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Capsules (Purely) – CBD

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20 capsules for $55

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Product Description

Lab-tested to contain 20 mg of CBD and 0.15 mg of THC per capsule.

Designed to treat nausea, neuropathic pain, anxiety, spasms, MS and other spasticity disorders without the mind altering properties of contemporary cannabis products. It also has neuroprotective and anti-cancer properties.

Cannabis Capsules are made with decarboxylated plant material and are standardized using extracted cannabis oil. Production of cannabis capsules requires a minimum of 3 HPLC tests to insure consistent active content. Typically, cannabis capsules are used to maintain longer periods of medication in the body; i.e. overnight use. Use of cannabinoid medicines should always be used under the advice of a physician.

Each bottle contains 20 capsules.

* It is recommend to not smoke the capsule material as it is decarboxlated plant material and doing so would diminish the efficacy of the medication. Drink with a full glass of water.

57 reviews for Capsules (Purely) – CBD

  1. I’m on the fence about these. They don’t seem to have much of an effect unless taken with oily food. The quantity of 20 is also inconvienient for someone who takes CBD daily.

  2. these do help with arthritic pain, but need to take at least 6 a day so its much cheaper to just smoke

  3. Good for pain and stress ! I recomand it !

  4. Works great just like described! You don’t have to worry about ‘getting high’ – but chills you out and gets rid of anxiety. Also works well for hangovers 😀

  5. Amazing product!
    Great for anxiety!
    Highly recommended!

  6. Seems to work great for pain and anxiety.

  7. Ordered two bottles , shipping was on time, packaged securely.
    Take no more than two tablets within a 4-6 hour period, taking more within this time frame may result in upset stomach with extreme hollow, growl.
    They do work as described.

  8. I’ve tried a few different CBD products and will say that these are probably the best I’ve tried yet. I took one before bed and it got rid of my back pain and I slept like a baby!

  9. Bought these for my mom as she has stress and sleep issues. She finds they help her get through the night. I’ve tried a couple on a canoe trip and they were fantastic for muscle ache relief while paddling/portaging the 15km first day! Though the other times i took them for anxiety, they seem to have only worked for a half hour or so. 4.25/5 recommend

  10. Works great, and discreet.

  11. These are great. I have really bad anxiety and depression. Have been taking prescribed meds for years which I think helps to an extent. These take about an hour to kick in and it is quite difficult to describe the effects other than you will have a calm come over you. I dont even notice it half the time until hours later and I will all of a sudden realize I have not felt anxiety for hours. Good stuff.

  12. I take these like a daily vitamin.

  13. best pills ever! never been happier!

  14. Love this product! 4/5!

  15. This paired with tincture is my magic medicine. 22 year old male, diagnosed with motor tick disorder (physical TS), anxiety, depression, adhd, ocd & behavioural issues since 2005 had child psychiatrist follow me up till 1 month before 19. Nothing really worked I ended up goign on a crazy cocktail as I can’t go on typical ADHD meds ie. ritalin etc as this is extremely dangerous with TS. – Came off Zeldox, chlonodine/mirtazapine fine. I was o nthem for so long when I came off I realized they already did their job & was pure side effects at thus point. Which is good, I smoked casually growing up, few panic attacks based on environment but this was likely due to THC heavy strains from the street, friends only knew so much. Anyways this review is ADHD at this point, I’ve just started using this stuff 2 months ago working great thus far, now it’s just fine tuning the dosing. Glad chronic is so forgivable with trial & error dosing. I’ll post a half year use review or something solid update when I got the dosing down to tact. Peace!

  16. Great stuff, I personally like the 1;1 ratios with thc for full effect. but CBD on its own has its purpose.

  17. i bought these for a family member that suffers from tremors in his hands, it amazing how taking these stops all his shakes , shoutout to CBD’S!!!!!!!

  18. Works well and along the lines described. Quick and easy way get a good dose CBD but I do suggest having something THC to make your experience more pleasant.

  19. Too expensive, did not help with my anxiety or insomnia, the effects were mild and did not last long, followed by a lot of gas. Drink lots of water, before and throughout the day; I did notice a slight increase in body temp. I took 1 cap but maybe dose needs to be higher for me, that’s why the product loses another star for being too expensive and not sustainable as a viable medicine, maybe used as an expensive PRN.

  20. Great product. Works well for anxiety,headaches and hangovers

  21. Anonymous

    Great product. I finally found my method for getting my cbd. Keeps my bipolar very level all day. Too bad it’s so expensive.

