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Capsules (Purely) – THC

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20 x 20mg for $35

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Sold By: Purely Medicinals
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Product Description

Cannabis Capsules are made with decarboxylated plant material and are standardized using extracted cannabis oil. Production of cannabis capsules requires a minimum of 3 HPLC tests to insure consistent active content. Typically, cannabis capsules are used to maintain longer periods of medication in the body; i.e. overnight use. Use of cannabinoid medicines should always be used under the advice of a physician.

Contains: 20 capsules per bottle. Each capsule contains 20 mg.

* It is recommend to not smoke the capsule material as it is decarboxlated plant material and doing so would diminish the efficacy of the medication. Take with a full glass of water.

71 reviews for Capsules (Purely) – THC

  1. Great buzz for a great price!

  2. I bought the 90mg, they are just ok they dont really get me high but when i take one of those i do not feel any need to smoke weed.

  3. Can be quite good but the last batch of 90mg caps I received was very inconsistent in potency. Some wrecked me while others were total duds. Didn’t have this problem so much in the past with the smaller dosed caps.

  4. I’ve ordered this before (50mg caps) and I’ve experienced the same as last batch , the potency is a little inconsistent . One cap can give you a little buzz , while having one another day may give you a great mellow or couch locked evening . I’am not an every day user either , so the inconsistent potency really shouldn’t be attributed to a building up of tolerance to THC . All said and done , they deliver a beautiful high when you hit the right cap on the right day , but keep another edible ready for the weak cap days. 😉


  5. I got the 90mg and they give a nice high but it takes a couple hours to kick in

  6. They’re good. But with edible you require one thing above all others, consistency. Unfortunatly this product doesn’t provide it. As well the pills are also all packed with different amounts making some pills a lot less densely packed then others.

    I still give them a 8.5/10 cause they hit hard when they do.

  7. These are really good!! I really enjoy these for after a long day at work! These are definitely a regular order for me!

  8. I bought the 90mg THC, i’ve been disapointed if you really want to get high you need to take at least two. But i slept soooo well i felt all my muscle relax.

  9. These are amazing for pain and sleeping. Normally I’m up at least 3-5 times per night, now usually just once. Only side effect, which I love, is some crazy dreams and a bit groggy in the morning. I take 90 mg, sometimes 2 per night, but I have a wicked high tolerance from years of medical mj use, and these kick my butt. Go easy nuby! Start with the smaller caps, eat with something greasy / fatty for max effect. I eat a bowl of chips, save some for when the munch kicks in lol

  10. This last batch I bought seems to be super weak, I got 90mg ones and I use them for night time, only 1 of them actually had any effect, the one I used last night I felt a little but very very mild and I had been getting the 60-80 mg which didn’t always work,but worked more often than this batch. Disappointed for $60 since only 1 or 2 out of many have worked.

  11. This pills get me really high

  12. The bottle I bought was the 50mg variety because that is just over the perfect amount to get a super buzz and relax for the night. Unfortunately i’ve had 1 each night for a few days and I barely get anything off of them. They look like crushed weed in a cap…. and THAT cant compare to the oil made option. I purchased some of the 200mg chocolate bars and had 1x 25mg square that absolutely destroyed me for 4 hours.

  13. Pretty good. One or two a day of the 90mg is all I need.

  14. Eat them with something fatty. Works incredible.

  15. You gotta love these great value perfect for sleep or enjoying , thanks hd , 2 of these and a 6 pack summer time best day you”ll have .

  16. Be aware of your own tolerances. I got the 60 – 80 mg capsules thinking I was fairly tolerant. I was very wrong. 1 cap alone and I was seeing visual hallucinations, like the movie Doctor Strange. Eventually I opened the capsules up and redosed them to 1/3rd each to reach a pain relief level without being extremely disorienting; while the effect is fun it isn’t something I can afford to do everyday. I find if you overdo these capsules you’ll be in bed very soon. The effect takes a while to kick in, probably a little longer than a traditional edible, but after 1.5 hours it will slowly start to creep on you until you reach a plateau that seems to never diminish.

    Some of the capsules were not packed well, with bent edges on the mating parts of the capsules making them not sealed as well. Stomach wise you may find slight indigestion and weedy burps if you don’t wash them down well with lots of water.

  17. I have gotten the 100mg a pill ones and was over the moon. I wish more pills came with the bottle but you get what you pay for 5/5!

  18. Anonymous

    i took 4 of the 50mg ones and i was seeing shit on these things.

  19. I’ve ordered these a couple times. I find the consistency ranges from moderate symptom relief to extreme stone. I typically will take a pill mid morning and have a decent body buzz into the early afternoon. These are ideal for medicating outside the comfort of my home. I would recommend trying them. I’m a heavy user of a cannabis products for almost a dedicated and they still provide the relief I need when I can’t dab or smoke some. Thanks HD for a rest product!

