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Grade: Premium (AAAA)
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $10
3.5 grams for $35
7 grams for $65
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28 grams for $240

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Product Description

Legendary landrace sativa!

Burmese is a landrace pure sativa strain that originated from the Lahu Hill tribe in the northern Thailand and Burmese border area. A 100% Sativa with incredible exotic and sweet aromas, nice uplifting high. The high with this marijuana strain is uplifting and positive, great for depression and anxiety sufferers.

Medical uses: Migraines, Muscle Spasms, Insomnia, Fatigue, Appetite

75 reviews for Burmese

  1. Delicious landrace. very very cerebral and functional high. not too too potent.

  2. once again well done to the grower and to HD for selecting nothing but the best cannabis, burns nice and tastes good with a nice glass of red wine! definitely worth the price;)

  3. Not much of a taste but nice frosty nuggets !! Nice wake-n-bake stone !

  4. My ideal wake-n-bake bud. Perfect head high that doesn’t put you to sleep. Thanks HD!

  5. Love the bud, but with all the other amazing choices, this would not be my first. Nothing wrong with it just so many others I prefer. Good strong high so you can’t really go wrong with it!

  6. Very smooth and clear headed buzz, I quite enjoyed this one!

  7. clean buzz. Virtually no burn out. Loved how it DIDNT give me the munchies.

  8. I cant lie, its very good and smells nice and sweet and has a potent high, but I just prefer some other ones on here.

  9. Great daytime smoke. Spicy/sweet/earthy flavours with a moderate high that is energetic.

  10. Good stuff but I expected more from this one, but looks amazing!! Looking forward to see what you guys bring next!

  11. Amazing sativa sweet taste thank you very much 🙂

  12. Amazing saliva sweet taste thank you

  13. Not bad, melow buzz

  14. My absolute favorite sativa. It’s clutch. It’s just everything g you want. I love this bud

  15. Anonymous

    This is the definatly my favorite sativa. Beautiful bud and smokes good

  16. Very uplifting. This brought me up from a solid state of couch lock. Pungent taste, and aroma.

  17. I can’t feel my legs :p jèzzz best in the sample pack so far

  18. This is a good sativa, nice proper flowers, decent smell.

  19. quality sativa

  20. Made me fuzzy-headed. But I will try again until I get it right 😉

  21. Great taste and smooth, will purchase again

  22. Really great hybrid, i have yet to purchase a bad strain from HD.

  23. Nice daytime buzz with this strain! Top quality sativa strain! 🙂

  24. this strain isn’t too bad, but its more on the weaker side in my opinion. the smoke is clean and smooth, but lacks that kick you need to get you past your stress and anxiety.

  25. The effects of this were good for me and it was still easy to concentrate on tasks.
    Clean and potent.

  26. This one zapped my headaches almost as fast as the amnesia haze. Nice, mellow and uplifting. A good evening smoke.

  27. very strong. not the best out of the sample pack i received. after smoking it i got abit of a headache but im not sure if it was the burmese lol. will be trying again tonight.

  28. Anonymous

    The buzz was nice and chatty but I just couldn’t get over the smell and taste, very soil like. Looks good and nice easy going smoke.

  29. This one is up there with UK Cheese. I love the smell and the taste. It is a great energetic high that definitely makes you smile. Perfect for daytime and it doesn’t have a nasty burnout. Used it today with a little BP Critical wax and it was relaxed but productive day with zero pain. My hands and knees didn’t slow me down at all. Was able to do all my major housework with taking any Aleve or other pain killers. That is a badass feeling. I really loved how much crystal was on it. I may order an 1/8th next go around.

  30. Nice happy high.

  31. The Burmese is nice as advertised is a sativa. The smell kinda reminded me of some of the better cheeses . I think the UK cheese and cheese is better then the Burmese

  32. very nice sativa flower! burns nice and great taste

  33. I too got introduced to Burmese from the sample pack. It was my favorite because of the smooth smoke and great smell. This time I ordered a zipper, hope it’s the same as the sample pack.

  34. this is now one of my favorite strains of all time smells sweet and tastes spicy and exotic

  35. This one wasn’t for as far as taste …a bit to earthy …but it gave a great buzz so no complaints there in that region …I guess you just have to have the right taste buds for this one flavour wise ..but all and all decent buzz

  36. (Keep in mind I only got 1G of this strain, some people may say that’s not enough to make a review but I say it is)

    When it arrived it was one solid nug, I never bothered to weigh it up just because it looked like it was 1.2G and I trust Herbal Dispatch. It was loaded with Trichomes (the picture provided doesn’t do it justice). It was a little leafy, but the leaves were trichome covered so I can see why the trimmer decided to leave them. Overall this strain is something I’ll definitely consider purchasing again (especially since it’s at a modest price of $10 a G), most likely in a bigger quantity. I combusted this flower using a water pipe and hemp wick, and it was smooth and very tasty.