  22. Very good for pain, and anxiety. Combine with THC capsules, and your set.

  23. 5/5 these are my fav!

  24. amazing product!
    I started taking these to help with the pain due to some lumbar disc issues have and sciatic nerve pain.
    Started working within a few hours and throughout the past few months, i have noticed more and more improvement.
    Im a pretty big guy (six two and 235 lbs.) and I take about three or for capsules depending on the severity of my pain and some days none at all.
    What I didn’t expect; where the side affects of alleviating my need, to take a lot of the medication I use to manage my chronic anxiety: which i have almost halved! This is the only time in over a decade that I have been able to easily reduce my dependancy on Clonazepam!
    The more I take this formulation: the better it works in profound ways.
    I’m very grateful!

  25. Anonymous

    Was really hoping for more relief! Took 2 when I first got them, then 3 about an hour later for some decent stomach pain relief… helped with mood and anxiety. took the same 5 this morning (total 100mg) and has a lesser pain relief effect with no mood and anxiety difference. Boo. Likely more effective for mild pain/low tolerance! Hoping for 100mg capsules to come out of just CBD.

  26. These hurt my stomach. I think I have a sensitivity to fibrous material though so that’s probably why. It seems like any edible products that are not well-strained/not strained at all give me severe stomach pain. So fair warning, these are not like BHO edibles at all. I’m sure they worked well, just not my cup of tea.

  27. Found these really helpful to relieve pain through the night and help me sleep. Woke up refreshed and not sore!

  28. i am not sure if i got a bad batch or something but i feel no effect from these at all 🙁 I wanted to take them for my anxiety but I can tell no difference. Maybe a tolerance thing? not sure.

  29. Anonymous

    Can be a bit hard to swallow regarding the size of the pill itself (my father prefered the edible candy)

  30. I have been suffering from ADD/ADHD, plus the included anxiety for over 15 years. Being in a high precision fast paced work environment, and not satisfied with the treatment options available to me, the toll was huge on my performance. Since including these capsules into my day I have seen nothing but amazing results. I’m able to clearly focus, and stay focused on my tasks throughout the day. My anxiety doesn’t just disappear, it exists, but not with the debilitating shock of being paralyzed by it. I’m able to swiftly digest it and move on to the next important thing in my day. It has changed my life quite literally. I find 1-20mg cap to last about 6 hours.

  31. Suffering from PTSD and agoraphobia has limited my social interaction and ability to leave the house over the past few years. I’ve found that these capsules have helped to get me over the hump to leave my home, go to the gym and stay focused. Have definitely helped with anxiety and mental clarity 🙂

  32. Combined one of these with a 20-40mg THC capsule. Had a great nights sleep and no back pain in the morning.

  33. Anonymous

    A lot of positive comments here about these pills’ effect on anxiety, but for me personally, it doesn’t do anything for my anxiety as far as I can tell when taken every day.

    I also thought that these might work when taken as needed before situations that usually trigger extreme nervousness or a panic attack, but again, it hasn’t done anything. I even took four pills once and nada.

    It’s not all negative, however. I seem to be quite sensitive to THC and I feel at least some paranoia no matter what strain I try (even strains that purportedly have a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, although I’ve never tried a strain that has more CBD than THC). The paranoia is pretty much eliminated when I take a pill about an hour before vaping or at the same time as an edible. For this reason, I’m likely to order more in the future.

  34. Anonymous

    I have ankylosing spondylitis, IBS, diverticulitis, and have had two bouts of iritis. I was diagnosed with AS in 1997, at age 17. I have lived with pain, only dulled by prescription drugs since then, up until I started using CBD, which has taken most, if not all that pain away. I’m also finding my flexibility is improving and my overall well-being has been improved. Currently I am using between 20-60 mg per day, though most days 20 is enough. I ingest them daily, in the am and mid afternoon and I seem to be doing well with that schedule. I also find smoking marijuana with high THC effective in combination with the CBD for helping me sleep at night, as normally I wake 5 or more times at night, now down to 1-2.

