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Capsules (Zen Medical) – THC (Multiple Strengths)

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1 bottle of 50 mg THC Capsules for $40
1 bottle of 100 mg THC Capsules for $60

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Sold By: Zen Medical
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Product Description

Solvent-Free Vegetarian Capsules

Concentrated oil rendered from cannabis, also known as “Phoenix Tears,” are a very strong medicine used to alleviate the symptoms of chronic illnesses, such as cancers, AIDS/HIV and diabetes. Phoenix tear oil soothes the effects of radiotherapy / chemotherapy for patients in recovery. Dosages are recommended for late-stage illness to combat severe pain, nausea, weight-loss from treatments, but new patients should slowly work their way up to this dosage, as the concentration is very potent.

Capsules available in either 50mg or 100mg of THC. Infused in MCT oil. 20 capsules per bottle.

Dosage: Take one capsule, wait up to 2 hours before re-administering.

Q and A: Finding Your Zen With Fabulous Cannabis

4 reviews for Capsules (Zen Medical) – THC (Multiple Strengths)

  1. These tiny capsules work great for a number of issues and the price is awesome.
    Thank you so much!

  2. Best capsules in the market! Would definitely recommend the 100mg dosage as it will give you a long lasting high until the next day. Easy to swallow as well.

  3. Nice, small easy to take pills that hits over a few hours. Dosing seems accurate and makes for a good long, fun high.

  4. with decades of tolerance I Got the 100mg and tried 2. Had light meal took them an hour later and for me the high takes a good 4 hours to really kick in. I have a fast metabolism and it always surprises me the amount of time to feel effects. the next morning I was ‘buzzed over’ and took a while to feel chipper. So if you are looking for long lasting medication……….or a good buzz. like me…..these are worth the money. However, the product is not clear golden liquid as shown but a dark hash oil colour in tiny caps which settles into 2/3 or 1/2 of cap.

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