

    7. CBDMove makes a wonderful crystalline that is very good, potent and effective, giving me the relief I need.

    8. Works very well

    9. Mix it with coconut oil to make my own oil way cheaper than buying premade oil. Love it.

    10. Intéressant comme effet, mais plutôt dispendieux pour une consommation régulière.

    11. Tried as sublingual and worked fantastic. I will continue to purchase this product. Is incredibly smooth as well.

    12. I like this better than the Miss Envy CBD isolate. I also tried a new method of ingesting, put a small amount, rice grain size, under my tongue and let it dissolve. Better than any medical providers CBD “oil” aka isolate mixed with olive oil or MCT oil, and cheaper per mg.

    13. Dabs nicely – in fact, you can tell how clean the product is by how little residue is left on the nail. Mixing it with a high-thc oil produces a nice clear-headed, anxiety-free experience.

    14. Works amazing for chronic migraines. ???

    15. works great for pain or anxiety

    16. Very nice good .

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