  35. I have anxiety, like really bad anxiety. To top that off, I had a huge meeting and it was the day before my period, when I always physically feel extremely irritated and uncomfortable. I took one of these, and I can honestly say I have never had the experience of consciously thinking about the nervous-making meeting without feeling the physical effects of it, and that’s what this did. No heart palps, shaking hands, body feeling like it is about to turn into a tessls coil. This CBD course allows me to experience being nervous without devastating physical nausea and other side effects that the anxiety or alternate medications have given me.
    Only not 5 stars because I was missing one pille from the bottle, which Herbal Dispatch immediately rectified and apologized for (such a great company!).

  36. Have pretty bad anxiety, doctor wrote me up an rx for SSRI’s. I’ve been on SSRI’s and the side effects are brutal. So I decided to give these a shot. After a night of drinking I normally have pretty bad anxiety and 1 CBD capsule completely took away my anxiety.

    I cannot express how happy I am with these properly in words. Thank you guys!

  37. I have been taking these for a couple weeks. I started taking CBD capsules for benzo withdrawal syndrome, taking 3-4 most days and I seriously would recommend these to anyone with anxiety. Western medicine has nothing on these. They are very good for working out as well. Just wish they were a bit cheaper

  38. Awsome product great price and fast shipping!

  39. My wife has been taking these for the past week now and she loves them. They’ve helped her feel more energetic and have lessened some anxiety-related symptoms she’s been dealing with. She sometimes has difficulty getting started in the morning and these CBD caplets have definitely lifted her in a way that even I notice just through observing her.

  40. These Help with my anxiety but found I needed to take a few of them to relieve any of my pain.

  41. I love these and will always have a bottle fro now on. they ease my back pain and general aches and pains.
    these just work that is all i can say. it wold be nice to see a larger bottle at a lower price like 100 caps for 100 bucks kinda thing but still great stuff HD thank you.

  42. These are absolutely amazing they really help my anxiety they stop my hands from shaking and they put me in a great mood. I feel like if I continue to take these I could really benefit in the long run. I will definitely be putting in another order soon!!!

  43. Been taking 2 a day for a few days now and they are working wonders. Thanks HD! Some of the best prices around too!

  44. These are multi-functioning little miracles. Obliterates headaches and insomnia. Also, I have celiac disease and I’ve started taking them after accidents and the anti-inflammatory effects are off the charts. Shaves days off of my recovery time.

  45. Underrated pills try any kind. Good price other sites 5 6 per pill. Awesome here high

  46. Best product ever for me I’m shocked I’m slowly tapering off benzos don’t want to be on any medication side effects are horrible and these CBD pills work like magic I feel great for the first time no anexity or pain or any stomach problems I’m soon gonna be using this product for my anexity and be pill free thanks so you much HD life changer .

  47. Reporting back with this new batch.

    @Dan Thanks for posting that information. So close…because I got these free trillinex or whatever you call it. I held off on taking. You know what I did?

    I put on my shorts in this 5 degree winter, got my mp3 player, and went for a run. Feels great even without any substance. However, I took a CBD pill an hour earlier today before going out for a run and boy, do NOT do this shit on empty or full stomach. When you run this shit burns yours stomach. However, the result is rewarding. Endorphins released after a good run seems to magnify the intensity of the CBD high.

    The CBD high what I can describe is therapeutical, pain reliever, healing properties but it’s intense euphoria. Almost like a sativa but not really. I just like it’s calming effect, any anxiety you have just increase the dosage. I just took one. I have crazy THC tolerance.

    I don’t have any data to back this up but dare I say this: CBD can relieve anxiety during a THC tolerance break and fight other side effects like insomnia, lack of hunger, anxiety and depression.

    Tomorrow when I take THC I feel like it’s much stronger than usual. If I keep taking THC from this point on it plateaus. So I think with these two combinations (THC and CBD on alternate days), you can maximize your high/cost. I will continue, perhaps even publish a blog somewhere, I don’t think there’s any info on using CBD to control THC….if there’s some good literature on this subject somebody post it (btw it’s about time Herbal Dispatch had a subreddit or something like that but I don’t want to do it without official approval).

    @Carter, make sure you control your diet with this. Wait 1 hour after a meal before taking a CBD pill. This will maximize any edible’s effect. Also, the CBD pills is a real tricky one if you want to feel any high. That’s not it’s intention, it helps control the side effects during THC tolerance breaks and also magnify THC high as a result of lowering the THC tolerance (again this is my perception I’m looking for some science to back this up). Everyone is wired differently so you might suffer from even worse case of anxiety where even CBD pills can’t help you.

    Thanks again to our herbal dispatch overlords for the excellent product.