  20. Anonymous

    8 of the 80mg is comparable to a 1g of godbud i put in my edible!not pottent

  21. I got a huge red, itchy rash on my face and neck and a bad stomachache. What’s in these things? I’m a very seasoned daily smoker and I had an allergic reaction to these

  22. Never had an issue with these..Have been using them for a year,,, I am a heavy smoker due to pain ,, and these rock.
    Not sure why anyone would give these a bad review,,, I wish they still offered the 100+mgs
    Best on full stomach ,,,
    2 pill max thou I take 1 day and love it,,,
    Thanks H. D.

  23. Anonymous

    Product didn’t work at all for me, which for me sucks because I now I’m the proud owner of a bottle of snake oil. This all has got me to thinking how the THC is tested, how often is tested and if the manufacturer is using standard processing procedures.
    This product has turned me away from edibles. It is the wild west out there.

  24. Used these over th last 3 weeks. Great product. I’ve had best results with a full stomach after a meal with a fair amount of fats. I have a fairly high tolerance

    1 pill makes me nice and mellow

    2 pills put me in the best mood. Balance of elation with a head/body high

    3 pills and I was couch locked, time just went by. I was high, but I couldn’t really enjoy the high because I was too high

  25. This is the first item i buy here and it did not disappoint, i had the best saturday in a while, i have another order in the way.

  26. so I have a high tolerance and a high drug metabolism – i took a pill and after about 45 mins to an hour (how long my tinctures usualy take when i ingest them in a drink) and i didnt feel anything, so i took another – didnt really feel anything but proceeded to have a couple drinks – never really noticed a high but MAN did it give me a drug hangover (like a heavy indica tincture i had once) i was sooooo groggy for most of the day it was like i was in a cloud – definitely a good medicine for people who have insomnia i would think but i wasnt walking around high as F – thats a good thing for some people

    anyways probably wont get it again, but im going to try it again and give 1 pill a full 5 hour chance with nothing else to see

  27. Buyer beware, I ate 10 capsules at once… no effect. I am very disappointed and I’m unsure if it’s a tolerance issue or if this product is simply not effective.
    Definitely not going to purchase this again.

  28. Great value for the money compared with some other edibles available out there

  29. Anonymous

    Like the concept of pills but prefer the oil pills much better. I find that you need about 3 pills to get stoned, but once you do, you have a few hours of good times. Bad part is that it’s just under 7 doses. Take 3 a day for a week and you are good to go.

  30. Wonderful product, helps with pain over a longer stretch of time compared to smoking or vaping. Also the best price for comparable caps that I have found anywhere.

  31. I fully agree with Bagarand, i experienced the same! Love the value and the speed of setup and delivery!

  32. Hit and miss I did 1 with a buddy and went snowboarding and just felt super mellow the whole time . Sat at home and took 2 by myself and cant say I felt much different..I’ll be taking 3 next time

  33. Decided I would try these capsules. Very good value. I only take one of these when I’m looking for a more intense buzz, if I wanted to be productive, I would take maybe half. Great medicine if you are not feeling well. Thanks HD

  34. These were alright nothing special. I thought they would hit harder then they did but overall no complaints did there job just needed 2 :)!

  35. These are awesome took one felt great 2 kinda over did it but great product keep it up HD

  36. Anonymous

    not sure if I over did it, but when I went #2 it was a dead giveaway!!!!! LMFAO, couldnt poop at the office….so much for being discreet, smelt llike skunk #1


  37. These are really worth the price. I also recommend to start out with just one because after just 1, I was the highest I’ve ever been! Big thanks to the HerbalDispatch team for letting me experience such a thing.

  38. These got me really messed up! I recommend starting out with one. I took two and got a little too stoned. They kick in surprisingly fast

  39. Is this my personal favourite product off HD, no but damn is it potent as hell. You have to plan your day around these as they should be using this in hospitals for patients. If you take two of these you’ll eventually fall asleep hours later but beware, these pills may be the only product on HD someone may abuse in a negative way. The body high is intense but great if that’s your thing. This is more of a medical product than it is a recreational thing. I’d rather see someone with say a spinal cord injury take these and nap oppose to other shit out there.

  40. Two of these and I was feeling great. Strong stuff, different experience for everyone. I took two an hour apart and 2 hours later I was feeling Awesome.

  41. Took one pill and I was higher than I’ve ever been in my life

  42. Jellies are better IMO

  43. Anonymous

    What a relief for the person who struggles to sleep at night, 1 of these pills give me such a good sleep. Personally, I found these really strong and would only recommend these to someone with a serious medical condition, I can see how it would be helpfull for pain, insomnia, Anxiety, And a whole list of other things 🙂

  44. Anonymous

    Work as expected ! I like to take 2 to have a full effect

  45. didn’t notice any significant effects from these, but this may be a tolerance issue or somthing

  46. Tried 1 pill and got a little stoned. Took 2 pills the next time and wow I’ve never been so stoned in my life. I wouldn’t recommend using this product if you need to drive, I really felt impaired and I’ve been smoking cannabis for over 15 years so have experience. I was in my Kung Fu class when I peaked and had to leave because I couldn’t function well. Next time I’m just staying home and putting on a movie. I will definitely order more of this product, thank you HD team!!!

