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Budder (BudderKing)

(17 customer reviews)


1 gram of Budder for $79

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Sold By: Budder King
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Product Description


Budder is an ultra-high potency cannabis extract made by The Budder King, and is the same product that sold at Vancouver’s famed DaKine Cafe.

Cannabis Culture’s Dana Larsen, who has sampled some of the best cannabis extracts from around the world, says Budder ranks at the top of the list.

A little Budder goes a long way. One gram contains approximately 40 hits. Each hit is the equivalent of 1-2 full joints, making this product dollar-for-dollar the most economical way to experience the full medical benefits of cannabis.

It takes 28 grams of premium buds (not leaf or shake) to make 3 grams of Budder.

Budder tends to get slightly runny at higher temperatures. Freezer storage makes Budder easier to handle.

Each container contain 1 gram of Budder.

Q and A: His Majesty the BudderKing

17 reviews for Budder (BudderKing)

  1. I was sceptical at first seeing how it’s not strain specific. But after reading all the reviews I figured I’d give it a try. Awesome product a little went a long way. I’m very impressed, nice relaxing buzz. I’ll be getting more on my next order.

  2. Little pricey would order again just cause it’s awsome

  3. Tried this for the 1st time on my last order, Really liked it enough to order 6 more, But yes it is pricey but good,

  4. Very high quality stuff here. Good high, nice smell and smoke. I think if the price was dropped a bit they might sell a lot more, only because I would buy it more frequently 😛

  5. I love vaping budder. This is nice and smooth with good high. I just think it’s a bit too much for me without being able to select sativa or indica strains. Enjoy!

  6. Wow! It’s crazy good! Being so expensive is its only downfall.

  7. WOW WOW. This stuff is pricey but worth every penny but would love to see a lower price. I love the smoothness and the effects it great. I will be repeating again forsure. Any chance of getting the strain used?

  8. This stuff is top knotch. Super clean and potent. Much nicer than butane extracted products imo. Not sure the strain but sure seems like an OG or similar. Would be nice if the budder king would allow vendors to have cheaper prices… After so long. I would purchase it much more frequently if this was the case.

  9. Excellent budder it deserves 5 stars for quality smell and taste.
    A bit expensive for my taste.

  10. Fab stuff-all hail the Budder king

  11. When this g arrived it looked small but i didnt bother to weigh it at first. I only open it last evening and it weighed .7 i took a picture of the weight and sent an email to hd.
    I figured i woukd get a response and some kind of partial payment since this stuff is 79 bucks a g.
    ive been ordering on here for 2 yrs now and i only contact hd when the products i receive are under weight.
    The only reason i ordered this is cause i use to order from budbuddy back in the day and i eould always get a g with every order. But i had to stop ordering due to underweight.

    For the most part the product is the same from back in the day even DOWN TO THE UNDER WEIGHED GRAMS….

    i loves the budder but dont love it enough to pay 79 bucks for .7 of a g

  12. Heavy!!

  13. Rock solid, love the high. The price to me is ok with the kick to the face it delivers 🙂 Great for sleep and mellowing. For me the high lasts for a good while

  14. Anonymous

    Hello Good smokers.
    Just to tell everyone that’s the right price for good stuff. you obviously didn’t smoke sparingly. they calculate by trichrome of the right size to make quality stuff. this stuff is excellent. if you don’t weak shatter and something that can last buy this its an old favorite.

  15. Anonymous

    ok but doesn’t compare to anything at this price range..

  16. Meh. Did i enjoy the taste? Yes. Did i enjoy the high? Yes. Did i end up taking longer to go through the gram compared to other waxes? No. If anything I think I went through this quicker. Nice high but does not last long. I would buy again at $50 maybe $60 but definitely not worth the $80 unfortunately.

  17. I have to give this a 4 stars only because it’s a bit over priced but other then that it hits good and fast

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