  48. Really great product,I have been taking 1every morn and then going about my daily life.I found it just makes my buzz better when i smoke.Keep upp the greatwork HD.Cust 4Life Here.

  49. Anonymous

    WARNING!: “Cannabidiol is a safe, non-intoxicating, and non-addictive cannabis compound with significant therapeutic attributes, but CBD-drug interactions may be problematic in some cases.

    CBD and other plant cannabinoids can potentially interact with many pharmaceuticals by inhibiting the activity of cytochrome P450, a family of liver enzymes. This key enzyme group metabolizes most of the drugs we consume, including more than 60 percent of marketed meds.

    At sufficient dosages, CBD will temporarily deactivate cytochrome P450 enzymes, thereby altering how we metabolize a wide range of compounds, including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes the high that cannabis is famous for.”


    These work excellent for anxiety but people should probably be more aware of this as it can effect the way you metabolize things like Celexa, SSRIs, Oxycodone, Hydromorphone, etc. I learned the hard way.

  50. I was on Celexa but weened off and went on these and now I have energy, have an uplifted feeling all day and I want to do things not just sit and veg.

  51. These things are wonderful. I’ve got spinal/disc issues and two of these take all that pain away. And without the side effects that come with prescription pills so I can actually go about my day as usual.

  52. Anonymous

    I really wanted these to work!!! I bought 4 bottles because I’ve been on 14 different anti-depressants, couple that with exercise, eating well and no alcohol, to no avail. The studies on NCBI(lots of them) that I could find were at huge doses per body weight, but reviews on here were positive, so I tried them out. But I have not found that these have done
    anything whatsoever. If I up the dose to 2,3 or 4 pills/day I could not possibly afford it. It’s been 30 years of this for me and the only relief I get is from smoking, but that is for only an hour or so. If these were more affordable I would maybe be able to take more.

    Best of luck.

  53. Anonymous

    Please dont ever stop selling these. I really hope HD doesnt go anywhere because I really rely on these pills now for my Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Id be devastated if they discontinued their service or this product because I have no idea where else I would get them.

  54. The thing about CBD pills is that these are not going to get you high but the medicinal effects of this is astounding.

    Using this actually keeps your tolerance in check. Withdrawl symptoms from taking a t-break? Just pop these, boom, t-break over, back to thc.

    So many benefits. For me the biggest effect is the anti-anxiety effect. I work in a high stress environment and this never lets me feel stress. I can also concentrate for a long time and stay focused.

    My mind is clear and calm. It’s like the storm that used to cause my inability to focus has gone, the beach is sunny again, the waves are calm, and I can focus, read, work, absolute amazing.

    These are also excellent for your pain symptoms as well.

    This is quite possibly one of the best value on this website. CBD research is slowly picking up and there’s so much potential here with CBD pills and the benefit humanity can unlock by legalization is immense.

  55. Excellent for day-time relief from depression and anxiety without getting stoned

  56. **PLEASE READ**

    I ordered 30 of these CBD pills hoping they would help me with my conditions I’ve had for about 10 years now which include ” sever anxiety *I cant even look people in the eye if I talk to them*, I’ve always felt uneasy or empty inside,servery depressed, sever Eating disorder, paranoia, chronic back and shoulder pain, knee pain which “i hurt playing soccer since i was 8/9 years old im 21 now” for my mental conditions i have been on and off antidepressants celexa, prozac etc…

    None of the medication prescribed really helped me, just for a few weeks I felt okay but then made me end up back where i was, or worse more depressed and anxious and paranoid, prescription medication just made me feel worse and weren’t for me… I felt hopeless, I thought maybe I was meant to stay like this for the rest of my life since all I knew was being depressed and anxious since a young age and for so long too

    my point for this review is the CBD PILLS helped me and still are I take 1pill every morning and for a week or so now and my anxiety is much much less I can do stuff finally without feeling like everyones judging me or talking about me im not sad as much anymore i have some moments but over all I feel like the old me before i was really depressed,

    No medication not even natural or prescribed helped me as much as CBD did I feel like a new me this changed my life and maybe its just me but I can cry tears of joy now and laugh and just feel happy for a first im not empty inside like i used to be it takes a bit for the pills to work id give it a couple of days before you actually fell them change you for the better a week or so in and I love my new self I cant thank herbal dispatch enough thank you so much guys <3 you helped me well saved me <3

  57. Great stuff! No psychedelic effects but provides acute anxiety relief!

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