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Pet Tincture (Canna 9)

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1 Canna9 Tincture for $40

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Product Description

We realize some of our furry friends can be a little fussy, so here at Canna9 Wellness we’ve created a hassle free alternative; a solvent free CBD food additive. Containing a proprietary blend of organic oils and minerals, this mixture will reduce high blood pressure, inflammation and arthritic pain.

Our signature organic recipe will strengthen and improve mobility of joints and muscles, while rehydrating skin and
providing a brilliant shiny coat!

Each 100 ml bottle contains 250 mg of CBD. Each ml contains 2.5 mg of CBD.

Suggested Serving:
5 lb – 10 lb: 1/2 dropper
10 lb – 25 lb: 1/2 – 1 dropper
25 lb – 50 lb: 1 – 2 droppers
50 lb+: 2 – 4 droppers

Ingredients: Organic flax seed oil, organic pumpkin seed oil, organic sunflower oil, cod liver oil (source of vitamins A and D), organic sesame oil, rosemary extract, 100% organic Co2 extracted CBD hemp oil.

16 reviews for Pet Tincture (Canna 9)

  1. My beagle was diagnosed with cancer in his spleen July 2017. After an X-ray and an ultrasound, the vets said he had a few weeks to live and a couple months at the most. I started CBD medication right away and he is still around today and doing very well. I’m grateful for the extra borrowed time with my dog. Try it, you have nothing to lose.

  2. My old girl (Kittie) got another life haha. Love the CBD for animals!

  3. My Dog makes no fuss when I add this to his regular food. Seems to help manage his arthritic pain. Overall I’m happy with the product, however I agree with other reviews, a graduated dropper would be substantially better.

  4. I can’t believe the results I’m getting with this product. My dog is getting older and nearing the top end of her breeds lifespan. Her joints have been pretty bad and then I just recently found out she has cancer. I’m on my second bottle of this and I can’t believe the difference. She’s going up the stairs and just running around very easily and is unbelievable. She even has some crazy energy that she shouldn’t have with all that’s going on with her. But it’s amazing to see her doing so well at the beginning of this process of her lifes end. I’m so very grateful to see her like this playful moving around easily and getting much pain relief from this product. Would highly recommend this.

  5. Amazing. My dog was on daily NSAIDS (Meloxyn) and now just takes this. Found out his liver wasn’t working as well as it should due to his dailies, and making the decision to officially switch was the best we’ve ever made. Works at least as well as his old prescription, costs less and is a natural product which makes me much more comfortable giving it to him. He’s 9 and has arthritis in all four legs due to being very overweight before we adopted him 3 years ago. Now does therapy work despite his mobility issues and loves doing it!

  6. Love this product, but kind of hard to figure out dosing without a graduated dropper, the dropper has no markings on it and they say half a dropper, full dropper etc. my problem is depending on how hard you squeeze or if you do it consecutively i can fill the dropper totally or partially, so which is it, do i fill the dropper to the brim thats one dropper, or do i fill it as much as one pump takes it to? Anyways my dog seems better on it, not whimpering or crying out when we pick him up, definitely seems better so its a win for me… 14 year old toy cockapoo 15 lbs 2 droppers a day, 1 for breakfast 1 for dinner…oh and hes really picky but doesnt even notice when this is added! Great job

  7. Since finding out my dog has neurological issues we have started giving him CBD oil to help improve his well being and overall life. We have noticed he is happier and no longer seems depressed since his little accident and overnight stay at the vet. He has regained his energy and playfulness and doesn’t seem to be in pain as much anymore! He is pretty much back to his normal happy energetic self and we’ve also noticed his coat is much silkier and softer. We will be continuing to give him CBD oil from now on. Thankful for this product!

  8. Great product. We give this to an 8 yr. old Bernese Mountain Dog and her mobility and anxiety are markedly improved.

  9. Have a 15 year old Jack Russel terrier that has arthritis, a heart murmur and anxiety, all symptoms have improved greatly using this pet tincture.

  10. We have had our 14 yr old Katrina rescue dog, Roxie on this for a month now. My wife was skeptical and I was hopeful, I was not disappointed. She sleep through a severe thunderstorm, which never happens along with windy days she use to be severely stressed. That is no longer the case, if you have any animal that is older with age issues I highly recommend this. Our Roxie is also now able to go for a walk without discomfort as well, due to her arthritis. This product has give our Roxie a better quality of life, in her senior years. Thank you.

  11. We have a small 18 year old rescue that suffers from joint pain, anxiety, and dimentia. After trying a ton of other options including gabapentin, we gave Canna 9 a try and were blown away. By far the most successful medication we have tried. We give him 1/4 of a dropper with breakfast and the same at supper.

  12. I give to my cat for anxiety. It seems to be working. Has more confidence too. The only way she will eat it is putting a puddle of it on the floor. She will lick it up. Will not eat it any other way.

  13. Been trying these products on an older husky with hip issues. Helps him a lot as you can’t see the pain on his face and he is able to move without a lot of issues. I just put some drops on his food and he has no issue with the taste.

  14. Give this to my dog for her anxiety and I have been noticing a difference! Great product and big size bottle for the price as opposed to others I have seen! Also, my sister gives it to her cat who has arthritis and it has been helping her as well. This has been easier to give her than others that have had a bad taste and terrible smell. This one does not smell at all. And you can tell she doesn’t mind the taste of it. So I will be ordering this one for her from now on! Very effective and would highly recommend!

    Thanks for the quick service. Everything arrived great! Thanks for always helping as well with any questions I have regarding your products HD! Greatly appreciated!

  15. I ordered this as my 75lb lab/hound mix is at the age where he has trouble with his hips and navigating the stairs. I give him one full dropper right on his kibble and he never fussed at the smell or taste. He often has runny stool when any of his food changes but this had no negative effects. I was amazed and am steadily increasing the dose.
    It has only been just over a week but he did jump up two stairs a few times. I rub a bit on his dry nose and paw pads as the balm is not as easy to use. Excellent sized bottle and dropper. Other droppers are small and do not reach the bottom. Love the label and as usual, HD shipped well protected and arrived quickly.

  16. We ordered this after trying the CBD treats. Only one of our three (yes three) aging Border Collies would eat them. We put the oil on toaster waffles that have been cut into bite size pieces . The edges soak up the oil quite well and they eat it without a problem. We are now two months in and the results are quite surprising. The oldest (12) has shown a great improvement in stairs and running in general.She also has regained her desire to play with her toys.(loud squeaky pig) The other two (11&9) have shown good improvement in movement and mental acuity. All three of there coats are softer and shinier. It’s made believers out of the two of us. This has done more for them than the high priced food from the vet, which in truth did nothing… What would be the result if we gave products like this as a food supplement from the beginning instead of at the end.?!
    I still prefer mine in flower form, 😉 but we all should be paying more attention to this area of CBD research !!

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