  47. These pills are a miracle. 1 capsule gets me through a 7 hr shift while controlling my severe pain incredibly well. I’ve been on so many narcotic medicines and as a huge contrast to those, with these pills my cognitive functioning doesn’t go out the window! I have energy and pain relief. Amazing!!!

  48. Had 1 and it was the best body high!! Will definitety buy again

  49. Loved these! Work very well.

  50. Anonymous

    Pretty damn good. Thank you purely medicinals and herbal dispatch for supplying these.

  51. good, but wish you’d bring 100-120mg back!!

  52. ooohhh yea!!! got these on an upgrade thanks to HD very good after 3 or 4

  53. Anonymous

    I’m not too sure if I got a bad batch or if these aren’t suppose to give you any type of “high” at all. I took 1…………….nothing so I too 2 more……….. Still nothing so I took another 2……… Still nothing so as of now I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone

  54. Anonymous

    It’s a very good product. When I used it really works well for people with high tolerance. I JUST WISH HD BRIBFS BACK THE 120 mg one. That one was the bomb!

  55. Anonymous

    If you’re looking to get high from this. Don’t waste your money. I took 8 of these 100 mg at once and sat for four hours waiting…..waiting……waiting, nothing happened. I went to bed

  56. Love these so much just bought 4 bottles last few times I bought the higher dose ones but these are just as good. Really great for taking at work or even to just through the day I find its an uplifting buzz. Great job guys

  57. very nice all day round.. i preffer the higher dose ones 100+mg is the way to go. but these r cheaper and just as good i swear someetimes

  58. Really enjoyed these, took 2 as I have a high tolerance.
    No taste at all, only complaint is that it took a long time to take effect.

  59. first time buyer very satisfied! will definitely be back for more!

  60. Very happy with these capsules for when your are on the go or need to be discrete. Like with any edible I would start small with one pill and go from there. They give you a great long lasting body high!

  61. Bought a pack of these, gave me a decent body high, probably have to pop a couple for a real good buzz but it’s a great alternative to a painkiller.

  62. Great for post surgery. Pain killer , sleep ain , better yet sleep inducer on 3 to 5 pills at 70 mg per pill. Great for P A I N

  63. I took one and had an excellent body high. I don’t recommend taking if you have a low tolerance my dad was way too messed up and had to go to bed.

  64. I really doubt those are true 80mg THC per capsule. Basically just powder crushed marijuana, I’d say 10-20mg each if I had to take a guess. I’ve had 50mg edibles like gummies, cookies & brownies and they all kicked in way better and stronger. This is shake grounded up and put into gel capsules I firmly believe.
    Please report the true content for us who try to medicate with a precise dosage of THC and CBD 🙁

  65. Really great product,I started off by taking 1every morn and then going about my daily life.I found it just makes my buzz better when i smoke.Keep upp the greatwork HD.Cust 4Life Here.

  66. Amazing product…..cleAR head great body effects for pain or spasms.

    Take 1 nice dulls pain
    Take 2 feeling pretty good
    Take 3…

  67. Just ok for me, I have pretty high tolerance so I had to jack a few of these. I like the body stone and still being able to think and function clearly, makes for a nice painkiller med without the sickness and dopiness of opium based pills. I would recommend these to starters or lighter weight smokers.

  68. First time trying these ,Was taking three at first ,then bumped it to four and that did it first good night i had in awhile .Good for beginners or for those needing low dose .I am going to try the higher mg .these work !

  69. I am a huge fans of these. I bought both these as well as the Cannatonic 120mg.
    I would have to say I prefer taking 3 of these (75 at the time x 3 so 225mg) much stronger than 2 of the 120mg (240mg in total).

    I am sure everyone is different and it probably is going to vary based on what I ate and everything.
    What I must say is that it doesn’t couch lock me and allows me to move forward with my day.

    I find having a puff an hour after taking 2 allows for your buzz from the puff to carry on for 3-4 hours.

    Thank you very much team!!
    Highly Recommended one of my favorite things on here.

  70. Definitely delivers, it is quite strong at first. It takes a while until it kicks in depending on whether you ate or not. For best results I found that taking it after a meal or before it accelerates the kick in time. it really comes late sometimes at 4 to 5 hour.

    Anyways, I find I built a quick tolerance for these. Ended up taking 4. Definitely needs some updosage.

    but when it kicks in it really does deliver!

    TL:DR; A noteworthy candidate that substitutes the edible ban prohibition, recommended.

  71. My brother bought these for night shift. He loves them . I actually took one and i got up off the couch, washed the car, washed the truck lol yup there good:) a nice indica would be great too

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