    4/5 because I think it could’ve been trimmed a bit better (honestly a solid 4.5/5 but I don’t have the option for half stars).

  37. Rare 90 to 100 Sativa. Worth a try unique. Not the MOST tempting

  38. lovely taste crystally

  39. honestly hope that this strain never leaves HD’s menu!!!
    I’ve already ordered it twice!!

  40. Again, excellent product. Nice smell, good buzz, fruity taste.

  41. this was one of my top 3. nice taste and high. a definite must try for sure!

  42. After my Third order tasty, clean burning organic herb! Clean ash, a joint burns from end to end without relighting!!

  43. This batch is a lot stronger than the gram I got with the sativa sample pack a while back. Same effects though – energetic, happy, sociable. A really strong smell of jasmine flowers – the least skunky strain I’ve encountered.

  44. I discover this strain in the sativa pack , i loved what i taste , it’s a nice strain but comparate to the og kush or the jack herrer from the same pack it’s not the same apreciation.

  45. A solid 7/10 for me. Not the best strain but still a solid one to waste the day on.

  46. Great pungent tight smelly buds. Tried this in the sample pack and this was one of the most potent smelling. Good high as well. Very happy with my order. Nice variety.

  47. Hats off to HD another excellent strain. Good heavy hitter… Batters up!!!

  48. The perfect smoke for writing and research.

  49. Great sativa. Would buy again. Awesome smell.

  50. A must try for anyone who hasn’t it you won’t be disappointed. 5/5

  51. Another clean smoke!!
    Tasty and solid high!!

  52. Anonymous

    Got this in the sativa sample pack. Tangy taste almost mild fruit flavor. Enjoyable smoke but could be more potent. Overall a pleasant strain to relax with.

  53. One of my first purchases from HD. Nice fruity smell, frosty tight buds and a sweet taste.

  54. Nice taste good buzz definitely worth a try

  55. Anonymous

    Nice tangy taste. Just twisted up a wee pinner and feeling fine. Might be stuck to the couch though, eh?

  56. Anonymous

    Super frosty buds that are done right. The sativa based high really crept up on me. I think I smoked too much without waiting for full effects, kind of like edibles

  57. Got this in the sativa sampler – bud was crisp, taste was smooth, high was energetic. I’m off to vacuum the house now 😉

  58. Smoking it right now and I have no complaints. Great looking and smelling bud

  59. Good bud, but I prefer other strains in this price range.

  60. GREAT BUD!!!! Vary frosted well cured and vary well grown props to the grower! will be back for more lol order an 8th people worth it.

  61. It was very nice smooth smoke. Very good for daytime. Will get again. Thanks HD

  62. Love the nice sativa high this gives, also has a nice smell and great earthy taste. Got this in my sampler and it was the same high quality that all the rest were. All in all I’ve been very impressed with my experience with Herbal Dispatch. Definitely the best mail order site I have found for these products. Great job as always HD!

  63. 8/10 really like this one! Nice day time high

  64. I dound the taste was ok but nothing unique. Decent head buzz 7/10. Ok in a sampler but not my fav.

  65. taste was pretty good, earthy and sweet but the high was excellent and lasted longer then I expected. Great sativa high that didn’t bog me down. Very uplifting!

  66. got in the sampler pack,,,, didnt like this one as much as the others,, very good later afternoon early evening smoke, clean burning, just not my fav…

  67. Really enjoyed this.

  68. After being medicated all day ice fishing this was an awsome end of the day J. Blue Dream is a close first though.

  69. Real nice taste and kind of a creeper buzz but it hits u hard once it does

  70. Anonymous

    One of the best sativa I tried. Nice taste and long lasting high.

  71. this was a great strain, earthy taste but very smooth… and a lasting body buzz. very nice stone all together

  72. decent, gets you super tired

  73. This one is on my top 10 list!

  74. a really nice tasting weed here. a real fruity pleasant taste. quality sense buds as well.

  75. Very Good bud, only a pinch got me nice and stoned but not baked down, thick smoke and a nice smell

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