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Treats (Bully Bits)

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1 bag of Bully Bits for $20

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Product Description

100% fair trade organic, gluten, grain and soy free ingredients infused with solvent-free CBD

We love our pets and so do you. Treat them to our 100% fair trade organic, gluten, grain and soy free dog treats, infused with solvent-free CBD. No fillers or artificial flavours. Only the finest of ingredients because our furry loved ones deserve nothing but the best!

Studies have shown that CBD can help with both chronic and acute disease. Among the chronic conditions, it can help with arthritis, compromised immune systems, stress responses, aggression and digestive issues. With current studies under way, CBD may also help Type 1 diabetes, organ diseases and cancer.

As a delicious treat, designed to give relief, Bully Bits are a great way to show your furry loved ones how much you really love them.

Q: Will my pet get high from Bully Bits?
A: No. None of our products are psychoactive in any way. You may, however, notice your pet feeling and acting a little bit more “high on life” after regular use of Bully Bits.

Q: Will Bully Bits interfere with or compromise any other medications?
A: The ingredients in our products contain nutritive values that are designed to nourish, fortify and help aid your pets body, therefore our products should not harm your furry loved ones. However, because we are not scientific experts it is always a good per-caution to ask the opinion of your pets healthcare advisor before administering any dietary changes.

Q: What if my pet has allergies?
A: If your pet has allergies, we highly recommend that you review the ingredients in the product you are planning to buy to make sure there is nothing that knowingly would affect your pet. If you are concerned that the CBD content may cause a reaction with yours pets pre-existing conditions then you should consult the opinion of your pets healthcare provider before purchasing.

Q: How long will it take before I see results?
A: The length of time and the amount of decreased symptomatic issues, can vary based on things such as species, current state of health, age etc. We recommend trying our product(s) consistently for a minimum of 2-3 weeks before you determine its true effectiveness.


Turmeric & Pumpkin: Oats, pumpkin, turmeric, coconut oil, black pepper. Contains 6 mg of CBD per treat.

Venison & Blueberries: Brown rice flower, wild venison stock, wild venison, blueberries, coconut oil. Contains 5 mg of CBD per treat.

Wild Salmon: Brown rice flour, filtered water, wild salmon, sardines, coconut oil. Contains 5 mg of CBD per treat.

Suggested Serving:

5 lb – 10 lb : 1/2 a treat
10 lb – 25 lb : 1/2-1 treat
25 lb – 50 lb : 1-2 treats
50 lb + : 2-4 treats

14 reviews for Treats (Bully Bits)

  1. We originally got these for my dog after he had an accident and we found out he has neurological issues. They have greatly improved his life. He is much happier and more back to his normal self again. It makes me happy to see him happy again and doing so much better.
    We also use them for an extremely high strung Doodle and they help with his anxiety a lot.

  2. I have a 5 year old Lab, Mojo, who started having seizures around 1.5 years old. The seizures were becoming longer (lasting up to 2 hours), and becoming more regular (happening at least once a week) as she got older. After looking into CBD for dogs/ dog treats I decided that it was worth trying. Little difference was noticed after the first month, but the seizures were happening less frequently so I continued with the treats for another few months and the results were definitely starting to show. Mojo was having less seizures and they were lasting less than 30 mins. She has been having one treat a day for 8 months now and hasn’t had a seizure in almost 2 months! She isn’t overly fond of the taste/flavor of the treats but she will eat the wild salmon flavored ones. These treats have not fixed the problem but have diffidently made things easier.

  3. My dogs joints were clearly starting to bother him. He was hurting going up and down stairs and getting up on his legs after laying down. I didn’t want to put him on pain killers so I tried these out……….. THEY WORK GREAT 😀 The pain started to dissolve and he seemed happier 🙂

  4. 15 year old girl on deaths bed,
    Brought her back, it’s making her more
    Comfortable in her final days.
    Very happy with the product.
    Thanks guys.

  5. Dog wasn’t a lover of these at first. But after the first treat he was relaxed. Would recommend.

  6. Pup enjoys the salmon treats, helps with my lab’s hips.

  7. CLQ Hippie Patient
    – Purchased for One Of My Older Dogs.
    – she has a tumor near Her Rib Cage
    Which causes A Few Old Girl Issues
    ,- Like Getting in and out of the door for Outside Time.
    She Is Older So Sleeps More To.
    After Introducing These Bully Bits To Her She showed Signs Of Improvement.
    Able to gracefully and Proudly walk in and Out Her Door .

    She often Naps After Dosing But Wakes Happy And Like Her Old Youthful self Again.
    – wanting To Join in more during Family Time.
    – She gets A Little Play Time In
    that wasn’t as Common before These Treats.
    – My Younger Ones Enjoy Them To. But They Don’t Need Them Like The Older Ones Do.
    – These Last For About 3-4 weeks. If Given When Needed . Average About Every 3’rd day .
    With 2 doses given a day.
    The Dog is A Fairly Large Dog.
    About 80 to 110 lbs.
    – Added Note :
    Cats may snag A Piece of the Treat to .

  8. My dog has allergies and a bad knee. She’s only 3 and doesn’t require surgery but sometimes she’s stiff. I noticed some very quick relief on her knee right away and still improving after only a couple days. I got her the salmon because she loves salmon everything and indeed loved these treats as well. She also has some anxiety and calmed down right away too. Hoping i get the same awesome results long term with her allergies but I’m not having any doubts 🙂 definitely going to get other flavors for her Christmas stocking 🙂 so glad to see the benefits of cbd in a pet friendly snack!

  9. Older husky perked right back up after a couple treats.

  10. I have a 15 year old Jack Russell she has anxiety and arthritis/old injury in her lower back that make it hard for her to be mobile the turmeric & pumpkin has helped her be more relaxed and mobile she sleeps better at night to. I will most likely be ordering more very soon!

  11. I get these for my dogs arthritis and anxiety and it is doing an amazing job! He could barely walk as he has arithtis in his back and he is a very large dog. But he is like a completely new dog on these treats. It’s truly amazing. I go between these and the animalitios which work just as well. He seems to like the animalitos flavour and the venison and blueberry flavour of these!

  12. Working pretty good for our very energetic pit bull cross. He seems to enjoy all the flavours.

  13. My Shihtzu, Syd, is a 13 y/o with anxiety and arthritis issues. These treats have helped her so much. She is relaxed, no more shivering and she is more mobile. It is a blessing to keep her comfortable.

  14. working reallly well for a really highstrung labradoodle animalitos were very hard these work well moisten for an hour or more with a little water . or with a bit of cheese whiz straight up . recomend for sure

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